New Web Site Launches

Potomac Valley LMSC has updated our web site, maintaining much of the same information from the previous site, but reorganizing it and adding a few new enhancements. Feel free to offer your constructive suggestions to the web team.

Renew Your Membership

Individual swimmer registration for 2018 were due by December 31in order to take advantage of the USMS renewal rewards. Note that a swim club must have already renewed its registration for 2018  before club members can renew individual memberships with that club. Renewing members can follow the information and instructions instructions sent by email to all current members, or can follow the links in the left sidebar.

Congratulations 2017 SCY Swimmers of the Year

Our annual Swimmer of the Year Awards are given to the individuals with the highest number of points when calculated from the top ten lists for each pool course. Our recipients for the 2017 short course yards season are Margot Pettijohn and Hugh Roddin.

Top performers are the individuals with the 2nd and 3rd place number of points for each course. This year, James Zenyuh, Jeffrey Roddin, Courtney Randolph, and Mollie Grover receive that recognition.