Individual Membership

Individual memberships are $50 for 2018, and include registration with U.S. Masters Swimming and to Potomac Valley.
In addition, some local clubs have annual dues that you pay directly to them or to USMS when paying for your individual membership, if you choose to belong.
Membership in a local club may be required to participate in its coached workouts and programs.
Contact the Potomac Valley registrar if you need information or assistance.

Benefits of membership include

  • a subscription to U.S. Master Swimming magazine, SWIMMER
  • receipt of our local newsletter, SWIMMER’S EAR
  • product discounts from national USMS partners
  • secondary accident insurance coverage in workouts and sanctioned events where all participants are members
  • participation in national programs to benefit fitness, health, and coaching

New Members

  1. Determine which club you want to join, or register as unattached.
  2. For online registrations, pay with your credit card.
  3. For mail-in registration, download and print the form, and mail in with your check. Instructions are on the form.…. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Register Online
Mail Registration

Current Members

  • You can obtain a pdf copy of your membership card.
  • You can update your address or contact information online. You will need your permanent ID number (on your membership card.)
  • You can transfer your membership to another club. You must do this with a mail-in form and check


Club Membership

Local swim clubs in Potomac Valley register online each year as members of USMS.
A club must be registered in order for swimmers and coaches to select that club when they join USMS.
Club registration is $100 for the year, covering USMS and Potomac Valley dues.

Club Registration

  1. To register a new club, first please contact the PV Registrar to learn about requirements and obligations.
  2. Register online with your credit card.
  3. Mail-in registrations with check payment are also acceptable.
  4. Club renewals can be done online.