Sanction Information

Below is a summary of the process to request an event sanction/recognition:

1.    The event director goes to and under the “Competition” tab, selects “Sanction an Event” to begin the process (direct link: ).

2.    The event director enters the event information. He/she indicates whether they wish to apply for a sanction or recognition, or whether they just want the event to be listed on the calendar.

3.    When the event is submitted, an email is sent to the PVLMSC sanctions chair.

4.    The PVLMSC requires a deposit to accompany all sanction and recognition requests. The deposit is refundable (partial or full) contingent upon the event complying with PV regulations and policies. The deposit fee is set by PVLMSC policy.  After you submit your electronic request you will receive further instructions on how to pay the deposit.

5.    The sanctions chair logs into the system, reviews the event information, may request additional information if needed and as long as all appropriate requirements have been met, approves the request.  The event will be automatically added to the USMS calendar of events and the meet director will receive a confirmation e-mail of the approval.

  • Tutorial for Event Directors (this PDF provides a step-by-step guide for submitting a sanction request)
  • Worksheet for Event Directors (this Word document provides a printable worksheet that the even director can use to prepare for a sanction request)
  • If you have any questions on the process, please contact the Potomac Valley Sanctions Chair ( )


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