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December 2002

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 Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

The 2002 USMS Convention was held in Dallas in September, in conjunction with U.S. Aquatic Sports. You can find some items resulting from Convention throughout the newsletter and in the Potomac Valley LMSC meeting minutes inside. Of specific note are the increase in USMS registration fees (resulting in an increase in the PV swimmer registration to $28) and new requirements for pool measurements.

As the busy holiday season approaches, don't forget to keep up with your swimming. The more swimming you do, the more holiday treats you can eat, right?! And don't forget that registration renewal!

Happy Swimming. Eric


 Articles and Interviews

Swimming Through Pregnancy:
Spotlight on Three PV Swimmers

by Cheryl Wagner

It wasn't that long ago that pregnant women were closeted from public view and most definitely never seen wearing a bathing suit! Thankfully, times have changed and while their bodies are undergoing some important changes, many female athletes still manage to train up until labor. I asked three Top Ten swimmers in Potomac Valley to talk about working out during pregnancy.

Jane West
Sean, Nicholas and Jane West

Jane West
Jane West, who made Top Ten in 2001, All-American in '95, '97, and '99, and won the female division of the 1998 Bay Swim, gave birth to a 9 lb. 6 oz. baby boy (Nicholas) on October 10.

Q: How did being pregnant affect your swimming?
A: Your blood volume increases during pregnancy. This causes your heart rate to be elevated and you can't sprint as well. My doctor recommended that I limit my maximum heart rate to 150.

Q: What type of workouts did you do?
A: I did strictly aerobic workouts for six months. I found my body sort of 'shut down' and I couldn't sprint. It was harder to move through the water because of the increased drag of a larger belly. After giving birth, I had no problem sprinting again.

Q: Were you tired?
A: I was especially tired at the end of the day during the first four months. I found swimming didn't affect the feeling of tiredness much, so I continued to work out which made me feel better. I only gained 20 pounds and I think the exercise helped me control my weight.

Q: Did you dive off the blocks and do flip turns?
A: I did a meet at three and a half months but didn't dive after that because I didn't think it was a good idea. I always did flip turns. They were never a problem.

Q: How soon were you back in the water after giving birth?
A: I got back in the water, with my doctor's approval, three weeks after giving birth. I had a Caesarian Section, so I have to be careful not to do any vigorous leg movements or twisting. It's great to be back in the water.

Holly Donnelly

Holly Donnelly
Holly Donnelly swam varsity fly and distance free at Bryn Mawr.
She was Top Ten in 2002 and is eighteen weeks pregnant.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I'm still swimming and feeling good although I'm a little more tired in the evenings. I'm short of breath when swimming or going up stairs because of the increased blood volume. My heart is working harder. I've decreased my yardage significantly to compensate.

Q: Are you doing meets?
A: I'm going to forgo meets for now. I'm not supposed to dive off the blocks.

Q: How about open water swimming?
A: I'm not worried about doing open water swims (although it's getting too cold). People worry too much about germs. I grew up on a dairy farm around lots of animals and have always been healthy.

C.J. Lockman Hall

CJ Lockman Hall
CJ was Top Ten in 2001 in three events, and is a frequent contributor to the
PV Newsletter. She's also a tri-athlete and does the PV Multi-Sport Calendar. CJ is due in January.

Q: Are you still working out?
A: I like to get at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise every day doing whatever appeals to me at the moment - riding a bike, running, walking, or swimming.

Q: Have you had to make changes in your training?
A: Things change from week to week and month to month. Some activities (and strokes) need to be modified or stopped. But it doesn't mean you can't start again after the baby is born. I enjoy whatever activity I am doing at a level that is comfortable.

Cheryl Wagner

Lock Around the Clock
by Cheryl Wagner

Say the words, "bike theft", to a tri-athlete and watch the tears well up in his eyes as he imagines his $3,000 "baby" gone without a trace! The INTERNET abounds with things you can do to prevent bike theft. I'll highlight some of the best pointers I found to help keep you from becoming a victim.

Think Like a Thief
Thieves, like anyone, like to work in peace and quiet, with no one watching and with lots of room to use bolt cutters and other tools. They're probably nervous unlike the average individual heading to class or work. They may work in pairs so they can lift a bike over the top of a tall pole, or so that one can keep watch. To outsmart, annoy, and slow down the ever-present bike thief:

  • Be observant around bike racks. Watch for someone checking out the bikes (normally for about 20 minutes before making a move) and carrying pliers, bolt cutters, tools and riding two to a bike. If possible, leave your bike where there's a lot of pedestrian traffic and light, and jam it into a corner so that there's very little room to work on stealing it.
  • Buy the least valuable bike that will meet your needs. Save your "beauty" for recreational touring and consider using a "beater" for school and local commuting. (The average cost of most stolen bikes is over $200 although bike thieves have been known to steal anything - even a $5 part.)
  • Personalize your bike: paint it, tape it or make it look beat-up. New, shiny bikes are a 'thief lure'.
  • Don't leave your bike unlocked. But if you do see a thief making off with your bike, don't give chase. You could end up being mugged, too! Note the suspect's clothing, description and direction of travel.
  • If your bike is stolen, immediately make up several hundred flyers with details of the bike, a picture and an offer of a 'no questions asked' reward. Distribute them to local bike shops and stores, and to the police. This will make it harder for the thief to get rid of it.
  • Photograph your bike and record its manufacturer, model, frame, color, size (frame and wheel), gears, and accessories. Consider registering it with a national bike registry so that you have proof of ownership and the police can locate you in case they recover your bike. (www.nationalbikeregistry.com or 1-800-848-BIKE)

The Weakest Link
Just like the TV show, say 'bye bye' to the weakest link! It doesn't make sense to have a $2000 bike and $100 lock secured to a chain link fence. (Thieves can snip the fence with wire cutters and remove the lock back in the shop.) Your lock construction, how you lock it and what you lock it to, are all critical. Remember to:

  • Only lock your bike to approved bike racks, not trees, or sign-posts.
  • Use a hardened steel, U-type lock (preferably 7/16 in thickness and key operated) and a cable lock. Most thieves don't carry bolt cutters for both. Ensure the cable has cable loops crimped to the bare cable. (Chains should be 3/16" alloy steel withwelded links.)
  • Secure both the frame and the wheels. (The back wheel is usually more expensive than the front.)
  • Lock your bike with the wheels off the ground, if possible. This will make the bike bounce rather than support chisel blows.
  • If you have to leave your bike for a long time, take all removable parts with you (i.e. seat post, tire pump, and lights).
  • If you ride to Metro, look into renting an enclosed bike locker for only $70/year. (www.wmata.com/metrorail/bikes.cfm )

stripped bicycle
A 'stripped' bike, at the
University of Maryland.


Potomac Valley: 2001-2002 USMS SCY All-Americans
by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Beth Schreiner (DCM) W 60-64 50 freestyle
Joann Leilich (DCM) W 60-64 50, 100 & 200 breaststroke
Jayne Bruner (DCM) W 65-69 50 breaststroke
Mary Lathram (DCM) W 85-89 1650 freestyle
Wally Dicks (ANCM) M 35-39 50 breaststroke
Clay Britt (ANCM) M 40-44 100 backstroke

Terrapin Masters (Chris Benedick, Bernard Lynch, James Crowder, Michael Lee) 400 medly relay Men 19+
Patriot Masters (Larry Sloan, David Oates, John Hundson, Robert Hansen) 800 freestyle relay Men 45+
Terrapin Masters (James Crowder, Bernard Lynch, Marie Tomarelli, Amanda Pagan) 400 medley relay Mixed 19+
Ancient Mariners (Susan Williams, Wally Dicks, Jeffrey Roddin, Jeri Ramsbottom) 400 medley relay Mixed 25+
DC Masters (Beth Schreiner, Joann Leilich, Paul Grueneberger, Barry Shay) 800 freestyle relay Mixed 55+

Dot Donnelly Award Given to Jeff Roddin
The Dorothy Donnelly service award was presented to Jeff Roddin from Potomac Valley for his outstanding work as PV Registrar, PV Secretary, PV Webmaster, Top Ten and for improving masters swimming in the Potomac Valley LMSC.

 Quotes and Jokes

"A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault."
- John Henry Newman

"You've got to love what you're doing. If you love it, you can overcome any handicap or the soreness or all the aches and pains, and continue to play for a long, long time."
- Gordie Howe

"f I only had a little humility, I'd be perfect."
- Ted Turner


 Meet News

Patriot Masters front: Doug Chestnut, Christina Hokenson, Barbara Clifford-Dicks, Anita Hyink, Larry Sloan, back: John Hudson, Dave Oates, Timothy Timmons, Coach Peter Ward

Patriot Masters at Long Course Nationals
by Dave Oates
The Patriot Masters Swim Team coached by Peter Ward, won the United States Masters Swimming combined small team national championship out of 124 teams during the annual long course swim meet held in Cleveland, Ohio. Separately, the men captured third place and the women finished fourteenth.

The team held a slim lead after the first day of competition, but slipped to fifth place on the second day. The team fought for points each day to stay in the hunt for the national title. In a thrilling conclusion to the meet, the Patriot Masters regained the lead on the final event of the 4-day competition. Fittingly, the last event that pushed the Patriots into the lead was the team relays. It proved to be a thrilling conclusion for Ward and the Patriot swimmers. Adding to the excitement was the flurry of encouraging e-mails from non-traveling team members who were following the real-time results on line.

Competition among 1022 age group masters swimmers on more than 150 teams from around the world was fierce. Men and women from 19 to 87 years old swam in 16 individual and 6 relay categories grouped into 14 age-group brackets. This was a fast competition, resulting in 60 new individual, and 6 new relay records.

Patriot Masters Doug Chestnut set the standard for the team by earning national honors by winning 2 individual events. Cindy Eckert, Christina Hokenson, Timothy Timmons, Dave Oates and John Hudson followed on days 2 and 3 with multiple point scoring finishes. An extra effort on the final day of competition resulted in better than expected performances by Barbara Clifford-Dicks, Anita Callahan and Larry Sloan to help clinch the championship

With this victory, the swimmers will take a couple of days off to celebrate and then resume a demanding training program under the mentorship of Coach Peter Ward at the Jim McKay Natatorium on the George Mason Campus in order to defend their title.

2002 USMS Convention

Convention photo Margot on the ball

Front: Dave Diehl, Myriam Pero, Jeff Roddin, Margot Pettijohn. Back: Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund

Margot Pettijohn proves she's on the ball.

Convention Convention

Left to Right: Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Myriam Pero, Jeff Roddin (back), Margot Pettijohn (front), Eric Nordlund (back), Dave Diehl

Jim Coleman, Jennifer Parks, Ralph Davis, Skip Thompson, Eric Nordlund, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Randy Nutt, Margot Pettijohn, Jeff Roddin, Myriam Pero.

by Dawson Nash

On Saturday, October 12, the District of Columbia Aquatics Club held its Annual Columbus Day Classic swim meet. Swimmers from as far as California and Colorado came to participate in the short course meters meet and enjoy the Washington, DC area over the Columbus Day weekend.

The meet took place at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex and began with DCAC swimmer Jose Cunningham singing the National Anthem. Over 70 swimmers from 19 other clubs joined over 50 DCAC swimmers. Half of the 70 swimmers represented clubs within Potomac Valley. Swimmers represented all age groups with many in the 19-24 range and 1 representing 65-69. A relatively new team, the National Naval Medical Center Sharks, brought over 15 swimmers and won the large team trophy. The Atlanta Rainbow Trout took away the medium team trophy, and the Maryland Terrapins won the small team trophy.

Team award
Terrapin coach Petra Adamkova and Ed Switzer hold Small Team trophy won by the Terrapins.

Although there were no records broken during the meet, there were many fast times recorded. In the very popular 100 freestyle event, four swimmers recorded times under a minute. They were Onno Teng (NNMC, 19-24, 56.34), Michael Lee (MD Terrapins, 35-39, 59.37), Alan Godfrey (DCAC, 45-49, 59.38), and Mark Pugliese (DCRP, 50-54, 59.75). Notable swims include Virginia Masters swimmer Frank Byskov's 400 IM (4:45), Neill Williams's 100 IM (DCAC, 1:00), Amy Weiss's 200 Free (Ancient Mariners, 2:15), James Waters's 50 Back (Arlington Masters, 29.58), and Mark Pugliese's 50 Back (30.47). Other fast times to mention are NNMC's 400 Medley (3:41.31), Jose Cunningham's 50 Free (26.41), Candace Staubitz's 100 Fly (NNMC, 1:12), Vivian Young's 400 Free (DCAC, 6:04), and Craig Dewing's 400 Free (Terrapins, 4:59).

DCAC's James Ridout served as Meet Director and was assisted by Head Referee Jim Carey, Starter Rita Page, Stroke and Turn Judges Ellen Carey and Dick Griffith, and Computer and Electronic Timer Guru Bob Brofft. A big Thank You goes to Jeff Roddin for his assistance in registering swimmers, tabulating final results, and placing results on the PVMSC web site. The meet was capped with a delicious brunch and awards ceremony held at the Washington Plaza Hotel on Sunday. DCAC thanks all the area swimmers that supported the meet and looks forward to hosting the Annual Columbus Day Classic next year.

2002 Patriot Masters Sprint Classic
The 3rd annual Patriot Masters Sprint Classic was held Sunday October 27, 2002 at the George Mason University Aquatic and Fitness Center in Fairfax, VA. There were 108 swimmers representing 20 teams. The youngest competitor was 21-year-old James Miller from VMST. The oldest swimmers were three 69 year-olds David Gregg III from FXCM, Susan Henley from VMST and Walter Lincoln from O*H*.

The meet started at 9:30 am and finished in less than 3 hours giving everyone a chance to enjoy the rest of the day. The swimmers all ate well in the hospitality room with bagels, donuts, rice krispy treats, apples, oranges, bananas and drinks provided by the Patriot Masters.

The Patriot Masters want to thank their officials Boots Hall, Al Obuchowski, Steve Lubore and Ed Medford for providing another well-run meet. Thanks should go to the George Mason University Men's and Women's swimming teams for waking up early on their day off and helping with timing, registration and hospitality.

In the BATTLE OF THE DROP DEAD SPRINTERS, Christina Hokenson of Patriot Masters won the women's category with a win in the 25 free, 2nd in the 25 fly, 3rd in the 25 back and 4th in the 25 breast. The men's category was won by Clay Britt of Ancient Mariners for the second year in a row with wins in the 25 free, 25 back, 25 fly and a 2nd place finish in the 25 breast

Gay Games Sydney (DCAC Highlights)
by Marilyn Redmond

Complete results can be found at:www.sydney2002.org.au/frameset.asp

Neill Williams - 1st in 50BR, 1st in 100BR, 1st in 100FL, 1st in 50FL, (new IGLA record, new Gay Games record, new team record), 3rd in 50FR
Jose Cunningham - 1st in 50 BR, new IGLA record, new Gay Games record, 3rd in 100BR, 2nd in 50FL, 1st in 50 FR, new IGLA record, new Gay Games record
Peter Beard - 16th in 100BR, 14th in 200BR
Suzanne Bolton - 2nd in 100BK, 1st in 200 BK (new team record), 3rd in 50FL (new team record), 3rd in 50FR
Bob Coulton - 13th in 200BR
Bill Donovan - 5th in 800FR, 5th in 1500FR (new team record)
Joe Embrickson - 11th in 50FL
Alan Godfrey - 2nd in 100FR, 2nd in 100BK (new team record), 2nd in 200BK (new team record)
Becky Halbe - 4th in 400IM, 2nd in 200FL, 6th in 400FR, 7th in 1500FR
Jeff Kenney - 16th in 400FR
Kei Koizumi - 6th in 400IM, 15th in 200BK, 8th in 1500FR
Jack Markey - 10th in 50BR, 4th in 200FL, 6th in 200BR
Jeff Mead - 3rd in 100FR, 6th in 100BK, 4th in 50FR
John Napoli - 8th in 400IM, 11th in 800FR, 5th in 200FL
Marilyn Redman - 8th in 50BR, 6th in 100BR, 4th in 200FL, 4th in 200BR, 6th in 100FL
Wilson Rumble - 11th in 400IM, 12th in 800FR, 6th in 200FL, 6th in 1500FR (new team record)
Stan Young - 12th in 100 FR, 16th in 50FL, 12th in 50FR
Vivian Young - 3rd in 100FR, 2nd in 200BK (new team record), 3rd in 50FR (new team record)
200 FR Relay of Jose Cunningham, Alan Godfrey, Stan Young and Neill Williams placed 1st and set a new IGLA record and a new Gay Games record, beating San Francisco by half a second.
200 Mixed Medley Relay of Suzanne Bolton, Jack Markey, Becky Halbe and Tom Qualey set a new IGLA and a new Gay Games record.
200 Medley Relay of Alan Godfrey, Jose Cunningham, Neill Williams and Stan Young placed 1st and set a new IGLA record and a new Gay Games record.

Hudson River Swim, August 17, 2002
Hudson River SwimFor complete results www.nycswim.org
Andrew Johnson and Cheryl Wagner holding their awards
at the finish, Pier 62 on 23rd St. in Manhattan.

JCCNV Lox 'N Bagel Meet - November 17, 2002

Michael Lee Don Parsons/Michele Welch

Michael Lee

Don Parsons & Michele Welch

Dawson Nash Boots Hal / Margot Pettijohn

Dawson Nash

Boots Hall & Margot Pettijohn

Ken Myers Meghan Hall/ Danny Pick

Ken Myers

Coach Meghan Hall & Danny Pick


PV Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2002


  • Nothing to report.

  • The membership card replacement fee is now $5.

  • There is $25,000 in the bank.
  • Newsletter and convention costs are up. (We're spending just slightly more than we're taking in.). She suggested that we give PV members an option to voluntarily forgo the printed newsletter (to save mailing and printing costs), and just read the web copy. This was approved and will be written up in the newsletter.
  • The Dot Donnelly award was given to Jeff Roddin.

  • Next deadline is: January 15

  • The new meet package will go out before the Albatross meet.
  • Officials' names must be provided when sending meet results to the sanctions chair.

  • Marilyn was wondering whether it would be best to give out the PV awards after all Top Ten results are determined (all courses). The consensus was that it was and that the results would be sent out by mail after April.

    Old Business
  • Should we review the by-laws in one meeting since they're 5-6 pages long? It was decided to wait for the USMS model by-laws project to be completed.

    New Business:
  • There is a new USMS requirement to measure your pool (see discussion below) if a Top Ten or record setting time is swum.
  • There is a new standard for a permanent USMS number to be assigned to each swimmer.
  • Online registration is still a few years away due to legal considerations.
  • The PV registration fee has been raised to $28/year to accommodate the increase in USMS fees (per swimmer).
  • 2004 Nationals will be in Indianapolis (SCY), and Savannah, GA (LCM).
  • Jeff suggested that we consider contributing to a scholarship fund for two Potomac Valley age-group swimmers who were killed in an auto accident. It was decided to defer and to look for other scholarship funds as well.

Next Meeting: March 29, prior to the Albatross Meet in MAC.

June 8, 2003 Chesapeake Bay Swim
Information about the 2003 Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Chesapeake Bay Challenge is posted on the Lin-Mark website at: www.lin-mark.com/baytimeline02.htm

You're in the Top 3! (percentile, that is)
In September, the National Academy of Sciences upped the ante, telling Americans to aim for 60 minutes of moderately intense activity per day. The CDC estimates that only 3 percent of Americans exercise 60 minutes a day.

2002 USMS Convention Minutes
by Tracy Grilli

All convention reports are posted on the USMS Webpage. A link www.usms.org/admin/conv02 now appears on the home page (under 2002 Convention Results).

USMS Convention Report: Marketing and Planning Committees
by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

The USMS Marketing Committee has been working with Aimee Fitzgerald in developing a greater awareness of USMS through the press. It would be appreciated if when you see any article (newspaper, magazine, other publications) or other media mention of Masters swimming, that you e-mail the information (publication, issue/date, title, author, web link, or whatever you can) to me at PVSecretary@usms.org. The committee is also in the process of producing updated USMS brochures.

Currently the USMS Planning committee is focusing on how to help both LMSCs and teams, including developing a checklist for success and materials/plans for "selling" masters to facilities that may not know how a masters group could benefit from their program.

USMS Convention Report:
New Rules Concerning Pool Measurement

The 2003 USMS Rules state that events conducted in pools that do not meet the minimum pool length requirement (minus 0.00M) shall not be acceptable for Record Applications or Top Ten submissions. All competition pools shall be measured in each lane. In measuring your pool, the goal is to meet the minimum length requirement. Your pool should not be shorter than 50.00 meters (164 ft, 1/2 inch) for long course; 25.00 meters (82 feet, 1/4 inch) for short course meters; and 25.00 yards (75 feet) for short course yards. Pool certification shall be reported on the USMS pool certification form. Certification data need only be filed once unless structural changes have occurred since original certification. If your pool has a moveable bulkhead, you must have an initial pool certification on file for each lane. In addition, for pools with moveable bulkheads, course measurement of the two outside lanes and a middle lane must be confirmed at the conclusion of the session (each day of the meet).

How to Comply
First check with your LMSC or the USA Swimming LSC to see if a pool certification is already on file. If so, check that the measurement was done with a steel tape or electronic distance measuring device. Fiberglass tape is not acceptable. Also check to see that each lane was measured.

Electronic measurements are superior to tape measuring techniques. The services of a professional land surveyor may be your best choice. Check with the Civil Engineering department of your local university. They may be willing to do your pool measurement as a project for surveying students. Some community colleges also offer surveying classes. Each state has a State Professional Land Surveyors Association which maybe able to provide free or inexpensive services to your non-profit organization. Perhaps you have such equipment already on hand and know how to use it properly. If so, you need to be aware of the tolerance levels of your equipment over the distances required. It must be accurate to the 1/100th of a meter (1 cm). To achieve this accuracy, the markings on the tape must be to the millimeter, thousandth of a foot, or eighth of an inch. There are handheld laser devices available, priced around $500, that can measure over these distances with accuracy to the millimeter.

If you must measure with a tape, use a steel tape longer than the distance to be measured. Typically, this would be a 200 ft tape for 50 meter pools and 100 ft tape for 25 yard or 25 meter pools. Be attentive to the markings of the tape. Some are marked in tenths of a foot, others in feet and inches, others in meters. Fiberglass tapes are not permitted.

The tape should be supported at the same elevation every 20 ft. to prevent sag. This can be accomplished using kickboards, support poles, or threading the tape through pull-buoys. Thus for a 50 meter pool you should have at least 9 kickboards. Be sure that your tape is taut. Unsupported tape over 50 meters will require about 44 pounds of tension to eliminate sag, 30 pounds over 25 yards/meters. The tension can be determined using a tension handle attachment to the tape.

Measure your pool with touchpads in place if they are generally used in competition. Have touchpads at each end of the pool if that is your usual configuration. Note on the certification form whether touchpads were in place for the measurement and how many were present per lane. Most touchpads have a thickness of 8 mm (.008 meters) but could extend out further in the pool if they are not flush with the wall.

If a visual inspection indicates irregularities in the wall of the pool, one can use a waterproof vertical level of the appropriate length (80 cm minimum) to make sure the wall is vertical. If the level cannot be submerged, one can fasten a yardstick or other device to the level in order to reach the required depth. Only if the walls bow inward toward the pool would an actual measurement be necessary.

Fitness Committee Introduces Virtual Swims
Welcome 2003 by checking out the new Fitness events presented by the USMS Fitness Committee. The first one is a collection of virtual swims created by Master's teams throughout the United States. Use your practice or lap yardage, converted to miles, to conquer Waterways all over the country, including some you might never want to actually swim. There will be a description of each swim along with photos and a chart

A swim in your state may already be in the bank of swims or be planned for the near future. Collect your swims and send them in at the end of the year for a personalized certificate. A shirt is also available.

The Committee's second swim is a 30-minute postal swim. This is a non-competitive way to swim for 30 minutes and compare your time with the rest of the country. Do the swim as many times as you wish and send in your best time by the end of 2003. This event will not start until January but feel free to try a 30 Minute Swim on your own in 2002 as preparation for the Hour Swim in January.

The third event ran this year and will be repeated next year. The 'Check-Off Challenge' gives you a chance to try all the recognized swimming events, anywhere, anytime. Check them off on a custom t-shirt. All the information you need for these events will be on www.usms.org/fitness/ by mid-December.

PV Newsletter:
Do you prefer reading it on the Web?

If you prefer not to receive a printed copy of The Swimmer's Ear in the mail, please notify Jeff Roddin at PVRegistrar@usms.org. The articles from the newsletter and most entry forms are available online at www.pvmasters.org . You will be removed from the mailing list but can be reinstated at any time by contacting Jeff again.

Hawaii Swims
Our summer swim dates have some slight changes for 2003. We've also added other Hawaii swimming events and will be updating events weekly!
If you have any questions please email Chris Moore, Swim Series Director, at eroom@hawaii.rr.com

chartRegistration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

Your Jan/Feb issue of SWIM magazine will be your last issue unless you renew your registration by January 31st. If you registered with a PV club this year your club representative has your 2003 renewal form. If you are registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you directly to the address on file.

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin 301-603-0528, PVRegistrar@usms.org and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed."

Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $313 to the USMS endowment fund and $227 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $540 (last year's totals were $223, $158, $381, resp.). The most generous contributors included two people who donated $10 to each charity.

We registered 1895 swimmers in 2002 (55% male, 45% female). We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the third largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind two of the California LMSCs). We are also the only LMSC out of the 53 to have grown each year since 1984 (nobody else has even done it since 1992). See our growth the past few years.

Tom and Marcee

Tom Biery & Marcee Smith are Wed
by Tom Biery

Potomac Valley swimmers Marcee Smith and Tom Biery with their awards at Spud Triathlon in Indianhead Maryland. Marcee won 2nd place in her age group and Tom won 1st place overall. Marcee was former president of Prince-Mont Swim League and active in US Swimming both as a Certified Coach and Referee. Marcee and Tom where married on August 9th.

Washington DC & Liberty to Liberty Triathlons
by Dave Horning

We are happy to announce that the 20th anniversary LIBERTY TO LIBERTY- "America's Memorial Triathlon" is a GO for Sunday, May 25, 2003. The entry fee as of December 10 will be $350.

The one-day race starts with a 1.5-mile swim at the Statue of Liberty. Then goes on to a 100-mile bike ride across New Jersey and into Philadelphia. The bike/run transition takes place at Eakin's Oval at the foot of the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Finally, there's an out and back 10K run on West River Road finishing on Ben Franklin Parkway at the Museum. Post event festivities and picnic will be held at the Art Museum. We encourage participants to raise funds for the charity of their choice in conjunction with this event.

The Philadelphia and DC triathlons are still in the planning stages. The tentative date for the DC Triathlon is June 1 and the Philadelphia Triathlon is July 20 (not confirmed yet).
Dave & Wendy Horning www.envirosports.com
E-mail info@envirosports.com


Coaching Opportunity
My name is Doug Sutherland, Coordinator of High School Swimming for Prince George's County. We have 18 high school swim teams and about 450 swimmers.

We need coaches for the 2003 Fall season (November through February) as well as a part-time coach immediately, to assist the coach from Northwestern High School who broke his leg. The season runs from November to the end of February.

A coach has to be 21, and have CPR, Life Saving and First Aid. Certificates: If one or more have expired we may be able to adjust. There is a stipend.

Please let me hear from you at anndoug@erols.com or 301-345-6119.

Competition Software
At last you can get rid of that painful Excel spreadsheet and throw away that old meet notebook. Take Your Marks (www.takeyourmarks.com) is the indispensable website for competitive swimmers and is where you can:

  • record all of your meet results - including splits
  • maintain your PB's for all strokes/distances for 25yd SC, 50m LC, and even 25m SC
  • set goal times for any stroke/distance
  • graph your results to analyze trends over time
  • graph your splits to help with race strategies
  • find results from the searchable meets database - for example, results for a particular swimmer or top times for a particular stroke/distance

Visit Take Your Marks now and see for yourself how we can help you to achieve your goals. team@takeyourmarks.com www.takeyourmarks.com

 Photo Credits

  • Eric Nordlund - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordllund
  • Wests - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Holly Donnelly - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • C J Lockman Hall- photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Cheryl Wagner - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Bike - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Shark - Joke of the Day
  • Patriot Masters - photo by David Oates
  • Convention Photos (all 4) - photos by Myriam Pero
  • Petra Adamkova/Ed Switzer - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Andrew Johnson/Cheryl Wagner - photo by Andrew
  • Lox N Bagel Photos - photos by Cheryl Wagner
  • Tom Biery/Marcee Smith - photo by Tom Biery

 Events Calendar

2003 Pool Calendar

December 31
Swim in the New Year -Campus Rec Facility University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Call Bob Lazzaro 410-442-7649 H (before 9PM) Email: brlazz@aol.com Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/ny03.htm

February 15-16
Virginia Masters Invitational - Midlothian, VA (entry deadline: Feb 7, 2003) Info: Contact Nancy Miller at nancymillr@aol.com - (804) 320-2143 or James Wolfle at wolfle@aol.com (757) 393-1799, Web: www.vaswim.org/UpcomingSwimMeets/VMST_Winter_Classic.pdf

March 1-2
Maryland Masters Winter Meet UMBC, Catonsville, MD -(entry deadline: Feb 22, 2003) Info: Barbara Protzman, 410-788-2964(h), 410-992-3760 x3320(work) swimbarb@hotmail.com

March 2
2nd Chinn Aquatics Swim Meet, Woodbridge, VA. - Info: Harry DeLong hdelong@comcast.net (703) 368-0309 http://www.vaswim.org/UpcomingSwimMeets/Chinn_meet_030203.pdf

March 29
Albatross Open - Bethesda, MD. Web: www.pvmasters.org/entry.htm Info: Meet Directors: Helen Beven 301-897-2947 at hbevenintheusa@cs.com and Andy Fraser 301-962-0787 at afraser@sandglass.com Entries Chair: Jeff Roddin 301-603-0528 PVRegistrar@usms.org

April 11-13
Colonies Zone SCY Championships, GMU Fairfax campus. - Info: Cheryl Ward, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com Web: www.patriotmasters.org/ColoniesApr2003Entry.pdf

August 14-17
2003 USMS LCM Championships - Sonny Werblin Rec Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

April 24-27
YMCA Masters National Championship - Sarasota, FL SCY; www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/

May 15-18
2003 USMS SC Championships - Mona Plummer Aquatic Complex, ASU, Tempe, AZ. SCY; Mark Gill, 202 E Baseline Rd #146, Tempe, AZ 85283, 480-775-1485, mark.gill@asu.edu

June 9
2003 National Senior Games - Hampton Roads, VA SCY; Scott Rabalais, 4 McLaughlin Ct., Savannah, GA 31419, 912-927-7016, scottrabalais@compuserve.com; www.nationalseniorgames.org

Aug 31 - Sep 6
Latin American - Caribbean Games in Barbados. http://www.latycar.org/spanish/proximos.htm

2002 Open Water Calendar

Jan 1 - 31 2003 USMS One Hour Postal Championship PST-LD; Kristine Lewis, 503-641-9486, OneHour@swimoregon.org www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats03/1hrentry.pdf;

May 15 - Sep 30 2003 USMS 5K/10K Postal Championship PST-LD; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com

May 31, 2003 Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim - Point Lookout State Park, MD Info: Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net http://www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2003i.htm

June 8, 2003 Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim & 1 Mile Bay Challenge, Bay Bridge Marina, at Sandy Point St. Park, MD http://www.lin-mark.com/baytimeline02.htm

June 28 2003 12th Annual Swim for Life - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mi Swims - Chestertown, MD; Dawson Nash, DCAC, 4514 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008, 202-686-2150, swimmerdn4321@aol.com

2003 Local Multi-sport Calendar
by CJ Lockman Hall

Confirm date, distance, and entry availability at race web site or with race director.

December 8
Seneca Creek Biathlon, Gaithersburg, MD; 2-mile run, 10-mile bike, 1-mile run, 5-mile bike, 1- mile run; www.triath.com ; Triathlantic, PO Box 28477, Baltimore, MD, 21234; 410-593-9662.

December 8
Triathlantic Winter Duathlon, site TBA; www.triath.com , jaeger@erols.com

April 6
Blackwater Traverse Duathlon, Cambridge South Dorchester HS, Cambridge, MD; 10K-run, 41K-bike, 5K-run; http://tricolumbia.org/html/blackwater.html

May 18
Columbia Triathlon, Centennial Park, Ellicott City, MD; 1.5K-swim, 41K-bike, 10K-run; http://tricolumbia.org/html/columbia.html

May 25
Liberty to Liberty Triathlon New York, NY - Philadelphia, PA www.envirosports.com.

June 1
Washington DC Triathlon www.envirosports.com

June 8
Blackwater EagleMan Triathlon, Dorchester County, MD; 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run; http://tricolumbia.org/html/eagleman.html

June 15
The Flannery Duathlon at Sugarloaf, Poolesville High School, Poolesville, MD; 5K-run, 30K-bike, 5K-run; http://tricolumbia.org/html/sugarloaf.html

July 20
Philadelphia Triathlon www.envirosports.com

Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon, Bethany Beach, DE; 1.5K-ocean swim, 36K-bike, 10K-run; http://tricolumbia.org/html/make_a_wish.html

for details and more events: