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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
December 2003

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 Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

The annual meeting for the Potomac Valley LMSC was held on November 16. It was nice to see a number of new and returning faces there. Elections were held, with the Chair and Secretary remaining the same. Potomac Valley has a new Treasurer, Timothy Timmons of the George Mason University Patriot Masters. I would like to thank retiring Treasurer, CJ Hall, for her years of service and thank and welcome Tim to the PVLMSC Board. All appointed Potomac Valley officers remain the same.

Potomac Valley Masters has a new logo, designed by Ray Novitske, that you can see on our website www.pvmasters.org and that you will be seeing on many items in the future. Thanks to all who submitted logo designs and who voted on-line.

Don't forget to make time for swimming during the busy holiday season ahead.

Happy Swimming,
Eric Nordlund, Chair-Potomac Valley Masters Swimming

 Articles and Interviews

Roddins Interview with Hugh Roddin
by Cheryl Wagner

When it comes to swimming, "It's all in the family" aptly describes the Roddin family. Most of you probably know Jeff Roddin, our Potomac Valley Registrar; but his Dad is also an accomplished USMS swimmer, with a national record and four All-American titles. He has been swimming and coaching for over 40 years. The Roddin family (Hugh, Ruth Anne, Jeff, and Jill) did a 200 medley relay at LC Nationals in Baltimore in 2000. Here is an interview with Hugh Roddin.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and started swimming at a boys club there. We did short events; it was very low-key. I swam four years in high school, and then received a swimming scholarship at the University of Maryland. Jerry Greenberg, owner of The Victor, was a teammate of mine. He and I swam at the boys club, in high school and at UM. We still get together at USMS nationals. Dave Diehl also swam at UM with us. And I met my wife while at the University of Maryland.

Q: What events did you swim?
A: I was All-American in the 200 free in high school. At UM, I swam IM, backstroke and distance free. UM won the ACC title in swimming in 1960 - 64. Now my best events are butterfly and backstroke.

Q: How did you end up in Michigan?
A: I stayed in the area for a year and a half after getting my degree in Phys Ed and Science at UM. I liked Maryland but high school swimming wasn't that strong in Maryland and I wanted to coach. High school swimming is strong in Michigan so I moved there and taught and coached for 31 years. In 1998, I retired from teaching but continued coaching.

Q: Did you coach Jill and Jeff?
A: I taught both Jeff and Jill to swim. Their high school teams competed against mine, which was exciting for all of us. When Jeff's team would compete against mine as the visiting team, Jeff would choose the "odd" lanes for their team (unusual) just to be funny. Then I would pour ice water into the lane he was swimming in.

Q: How did you get into Masters swimming?
A: I continued swimming on my own, after college for fitness. My wife and I joined Masters in 1973 and went to our first national USMS meet in Chicago. (I believe the first national meet was in 1971, attended by a handful of swimmers.) We've been competing and attending meets since then, except for the years when Jeff and Jill were in college. Then we mostly attended their college meets. Last year was a good year for me. I won two events at the last two nationals meets and set a national record in the 200 SCM fly in Hudson, Ohio. For the last ten years I've been able to maintain the times I swam as a 51-year-old.

Q: What do you like about Masters swimming?
A: I enjoy the social aspect of getting together with old friends and making new ones. I especially enjoy the preparation for meets: the taper and trying to reach the goals I set for myself.

Hains Point Pool
Hains Point gets a new "outdoor pool"

Golf Course
Ducks swim on the golf course at Hains Point

by Cheryl Wagner

Suddenly on September 18, 2003 "Isabel" became a household word. Was she a destroyer, a conservationist (1 million without electricity), or a teacher (How did people every live without TV, refrigerators, and PC's)? Whatever she was, a new reality set in beginning with Thursday's hurricane parties and endless newscasts, and continuing for days afterward.

Like characters from a Dickens novel, we stumbled around our houses carrying candles, while outside in our cars every intersection became a challenge of who-goes-first. We sorted our friends into those who had power, grills, generators, and ice and visited to charge cellphones and PC's. Masters practice became an event offering not only fitness but also a hot shower. Sunfest Swim, the Little Red Lighthouse Swim, the 2.4 mile makeup swim in Ocean City and DC Bike all fell victim to Isabel's surges. But in the end, after my week without power, I learned a few things about other powers - the serenity of days without TV, email and electronic noise, and a newfound respect for the incredible force of water.

16 Ways to Do a 1650
by Cheryl Wagner

paint can The 1650 is an ugly beast. I like to compare it to watching paint dry, while holding a bag over your mouth to restrict your breathing and pinching yourself. But since it's such a long race there's a lot of interesting potential for improving your time, without much extra effort. And it's very forgiving, unlike the 50 and 100 where a slow start and a bad turn or two, will sink you. For example, there are 65 flip turns in the 1650. If you speed up each turn by .25 second and focus on getting a little extra glide (another .25 second gain) you could decrease your total 1650 time by 32.5 seconds. That's a significant gain for such a small effort. Here are some ways to train for the 1650. While I can't tell you how to swim it like an Olympian I can give you ways to increase your 1650 conditioning without losing your mind from boredom. And it is important to practice swimming the whole 1650. It's very much a mental race.

  1. Swim 1650, focusing on swimming fast into the wall and speeding up your turn and glide.
  2. Do 4x400 (broken 1600) noting your times, plus a final 50 sprint.
  3. Swim 1650, alternating 25 fast with 25 drill (finger tip or catchup).
  4. Do 16x100, trying to maintain the same time for each, with a final 50 sprint.
  5. Swim 1650, relaxing your body, focusing on a relaxed arm recovery with high elbow.
  6. Do 3x500 (descend) plus a final 150 sprint.
  7. Swim 1650, focusing on kicking and body position in the water.
  8. Do 5x300 (middle 100 of each 300 = backstroke) plus a final 150 sprint.
  9. Swim 1650, focusing on exhaling slowly using your diaphragm.
  10. Swim 1650, alternating 50 fast with 50 easy.
  11. Swim 1650, focusing on streamline and reaching when taking a stroke. Imagine reaching for a bowl of Ben & Jerry's.
  12. Do 8x200 alternating easy/fast plus 50 sprint.
  13. Swim 1650, count strokes on alternate 25's. (Think about your favorite movie star when not counting strokes.)
  14. Swim 1650, focusing on getting a good hold on the water (no slipping) and finishing your stroke.
  15. Swim 1650, focusing on hip rotation. Sing your favorite Rock 'n Roll songs. Rock those hips!
  16. Timed 1650. (Pick a day when you're in a good mood.)

Now go out and do it - and no whining!




Seventeen Masters world records were broken at the International Gay and Lesbian (IGLA) Aquatic Championships held in Stanford CA. The championships were held in the very fast Berladi pool in the Avery Pool Complex on the Stanford University campus, August 22-24. The District of Columbia Athletic Club 160-199 team comprised of Alan Godfrey, Neill Williams, John O'Keefe and Jeff Mead set a USMS record in the 4x100 Men's Relay at 4:13.69. DCAC won the large-team division trophy with 1,780 points, among other honors. DCAC Maryland resident, Dale Barnhard, set U.S. Masters records in three races: 50-meter, 100-meter and 200-meter breaststroke in the 55-59 women's age category. (photo and information from Washington Blade article and Swiminfo.

Germantown Masters Announce 2003 Award Winners
The 2003 Lesley Evans Award winners for hard work in coached practices are Kim Wong and Keir Knight. This is the fourth year that the award, which hangs in the lobby of Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club, has been presented. The second annual Coach of the Year Award goes to Tim Brockway for 2003. Congratulations Kim, Keir, and Tim.

David Diehl

Dave Diehl Awarded
Dorothy Donnelly Colonies Zone Service Award

by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Dave Diehl, Terrapin Masters, was awarded the Colonies Zone Dorothy Donnelly Award at the September USMS Convention. The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor swimmers in the Colonies Zone who exemplify the spirit of Dorothy Donnelly in their love of participation in the sport and their work to further Masters Swimming in their LMSC.

Dave has been involved in the Potomac Valley Masters swimming organization from the beginning, both in the formation of PV LMSC and the creation of the Terrapin Masters team. He was one of the original Potomac Valley members involved in the creation of the PV by-laws when USMS split from AAU, and has been actively involved since that time. He has served the Potomac Valley LMSC as chair (twice for 5 years and one 2-year term), Top Ten chair, Officials chair, and Coaches chair.

Terrapin Masters, with Dave as meet director, has run at least one distance meet a year for the past twenty years and two Colonies Zone short course yards championships (1999 and 2002).

Dave has served on the USMS Rules Committee (since 1993) and Officials committee for numerous years. He has been chair of the USMS Officials Committee since 1999. In addition, Dave was awarded a USMS Service Award this year.

The New Colonies Zone Chair,
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund and Eric Nordlund

 Humor and Quotes

Open Water Dining
A great way to workout

Heh, can you give me a ride to practice?

 Meet News

July 12 Captain Craig 1 Mile Swim
Ocean City, MD

Sara, Erik, Holly Bob

Sara Piwowar (GMUP) Erik Collins (RMSC) Holly Donnelly (ANCM)

Bob Lazzaro 10th overall

JIll, Petra
Jill Martin and Petra Adamkova

Jill Martin and Petra Adamkova Swim Clinics
Help Finance Jill's Olympic Trial Training

by Cheryl Wagner

Between 10 and 12 swimmers attended each of Jill and Petra's Adult Swim Clinics in September. Each clinic focused on a single stroke and the swimmers were given individual attention and drills to improve their efficiency and speed. Jill Martin is using funds from the clinics to help finance her Olympic Trial training.

Jill said her training is going well and she works out from 6 to 7 hours per day. This includes swimming 6 days a week, with dryland and lifting 3 days a week. Jill is training for the US Open in December and attended the Olympic Training Center for 10 days in the Fall. Her training there featured underwater videotaping and twice-a-day 4 hour workouts, including lifting and medicine ball work. She described her experience there as awesome. If you'd like to make a contribution towards Jill's Olympic Trial Training, checks can be made out to:
Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Club Olympic Training (CBAC Olympic Training);
c/o Jill Martin;
8000 Boteler Ln #524;
College Park, MD 20740.

Jill gives swimmers butterfly tips.

Clay Britt Swimming Clinics
by Clay Britt

Eight swimmers attended our clinic on Sep 18 held at the Lab School on Reservoir Rd in Washington, DC. Triathletes, open water swimmers and masters swimmers attended. There was improvement in all of the swimmers and the feedback was very positive. Swimmers were able to see themselves on videotape using our underwater Coach Scope videotaping system and received immediate feedback on their tapes before they took them home. The clinic featured a poolside illustration of swimming concepts, a demonstration of various drills by the instructors and finally underwater viewing by Jeff and myself of each swimmer in order to give them technique pointers. Our next clinic is scheduled for November 22 with more to come in 2004. Please check the website www.claybrittswimming.com or email clay@claybrittswimming.com for more information.

Clay Britt illustrates a high elbow technique.

Jeff Roddin and Mary Britt operate the Coach Scope


USMS Convention Notes
By Jeff Roddin

Front: Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Cathy Pennington. Back: Eric Nordlund, Ray Novitske, Myriam Pero, Dave Diehl, Jeff Roddin. Missing from photo: Lynn Hazlewood

Last month I attended the annual USMS convention. Full minutes of the convention are available on the USMS website at www.usms.org/admin/conv03

Below are some of the highlights from some of the meetings I attended:

  1. 2004 Colonies Zone SCY Championships will be at GMU on April 2-4, 2004.
  2. 2005 LCM Nationals awarded to Mission Viejo, CA.
  3. 2005 SCY Nationals still out for bidding. Board of Directors will vote after bidding closes on October 31.
  4. USMS will likely submit a bid for 2006 FINA World Masters Championships (at Stanford). If we are awarded the meet there will NOT be a USMS LCM Nationals that summer.
  5. Minimum pool depth required to use blocks is now 4 feet (was 3.5 feet).
  6. To be certified, all pools must have measurements on file for all competition lanes of the pool (prior to January 1, 2003 only 3 lanes were required). Bulkhead pools still require a confirmation at the end of the session for three lanes. Pools that were previously on file with only 3 lanes will need to have all lanes measured to comply.
  7. USMS is considering a "virtual" SCM Championships where several Zone type meets have their results merged.
  8. Congratulations to Dave Diehl for receiving the 2003 Dorothy Donnelly Service Award from the Colonies Zone and to Debbie Morrin-Nordlund for being elected the new Colonies Zone Chair.

Lox 'N Bagel Meet
November 16, 2003

On November 16, 2003, the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia hosted the 7th annual Lox and Bagels Meet. 97 swimmers from 23 teams signed up to vie for the coveted "Golden Bagel" award. The small team trophy was easily won by Germantown Masters, out-swimming their opponents by over 100 points. The DC Masters managed to upset the JCCNV by 4 points for the large team trophy, coming from behind and winning the battle in the last event of the day, the 400 meter freestyle.

Notable swims of the meet included Michael Lee's 100 IM (1:09.40) and William Prout's 50 Free (25.28).

Kudos go to Chesapeake Bagels for the bagels, Matt Alvin for organizing the meet, and Rita Page, Al Abuchowski, Dave Macedonia, and Steve McGraw for officiating.

Special congratulations go out to former Lox and Bagel's referee Marie Beth "Boots" Hall in her swimming debut, winning 5 gold medals. Way to go Mum!

Jay, Marcie Nigel, Bob
Jay Kress and Marcie Kanakis Nigel Dardar and Bob Costello
Brad, martha
Brad and Martha Swiger


Unofficial PV Meeting Minutes 11/16/03
By Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Meeting called to order at 10:30am. Meeting attendees introduced themselves and identified their representations.

MSA to adopt Minutes from June 29, 2003 PVLMSC board meeting.


  • Chair - noted that at the 2003 USMS Convention: 1) PV Newsletter (editor Cheryl Wagner) was identified as one of the top ten newsletters; 2) Dave Diehl was awarded both a USMS and Colonies Zone Service Award; 3) Debbie Morrin-Nordlund was elected Colonies Zone Representative.
  • Registrar - 1) team renewal forms have been distributed; 2) registration as of October 31, 2003, was 1844 (approximately 50 swimmers less than last year); 3) will be doing a survey of other LMSCs to see what type of position their registrar's serve in (volunteer, some compensation, paid); 4) Reston Masters brought up the possibility of doing one-event registration for their lake swim. PV will consider how much to charge.
  • Treasurer - 1) will not be running for reelection; 2) PV is losing a little money currently
  • Sanctions - 1) 2003 meet summary was handed out, at this point all have received full sanction fee return; 2) evaluators were assigned for upcoming meets; 3) it was noted that DCM will no longer be hosting a summer LC meet
  • Awards - No report
  • Secretary - No report
  • Newsletter - Deadline for December newsletter is today; requested all meet announcements through March meets
  • Officials - no report
  • Top Ten - 1) preliminary LC top 10 are out and finalization will occur this week; 2) reminded all regarding USMS pool measurement rules and certification procedures

Old Business:
The PV Logo was finalized. Ray Novitske's design was selected.

New Business:
New officer nominations:
1. Chairman - Eric Nordlund
2. Treasurer - Timothy Timmons
3. Secretary - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
All three nominees accepted their nominations. Since there was only one nomination per office, it was motioned, seconded and approved that all three persons be approved.

Next Meeting: March 20, 2004, Montgomery Aquatic Center, Bethesda, Maryland (1 hour prior to start of warm-ups for Albatross Open).

Clay Britt Swim Clinics & Lessons
Clay Britt is offering swim clinics as well as private and semi-private lessons.

For more information call H 301-320-4694, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or visit his website: www.claybrittswimming.com.

New Masters Program in Gaithersburg, MD
Mark Ward will be starting a Masters program at the Rio Sport and Health Club in Gaithersburg, MD. Coached practices will be held on:   - Mon, Tue, Thu 7-8PM
  - Wed, Fri 5:30AM-6:30AM
  - Sat 9-1AM.
For more information contact Mark at: 301-258-5100x217.

Mark Ward & Jeff Kostoff Swim Clinics
Mark Ward and Jeff Kostoff are offering swim clinics teaching state-of-the-art swim techniques in Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr. The 2-hour clinics will be held at either the Rio Sport & Health Club or Quince Orchard in Gaithersburg, MD.

Mark has been coaching swimmers, from beginners to national champions, for the last 10 years. Jeff is a former Olympian (1984 and 1988), a three-time winner of the Chesapeake Bay Swim, All-American at Stanford and holder of numerous American distance records.

13th Annual Swim for Life, June 19, 2003
Swim For Life

The 13th Annual Swim for Life will be held on June 19, 2004 at Rolph's Wharf in Chestertown MD. For more information contact Dawson Nash, swimmerdn4321@aol.com, 202-688-2150.

Bay Pollution is Up
According to CBF's sixth annual State of the Bay Report, the Bay's health scores 27 out of 100--down one point from 2002. This year's decline was the result of increased nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and increases in the Bay's dead zone, as well as decreases in water clarity. Other factors were state budget problems that slowed land preservation and dangerously low levels of blue crabs. Improvements were seen in forest buffer restoration as a result of federal, state, and private partnerships and shad population increases that have been observed in all the major tributaries.

While it's unlikely we'll ever again see a pristine Bay with a score of 100, CBF scientists estimate that if the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement were fully implemented, the Bay's health could reach a score of 40.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation website: www.cbf.org

USMS Fitness Events
In 2003 the USMS Fitness Committee started three new Fitness events. These were designed to emphasize fitness through swimming, not competition. Any results will be tabulated by last name, rather than by finish place.
www.usms.org/fitness, Pam Himstreet, Fitness Committee Chair


Chesapeake Bay Field Lab (Dee of St. Mary's)
Our Skipjack, the Chesapeake Bay Field Lab www.thebaylab.org will finish the 2003 season with about 4800 students participating in our shore-side and skipjack bay and environmental educational programs. None of this would be possible without our many great volunteers!

CBFL is now 3 years old. An astounding group of people have developed this facility able to accommodate students year round. Our curriculum people are developing programs also geared to the social sciences. A bright future is ahead! Remember: "It's Our Bay, Lets pass it On"..., From Captains Spalding and Russell

2003 Save the Pataspco River Party
new & old directors of Swim for Life: Dawson Nash & Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart's Save the Patapsco River party was a big success. Joe sold cards that he created using his personal photos in order to raise money for cleaning up the Patapsco River.

Joe will again be swimming across the mouth of the Patapsco River from North Point State Park to Venice on the Bay in May, 2004 and is collecting pledges for watershed conservation. Donations can be made payable to "Greater Homewood Community Corp" and mailed to Joe Stewart, 3212 Avon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218 noting "Joe's Patapsco Swim".


Our New PV Logo
The Potomac Valley LMSC has selected a new logo design to represent the LMSC. Several designs were submitted by members last year for consideration. They were voted on online by our membership over the summer. The winning entry submitted by Ray Novitske from Alexandria Masters Swimming was made official at the last LMSC meeting.

The design features a silhouette of a swimmer swimming butterfly against the skyline of the national monuments. The design is meant to symbolize swimming in our nation's capital. "Also, the design can represent how most of us feel when swimming butterfly - like we are carrying the national monuments on our back," states the designer.

Thanks to all who voted and to all who submitted designs.

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

  • Your Jan/Feb issue of SWIM magazine will be your last issue unless you renew your registration by January 31st. If you registered with a PV club this year your club representative has your 2004 renewal form. If you are registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you directly to the address on file.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin jroddin@pvmasters.org and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed."
  • Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $276 to the USMS endowment fund and $240 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $516 (down from last year's total of $540). The most generous swimmer contributed $25 to each charity while several people donated $10 to each.
  • Breakdown of our membership for 2003 by state:
    1. Virginia: 49%
    2. Maryland: 33%
    3. District of Columbia: 15%
    4. Other: 3%
  • We registered 1844 swimmers in 2003 (56% male, 44% female). We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the third largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind two of the California LMSCs). This past year was the first year we did not increase our membership since the early 1980s. It is time to start recruiting so we can reverse the trend! See below for our growth the past few years:

New Tropical Splash This Winter
By Ray Novitske

You are invited to escape the winter blues this February at the Tropical Splash swim meet in Alexandria, Virginia. The short course yards competition will be hosted by Alexandria Masters Swimming, and will introduce a little fun into a new local swim meet. A coconut relay is planned where participants can swim with unattached swimmers and members of other clubs. Also, swimmers new to Masters competition will receive a special recognition, to encourage their participation and make their first meet enjoyable.

Meet information including registration form, tee shirt design, and directions, can be found on the club's web site: www.AlexandriaMasters.com. Be there. Aloha.


New Swimming Video by Steve Tarpinian
Synergistic Swimming: Steve Tarpinian's Swim Power II Video on DVD details drills and technique swimming. This follow-up video will show you how to build strength and exceed your existing level.
Steve Tarpinian Total Training, Inc. Email: TTTalk@aol.com
Web: www.swimpower.com, www.TTUniversity.com
Phone (516) 528-8803 Fax (309) 276-5960

Maryland LMSC License Plate
Help support this worthwhile project! The Maryland LMSC is sponsoring a USMS organizational license plate for members who live in Maryland. The cost of the plate is a mere $25.00 per vehicle. But, there's a catch! We need a minimum of 25 interested Maryland USMS members to qualify. Remember, you must have a vehicle registered in Maryland. For more info contact: Mark Hurley, 410-931-2007

cow, dolphin

Kayakers Needed!! For Potomac River Swim June 5
Kayakers and boaters are needed for the Potomac River Swim on June 5, 2004. Pre-swim supper, t-shirt, camping, breakfast, and post-swim picnic are all provided. Contact Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net, www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm.


QR Wetsuit Discount at Patuxent Adventure Center
The newly opened Patuxent Adventure Center, which is sponsoring the Potomac River Swim is offering a 10% discount on Quintanaroo wetsuits with this ad. Visit them at: www.paxadventure.com

 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
--Roddins - Jeff Roddin
--IGLA photo - Washington Blade
--Humor (diners) - Ray Novitske
--Humor (aligator) - Joke of the Day
--Holly Donnelly & friends - Holly D
--USMS Convention - D Morrin-Nordlund
--Annual Meeting - Myriam Pero
--Ches Bay Field Lab www.thebaylab.org
--Flying Dolphin & Cow - Joke of the Day

 Events Calendar

2003/2004 Pool Calendar

Dec 7
Terrapin 1000/1650 meet UM Campus Rec Natatorium, College Park, MD Deck-entries allowed. Info: Dave Diehl 301-946-0649 (H) before 9pm please or 301-314-5372 (W) Email: dd119@umail.umd.edu, www.crosslink.net/~cherylw

Dec 31
Swim in the New Year - Campus Rec Facility University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Info: Cheryl Wagner 202-387-2361 Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/ny04.htm

Jan 18: Freestyle Swim Clinic 1-2PM
Jan 18: Backstroke Swim Clinic 2:30-3:30PM
Jan 18: Turns Clinic 4-5PM
Jan 25: Breastroke Swim Clinic 1-2PM
Jan 25: Butterfly Swim Clinic 2:30-3:30PM
Jan 25: Starts Clinic 4-5PM
Prince George's Community College Pool, Largo MD. Each session is $18. Info: Petra Adamkova Email: petraadamkova@yahoo.com or Jill Martin Email: lanefour@wam.umd.edu Phone: 301-270-5455 or 301-226-2421. Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/swim-clinic.htm

Feb 1
Tropical Splash - Alexandria, VA SCY; Ray Novitske, PO Box 4935, Alexandria, VA 22303, 703-960-8199 (W), 703-960-4598(H), rnovitske@usms.org ; www.alexandriamasters.com

Feb 14
Virginia Masters Winter Invitational - Riverside Wellness and Fitness Briarwood SCY; Sanctioned by LMSC for Va. #124-0001; Entry deadline February 6, 2004 www.vaswim.org

Feb 29
SwimSpeed One-Day Technique Clinic Baltimore, MD National Triathlon Academy david@triathlonacademy.com, www.triathlonacademy.com

Mar 6-7
Maryland Masters Winter Meet - UMBC, Catonsville, MD SCY; Barbara Protzman, 7919 Main Falls Cir, Catonsville, MD 21228-2421, 410-788-2964(h), swimbarb@hotmail.com; http://maryland.usms.org

Mar 14
SwimSpeed One-Day Technique Clinic Baltimore, MD National Triathlon Academy david@triathlonacademy.com www.triathlonacademy.com

Mar 20
Albatross Open Montgomery Aquatics Center Bethesda, MD SCM Info: Richard Sachs 20-966-4660 rsachs@crs.loc.gov Tom Denes 301-652-2215 waterprfch@aol.com Web: www.pvmasters.org

Mar 20
Carol Chidester Swim Series Challenge: UMBC Catonsville MD; MD vs PV Challenge 4:30PM Warmup. All relays (200 & 400 free & medley and 800 free) 50, 100, 200 - all strokes and IM. $7 entry fee. Limit: 3 individual events & 2 relays. Pre-entry is required. http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0304.pdf

Apr 2-4
Colonies Zone SCY Championships - George Mason Univ, Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 4207 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com; www.patriotmasters.org/Colonies.April2004.Entry.pdf ; Entry Deadline 3/20/2004

Apr 15-18
YMCA Masters Nationals Ft Lauderdale FL www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2004Masters.htm

Apr 22-25
2004 USMS Short Course Championships - Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN SCY; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com ; Sanctioned by IN LMSC

Mark Ward/Jeff Kostoff Swim Clinics Contact Mark Ward at 301-258-5100x217.

May 2
Md Masters 1000/1650 UMBC Catonsville, MD (tentative) http://maryland.usms.org

Jun 2-13
10th FINA World Masters Championships - Riccione, Italy LCM; X FINA World Masters Championships, c/o Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, 00194 Roma, Italia, (39)0636200469, (39)0636200031 (fax), info@masters2004 ; Entries by mail and on line (January 2004) - no email or fax; www.masters2004.it ; Entry Deadline 4/3/2004 (received)

Aug 12-15
2004 USMS Long Course Championships - Chatham Cty Aquatic Center, Savannah, GALCM; Scott Rabalais, 4 McLaughlin Ct., Savannah, GA 31419, 912-927-7016, scottrabalais@compuserve.com ; Sanctioned GA LMSC

Clay Britt Swim Clinics Website www.claybrittswimming.com or email clay@claybrittswimming.com for more information.


2004 Open Water Calendar

Jan 1, 2004
Penguin Swim Ocean City MD Princess Royale Hotel, 91st St. & Coastal Hwy. Annual New Year's Day plunge into the Atlantic Ocean to benefit Atlantic General Hospital. Registration, noon; swim, 1 pm Janis Foley, 410-641-9644. www.atlanticgeneral.org .

May 30, 2004
Jim McDonnell 1 & 2 Mile Lake Swims - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Gordon Gerson, Reston Masters Swim Team, 703-845-SWIM (7946), usna58@comcast.net ; Entry processing and scoring by Lin-Mark Computer Sports. Online entries to be available in early 2004; www.restonmasters.org ; Sanctioned by PV LMSC

Jun 5, 2004
Potomac River Swim 7.5 Mile Swim. Cheryl Wagner Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm

Jun 12, 2004
2004 USMS 5K Open Water Championship - Atlantic Ocean, Fernandina, FL OW; Edward Gaw, 2500 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, edginc@att.net ; Sponsored by Fernandina Beach P & R

Jun 13, 2004
Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Challenge www.lin-mark.com

Jun 10-13, 2004
10th FINA World Masters Championships - 3K Open Water - Riccione Beach, Riccione, Italy OW; X FINA World Masters Championships, c/o Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, 00194 Roma, Italia, (39)0636200469, (39)0636200031 (fax), info@masters2004 ; Entries by mail and on line (January 2004) - no email or fax. 90 minute time limit will apply; www.masters2004.it/programme_openwater.asp

Jun 19, 2004
Swim for Life 1,2,3,4,5 mile Swims; Rolph's Wharf Chestertown, MD Info: Dawson Nash swimmerdn4321@aol.com www.swimdcac.org; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/sfl2003i.htm

Jun 26, 2004
CT Open Water Championships / Madison Mile - Madison, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, dave@force5sports.com ; www.force5sports.com ; Pre-entry & Deck-entry

Jun 26, 2004
2004 USMS 2-Mile Cable Championship - Eagle Creek Reservoir, Indianapolis, IN OW; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com ;

Jun 27, 2004
2004 USMS 1 Mi Open Water Championship - Wildwood, NJ OW; Vicki Anders, 6 Lingate Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117, 410-502-5395, andervi@jhmi.edu ;

Jul 10, 2004
2004 USMS 10K Open Water Championship - Huntington Bay, Huntington, NY OW; Bea Hartigan, 27 Huntington Rd, Huntington, NY 11743-1702, 631-271-3349, bea10k@yahoo.com

Jul 17, 2004
2004 USMS 3.5K Open Water Championship - Applegate Lake, Jacksonville, OR OW; Dan Gray, RVM Lake Swim, PO Box 3338, Ashland, OR 97520, 541-890-5483, dangray45@hotmail.com

Aug 1, 2004
Boston Light 10 Mile Swim; Boston MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 7, 2004
25K Swim Across the Sound - Bridgeport, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, dave@force5sports.com ; Amateur solo and relay teams; www.swimacrossthesound.org ; Entry Deadline 5/31/2004


2003 Local Multi-sport Calendar
by CJ Lockman Hall

Confirm date, distance, and entry availability at race web site or with race director.

Jan 24-25
Weekend Triathlon Mini-Camp Baltimore MD National Triathlon Academy Troy Jacobson www.triathlonacademy.com

Feb 4-8
San Diego Triathlon Camp followed by a two-day wind tunnel camp for cycling, www.Multisport.com

Feb 20-22
John Howard Cycling Camp, Solana Beach CA, www.johnhowardschool.com

Feb 22
Half Marathon Palm Springs, CA www.kleinclarksports.com

Feb 29
The Wisp Winter Triathlon McHenry, Maryland: Run 2.7 miles, Snow Tube, Mountain Bike 8 miles, Snow Tube, Cross Country Ski 4, Snow Tube, Snow Trail Run 2.5 miles www.trifind.com

Feb 29
Escape to Alcatraz Triathlon qualifier, Clermont FL (qualify for one of 48 slots at Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco CA), www.signmeupsports.com

Mar 6
Bay Islands Triathlon, Honduras www.bayislandstriathlon.com

Mar 21
Mountain Bike Duathlon, TBA, www.triath.com

Apr 04
Virginia Duathlon Virginia Beach, Virginia: Run 3.1 miles , Bike 18.6 miles, Run 3.1 miles Time: 8:30am email: cmaxwell@widomaker.com email: TYW59@aol.com www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 10
Camp Odyssey, Big Island VA to earn paddling and climbing certificates so you can enter the Beast of the East or other US Adventure Racing Association events, www.oarevents.com

Apr 11
12 Hours Of Wisp Mountain McHenry, Maryland: Bike Race 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race for 3 Person Teams www.trifind.com

April 15
Lake Louisa Sprint (first of six on Thursday evenings) near Orlando FL and near the new USATriathlon National Training Center which is open to all amateur athletes, www.usat-ntc.com

Apr 18
Bethesda Triathlon / Biathlon Bethesda, Maryland: Triathlon: Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Biathlon: Run 2.5 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Start Time: 7:00 am Location: Bethesda-Chevy Chase YMCA www.trifind.com

Apr 18
3SPORTS Duathlon @ West Creek Run 3.1 miles, Bike 18 miles, Run 3.1 miles Phone: (910) 458-0299 email: billscott@set-upinc.com; www.set-upinc.com

Apr 24
Mountain Do Triathlon 2004 Marion, Virginia: Run 6.2 miles, Canoe 1.9 miles, Bike 12.4 miles Phone: (276) 782-3710 email: younglifemarion@yahoo.com Price: $85/team, $40/youth team, $25/adult solo, $10/youth solo Course Info: Running 10k, Canoeing/Kayaking 3k, Mountain Biking 20k -At beautiful Hungry Mother State Park. www.mountaindotriathlon.com

Apr 24-25
National Triathlon Academy Baltimore, MD Troy Jacobson Weekend Mini-Camp www.triathlonacademy.com

April 24
Surf and Turf Triathlon, Surf City, NC, (near Topsail Island) www.set-upinc.com

Apr 25
Angels Race Triathlon Lynchburg, Virginia: Pool Swim 300 yards, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles www.angelsrace.com

Apr 25
Point Lookout Duathlon Point Lookout, Maryland: Run 3 miles, Bike 15 miles, Run 3 miles Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com; www.trifind.com

April 25
St. Anthony's Triathlon, FL, www.satriathlon.com

May 1
Seal Adventure Challenge Virginia Beach, Virginia: Navy SEAL and other Special Forces professionals will provide instruction. Phone: (757) 425-2445 Fax: (757) 425-9477 email: info@oarevents.com

May 2
Blackwater Traverse Duathlon Cambridge, Maryland: Run 6.2 miles, Bike 25.5 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: Cambridge South Dorchester High School email: events@tricolumbia.org www.tricolumbia.org

May 8
Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia; Swim 750 meters, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: Smith Mountain Lake State Park email: billscott@set-upinc.com www.set-upinc.com

May 8
White Lake NC Half Ironman distance triathlon, www.set-upinc.com

May 9
White Lake NC Sprint Triathlon, www.set-upinc.com

May 9
Annapolis Seaport Triathlon Annapolis, Maryland: www.trifind.com

May 15
Odyssey Off-Road Tri-Duathlon Triathlon Pro Extreme: Sherando, Virginia: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 16 miles, Mountain Bike 33 miles Triathlon Pro: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 22 miles Triathlon Sport: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 11 miles Duathlon: Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 11 miles Phone: (757) 425-2445 Fax: (757) 425-9477 email: info@oarevents.com www.oarevents.com

May 23
Columbia Triathlon Swim Ellicott Maryland: City, MD 1500 Meters, Bike 25.5 Miles, Run 6.2 Miles Location: Centennial Lake/Park email: events@tricolumbia.org www.tricolumbia.org

May 30
Liberty (New York) to Liberty (Phildelphia) triathlon, www.envirosports.com

May 30
Cape May NJ Triathlon and Duathlon, www.triath.com

Jun 5
Pocomoke Triathlon Pocomoke, Maryland: Swim _ mile, Bike 14.3 miles, Run 3.5 miles www.triamerica.com

Jun 12
Tri-America - Kids Hampton, Virginia Ages 7-10: Swim 100 yards, Bike 3 miles, Run 0.6 miles Ages 11-14: Swim 200 yards, Bike 6 miles, Run 1.2 miles www.triamerica.com

Jun 13
The 11th Annual Spud Triathlon / Duathlon Indian Head, Maryland: Short Triathlon: Swim _ mile, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles Long Triathlon: Swim 1 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles Duathlon: Run 3.1 miles, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com www.triath.com

Jun 13
Blackwater EagleMan Triathlon Cambridge, MD Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, Run 13.1 miles Location: Choptank River - Great Marsh Park email: events@tricolumbia.org; www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 13
Tri-America Triathlon Series - Hampton, VA Sprint: Swim 750 meters, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles Olympic: Swim 1500 meters, Bike 24.9 miles, Run 6.2 miles Phone: (352) 394-1320 email: info@usatri.com www.triamerica.com/content/home.php

Jun 20
Baltimore Aquathon Baltimore, Maryland: Long: Swim 2 miles Run 6.2 miles Medium: Swim 1 mile Run 4 miles Short: Swim _ mile Run 2.5 miles www.triath.com

Jul 18
2nd Annual Cedarfest Mountain Bike Duathlon Waldorf, Maryland: Run 2.5 miles, Mountain Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Location: Cedarville State Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com; www.triath.com

Jul 25
Riverwatch Triathlon / Duathlon North East, Maryland: Triathlon: Swim _ mile, Bike 16 miles, Run 3.1 miles Duathlon: Run 3.1 miles, Bike 16 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: North East Community Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com; www.triath.com

Aug 15
Son of a Spud Triathlon Indian Head, Maryland Triathlon: Swim 1 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles Location: General Smallwood State Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com; www.triath.com

Oct 9
Chesapeake Man Ironman Cambridge, Maryland Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles Location: Great Marsh Park, Cambridge, MD Register On-Line at: www.tricolumbia.org

for details and more events.