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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
December 2004

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 Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

The 2004 USMS Convention was held in Orlando this September, in conjunction with U.S. Aquatic Sports. You can find some items resulting from Convention throughout the newsletter and on the USMS web site (www.usms.org). Potomac Valley continues to be well represented in the national organization of USMS.

During the busy holiday season approaches, don't forget to keep up with your swimming and other workout. The more exercising you do, the more holiday treats you can eat, right?

Don't forget to send in your USMS registration renewal!

Happy Swimming,
Eric Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews


Interview with John Hudson
by Cheryl Wagner

You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better reason than John Hudson's, for missing a year of practices. On February14, 2003 at the age of 47, John Hudson received a Valentine from Uncle Sam recalling him to active military duty for a year in the Middle East and Africa. He had two weeks to pack his house and report for duty. John, a top ten freestyler in numerous events, said he felt honored to serve his country. Here is an interview with patriot and Patriot Master, John Hudson.

Q: Did you swim while overseas?
A: Unfortunately, there were no pools where I was assigned. I spent most of my time traveling. My goal as an Army Military Intelligence officer was to catch terrorists fleeing from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Horn of Africa. Because of swimming, I was in very good condition. Swimming gave me an edge and helped me adjust to the heat and keep up with the younger soldiers.

While operating in Djibouti, Africa, I had the chance to work with the Navy Seals and go SCUBA diving in the Gulf of Aden which was great. Also while working in Khartoum, Sudan, I would often drive past the Nile River, but never had an opportunity to swim in it. They kept us very busy. There were about 1800 of us trying to cover the Horn of Africa which is a third the size of the US. We were constantly on the move, flying from place to place.

Q: Where did you train?
A: After being called up I was sent to Arizona for a month to learn how to spell "Army' again, with a group of 38 reservists who were also being called up. We learned the new technology as quickly as we could. Once we were up to speed and got our security clearances, we were sent to Ft. Benning, Georgia to draw our equipment and gear. Being an Individual Ready Reservist, the Army hadn't decided where they would assign me, so they issued me both hot and cold weather gear which I hauled everywhere. I remember landing in Djibouti where it was 114 degrees at 2AM in the morning. I arrived with a fellow reservist from Boston and we both thought we would die. It's amazing how your body can adjust to the heat. My conditioning from swimming really helped me.

John Q: Tell me about the people you met overseas.
A: Overall, the people were very friendly. Children were full of life, curious and wanted to play. Most people were very interested in learning more about Americans. Almost everywhere I went people would invite me into their homes and offer food, even in cases where food was very scarce. They were very interested in America. Of all my travels the most memorable would be to the refugee camps where tens of thousands of people lived in squalid conditions. There are so many people in need and there is so little one can do to help them. It was a very sad and frustrating situation.

Q: Did you stay in touch with Patriot Masters?
A: Yes, satellite technology is amazing. We had access to email almost everywhere I went. Email was a great way to stay in touch. My teammates made a real effort to keep me posted; the camaraderie was nice. Many of my teammates made a real effort to send me care packages. Swimmers of all ages were constantly dropping me notes. Cheryl Ward would send me "Swimming World", and Peter gave me his Sports Illustrated. (Swimsuit edition, which was a big hit with the troops.) Others sent me snacks, magazines and wrote wonderful letters. It was like getting a little piece of "home" with each package. Their words of encouragement were instrumental in keeping my spirits up during the year away from home. My parents, sister and church were there for me too, but I'd have to say, the swim team was my surrogate family.

Q: What was it like returning to the US?
A: It was good landing back in the US. I came back in February, 2004. The Army put us through a battery of tests for diseases and parasites, and lots of paperwork before releasing us back to civilian life. When I finally flew back to Dulles I felt like I had really returned home. I stayed with my sister and her family for a couple of weeks until I found a place to live and started work. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms and that really made the adjustment much easier.

I'm now in the process of trying to trying to get back into swimming shape. I must say it is proving to be a real challenge after a year of being out of the pool. Fortunately I have two excellent coaches helping me. My teammates have been very supportive, too. I hope I can get back into the top three in my age group, soon. I take one day at a time.

My experience has been a life-changing experience in many ways. At work when people become really upset over a problem or issue, I find myself asking, "Did anyone die?" to put the issue into perspective based upon my recent experiences. After witnessing the loss of fellow soldiers and seeing soldiers at Walter Reed with missing limbs, I wake up every day, look at my fingers and toes and count my blessings. Every meal is a small blessing, too. America is truly an amazing place in so many ways, especially the freedoms. It sure is good to be back.


New National SCM Relay Records
Congratulations to Terrapins, Kelly Bowman, Meredith Stakem, Lillian Hnath, and Jenn Teerlink for setting national records in the 800 SCM free relay (9:11.28) and 400 SCM Medley Relay (4:46.62) at the JCCNV meet on 11/14/04.
Kelly Bowman, Jenn Teerlink, Meredith Stakem (back), Lillian Hnath.

 Humor and Quotes

"I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me."
--Emo Phillip

Pool rat:

 Meet News

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim
June 13, 2004

Gordon Gerson - 3rd place M65-69

USMS Convention - September 2004
Deb Morrin-Nordlund (l), Dave Diehl receiving 2003 Dot Donnelly Award

Jeff, Ray, Myriam, Eric
Jeff Roddin, Ray Novitske, Myriam Pero, Eric Nordlund

Eric, Ann, Kim, mary
Eric Nordlund, Ann Svensen, from Adirondack: Kim Crouse, Mary Field

Potomac Valley Last Chance Meet Aug 29, 2004
Ray, Eric, Tim, Myriam, Jeff
Meet Committee: Ray Novitske, Eric Nordlund, Tim Timmons, Myriam Pero, Jeff Roddin
James, Chuck, Toby
James Ferguson, Chuck Wilmore, Toby Shannon
Terrapins: Curt Reynolds, Andy Ellis, Emad Elshafei, Donna Elshafei, Nobel Jarrell, Lillian Hnath, Steve Payne, Diana Corbin
Jeff, Boots, Ray
Jeff Roddin, Boots Hall, Ray Novitske
Mark Hurley and unnamed swimmer

darlene Masters Swimmer, Darlene Iskra,
Bikes C&O Canal for Alzheimers Research Benefit
on Sep 11-13

I biked the 184 mile C & O Canal towpath the weekend of Sept 11-13 to benefit Alzheimers research. Any donation to Alzheimer's would be appreciated. Most of the money will go towards local outreach and education and the rest towards Alzheimer's research. My grandmother had three sisters, two of whom succumbed to the disease. My grandmother lived to 96 and was as bright and active as ever until the last 6 months of her life. OLD AGE DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN YOU WILL GET THIS DISEASE. Research and outreach programs help to inform the public about the causes and some activities and diet that can avert this. Please login to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support the Alzheimer's Association National Capital Area.

GMU Sprint Classic Meet October 31, 2004
The Patriot Masters Swim Team hosted their annual Sprint Classic Masters meet on October 31st at the George Mason Aquatic and Fitness center in Fairfax, Virginia. A record number of participants, 174 ranging in age from the 20's to the 80's, swam in the meet. The meet's final events were a series of unofficial 25-yard all out sprints. The Fastest Woman and Fastest Man awards (25 free) went to Kelly Bowman (11.92) and Shawn Markey (10.09).

front: Patricia Vencill, Dan Jent, Billy Prout middle: Drew Killian, Chris Rice, Erin Smith back: Angelica DeLeon, Jody McCabe, Ray Novitske
Toby Shannon
Cheryl, Trey, Amanda
Cheryl Ward (Director), Trey Haskins, Amanda Medford
Meredith, Carolyn, Debbie, Diana
Meredith Stakem, Carolyn Vorhees, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Diana Corbin
Meredith, Carolyn
Meredith Stakem, Carolyn Voorhees
Bill, karen, Susan, Ton, Scott, Arnold, David
Front: Bill Bacon, Karen Yankosky, Susan Henley, Tom Lyons Middle: Scott Arnold Back: (on right) David Painter
Eleanor, Dave
Eleanor and Dave McClain
Mike, Meredith, Andy, James, Kelly
Clockwise from left: Mike Goodison, Meredith Stakem, Andy Ellis, James Crowder, Kelly Bowman ("fastest woman award")

November 14, 2004

Clare Anderson completes her Check-Off Challenge at JCCNV Meet
Kelly, Meredith, Lillian, Jenn
Kelly Bowman, Meredith Stakem, Lillian Hnath & Jenn Teerlink celebrate their new national records.
James, Jeff
James Crowder, Jeff Roddin after the 200 back
Bud, Roger, Patt
Bud Swiger, Roger Nakazawa, Patt Constantino
Meet Director, Matt Alvin
Rebecca, Brian, Ken, Bob, Mark
Rebecca Brabec, Brian Main, Ken Wall, Bob Maul, Mark Walters
Joan, Boots, Judy, Bruce, Clare, Tim
Joan Waldbaum, Boots Hall, Judy & Bruce Fisher, Clare Anderson, Tim Brockway


Next Potomac Valley LMSC Meeting - April 9
The next PVLMSC board meeting will be held on April 9, prior to the Ancient Mariners Albatross meet at 12:30PM, Montgomery Aquatics Center, Bethesda, MD.

Clay Britt Swim Clinics
Upcoming Clinics in 2005: Jan 23, Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 16, May 14, and Jun 18.
For more information contact Clay H 301-320-4694, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or visit: www.claybrittswimming.com.

Michael Lee - new PV Awards Chair
Michael Lee, a member of Terrapin Masters, has volunteered to serve as the new Potomac Valley Awards Chair. Welcome, Michael!


USMS National Publication

Many of you received the latest issue of SWIM Magazine and saw the reference to the cessation of that magazine as United States Masters Swimming's official publication. Unfortunately, it was not made clear that USMS will have a new official publication for its members in 2005. Here is additional information about the periodical.

USMS's contract with Sports Publications, the publisher and owner of SWIM Magazine, will expire at the end of 2004. Beginning with a March/April issue, USMS members will receive another publication with a new and exciting format. It will also have a new name, 'USMS SWIMMER'. These developments followed a year-long and complex process of request for proposals, submissions, interviews, comparison, and evaluation. The 2004 House of Delegates voted to accept the recommendation of the Executive Committee to enter into a relationship with Douglas Murphy Communications to publish our magazine. USMS will own the magazine and its contents. While we specialize in content and service to you, both fitness and competitive athletes, Douglas Murphy will specialize in production, design, graphics, and writing excellence.

This opportunity is exciting to us. USMS is a dynamic organization which is unique among all masters organizations. We have become unique by dedicating ourselves to insisting upon excellence in education and service for all of our members. We are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance this service. The new publication will offer us the next level of service by allowing USMS to control quality and ensure that our members' needs and interests are being addressed. A transition team composed of representatives from several areas of USMS is hard at work to assure the best product for our members.

Your new national publication will not have a new price tag. All the costs of development will be done within the current budget with no dues increase needed. I appreciate your feedback as we implement this change and work to provide the best service to you.

Jim Miller, MD
President, USMS

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Tip of the Month
A Green House means a Healthy Bay! Replace toxic cleaners in your home with these alternatives:

  • Laundry Products--Use soap flakes and borax or washing soda and borax instead of detergent. Use borax instead of bleach.
  • Oven Cleaners--Cover the soiled oven surface with a baking soda paste, let stand from one hour to overnight, then scrub with a sponge or abrasive pad.
  • Scouring Powder--Use baking soda paste. Try a pumice stick on porcelain surfaces.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners--Leave borax to soak in the toilet, then scrub. Pumice stone will remove stains. For rings, mix borax and lemon juice into a paste, let sit for two hours, then scrub with a good brush.
  • Tub And Tile Cleaner--Use 1/2 cup of borax in hot water. Wipe bath tubs with vinegar then sprinkle with baking soda, scrub with a damp sponge, and rinse.
View the November Online newsletter featuring these stories and others:
  1. CBF Goes to Court to Compel EPA to Enforce Clean Water Act
  2. Report Finds Bay Restoration in Peril
  3. CBF Releases First State of the Anacostia Report

2005 Check-Off Challenge Federal Way Kings Masters Swimmers are excited to sponsor the 2005 Check-off Challenge. We challenge all workout groups to obtain 100% participation and invite you to integrate the theme of Mission I.M. Possible into your goals and workout plans for 2005. If your team accepts the challenge, please send us an email at swimmoore@comcast.net and let us know how many swimmers are participating. Good luck swimmers. Hugh Moore, President, FWKM.


Dee of St. Mary's Skipjack
The Dee of St. Mary's, an environmental and educational Skipjack, is available for hire for wedding receptions, dinner sails, and other events.

Please send us info about teachers or schools that might be interested in a student field trip. Education is the key, and is the mission of CBFL. Our vision is to use the tools of our Chesapeake Maritime Heritage to teach users of the Chesapeake to be responsible stewards, BECAUSE: "It's Our Bay, Let's Pass It On"
Cap'n Jack and 1st mate Fulchiron www.thebaylab.org

Notes from the Registrar
By Jeff Roddin

Your Jan/Feb issue of SWIM magazine will be your last issue unless you renew your registration by January 31st. If you registered with a PV club this year your club representative has your 2005 renewal form. If you are registered "Unattached" your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you directly to the address on file. Actually, this will also be your last issue of SWIM unless you renew directly with them - USMS will have a new national publication beginning in March called USMS Swimmer.

  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (roddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wishes to be "unsubscribed."
  • Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $389 (down from last year's total of $516).
  • Breakdown of our membership for 2004 by state:
    1. Virginia: 50%
    2. Maryland: 32%
    3. District of Columbia: 16%
    4. Other: 2%
  • We registered 1875 swimmers in 2004 (55% male, 45% female). We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the third largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind two of the California LMSCs). See below for our registration history since 1997:

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Journal
The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Journal is on-line at www.bayjournal.com

Unofficial PVLMSC Board Meeting Minutes
Nov 14

Submitted by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Meeting called to order at 10:30am. Meeting attendees introduced themselves and identified their representations. MSA to adopt Minutes from July 2004 PVLMSC board meeting.
Reports: Chair -

  • Thanked Marilyn Redman for her work as PV Awards Chair and welcomed Michael Lee as the new Awards Chair
Sanctions -
  • Reviewed results of past meets and assigned evaluators for upcoming meets.
  • The need for looking at scheduling of meets was discussed; potential loss of swimmers if scheduled too close together.
Registrar -
  • 1875 swimmers registered for 2004 (slightly greater than last year).
  • Noted that a 3rd new team registered in 2004 (All-Star Aquatics). PV currently has 24 clubs.
  • Renewal forms have been sent to club representatives.
Top Ten -
  • Preliminary LC top ten is on the web for review; final will be out in December.
  • PV SCM top ten will be submitted following JCCNV Lox & Bagels meet result publication.
Treasurer -
  • Current year budget reviewed.
  • Noted that although it was well attended the PV Last Chance Meet did run at a financial loss.
  • Recommends an increase of USMS registration fee for PV to $30 for the 2006 registration year.
Secretary - nothing to report Newsletter -
  • Deadline for next newsletter is November 15
Awards -
  • New chair introduced himself.
  • Will be going over process with previous chair and working with A. Svenson on development of long distance awards.
Officials -
  • Dave Diehl reappointed as USMS Officials Chair.
  • New USMS publication will contain information for officials.
Old Business:
  • OEVT for the Jim McDonnell Swim run by Reston Masters was a success financially with approximately 120 registrants.
  • Will continue to allow for Reston in 2005.
  • Last Chance Meet notes: 72% of awards were picked up. It was suggested that we seed the 400 and 800 fast to slow.
New Business:
  • Potential PV increase in swimmer registration fee - table until April 2005 meeting.
  • SMS Publication - The last issue of SWIM Magazine for USMS registered swimmers is Jan/Feb.
  • A new publication will then be in place for all registered USMS members.
Next meeting: April 9, 2005 (prior to Albatross Open).

The Athletic Minded Traveler
by Cheryl Wagner

carA new book, titled "The Athletic-Minded Traveler", outlines how to stay fit on the road (and avoid those bathtub-sized "Olympic" hotel pools). Jim Kaese and Paul Huddle, San Diego triathletes and fitness enthusiasts, visited 1,100 hotels and fitness venues in order to write their book which recommends 500 locations and describes prices as well as features. "The Athletic-Minded Traveler" retails for $18.95 plus shipping and can be ordered by calling 877-27-BOOKS.

Tropical Splash Meet Returns
by Ray Novitske

Colorful fish, palm trees, pineapples, and calypso music in January. It's time for the second annual Tropical Splash short course yards meet. Alexandria Masters will again host its escape-from-winter fun meet on January 30.

The 3-person coconut relay returns, allowing unattached swimmers and swimmers from different clubs to participate. Our luau hospitality table with tropical snacks will be well stocked. To relax between your swims, the hot tub will be fired up and ready to go.

First time masters competitors will be recognized, and will again receive a tropical souvenir of their first masters meet. For more information on the meet or to review "My First Meet" for some helpful advice, visit www.alexandriamasters.com.

We hope you can join us again this year. Aloha!

July 28, 1930
Manhattan Swim - Historical Article

The Manhattan Island Foundation shared a July 28, 1930, New York Times article which provides a glimpse of New York City's rich swimming history.

As the Foundation's season closes, they are inviting members of our community to continue to volunteer their time to help them grow their worthwhile cause. See www.nycswim.org

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Responds to Criticism
by Dr. Ernst in Washington Post

Thank you for your interest and support and opportunity to respond to recent criticism in the Washington Post. We rely on our members and friends for financial contributions and active participation.

Dr. Howard Ernst, an assistant professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, has on more than one occasion taken issue with CBF. Recently, he used the Washington Post to point fingers in two directions: politics and CBF. In fact, Dr. Ernst wrote, "the self-proclaimed 'watchdog' for the bay, is also at fault." He found fault with CBF for:

  • Opting out of the political process (having no political action committee, not contributing to political campaigns, and not advertising the voting records of elected officials);
  • Rarely engaging in legal battles;
  • Not running issue advertisements; and
  • Accepting contributions from polluters.
Dr. Ernst's letter has received considerable attention, and many of our members and friends are wondering about his assertions. I welcome the opportunity to respond.

Opting out of the political process:
We are a 501 (c)(3), disallowed from having a political action committee, contributing to political campaigns, or advertising voting records. Furthermore, groups like the League of Conservation Voters already exist and effectively perform those functions. CBF's strength and success is based on sound science. The Chesapeake Bay cannot be restored without the kind of bi-partisan effort displayed in the passage of Maryland's sewage legislation. That legislation, probably the most important to the Bay in the last 20 years, was a result of strong leadership from a Republican Governor and Democratic legislature, clear and unassailable science, and strong lobbying by CBF working with a diverse coalition of citizens across the state.

Engaging in legal battles:
CBF has a long history of using legal action when more collegial strategies have failed. In fact, we currently have three active cases: a petition to EPA to enforce the Clean Water Act and two actions in Virginia to compel the state to establish limits to nitrogen pollution in effluent from point sources in that state.
Last summer, we announced the development of a litigation department and an expansion of our abilities to take legal action to hold polluters accountable. This announcement was covered widely in the press, including the Washington Post. I have to think Dr. Ernst knew about this before faulting us for not using legal action as a tool.

Running issue advertisements:
A task force of CBF board and President's Advisory Council members met over the summer and recommended that CBF build on the good start we got last year while working on the MD sewage legislation. The task force specifically recommended that we, indeed, run issue advertisements. The board has adopted this recommendation and we are adjusting our work accordingly. Just recently, a well-known, national not-for-profit public relations firm approached us and suggested a partnership with CBF. This presents a timely opportunity to affordably develop and place professional ads that will be seen by millions of people. We will begin working with this group in early November.

Accepting contributions:
Dr. Ernst stated that CBF received a $100,000 grant funded in part by the Altria Group, the parent company of Phillip Morris. Dr. Ernst is mistaken. The grantor, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, has confirmed that Altria did not provide any of the funding for this grant.

CBF, along with Living Classrooms Foundation, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research, accepted proceeds from the Constellation Energy Golf Classic, money raised from ticket sales and sponsorship proceeds of the event. In our case, those funds are restricted to the Education Program.

Without question, CBF shares Dr. Ernst's frustration at the lack of progress in reducing pollution to the Chesapeake Bay. But, CBF is not at fault. We at CBF respect differing opinions on Bay restoration, however, while Dr. Ernst's letter was sincere, it was not accurate.

Thank you again for your support.

Will Baker
Chesapeake Bay Foundation


Oceanus Digital Swim Analysis
"See Yourself Swim...See Yourself Swim Better."

  • Above and Below Water Digital Videotaping
  • Voiceover Commentary
  • Light Pen Telestration
  • Measurement and Analysis of All Critical Stroke Techniques and Metrics
  • Office and Client Site Consultations
  • Highly Credentialed Consultants
Our services can help you achieve your NVSL goals and far beyond. Find out more by calling or visiting our website.
Phone: (703) 823-SWIM
Website: www.oceanus-consulting.com
US Mail: 218 Ellsworth Street, Alexandria, VA. 22314

High School Swim Coach Needed
Practices are held in a world-class facility at UM Campus Rec (long course). Summer schedule for Terrapin Masters:

High School Swim Coach needs to be 21 with current CPR, Life Saving and First Aid certificates. The schools are:
Central High School (small team) which practices at Sportsplex, Tues. & Thurs. from 4:00-5:30 PM and Duval High School (mid-sized team) which practices at Prince George's Community College Mon. & Wed. 5:00-6:30 PM

All Meets are on Saturdays. The practice season starts November 15. The first scrimmage is December 4, and meets follow through the end of February. If you have any questions please email me or give me a call at 301-345-6119. Thanks

Doug Sutherland, Coordinator of High School Swimming for Prince George's County Public High Schools.

Terrapin Masters Has 3 New Coaches
Welcome to new coaches:
      Mike Tober, Erika Hansen, and Mark Sowa. Practices are held in a world-class facility at UM Campus Rec. Pay by the practice (punch-card). Winter schedule for Terrapin Masters:

  • Mon, Wed, Thu 6:30PM - 8:00PM
  • Tue, Thu 6:15AM - 7:45AM
  • Sat 8:15AM - 9:45AM

A Few Good "Save the Patapsco, Hon" Swimmers Sought
Anyone interested in swimming 4.4 miles across the mouth of the Patapsco River from Venice on the Bay to North Point State Park on Sunday, May 22, 2005 while also raising funds for Patapsco watershed organizations, can contact Joe Stewart: 410-767-1354 (W), 410-243-4418 (H), Jstewart@dat.state.md.us

College Park Bike Shop Discount
bike shop

  • 30 - 60% off: Clothing Sale at the Mt Airy and College Park stores! We are practically giving away our authentic "retro" cycling clothing.
  • To sign up for our email cycling newsletter, email: bike123.com
  • See our cycling jerseys from the nation's top universities.
  • January bike maintenance class. Call or email for details.

Waterproof Coach available on Amazon.Com
waterproof coach

Superior Auto Care Welcomes Masters Swimmers
auto care
North Gambrills, MD (near Bowie)
(410) 923-7755
•$16.95 oil change
•Free check of your auto's fluids, tires, wipers, belts, hoses, and lights.

Patuxent Adventure Center - Kayaking/Bike Events
Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday morning bike rides: 9AM
  • Monday evening bike maintenance classes 6PM
  • Wednesday night bike trainer sessions: 5:45PM-6:45PM
  • Kayak tours, classes and rentals
patuxent adventures
Patuxent Adventure Center is offering a 10% discount on Quintanaroo wetsuits with this ad.

Volunteers Needed - Chesapeake Bay Outreach
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is in need of volunteers who would like to join our citizen outreach efforts in Northern Virginia, by joining our Speakers' Bureau and/or Fairs and Festivals programs.

We will train interested volunteers to give presentations on the current condition of the Bay, as it especially relates to Virginia's rivers

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Heather Tuckfield at htuckfield@cbf.org or call 443-482-2151. Thank you.

Coaching & Swim Instruction
Former Assistant Varsity coach and record-holding miler, Mark Murray, is available for individual and team coaching and instruction. For more information, contact Mark at: swmmurray@yahoo.com.

Mavericks Swim Team
There is a new choice for winter Masters and USA swimming at Prince George's Community College Pool. Master's program meets on M-W-F mornings from 6:30-8:00 am. Coach Erik Collins (301) 980-4747 invites you to come to a practice. Check out his website at www.maverickswimclub.com or call him for information.

 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
Eric Nordlund - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
John Hudson - John Hudson
Darlene Iskra - Darlene Iskra
PV Last Chance Meet - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
USMS Convention - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Dee of St. Mary's - thebaylab.org
Pool Rat - Joke of the Day
USMS Swimmer - USMS Swimmer

 Events Calendar

2004/2005 Pool Calendar

Dec 31
Terrapin Swim in the New Year 2005 UM Campus Rec, College Park, MD Info: Cheryl Wagner cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw

Jan 23, Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 16, May 14, & Jun 18
Clay Britt Swim Clinics contact Clay H 301-320-4694, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or visit www.claybrittswimming.com

Jan 30
ALEX Tropical Splash George Washington Rec Ctr Pool, Alexandria, VA Info: Ray Novitske rnovitske@usms.org Web: www.alexandriamasters.com/meet

Feb 12-13
VMST David Gregg Memorial (SCY) Meet Richmond, VA Info: Nancy Miller NancyMillr@aol.com

Feb 26-27
28th Annual Winter Meet UMBC Catonsville, MD Info: Karen Tucker (410) 203-2890 Email: ktloves2swim@msn.com Web: www.pvmasters.org

Mar 6
VMST 4th Chinn Aquatics swim meet Woodbridge, VA www.pvmasters.org

Apr 9
ANCM Albatross Open Montgomery Aquatic Center in Bethesda, MD Info: Tom Denes waterprfch@aol.com Web: www.pvmasters.org

Apr 22-24
Colonies Zone SCY Championships GMU Aquatic Center in Fairfax, VA www.patriotmasters.org

Apr 21-23
2005 Masters YMCA Nationals; Indianapolis, IN www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org

May 22
2005 USMS Short Course Nationals - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Info: Stu Marvin 954-828-4580, smarvin@fortlauderdale.gov Web: www.usms.org

Jul 22
World Masters Games - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada SCM; www.2005worldmasters.com

Aug 10-14
USMS Long Course National Championships - Mission Viejo, CA LCM; Mark Moore, 949-233-6521, m.w.moore@cox.net; www.mastersmvnswim.org

2005 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

May 30, 2004
Jim McDonnell 1 & 2 Mile Lake Swims - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Gordon Gerson, Reston Masters Swim Team, 703-845-SWIM (7946), usna58@comcast.net; www.restonmasters.org ; Sanctioned by PV LMSC

Jun 5, 2004
Potomac River Swim 7.5 Mile Swim - Cheryl Wagner Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm

Jun 12, 2004
2004 USMS 5K Open Water Championship - Atlantic Ocean, Fernandina, FL OW; Edward Gaw, 2500 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, edginc@att.net ; Sponsored by Fernandina Beach P & R

Jun 13, 2004
Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Challenge - www.lin-mark.com

Jun 10-13, 2004
10th FINA World Masters Championships - 3K Open Water - Riccione Beach, Riccione, Italy OW; X FINA World Masters Championships, c/o Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, 00194 Roma, Italia, (39)0636200469, (39)0636200031 (fax), info@masters2004 ; Entries by mail and on line (January 2004) - no email or fax. 90 minute time limit will apply; www.masters2004.it/programme_openwater.asp

Jun 19, 2004
Swim for Life 1,2,3,4,5 mile Swims - Rolph's Wharf Chestertown, MD Info: Dawson Nash swimmerdn4321@aol.com www.swimdcac.org www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/sfl2003i.htm

June 20, 2004
1 Mile Open Water Swim - Virginia Beach VA. For info. Sharon Petit, email: sep71cp91@msn.com

Jun 25, 2004
Independence Day 1 Mile Swim - Friday June 25, 2004 - Somers Point, NJ www.lmsports.com

Jun 26, 2004
CT Open Water Championships / Madison Mile - Madison, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, mailto:dave@force5sports.com ; www.force5sports.com ; Pre-entry & Deck-entry

Jun 26, 2004
2004 USMS 2-Mile Cable Championship - Eagle Creek Reservoir, Indianapolis, IN OW; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com ;

June 27, 2004
1 Mile & 2 Mile Lehigh River Swim - Allentown, PA; Contact James Platt, P.O. Box 3304, Allentown, PA 18106: jhp35@hotmail.com or Mike Seip, seip@enter.net

Jun 27, 2004
2004 USMS 1 Mi Open Water Championship - Wildwood, NJ OW; Vicki Anders, 6 Lingate Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117, 410-502-5395, andervi@jhmi.edu

July 3, 2004
28.5 Mile Swim Around Manhattan Island - NYC, NY B entry due February 29th. Contact for relays and solo swims: www.nycswim.org

July 3, 2004
1.3 Mile or a 5 K Bridge to Bridge Bay Race - Atlantic City NJ Contact Sid & Kara K. Cassidy www.acacswim.org Email: sacassidy@comcast.net or call (609-653-0939). 4:30 & 6 p.m. Start!!

Jul 10, 2004
Captain Craig 1 mile swim - 14th St and the Beach, Ocean City, MD Awards Swim 6:30 p.m. - Registration at 5:00 p.m. Contact Harvey Evans at 410.749.7467 for more information or visit www.openwaterswimsocmd.org

Jul 10, 2004
2004 USMS 10K Open Water Championship - Huntington Bay, Huntington, NY OW; Bea Hartigan, 27 Huntington Rd, Huntington, NY 11743-1702, 631-271-3349, bea10k@yahoo.com

Jul 17, 2004
2004 USMS 3.5K Open Water Championship - Applegate Lake, Jacksonville, OR OW; Dan Gray, RVM Lake Swim, PO Box 3338, Ashland, OR 97520, 541-890-5483, dangray45@hotmail.com

Jul 17, 2004
1 Mile Ocean Swim, 7th Annual Swim For the Dolphins - Wildwood Crest, NJ. Dave Hirsch: (609-465-5590). Sat 6 PM Start at Rambler Rd. & the Beach. Contact L & M Computer Sports, 89 Park Drive, Berlin, NJ 08009. www.lmsports.com

Jul 17, 2004
2.4 Mile Race for the River - (Hudson River Swim). World Financial Center to Chelsea Piers. (Sat.) www.nycswim.org

Jul 17, 2004
0.5 Mile Cove to Cove Swim - New York City, NY. www.nycswim.org

Jul 17, 2004
Betsy Owens Memorial 2-Mile Cable Swim - Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY OW; Mary Field, 366 Burgoyne Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, 518-583-4048, frankfield@earthlink.net" ; Sanctioned by AD LMSC

Jul 17, 2004
1.2 Mi Swim Buzzards Bay 2004 - New Bedford, MA OW; Michelle Frey, 620 Belleville Ave., New Bedford, MA 02745, 508-999-6363 (x208), frey@savebuzzardsbay.org ; John Vasconcellos, vasconcellos@savebuzzardsbay.org ; www.savebuzzardsbay.org/events/swim-buzzards-bay.htm

Jul 17, 2004
Chris Greene Lake 2 mile Cable Swim - Charlottesville, Virginia. Entry must be in no later than July 7, 2004. www.vaswim.org

Jul 24, 2004
1 Mile Ocean Swim - Ocean City, NJ (34th Street) www.lmsports.com Darren Hickman (Sat.) (609) 926-9191: darrenhickman@hotmail.com The 24th Annual Masters Ocean Swim starts at 6:30 p.m. Register at 34th Street.

Jul 24, 2004
1.7 Mi Save The Bay Swim - Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI OW; John Martin, 434 Smith St., Providence, RI 02908, 401-272-3540 (x131), jmartin@savebay.org ; Kim Crawley, 401-272-3540 (x119), kcrawley@savebay.org ; www.savebay.org/swim/index04.asp ; Entry Deadline 7/14/2004

Jul 31, 2004
2nd Annual Metropolitan 1 mile Open Swim - Point Lookout, Town of Hempstead Beach, NY www.aquafitmasters.com

Aug 1, 2004
1 Mile Park to Park Swim - New York City, NY www.nycswim.org

Aug 1, 2004
Boston Light 8 Mile Swim - Boston MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 7, 2004
25K Swim Across the Sound - Bridgeport, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, dave@force5sports.com ; Amateur solo and relay teams; www.swimacrossthesound.org ; Entry Deadline 5/31/2004

Aug 7, 2004
1.2 Mi Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim - Niles Beach, Gloucester, MA OW; Richie Martin, 978-281-0670, lilomartin@adelphia.net; Wetsuits allowed; www.sandydog.com/swim/harborswimindex.htm ; Pre & deck-entry

Aug 14, 2004
Island Beach Two Mile Swim - Greenwich, CT OW; Joh Harnett, 201-798-7100 (x323), jharnett@grmims.com ; www.gscevents.org ; Sanctioned by CT LMSC; Entry Deadline 8/7/2004

Aug 15, 2004
Rainbow Channel Challenge - Somers Point NJ www.rainbowchannelchallenge.com

Aug 21, 2004
The Great Hudson River Swim - 2.8 miles Hudson River New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Aug 21, 2004
Yates Memorial 1 mile swim - Atlantic City NJ www.pressofatlanticcity.com/listings/pages/swim.html

Aug 22, 2004
Middle Atlantic Swimming Open Water Swimming Championships - Atlantic City NJ www.pressofatlanticcity.com/listings/pages/swim.html

Aug 29, 2004
Brigantine Bayfest Swim - Atlantic City NJ www.pressofatlanticcity.com/listings/pages/swim.html

Sep 4, 2004
Atlantic City 1.5 Mile Pageant Swim - Atlantic City, NJ www.acacswim.org

Sep 10, 2004
Across the Bay Fun Swim - Atlantic City NJ www.pressofatlanticcity.com/listings/pages/swim.html

Sep 11, 2004
10K for the USA - (FINA World Cup Event) Atlantic City, NJ www.acacswim.org

Sep 18, 2004
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 7.8 miles Hudson River New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 18, 2004
Wildwood Bay Swim - Wildwood NJ www.pressofatlanticcity.com/listings/pages/swim.html

Sep 25, 2004
Sunfest 1K, 3K, 5K Swim - Ocean City, MD. Info: SunfestSwimming@comcast.net"

2005 Local Multi-sport Calendar

Apr 16
3rd Annual BRANDYWINE DUATHLON - Delaware City DE www.lin-mark.com

May 15
1st Annual New Jersey Devilman Half Iron & Sprint Triathlons - Millville, NJ. www.lin-mark.com

May 22
Columbia Triathlon - Ellicott City, MD www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 6
3rd Annual ESCAPE FROM SCHOOL YOUTH TRIATHLON & SPRINT RUN, Lums Pond State Park-Beach Area, DE www.lin-mark.com

Jun 6
20th Annual THUNDERGUST TRIATHLON & 3rd Annual DUATHLON, Parvin State Park, Pittsgrove, NJ www.lin-mark.com

Jun 12
Eagleman Half Ironman - Cambridge, MD www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 18
4th Annual ESCAPE FROM FORT DELAWARE Delaware City, DE www.lin-mark.com

Jun 19
1st Annual WILKES BARRE DUATHLON Wilkes Barre, PA www.lin-mark.com

Jun 26
CITY OF PHILADELPHIA TRIATHLON West River Drive, Philadelphia, PA www.lin-mark.com

Jul 9
3rd Annual DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH TRIATHLON Perryville Community Park, Perryville, MD www.lin-mark.com

Jul 10
1st Annual Allentown Triathlon Allentown, PA www.lin-mark.com

Jul 23
SUNSET SPRINT TRIATHLON & DUATHLON Sunset Lake, Bridgeton, NJ www.lin-mark.com

Jul 31
3rd Annual Pantanella's Pancake - Staten Island Flat As A Pancake DUATHLON -TRIATHLON Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY www.lin-mark.com

Aug 7
WILKES BARRE TRIATHLON Penn State Campus, Lehman Twp., PA www.lin-mark.com

Aug 14
5th Annual LUMS POND TRIATHLON and LUMS POND DUATHLON Lums Pond State Park, Bear, DE www.lin-mark.com

Sep 11
5th Annual DIAMONDMAN 1/2 IRON TRIATHLON Lums Pond-Campground area, Lums Pond State Park, DE www.lin-mark.com

Sep 19
18th Annual SKYLANDS TRIATHLON & DUATHLON Spruce Run State Park, Clinton, NJ www.lin-mark.com

Sep 24
Make-a-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon Bethany Beach, DE www.tricolumbia.org

Oct 1
Chesapeake Man Ultra Distance Triathlon - Cambridge MD www.tricolumbia.org

Oct 9
3rd Annual CAPE HENLOPEN TRIATHLON AND CAPE HENLOPEN DUATHLON Cape Henlopen State Park at the main parking lot - bath house, DE www.lin-mark.com

for details and more events.