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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
December 2005

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 Note from the Chair


At the November Potomac Valley Masters Swimming (PVMS) Committee meeting, I was elected Chair for the next two years. Former Chair, Eric Nordlund, will now serve as Sanctions Chair. I would like to thank him and the other officers and committee chairs for their service to Masters swimming.

The Potomac Valley Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC), as well as most of United States Masters Swimming (USMS), is run by volunteers. USMS is divided into Zones (we are in the Colonies Zone which covers Maine to Virginia) within which are LMSCs and individual teams. At all levels within this structure, volunteers take care of registrations, organizational matters, running swim meets, postal swims, and fitness events, publishing information, and promoting Masters Swimming.

Our members are continuing a strong tradition of involvement at the USMS level with a number of us serving on national standing committees. We've always had dedicated volunteers involved at the local, zone, and national level and I hope this involvement will continue and expand. It would be nice to see some new faces at our meetings and getting involved in our organization in 2006.

Happy Laps.
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews

PV's Biggest Losers
by Cheryl Wagner

A People Magazine writer asked me for potential interview subjects who had lost a lot of weight through swimming. I put out the word and heard from many PV swimmers who lost an impressive number of pounds and kept them off. With the holidays behind us (as well as a few extra pounds), I decided this would be a good time to share some of their stories.

Andrew Johnson, who completed the Tampa Bay 24 mile swim, the Potomac Swim and numerous other long distance events wrote: "I was up to 232lbs in January of 1995. I lost 70lbs and got down to 162lbs by my 30th Birthday on May 17, 1995. I used Swimming, proper diet (Zone'ish), and running. I am currently about 175lbs and just turned 40."

Andrew on left
Barbara, Wally and daughter
Barbara Clifford-Dicks, who has swum an impressive number of top ten swims said, "I gained 75 pounds with my pregnancy and now I only have about 15 left to loose. I was put on bed rest for my pregnancy. It has taken me 2 years so far. I get up at 5 am to swim 3 days a week. They aren't taking bathing suit shots are they?"

Jason Lee contributed the following, "I weighed 230 pounds in high school and now, at 48, am about 190. I have been swimming between 4-6 days a week since I was 22. About 3-4K. As one who studies obesity for CDC, the problem is not getting people to loose half of their body weight (one would have to be morbidly, morbidly obese to do that--otherwise it would be quite unhealthy--imagine a 200 lb person going to 100lb!) The important thing is to get people to maintain a healthy weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and swimming is a great way to do that. Jason Lee, Ph.D."

KateKate Fisken sent me her story. "In the summer of 2004, after seeing my orthopedist, four neurosurgeons and a pain management doctor, I found myself faced with a medical condition that required me to make some immediate choices and commit myself to a healthier lifestyle. All but one neurosurgeon, wanted to operate right away to fuse my 4th lumbar and correct a Level II Spondolothesis. I shuddered at the thought. I discussed the situation with my physical therapist, my family physician, my pain management doctor, and my husband and decided to try aggressive physical therapy rehabilitation and begin a weight loss program. My goal was to strengthen my core muscles and lose 30 pounds. Thus, I began physical therapy 3 times a week and an aggressive weight loss program---consuming 1,000 calories per day. To manage my constant sciatic pain, I chose to have 2 epidurals, three weeks apart.

By October 2004 I had lost 15 pounds and at the urging of my "medical team", I began a weekly swimming program on my own at the Montgomery County Aquatic Center. Since I hadn't been swimming regularly since my high school competition days, I was very out of shape. I set out a training plan for myself--increasing my laps by ten each week. I continued physical therapy (down to 1 day per week), swimming and dieting and by June 2005 I lost all 30 pounds and had cut my pain medicine dosage in half!

At this point I was concerned that if I did not put more physical exercise in my daily routine, I would slowly gain back my weight. So I decided to set a new goal for myself---- to train for an open water swim, the 2006 Chesapeake 1 Mile Challenge. I joined the Montgomery County Ancient Mariners and am now swimming 2 days per week, lifting weights 2 days per week, and watching my food intake. Additionally, my physical therapist volunteered to monitor and guide my training for next year's open water swim. Yes, my return to swimming changed my life ---being a major positive force--- not only has it helped me lose weight and keep it off, but I have also made some new friends. I still have occasional sciatic "flare-ups", but now I am able to physically do things I could never think of doing a year ago. I look forward to swimming next June's Chesapeake 1 Mile Challenge, starting Pilate classes this spring, and swimming competitively with the Ancient Mariners team soon! At age 63, I have finally found my sport and echo the mantra "swim for life".

William Sax
William Sax, 36, sent the following narrative, "At age thirty, I needed to stop smoking and lose weight. I knew I must leave this bad habit behind in order to exercise effectively. Swimming was a key part of the process of quitting. In three months I was swimming 3000yd workouts and had lost an initial 30 pounds. My total weight loss was 45 pounds. After swimming on my own for two years, I joined Masters. The challenge of competition keeps me in the pool, fit and feeling great!"

Jen Dostal wrote, "Swimming was a critical part of my losing 80 pounds a couple of years ago. I was too heavy and having problems with my feet because they couldn't handle all the extra weight, but I couldn't lose weight without exercise. According to the scale I'm still overweight, but a heck of a lot more fit. I play rugby and that takes up at lot of my time, I still swim in the off-season though."

Margot Bauman said, "I joined Weight Watchers before I joined the masters team. Still, I'm losing way more swimming than before I joined the team."

Alexa Reed wrote, "I was a high school swimmer, then off for almost 10 years, during which time I gained about 70 lbs. I got back into shape and lost most of the weight when I joined FXCM and swam 3 times per week. I also did some cross-training and trained for triathlons."

Build Your Endurance
with Multi-Day Cycling

by Kenton Pattie KentonP1@aol.com , Annandale Masters

While few of us could swim for five hours a day for five days in a row, most of us can bicycle for five to eight hours a day for seven days! Cycling is one sport you can use for days at a time to build your endurance and have fun in some interesting places. No sore shoulders. No goggles or swim cap needed.

Multi-day cycling is not new but has earned a substantial following of thousands of athletes who see the advantage of riding for a week at their own pace and having catered meals, rest stops, and support vehicles each day.

You could plan your own multi-day adventure. Combining bed and breakfasts, camping, and trail maps you could spend a week on and off road. There is a guidebook titled "Rails to Trails: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia." For example, here is a list of some trails in Virginia: New River Trail State Park (57 miles), Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Trail (45.5 miles), Virginia Creeper National Recreational Trail (34.3 miles), the Huckleberry Trail (5.75 miles), Chessie Nature Trail (7 miles), Guest River Gorge Trail (5.3 miles), Cape Henry Trail (6 miles). These are all family-friendly. In the case of the Virginia Creeper Trail, you can rent bikes to ride up and down White Top Mountain.

There are companies which organize multi-day rides in the winter. For example www.bikeescapades.com (800 280 7560) offers a February 2006 seven day ride in the Arizona-Sonora Desert with overnights in B&Bs.

In a previous column I mentioned Bike Virginia June 23-28, 2006 www.bikevirginia.org . Several Potomac Valley Masters swimmers have ridden this event. In 2006, it will be held on the Virginia-North Carolina border near the towns of South Hill, Emporia and Roanoke Rapids. The start is easily accessible from I-95. The terrain is relatively flat and while famous for its peanuts, has had to switch to cotton, soybeans and tobacco because the Federal subsidy for peanut farmers has been repealed. Expect warm weather. If you prefer a hotel room over a tent, now is the time to make your reservations.

You don't have to wait until June. The season begins March 18-24, 2006 with Bike Florida (www.bikeflorida.com ). For2006, this ride will be along the Northeast Coast of Florida through for example St. Augustine Beach. Expect mild weather, with wind off the ocean.

How about, Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (known as BRAG) (www.brag.org ) (June 10-17 2006)? The tentative route for 2006 is Dalton, Adairsville, Waleska, Gainesville, Madison, Washington, Augusta. Or the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (www.goba.com ) June 14-17 2006? Or Biking Across Kansas June 10-17 (www.bak.org )? In the Potomac region there are Cycle Across Maryland (CAM) and in Pennsylvania www.pedal-pa.com which offers the "Southern Crossing" in late June 2006.

There are numerous multi-day rides so there is probably one that fits your vacation and family schedule and is in a site that you find appealing. For example: the Annual Historic Savannah Bikefest (www.bicyuclesavannahLLC.com ), DC AIDS Ride (www.aidsride.org ), Tour of Sebring (www.floridacycling.com ), Wyoming Cycling Celebration (www.wycyc.cyclevents.com ), SPUDS Cycling Around Idaho (www.spuds.cyclevents.com ), can CANYONS Ride Across Southern Utah (www.canyons.cyclevents.com ).

These events are not races. There are beginners, recreational riders, triathletes, and experienced riders training for bike races. Some riders come with their cycling or tri club while most come on their own, go at their own speed, stop when they want to, and enjoy the scenery and the good exercise.

To be ready for one of these events: you should have practiced building up to riding 50-60 miles in one day. Most of these rides offer different distances on each day, with the longest day trip being 100 miles and the shortest 25 miles. But, if you can nail 50-60 miles in five or six hours you are good to go on one of these trips. If you select one of the rides that offers the Colorado mountains or any hilly course, practice hills over a 4-6 week period before going on the trip. Your preparation could also include three times a week spinning classes at your sports club. There are no rules that say you can't walk when it gets steep, although you'd probably prefer to have had enough practice to ride up most of the hills.

You don't need to be a whiz at bike mechanics because most rides offer bike mechanics at each nightly stop along the route. If you get sick or your bike breaks down, there is a Support And Gear (SAG) vehicle which will pick you and your bike up and get you to the nearest stopping place where you can get help from mechanics or others who are accompanying the event.

As I've said in other columns, this is an outdoor sport so you can expect wind, rain, sun and cold. Most rides just keep on going regardless of the weather.

"Where do I stay at night?" The majority of riders take camping gear and use a site provided by the ride organizers. Some rides, for an extra fee, offer a tent rental program in which every evening your tent is set up and waiting for you. The ride organizers will take your tent, gear and possessions in a truck to the next night's stopping place so when you arrive at the end of each day all your stuff will be waiting. At the end of the multiday ride, the ride organizers may provide a bus service or some other way you and your friends and loved ones can get back to your car or to the airport for the return home.

But, you can stay in motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts or a high school gym. Your bike may be kept safely inside a locked tennis court or at your tent. And some bring their RVs, letting a non-riding family member drive all the gear from campsite to campsite.

Nights can be fun: some multiday rides offer talent shows, group reservations at nearby theatrical events, or evening parties at a unique local attraction. Some multiday rides include swimming in a college or recreation pool. Bike Virginia offers daily post-ride yoga.

On these events you will meet interesting people who love fitness and the adventure of being out on the road.

On your return you will be absolutely ready for the bike leg of any triathlon, duathalon, and ready to compete in any road or mountain bike race, adventure race, time trial or century. You'll have great stories to tell and some pictures of backroad places and historic sites that most Americans never visit.

In 2004 and 2005, Kenton Pattie was on the USA team to the International Triathlon Union Long Distance World Championships.


Zen and the Art of Bicycle Commuting
by Cheryl Wagner

It happens suddenly. One day, you're stuck in your car in rush-hour traffic going nowhere, and decide something's got to change. That night, you rummage through the garage looking for a bike and voila - another bike-commuter is born! There's really no mystique about this special "club". By taking some simple steps, you can join, become more fit and save a little on gas, too. Here are some things you will want to know before embarking on your new adventure:

Parking: Check the parking garage under or near your building. There may be a bike storage area where you can keep your bike during the day free - a good deal especially when compared to what cars are paying.

Equipment: Buy a good helmet. It's one of your most important items and could save your life. Make sure it fits properly since you'll be adjusting it a lot, if it doesn't! Also get a hand-held bike pump, a small wedge tool (about $1 at most bike stores) and an extra inner tube for fixing flat tires. Buy a headlight (preferably with a rechargeable battery) and a flashing red light for the rear of your bike, to make it more visible in traffic.

Clothing: Two important items are a jacket (preferably waterproof and yellow or white) and biking shoes. While you don't need "clipless" biking shoes (like Lance Armstrong wears) you will still want shoes that are warm, water proof and have a stiff sole (to transfer the power of pushing down on the pedal). There are various styles ranging from very comfortable to walk in, to bullet-hard casings which clip-clop during every step. I used running shoes for the first year but noticed that once I bought biking shoes, it made a big difference.

Bike Accessories: Some people buy saddlebags that can be slung over their back fender, to carry their work clothes. These are nice - and cooler, especially if you don't want anything on your back. However, I normally use a backpack since my bike doesn't have a fender.

Safety tips: A key concept that you should never forget is that most vehicles, pedestrians and even other bikers consider you invisible. Anticipate danger from every imaginable source - from parked car doors suddenly flung open into your path, to mindless tourists stepping out into the street directly in front of you. Strange moves should be anticipated from every car, truck, taxi, and moving object. If it can happen, it probably will at some time during your bike commuting life. Stay alert and retreat to the sidewalk or lawn if you feel unsafe. After four years of bike commuting, I wouldn't be surprised if a 20 foot cockroach dropped in front of my path.

Charting your course to work: There are some truly wonderful bike paths that extend for miles into Virginia, Maryland and DC. If you want to bike only on a path, consider driving your bike to the start of the path and then finishing your commute by bicycle. See www.waba.org for more information on local trails. An alternative, is to bike to a Metro station where you've rented a bike locker for $70 annually. Many Metro buses will also carry your bike for no extra charge on a rack at the front of the bus. For more information about Metro bicycle options see www.wmata.com

Despite all of the dire warnings, I truly enjoy bike commuting and wouldn't trade it for anything. I've been able to incorporate athletic training seamlessly into my workday and save a little on gas. And I must say that my worst day bike commuting is still better than my best day driving to work. So I hope you will give it a try sometime and join the "club".


Germantown Team Awards - 2005
Germantown Masters Swim Team names two swimmers each year as recipients of the Lesley Evans award for hard work in coached workouts. The 2005 winners are Steve Horvath and Robin Roome. Their names will be added to the plaque that hangs in the lobby of Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club displaying the names of all winners since the award was started in 1999.

Peter Attia is kissed by his wife
after finishing the Potomac Swim
PV Swimmer and Johns Hopkins Resident
Swims Catalina Channel to Raise Cancer Funds

by John M. Lazarou, October 11, 2005

Johns Hopkins surgical resident Peter Attia this afternoon completed his swim of the Catalina Channel, a 26-mile stretch from Catalina Island to Point Vicente in Los Angeles, in less than 11 hours. According to his wife, Jill Attia, "Peter looks great and is in good spirits. I am so proud of him."

After a three hour boat ride to Catalina Island, Attia began his swim back to shore at midnight (PDT) to avoid shipping traffic. Bad weather, rough currents, sharks and barracudas, getting tangled in kelp and health dangers such as hypothermia, nausea and exhaustion were some of the obstacles that Attia faced. The swim should have taken Attia 12 to 15 hours, but according to Jill, "the weather, ocean currents and marine life were all cooperative."

For his safety, Attia had hired a charter boat to follow him. A neutral observer monitored his attempt, and one of his swim coaches kayaked next to him during his journey. According to marathon swimming rules, Attia was not allowed to make physical contact with anyone during his swim. He was not allowed to wear a wet suit, but he did wear a single latex cap. At the end of his swim, he stood alone, unassisted, upon the shore line of Point Vicente. Since 1927, only 114 other people have completed the swim, considered by many to be the North American "sister swim" of the English Channel.

Attia, 32, who grew up in Toronto, Canada, and is a 2001 graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, is a relative newcomer to the sport of marathon swimming. He swam the Catalina channel to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation (www.terryfoxrun.org ), which supports cancer research. Attia hopes to raise $10,000 for the foundation.

In 1980, despite having his leg amputated above the knee, 22-year-old cancer patient Terry Fox walked 26 miles a day for 143 consecutive days to raise cancer awareness. Fox never completed his cross-Canada trek because cancer spread to his lungs. He died a few months later. Fox's endeavor was named the "Marathon of Hope."

Rule book Ray Novitske's
2006 USMS Rulebook Design Wins

Congratulations to Ray Novitske, our PV Newsletter webmaster.
His design was selected for the 2006 USMS Rulebook. His winning design can be viewed, at left.

 Humor and Quotes

Humor Q&A:

Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?
A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer. That's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended allowance of vegetable products.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?
A: Well, if you have a body and you have body fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?
A: Can't think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain...Good

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!. Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. In fact, they're permeated in it. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?
A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO ..... Cocoa beans ...another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales.

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets. And remember: "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand -strawberries in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming - WOO HOO! What a Ride!"

 Meet News

Colonies Zone LCM Meet
June 12, 2005

Toby, Nadine
Toby Shannon and Nadine Day
Ellen, Eric
Ellen Carey, Eric Nordlund
Peter, Tim
Peter Ward, Tim Timmons
Mary, Anne
Mary Lathram and Anne Walker

Terrapin 1000/1650 Meet
Dec 11, 2005

by Dave Diehl, Meet Manager

The 2005 version of the Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 was successfully held at the newly renovated pool at Catholic University. We had 51 splashes (23 in the 1000 and 28 in the 1650). Despite having only six lanes in which to compete, the meet ran smoothly and we were finished by 11:45am so people had the rest of the day to shop and/or relax. We had the usual strong contingent from the Potomac Valley teams and the Maryland Masters as well as entries from many states including Massachusetts and New York.

A great number of meet records (nine) were broken (set) as follows:

1000 Yard:
35-39 Andrew Farrell
50-54 Brad Gandee
55-59 Myriam Pero
1650 Yard:
40-44 Anna Soevik
45-49 Gladney McKay
60-64 Ann Svenson and Willis Braswell
65-69 Nancy Brown
90-94 Mary Lathram
Two of the records broken were set back in 1985. The oldest record for this meet goes back to 1983. Maybe next year.
Thanks to all of you who have supported this meet, not only this year but for many years. There were many familiar names and faces and we really appreciate the continued support. You are the reason we keep running this meet every year.

Kenton, mary
Kenton Pattie, Mary Lathram
Bryan, rebecca
Bryan and Rebecca Main
Matias, Jim, Tor, anna
Matias Palovecino, Jim Hogan, Tor Sovik, Anna Rose
William, Joanne, Betty, Norm
William Sax, Joanne Hopkins, Betty Perfall, Norm Weinberg
Jim, Erik
Jim Nealis, Erik Putkonen

Nov 13, 2005

Ray, Mike, Dan
Ray Novitske, Mike Davey, Dan Jent


Tropical Splash Meet - CANCELLED
We regret to announce that the Tropical Splash is cancelled for 2006. There are construction delays with our pool renovations, and we are unable to schedule an alternative location at this late time. We look forward to resuming the annual meet again in 2007.

Alexandria Masters Swimming

PV joins the USMS Fitness Virtual Swim Series
by Ann Svenson

If you ever felt like swimming the Potomac you can now do in the comfort of your pool! What? USMS Fitness Committee has recruited Masters swimmers around the country to design virtual swims on local bodies of water and created a way for pool swimmers to record the distances swum in a pool to those in the body of water. These virtual swims are also designed to educate you about the different places, and perhaps, lure you to visit someday.

Alexandria Master Ray Novitske has designed a wonderful scenic swim tour of the Potomac River, starting at Fletcher's Marina in Georgetown and ending at Mount Vernon. There is also a spread sheet on which to record your "mileage". If you complete this swim or any of the other virtual swims, please let your newsletter editor know (Cheryl Wagner, cherylw@crosslink.net ).

To download the swim and information of them, go to
www.usms.org/fitness/content/vsevents .

2005 Convention - Major Points
by Jeff Roddin

  1. Ray Novitske's artwork was selected to be the cover of the 2006 USMS rulebook.
  2. 2005 Colonies Zone SCM Championships will be in New England (Wheaton College) on December 2-4, 2005.
  3. 2006 Colonies Zone SCY Championships will be at GMU on April 21-23, 2006.
  4. 2006 Colonies Zone LCM Championships will be at GMU on August 26-27, 2006.
  5. 2007 SCY Nationals awarded to Federal Way, WA (only bidder).
  6. 2007 LCM Nationals awarded to The Woodlands, TX (only bidder).
  7. Reston Masters awarded the 1 mile open water National Championships for 2007.
  8. Major rule change is to the breaststroke pullout (downward dolphin kick now permitted). Also, toes are now permitted to be above the surface of the water on backstroke starts but they still may not be curled over the edge. This would only apply in a high flat wall.
  9. New USMS governance put in place (several VPs and Zone directors now comprise the board of directors).
  10. Registration committee will seriously look into online registrations.
  11. USMS to donate $5000 to Katrina relief.
  12. USMS to investigate hiring an Executive Director for the organization.
  13. Dues increase proposal of $2 beginning in 2007 failed.
  14. Heated debate about how to handle the LatyCar issue (since resolved).

One Hour Postal Championship
by Tracy Grilli

In this newsletter you will find the entry information for the 2006 One Hour Postal Championship, hosted by the O*H*I*O Masters Swim Club.

The 2006 One Hour Postal Championship is being used to raise funds for relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims. Please note that you may add any donation to your entry fee to support those in need. It is the intention that funds generated will be directed by USMS leadership to those USMS members severely affected by the storm, or to the clubs or organizations that support their swimming efforts.

Also, clubs, LMSCs and any other interested parties may wish to consider donating outside of the One Hour event. You are welcome to submit your donation, payable to USMS, to:

USMS Katrina Fund
USMS National Office
PO Box 185
Londonderry, NH 03053-0185

Please note on the check that funds shall be directed to the USMS Katrina Fund.

You must be a 2006 USMS member in order to enter this event. Please spread the word to your members and THANK YOU for opening up and contributing to our fellow swimmers in need.

Clay Britt Swimming Clinics
Come join us for a new season of swim clinics and get an early start to your swimming year. Included with the clinic is our own stroke drill DVD, a list of drills and swim techniques and your own underwater video with voiceover critique on a DVD. The clinics are held at the Lab School in Washington DC from 4:30 to 7:30 pm on the following dates: January 21, March 11, April 29, June 17 and July 22.

The clinics include a 1/2 hour discussion on swimming and technique, two hours of in the water instruction and a review of your underwater video that we film during the clinic. Join us for a clinic or two and learn how to make your swimming easier and faster. All strokes and Swimming levels included.

For more informationpricing and availability visit: www.claybrittswimming.com, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or call 301-996-7946.

Germantown Masters Winter/Spring Workouts
The GERM winter/spring coached workout session runs from January 2, 2005 through May 13, 2005, with a week off in April. The workouts are open to all USMS-registered swimmers. The rates for the entire session range from $140 to $315, depending upon how many times per week you swim. Workouts are held ten times per week on the following days and times:

  • Sundays 9-10 a.m
  • Mondays 5-6:30 a.m. and 1-2 p.m.
  • Tuesdays 5-6:30 a.m. and 8-9 p.m.
  • Wednesdays 1-2 p.m.
  • Thursdays 5-6:30 a.m. and 8-9 p.m.
  • Fridays 1-2 p.m.
  • Saturdays 9-10 a.m.
To download a registration form, or get further information, visit Web: www.germantownmasters.org Telephone: (240) 464-3982 E-mail: Registrar@pvmasters.org

New Breaststroke Rule
www.usms.org/admin/minutes/rules-2005-9-22-5.pdf Effective Wednesday September 21, 2005

BREASTSTROKE - replaces the existing 101.2 in its entirety

.1 Start - The forward tart shall be used.

.2 Stroke - From the beginning of the first arm stroke after the start and after each turn, the body shall be kept on the breast. It is not permitted to roll onto the back at any time. Throughout the race the stroke cycle must be one arm stroke and one leg kick in that order. All movements of the arms shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement. The hands shall be pushed forward together from the breast on, under, or over the water. The elbows shall be under water except for the final stroke before the turn, during the turn and for the final stroke at the finish. The hands shall be brought back on or under the surface of the water. The hands shall not be brought back beyond the hip line, except during the first stroke after the start and each turn. During each complete cycle, some part of the swimmer's head shall break the surface of the water. After the start and after each turn, the swimmer may take one arm stroke completely back to the legs. The head must break the surface of the water before the hands turn inward at the widest part of the second stroke.

.3 Kick - After the start and after each turn, a single downward butterfly kick followed by a breaststroke kick is permitted while wholly submerged. Following which, all movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement. The feet must be turned outwards during the propulsive part of the kick. A scissors, flutter or downward butterfly kick is not permitted except as provided herein. Breaking the surface of the water with the feet is allowed unless followed by a downward butterfly kick.

.4 Turns and Finish - At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands simultaneously at, above, or below the water level. The head may be submerged after the last arm pull prior to the touch, provide it breaks the surface of the water at some point during the last compete or incomplete cycle preceding the touch.

101.1.2 Backstroke Start

.B All courses - The swimmers shall line up in the water facing the starting end, with both hands placed on the gutter or on the starting grips. Standing in or on the gutter, placing the toes above the lip of the gutter, before or after the start is prohibited.

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin, PV Registrar

  • Your Jan/Feb issue of SWIMMER magazine will be your last issue unless you renew your registration by January 31st. If you registered with a PV club this year your club representative has your 2006 renewal form. If you are registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you directly to the address on file.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed."
  • Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $330 to the USMS endowment fund and $329 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $659 (up from last year's total of $389).
  • Approximate breakdown of our membership by state:
    1. Virginia: 49%
    2. Maryland: 32%
    3. District of Columbia: 16%
    4. Other: 3%
  • We registered 1918 swimmers in 2005 (up from 1875 last year). Sex breakdown: 54% male, 46% female. We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the fourth largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind Colorado and two of the California LMSCs). See below for our registration history since 1997:

Fall Issue of Streamlines
The Fall issue of Streamlines... from the USMS National Office has been posted on the website (in PDF format) at
(www.usms.org/admin/nycu2005fall.pdf ).

If you are unable to read PDF or prefer a Word file (so you can cut and paste into your newsletter or website) then let me know and I will e-mail one out to you.

If you are not able to read PDF or Word and would prefer a hard copy, please let me know and I will send one to you via snail mail.

See ya,"Tracy Grilli" tracyswims@mindspring.com

Next PV Board Meeting
Next meeting - scheduled for 1:00pm on April 1, 2006 (prior to Albatross Open meet) at the Montgomery Aquatic Center. For more info: www.pvmasters.org

PV LMSC Board Meeting Minutes - Nov 13, 2005
Unofficial Minutes Submitted by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Meeting convened at 10:30am.

Attendees introduced themselves and identified their representations.

MSA to approve minutes from June 19, 2005 meeting.

Chair - no report

Registrar - Club representatives have been e-mailed renewal forms. The Reston Masters use of one event registration for their Jim McDonnell lake swims was successful with 156 registrants. PV may want to consider raising one event registration fee in future to correspond with the increase in yearly registration. One new PV registered club - Worldgate. PVLMSC had more swimmers registered than ever for 2005.

Top Ten - Reminder that all USMS and FINA records, including relays, need birth certificates of swimmers on file. A relay team will not receive a record unless all 4 swimmers are on file.

Sanctions - Evaluators were assigned for the remaining 2005 meets and early 2006. 2005 evaluations were reviewed. This was Margot Pettijohn's last report as sanctions chair.

Treasurer - Reviewed the year's balance sheet

Secretary - no report

Newsletter - no report

Awards - Working on plan to propose at next PV meeting for long distance awards.

Officials - no report

Brief notes regarding items from the 2005 USMS Convention were presented and can be found in the newsletter and on the web site.

Elections for officers were held. The slate of Debbie Morrin-Nordlund (Chair), Tim Timmons (Treasurer) and Brad Austin (Secretary) was elected. Note: Brad Austin has declined the position, so we are in need of a secretary.

New Business:

  • Announced two new positions within Potomac Valley
    Ann Svenson, Fitness Chair
    Myriam Pero, Safety Education Chair
  • We are in need of a coaches chair.
  • Ray Novitske has been appointed Vice Chair of the USMS Communications Committee and Jeff Roddin has been appointed Vice Chair of the USMS Championship Committee.
  • Ann Svenson is working on creating a virtual swim (USMS Fitness committee project) in a local body of water - Potomac River from DC to Mt Vernon suggested.
Next meeting - scheduled for 1:00pm on April 1, 2006 (prior to Albatross Open meet) at the Montgomery Aquatic Center.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20am.

New Long Distance Swimming Website
by Karen Reeder

We have the long distance swimming web site up although we are still working out the kinks. http://usopenwaterswimming.org Check it out!

Dee Dee of St. Mary's Skipjack
The Dee of St. Mary's, an environmental and educational Skipjack, is available for hire for wedding receptions, dinner sails, and other events. To learn more about the skipjack and shore side program contact Georgia Wheeler at jbwassoc@erols.com or see www.thebaylab.org

Note from the Registrar - Save Some Trees!
By Jeff Roddin

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (240-464-3982, jroddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Or, if you prefer to view it online and save PV the postage just let Jeff know. You may also opt out of the USMS Swimmer magazine. There are no discounts for opting out of these mailings. Thanks, Jeff

Save the Bay Tip - Recycle Your Oil
It is estimated that close to 50 percent of all car owners change their own oil. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of this oil is discarded in landfills, dumped into sewers, or otherwise disposed of improperly. Such disposal not only wastes a dwindling energy resource, but it pollutes the environment, including the Chesapeake Bay.
Why recycle oil?
Recycling used oil conserves future oil supplies and reduces our dependence on imported oil. Approximately 42 gallons of crude oil are needed to refine 2 quarts of lubricating oil. Yet it takes only one gallon of recycled oil-and about half as much energy--to produce the same 2 quarts. Furthermore, improperly disposed used oil is a hazardous waste. Oil poured into the ground or into a storm drain will eventually find its way to the nearest stream or river, ultimately contaminating groundwater and the Chesapeake Bay.

It does not take a large quantity of oil to cause serious damage. One quart of oil can contaminate up to two million gallons of drinking water. And the four quarts of oil it takes to fill your car's engine can form an oil slick nearly eight acres in size. Fish can be smothered by oil coating their gills or can be killed indirectly by reduced resistance to infection. Bottom-dwelling organisms such as oysters and clams can be smothered directly by settling of oil suspensions or indirectly by the reduced oxygen levels caused by coating of the water surface. Oil can stunt or kill marsh vegetation or submerged grasses. In addition to initial effects, once the oil begins to dissolve, toxics can be released, exposing marine organisms to potentially carcinogenic matter.

Collection centers have been established at local service stations. For a location near you, call or write the information centers in your area listed below.

District of Columbia
Franklin D. Reeves Center
2000 14th St. NW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20001

MD Environmental Service
2011 Commerce Park Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401

VA Department of Environmental Quality
Office of Technical Assistance
PO Box 10009
Richmond, VA 23220


Deborah Brudvig Swim Art
Swim Muse

Secretary Wanted
Potomac Valley Secretary wanted. Pay and benefits are excellent (sort of...). Must have good legs and ability to type and take shorthand. Or if not, ability to read and write is sufficient. Contact Deb Morrin-Nordlund debm@umd.edu if interested.

Oceanus Digital Swim Analysis
"See Yourself Swim....See Yourself Swim Better."

  • Above and Below Water Digital Videotaping
  • Voiceover Commentary
  • Light Pen Telestration
  • Measurement and Analysis of All Critical Stroke Techniques and Metrics
  • Office and Client Site Consultations
  • Highly Credentialed Consultants
Our services can help you achieve your Masters' Swimming goals and far beyond. Find out more by calling or visiting our website.

Phone: (703) 823-SWIM Website: www.oceanus-consulting.com US Mail: 218 Ellsworth Street, Alexandria, VA. 22314

Terrapin Masters-Pay by Punch Card
Practices are held in a world-class facility at UM Campus Rec. Pay by the practice (punch-card). Winter schedule for Terrapin Masters:

  • Mon, Wed, Thu 6:30PM - 8:00PM
  • Tue, Thu 6:15AM - 7:45AM
  • Sat 8:15AM - 9:45AM

College Park Bike Shop Discount
bike shop

  • Web photo gallery - new & used bikes.
  • Park Tool School - Feb 8 - Mar 1, 2006
  • Bike refurbishing and repainting
  • Over 400 saddles plus folding bikes

Swim Technique Lessons
The Stroke Editor: available for private, semi-private, or group lessons; 16 years experience teaching & coaching for Total Immersion; former Masters coach, national and world record-holder in the 1500m; multi-time USMS Long Distance All-American. Contact Ann Svenson, 703/573-9636, email: stroke-editor@earthlink.net.

Superior Auto Care
Welcomes Masters Swimmers

auto care
North Gambrills, MD (near Bowie)
(410) 923-7755

Trinity Masters Swim Coach Wanted
Trinity Masters Aquatics (located on the campus of Trinity University in N.E. Washington, D.C.) is looking to hire a part-time coach for the Trinity Masters Swim Team. It is a co-coaching position. Duties would be to conduct morning workouts from
      • 6:15 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. two to three days a week,
handle all administrative duties of the Masters Swim team, and attend swim meets and competitions. Great opportunity for coaching experience! Individuals with a coaching background and desire for teaching and the sport of swimming will be considered. For more information please contact Jamie Burket, Director of Operations, at burketj@trinitydc.edu or 202.884.9093.

Ancient Mariners Coach Wanted
I am looking for a coach to run Masters practices at our new Germantown pool starting in January. The hours are:

  • Tues and Thursday night 8:30-10pm and
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday 6:30-7:30am.
Email me for details. Thanks.

Clay Britt clay@claybrittswimming.com

Team in Training Coaches Wanted
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is looking for individuals to train triathletes from the Washington, DC metropolitan area for our Team In Training Triathlon Program. We are looking for experienced athletes who have vast knowledge of triathlon, including techniques and equipment, and can work with athletes of all skill levels.

We currently have openings for swim coaches as well as bike/run coaches. All coaches are responsible for designing a 16- to 20-week, day-by-day training program that will prepare individuals for their race day events, hosting group training sessions, weekly communications with team members via emails that include training tips and program updates, and supporting teams on race day. Swim coaches are required to coach a weekday morning swim practice once per week and the bike/run coaches host group training on Saturday mornings. Positions are paid with an opportunity for travel. If you are interested in either of these coaching opportunities, please contact Julie Oplinger at
oplingerj@dc-cap.leukemia-lymphoma.org or 703-960-1100.

patuxent adventures Patuxent Adventure Center
Solomons, MD

SALE: Columbia Sportswear
SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT: bikes, kayaks, wetsuits, triathlon.
GUIDED TOURS: Solomons Area
INSTRUCTION: Free Rolling Sessions - with purchase of kayak

wheel nuts Wheel Nuts Bike Shop -
Alexandria, VA

302 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax 703-548-5117
Owners: Ron & Trina Taylor

Mark Murray - Coaching & Swim Instruction
Former Varsity coach and record-holding miler, Mark Murray, is available for individual and team coaching and instruction. For more information, contact Mark at: swmmurray@yahoo.com

Petra Adamkova - Coaching & Swim Instruction
Individual swimming and dryland lessons available. Please contact: Petra Martin at 301-910-1826 or petraadamkova@yahoo.com Petra will work with your individual needs! All levels of athletes, children or just people that are trying to stay healthy and in a good shape are welcome. Swim lessons can be focused on teach how to swim, technique improvements or more advanced training and conditioning. Dryland lessons can cover anyone who wants to stay healthy, get stronger and in better shape, improve flexibility, compliment the swimming part of your workouts, loose weight, or anything else you need.


 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
Andrew Johnson - www.nycswim.org
Barbara Dicks - Deb Morrin-Nordlund
Kate Fisken - Kate Fisken
William Sax - William Sax
Cheryl Wagner - MarathonFoto
Peter Attia - Pat Feeney
Colonies Zone photos - Deb Morrin-Nordlund
JCCNV photo - Ray Novitske
Dee of St. Mary's - thebaylab.org

 Events Calendar

2005 Pool Calendar

Dec 31, 2005
Terrapin Masters Swim in the New Year - UM Campus Rec Facility, College Park, MD, 10AM-4PM. Info: Jim Nealis ENealis@aol.com (301)345-5512 or Cheryl Wagner Cherylw@crosslink.net 202-387-2361 Web: www.terrapinmasters.org

Jan 1-31, 2006
USMS One Hour Postal Championships PST-LD; Tom Spence, 440-247-7145, talltom13@msn.com ; Laura Kessler, 440-526-9590, swimlaura@ameritech.net www.usms.org

Jan 15, 2006
Boyertown YMCA New Year Masters Swim Meet - Boyertown, PA SCY; Shannon Duff, 610-369-9622; www.dvmasters.org ; Recognized by DV LMSC

Jan 15, 2006
Swim Clinic Part I - GMU University - Manassas, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/swimclinics.htm

Jan 21, 2006
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series - Arundel Olympic Swim Center, Annapolis, MD SCY; Michael Jacobson, 410-493-5233, mikej@comcast.net ; Low key fun meets. Free for Maryland LMSC members. $5 per meet for other LMSC members. 3 individual events and 1 relay per swimmer; http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0506.pdf

Jan 21, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

Jan 29, 2006
Phoenixville Area YMCA Winter Freeze Masters Meet - Phoenixville, PA SCM; Neal Conrad, 610-495-2808, nconrad01@comcast.net ; www.dvmasters.org ; Recognized by DV LMSC

Feb 4, 2006
Stroke Technique Seminar - UM Campus Rec, College Park, MD - featuring UM varsity coach Dave Durden. www.terrapinmasters.org

Feb 5, 2006
Tropical Splash - Alexandria, VA SCY; CANCELLED! www.alexandriamasters.com

Feb 11,2006
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series - Woods Community Aquatic Center, Severna Park, MD SCY; Michael Jacobson, 410-493-5233, mikej@comcast.net ; Free for Maryland LMSC members. $5 per meet for other LMSC members. 3 individual events and 1 relay per swimmer; http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0506.pdf

Feb 12, 2006
Swim Clinic Part II - GMU University - Manassas, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/swimclinics.htm

Mar 4-5, 2006
Maryland Masters Winter Meet - University of Maryland, Baltimore County SCY; Karen Tucker, 410-203-2890, ktloves2swim@msn.com ; Carol Riley, criley6@jhmi.edu; Entry Deadline 2/17/2006

Mar 5,2006
Lyman Schermerhorn Memorial Masters Pentathlon - Pennsbury High School, Fairless Hills, PA SCY; Joe Lawton, 215-493-8486, lawtonjc@verizon.net ; www.dvmasters.org ; Recognized by DV LMSC

Mar 11, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

Mar 18-19, 2006
Learn from the Best Swim Clinics, Fairland Aquatic Center, Laurel, MD Contact Petra Martin, 301-910-1826 or e-mail: petraadamkova@yahoo.com Web: www.terrapinmasters.org

Apr 1, 2006
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series - Arundel Olympic Swim Center, Annapolis, MD SCY; Michael Jacobson, 410-493-5233, mikej@comcast.net Free for Maryland LMSC members. $5 for other LMSC members. 3 individual events and 1 relay per swimmer; maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0506.pdf. Deck entries only

Apr 1, 2006
Albatross Open - Bethesda, MD SCM; c/o Aquatic Center, 301-681-6090, cgainor@washintontimes.com ; David Harmon, 301-972-1417, david.c.harmon@verizon.net ; www.pvmasters.org

Apr 21-23, 2006
Colonies Zone SCY Championships - George Mason University, Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com ; www.patriotmasters.org/Colonies.April2006.Entry.pdf ; Sanctioned by PV LMSC #106-001; Entry Deadline 4/10/2006 (postmarked)

Apr 29, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

May 11-14, 2006
USMS Short Course Nationals - Coral Springs, FL SCY; Michael Lohberg, 12241 Royal Palm Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33065, 954-345-2121, mlohberg@aol.com www.usms.org

Jun 17, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

Jul 15-22, 2006
IGLA Championships (2006 Gay Games), Chicago USA. www.igla.org

Aug 4-10, 2006
XI FINA world Masters Championships - Palo Alto, CA LCM; Michael Moore, 350 Wayland St., San Francisco, CA 94134, michael@2006FINAmasters.org ; Also sanctioned by FINA and includes a 3.0 KM open water swim at Crown Point, San Francisco Bay. www.2006finamasters.org ;

2005 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar


Jan 1, 2006
The American Liver Foundation "Polar Burr Plunge" - Thompson boat Center, Washington, DC, Catherine Roper, 703-966-7202, catherineroper@aol.com ; Lin-Mark Computer Sports, 856-468-0010, lin-mark@lin-mark.com ; www.alfdc.org

Apr 22, 2006
Tampa Bay 24 Mile Swim - Tampa, FL - www.distancematters.com/marathon/2006

May 21, 2006
Open Water Clinic and Practice Swim - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA CLN-OW; Roberta Dillenburg, 703-845-SWIM, dillbus@att.net ; Clinic run in conjunction with Jim McDonnell Lake Swims on May 28. Clinic is free to lake swim entrants; www.restonmasters.org ; Pre-entry (5/16/2006) & Deck-entry (space available)

May 28, 2006
Jim McDonnell Lake Swims - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Roberta Dillenburg, 703-845-SWIM, dillbus@att.net; Online entry available at www.lin-mark.com . Open water clinic and 1-mile practice swim in Lake Audubon on May 21. 300 swimmer limit for each race; www.restonmasters.org ; Pre-entry (5/16/2006) & Deck-entry (space available)

May 28, 2006
Lady Liberty Swim - 1.5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 3, 2006
Potomac River Swim for the Environment 7.5 miles - Point Lookout State Park, MD OW; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2006i.htm Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net

Jun 3, 2006
Zane's Shoreline Kids Triathlon - Varies by Age Group - Walsh Intermediate School - www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Jun 11, 2006
EagleFest 1.2-Mile River Swim - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 11, 2006
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 mile and 1 mile Bay Challenge - Sandy Point State Park, MD OW; www.lin-mark.com

Jun 17, 2006
USMS 1-3 Mile Open Water Championship (2.5 km) - Hartwell Lake, Clemson, SC OW; Jacque Grossman, 864-646-8836 (d), jelg@innova.net; Sanctioned by SC LMSC www.usms.org

Jun 17, 2006
Park to Park Swim - 1.0 Mile - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 24, 2006
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim - 28.5 Miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 24, 2006
Madison Mile Swim - 1 mile open water - Surf Club, Madison, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Jun 24, 2006
Against the Tide - 1 mile swim - Hopkinton State Park - Hopkinton, MA www.mbcc.org/swim

Jul 15, 2006
USMS 2 Mile Cable Championships - Chris Greene Lake, Charlottesville, VA www.usms.org

Jul 23, 2006
Cove to Cove Swim - 0.5 mile - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 23, 2006
Race for the River Swim - 2.4 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 29, 2006
Governors Island Swim - 2.0 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 29, 2006
USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships - Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH OW; Tom Spence, 440-247-7145, talltom13@msn.com www.usms.org

Aug 5, 2006
Swim Across the Sound - 25 km Open Water Swim - Captain's Cove, Bridgeport, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Aug 12, 2006
Boston Light 8 Mile Swim - Boston, MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 12, 2006
USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championships (10 km) - Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, CO OW; George Thornton, 970-482-1818, louiset36@comcast.net ; Backup date is 8/13/2006; www.usms.org

Aug 19, 2006
Against the Tide - 1 mile swim - Nickerson State Park - Brewster, MA (Cape Cod) www.mbcc.org/swim

Aug 20, 2006
Riverside Park Tune Up Swim - 1.5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Aug 26, 2006
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 5.85 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Sep 9, 2006
Brooklyn Bridge Swim - 1 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Sep 9, 2006
USMS 3-6 Mile Open Water Championships (5 miles) - Lake Michigan, Chicago, ILL OW; Chris Sheean, 312-857-7087, chris@bigshoulders.org www.usms.org

Sep 9, 2006
Swim for Life - 1.4 mile swim - Provincetown, MA www.thecompact.org/swim4life

Sep 16, 2006
Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, CA 1.5-mile swim from Alcatraz Island to Aquatic Park www.envirosports.com/events

Oct 21, 2006
Bonaire EcoSwim 10K, 5K, and metric mile Swims - Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles www.randynutt.com/bainfo06.pdf

2005 Local Multi-sport Calendar


Jan 21, 2006
Her Tri Clinic - GMU University - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com/clinics.htm

Jan 22, 2006
1-day Triathlon Clinic Part I - Lifetime Fitness Ctr - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/triclinics.htm

Feb 26, 2006
1-day Triathlon Clinic Part II - Lifetime Fitness Ctr - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/triclinics.htm

Mar 12, 2006
1-day Triathlon Clinic Part I - Lifetime Fitness Ctr - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/triclinics.htm

Apr 2, 2006
Virginia Beach Duathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 9, 2006
Bethesda Triathlon/Duathlon - Bethesda, MD http://cantriathlon.org

Apr 9, 2006
Angels Race Sprint Triathlon - Lynchburg, VA www.set-upinc.com

Apr 23, 2006
Kinetic Spring Triathlon - Spotsylvania, VA www.set-upinc.com

Apr 23, 2006
Kinetic Half Triathlon - Spotsylvania, VA www.set-upinc.com

Apr 30, 2006
Hometown Realty's "Tri on the Hill" Sprint Triathlon - Hampden Sydney, VA - www.active.com

May 6, 2006
Race #4 in Virginia Triathlon Series - Huddleston, VA www.set-upinc.com

May 7, 2006
Dan Fiduccia Spring Biathlon - McLean, VA - www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Luray International Triathlon - Luray, VA www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Luray Sprint Triathlon - Luray, VA www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com

May 21, 2006
Columbia Triathlon - Columbia, MD www.tricolumbia.org/ct.html

May 28, 2006
LIBERTY TO LIBERTY America's Memorial Triathlon New York to Philadelphia - New York, NY 1.3-Mile Swim, 91-Mile Bike, 10K Run www.envirosports.com/events

Jun 3, 2006
Pocomoke Triathlon - Pocomoke, MD www.active.com

Jul 23, 2006
Aquathlon: Freedom Tower - Swim 0.5 mile / Run 3 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 4, 2006
Breezy Point Triathlon - Norfolk, Va www.breezypointtri.com

Jun 6, 2006
Bonzai Sports Manassas Mini Tri - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com/TIN_triathlons.htm

Jun 11, 2006
Yorktown Sprint Triathlon - Yorktown, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 11, 2006
Tour de Solomons - Solomons Island, MD - www.paxadventure.com

Jun 11, 2006
EagleMan 70.3 Triathlon - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 11, 2006
EagleMan AquaCycle - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 18, 2006
Nanticoke Sprint Triathlon - Nanticoke, MD www.active.com

Jun 18, 2006
Charlottesville Sprint Triathlon - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 18, 2006
XTERRA Sport Triathlon - Richmond, VA www.xterraplanet.com

Jun 24, 2006
Bath County Triathlon - Warm Springs, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 25, 2006
Lake Montclair Triathlon - Montclair, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com

Jul 8, 2006
4th Annual Diamond in the Rough Triathlon - Perryville, MD www.piranha-sports.com

Jul 16, 2006
EMS Off-Road Triathlon - Cumberland, MD www.xterraplanet.com

Jul 23, 2006
3Sports Triathlon - Richmond, VA - www.set-upinc.com

Jul 30, 2006
Charlottesville International Triathlon - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 6, 2006
Culpeper Sprint Triathlon - Culpeper, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 6, 2006
Sound Runner Guilford Sea Legs Shuffle - 10 Mile & 5km Runs + Kids fun run - Jacobs Beach, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Aug 20, 2006
Aquathlon: Stars & Stripes - Swim 1.5 km / Run 5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Aug 20, 2006
Charlottesville XTerra - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 27, 2006
Iron Girl Columbia Women's Triathlon - Columbia, MD - www.tricolumbia.org/irongirl.html

Aug 27, 2006
North East Triathlon - North East, MD - www.lin-mark.com

Sept 9, 2006
Zane's Madison Triathlon - S 1/2m / B 13m / R 3m Madison Surf Club, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Sep 10, 2006
Reston Triathlon - Reston, VA www.set-upinc.com

Sep 10, 2006
Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon - Bethany Beach, DE - www.tricolumbia.org/make_a_wish.html

Sep 10, 2006
Delaware Diamondman Triathlon - Bear, DE - www.piranha-sports.com

Sep 23, 2006
Big Lick Triathlon - Huddleston, VA www.set-upinc.com

Sep 24, 2006
Colonial Half-Ironman Triathlon - Jamestown, VA http://lin-mark.com

Sep 30, 2006
Chesapeake Man Ultra Distance Triathlon - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org/chesapeakeman.html

Oct 8, 2006
Tidewater Sprint Triathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.set-upinc.com

Oct 15, 2006
Run for the Cove - 5km Run - 2m Health Walk - Kids Fun Run - Hammonasset Beach, Madison, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar/index.cfm

Oct 15, 2006:
Escape from the Rock Triathlon - Alcatraz - San Francisco, CA - www.envirosports.com

Happy New Year
Happy New Year