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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
December 2006

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 Note from the Chair

The annual meeting for the Potomac Valley LMSC was held at the end of October at which time the Potomac Valley LMSC by-laws were amended and a grievance procedure was put in place. I would like to thank all who helped in the process.

Included in this newsletter are items from the 2006 USMS Convention, held in September in Dearborn, Michigan. Two items that I would like to note are awards presented to Potomac Valley members Lynn Hazlewood (USMS June Krauser Communications Award) and Ray Novitske (Colonies Zone Dot Service Award).

Donıt forget to keep time for your swimming during the busy holiday season ahead and maybe include some swimming resolutions for the new year ahead.

Happy Laps, - Debbie
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews

Rosemary Profile of Rosemary Dew, Author, Masters Swimmer
and Former Secret Agent

by Rosemary Dew

Swimming history
I began competing in swimming in 1956. At the time, strokes and starts were flat and goggles werenıt part of the cool swimmerıs gear. I stopped competing around 1964, just as Doc Councilman and Chet Jastremski were revolutionizing breaststroke.

In the 1990s, I was living in Virginia and heard about some stroke clinics that were held at the University of Maryland. After attending a few sessions, I was motivated. I competed as a member of Reston Masters for a while but quit when I went through a mid-life crisis and decided to commute from McLean to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. I graduated in July 2000 ­ one month before my 50th birthday.

Iıve worked out on and off with the Terrapin Masters since we moved to Maryland and have attended a few private stroke clinics. While I havenıt competed lately, I am a registered member of the Terrapin Masters. Unfortunately, UMD is about 50 miles from my house, so Iım not as faithful as Iıd like to be.

Swimming epiphany
Recently, Petra Martin (former coach of the Terrapin Masters) diagnosed the source of my lifelong butterfly malfunction. For years people have been telling my stroke is short, but I always thought they were talking about the beginning of my stoke rather than the finish. Now Iım working hard to strengthen my pull from the point that my hands pass my chest through the finish so that the momentum will propel my arms out of the water and into the next stroke. Also, my kick was coming entirely from my hips, which was the way I was taught in the 50s. Petra gave me the visual of sitting down and kicking my shoes off, and after a couple of drills, the kick was working. It only took 50 years for me to catch on.

My career history has been a checkered as my swimming career. I spent 13 years as an FBI agent then nine years as a defense contractor before becoming a nurse. I left fulltime nursing after 9/11 and am now a branch chief in the Department of Defense Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, where I supervise online learning. My concession to leaving fulltime nursing has been to take month-long sabbaticals to volunteer as a nurse in underserved areas, such as Calcutta and Phnom Penh.

I started in 2004 at Mother Teresaıs House for Sick and Dying Destitutes in Calcutta. It was a wild and wonderful nursing experience. I encountered diseases and wounds I had only read about at Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health, and I worked with nurses from around the world. The patients were so grateful for everything we could do, but I felt wholly inadequate when I faced the challenge of working without patient histories or charts and labs. As it turns out, Mother Teresaıs is not a hospital at all; itıs a home in the slums where the Missionaries of Charity and their volunteers care for the poorest of Indiaıs poor.

The experience in Calcutta was so good that I decided to volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity in Phnom Penh in April 2006; but when I got there, the sisters said they didnıt need volunteers. Shocked, I turned to go and came face to face with a huge poster of Mother. She was laughing, and the caption read: ³I am not called to be successful. I am called to be faithful.² I took it as a challenge, and the month that followed proved to be some of the best days of my life.

First I met Beth Goldring, a Buddhist nun who leads a group who cared for dying patients in and around Phnom Penh (www.brahmavihara.cambodiaaidsproject.org ). We scooted about on motorcycles ­ sometimes three to a cycle ­ and visited public and private hospitals. There, we performed energy-transfer and pain-management techniques, such as Healing Touch, which I learned as a hospice nurse. The nuns also chanted and performed Reiki. While I knew nothing about Buddhism, I found those nuns to be an inspiration to watch as they used their hands to provide comfort.

Next, I met a woman whose sister in law had been exiled to a remote mountain area by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. The village had not had medical care for decades, so I loaded up my bag with all the medicines and supplies I could carry and traveled past the minefields to treat the women. In the end, I made three trips. The women felt better after my first visit, so they brought their children. To my shock, when I got out of the car for the third clinic, a line of men awaited me.

My third adventure started at a public telephone. As I finished a call, an American man approached me and said, ³I couldnıt help hearing that youıre a nurse. Have you got time for coffee?² It was Marc Gold of the 100 Friends Project (www.100friends.com ).

Through what Beth Goldring laughingly termed ³a classic NGO pickup,² Marc introduced me to the Center for Childrenıs Happiness (www.cchcambodia.org ), an orphanage that rescues children abandoned at the Phnom Penh dump. At any given time, approximately 1,000 children live at the dump. They come out in the morning to find food and clothing in the rubbish the trash trucks deposit, then burrow into the landfill to hide from the heat of the day. The stench was so bad that the moto driver insisted upon buying me a face mask as we approached.

CCH founder Mech Sokha is an exceedingly kind man who was imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge but decided to help the less fortunate upon his release. Once he could support his own family, he picked up child after child. Now he has more than 100. It was my privilege to teach English composition to these enthusiastic children. Their smiles and hugs are a loving memory and I still marvel when I realize it takes about $600 to feed, house, and educate one of these kids for a year.

Advice on swimming in tropical waters
I had no desire to swim in the Ganges or the Mekong. While I am not at all squeamish about maggotty wounds or leprosy, tropical parasites give me the willies. If you must swim in fresh water, wear shoes and donıt sit directly on wet sand. Research what kinds of parasites might penetrate your skin before you dive in and pick up a passenger whoıll be with you for life. My best advice: stick with swimming pools.

Rosemary Dew is the author of two books: In Mother Teresaıs House: A Hospice Nurse in the Slums of Calcutta and No Backup: My Life as a Female FBI Special Agent. Both are available on amazon.com.
especially the 200 free (who drops 23 seconds in the 200 free?!?)

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Ray Novitske, Rowdy Gaines, Myriam Pero, Eric Nordlund, Barbara Protzman
Report on the 2006 USMS Convention
by David Diehl (Vice Chair Officials Committee, Rules Committee), Debbie Morrin-Nordlund (Legislation Committee, Planning Committee, Zone Committee, Colonies Zone Representative), Eric Nordlund (Officials Committee), Ray Novitske (Vice Chair Communication Committee, Editorial Committee, Marketing Committee), Myriam Pero (International Committee), Jeff Roddin (Vice Chair Championship Committee, Registration Committee), Ann Svenson (Vice Chair Long Distance Committee, Fitness Committee)

Championship Committee:
2008 pool championships awarded to:
-Short Course Yards: University of Texas, Austin, TX.
-Long Course Meters: Mt. Hood Community College, Mt. Hood, OR.

Communications Committee:
A USMS communications plan was developed during the year. It evaluates and presents recommendations on current and future forms of National USMS communications, and is expected to guide the committee's work in the future. Recommendations include updates on the Places to Swim and Calendar of Events on the USMS web site, and use of email on a national level to members and specific groups such as coaches and team leaders. It also recommended development of members-only, member-specific content on the web site.

Also discussed was a virtual dual meet program. This provides the opportunity for two swim clubs to compete against each other, each in their own pool at their own time. After each club swims their events in their pool, times would be tallied and compared, and the winner of the meet determined. Times would be handicapped for age groups. The program will be tested this coming year.

Communications Workshop:
Ray assisted in the preparation and presentation of the communications workshop, one of four workshops offered to the convention delegates. Newsletters and web sites were the topics. Items presented included:
  • free web site hosting on the USMS server for any USMS registered club or LMSC
  • tips for use of design, graphics, layout, navigation for web sites
  • tips for things to avoid in web site design
  • ideas for updating web sites with fresh information
  • suggestions for web site content and design
  • suggestions for information to include in a club newsletter
  • use of the internet to deliver newsletters instead of expensive mailing
Fitness Committee:
-2007 Check Off Challenge: Tour de Pool. Federal Way Masters
-2007 30 Minute Swim: PNA

Looking for articles to post on the website. Suggested topics include: Swimming for weight loss; Why I donıt compete ­ first person or general; What is a fitness swimmer or Why Iım a fitness swimmer; Triathletes joining groups: how that helps their performance, what they offer to Masters; First time youıve done something: interviews with swimmers: how clubs promote and encourage. If anyone wants to contribute an article send it to Ann Svenson, , and I will forward it to the Fitness committee.

Legislation Committee:
Additions to the Sanctions Guidelines to include confirmation of pool length certification and on-line entry.

Long Distance Committee
A. Rules Changes:
One-Event Registration not allowed for Postal Events
Wristwatches may be worn in open water events.
In open water races using chip timing, backup timing is also required.
5K and 10K Postal events must be swum separately in a 50m pool. 3000-yard and 6000-yard Postal events must be swum separately in a 25-yard pool.
All American Team (relay) status will be given to first place teams (relays) in each age group in Postal Events.

B. 2008 Long Distance Championships Awarded To:
One Hour Postal: YMCA Indy SwimFit
3000/6000 Y Postal: Swim Louisville
5K/10K Postal: COMA
2 Mile Cable: Virginia Masters
1 Mile Open Water: Connecticut Masters
1-3 Mile Open Water: Wisconsin Masters
3-6 Mile Open Water: COMA
6+ Mile Open Water: Clemson

Marketing Committee:
USMS will be joining two organizations that are a potential source of information and method to promote swimming and USMS. Memberships in NIRSA and AAEA will be started for 2007. Membership to NCPPA for 2007 will be started from funds left over from the 2006 budget.

Ray presented a "Welcoming New Clubs" program that was developed during the later part of the year. It was designed to assist new clubs starting out in USMS. Consisting of materials for promoting clubs, for assisting in club administration, and for mentoring a developing club, the program is intended to be administered from the national level. The USMS Executive Committee has started a club development committee task force and our Marketing Committee recommended the Welcoming New Clubs program for inclusion.

The USMS Planner was discussed. Eliminating it was proposed during the past two years because of its low use. This year, recommendations by a subcommittee will be instituted to determine how to make the planner better, possibly by including workouts logs, or combining it with a mini rule book.

Officials Committee:
Sub-committees were formed to review/revise the agreement with USA-S for the certification of USA-S officials working the two USMS National Championship meets to review the USMS Officials certification policy and procedures (Dave Diehl will chair).

Planning Committee:
Working on the development of a Local Development & Assistance Program with USMS task force.

Registration Committee:
Registration committee looking into introducing online registrations no earlier than February 2007. Dues increase of $5 will begin with 2008 registration year.

Rules Committee:
USA-S (and USMS) interpretation of the timing devices (watches) is that watches may be worn as long as they are not used as a pacing device. Officials will make that judgment call on an individual basis. Official Top Ten and National Records for 25 yard races for all strokes for swimmers 65 and up was rejected.

Colonies Zone:
-2006 Colonies Zone SCM Championships will be in Ewing, New Jersey on December 8-10, 2006.
-007 Colonies Zone SCY Championships will be at GMU on April 13-15, 2007.

  • The June Krauser USMS Communications Award was presented to Lynn Hazlewood, Potomac Valley LMSC.
  • The LMSC Newsletter of the Year award was presented to the West Hollywood Masters club.
  • At the Aquatics Awards Banquet, Sally Dillon (Pacific Northwest) was presented with the Ransom Arthur Award.
  • Colonies Zone Dot Service award presented to Ray Novitske (Potomac Valley LMSC) and Charlie Cockrell (Virginia LMSC)
Other items of note:
The US Olympic Training Center camp was dropped in 2006 because it was not in alignment with USA-S. But it will be brought back in 2008, possibly in 2007 if logistics can be worked out sooner. This is due to Rowdy Gainesı involvement and his bringing masters under the umbrella of USA-S alumni.

It was clarified an official need not notify the swimmer of a DQ. They should make a strong effort to notify the swimmer(s) but it is not mandatory.

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund was appointed as the Election Chair for next yearıs national election of officers.

Full minutes from the convention can be found on the web at: http://www.usms.org/admin/minutes

Dr. Jay - Advice on Cramping
by Dr. Jay Kerner

Ahhhh, swimming. The liberating feeling of weightlessness, the exhilarating cool water, the streamlined motion through an alien element. What could be more enjoyable?

But wait, swimming was not always viewed so positively. In the 16th century, a vice-chancellor at Cambridge forbade it. Penalties for disobedience by undergraduates included public flogging, a 10-shilling fine and being placed in the stocks.

In time, however, folks came around. Swimming was believed to restore color to the wan cheeks of consumptive young ladies. It was recommended for glandular and venereal diseases, rheumatism, to sooth painful corns and bunions and even to treat some forms of insanity. It was supposed to straighten the legs of rickety children and reform the unwholesome thoughts of young people.

Any of the aforementioned problems yours? Painful corns? Unwholesome thoughts? Ah well, let's see. Cramping. At one time the horror of it was so great that a short walk following lunch was a feared thing. And swimming, well, we had to wait hours after lunch before immersion to prevent catastrophic consequences.

However, muscle cramps: spasmodic, painful, involuntary contractions, are a different animal. As you note, low potassium (which may be caused by diuretics) and abnormal electrolytes is a suspect in causing cramping. Though you feel you consume enough potassium, there are the appropriate blood tests. Doppler studies to rule out peripheral vascular disease and an appropriate neurological workup may also be considered. It is believed that there is an element in coffee beans (not caffeine) that may cause cramping. If you consume coffee on a daily basis, try going without for a while.

Biomechanically, the feeling of your toes crossing over is caused by cramping of either the intrinsic foot muscles or the posterior leg muscles. Try to alleviate tightness with gentle gastoc-soleus stretching exercises. I like the wall-leaning ones as opposed to the stepping off the curb ones because there's a better element of control. And no bouncing. Stretch at night and in the morning. Stretching may work for you soon after training; some find it easier to wait several hours.

Fatigue may lead to abnormalities in the mechanisms that control muscle contraction. Changes occur in muscles that contract in a shortened position for extensive periods of time. During prolonged exercise, it is believed that the inverse stretch reflex that inhibits excessive muscle contraction becomes inactive due to reduced sensory input. Also, stimulatory impulses from the spinal cord to the muscles increase, which may increase the possibility of cramping (the Schwellnus theory of muscle cramping).

Concentrate on relaxing the lower leg during swimming. During swimming, focus on complete relaxation from the hip down. Don't overuse those calves! We get enough leg work/tightening during biking and running. Just let your legs trail or kick as a slow stabilizer to your hip rotation. Hold up on any kickboard work.

Sneakers or shoes a tiny bit tight in the forefoot? This can result in cramping of the toes hours after removing them. If the heel is too soft and squishy, a quality of many running shoes and some comfortable dress shoes, this can overwork the leg and intrinsic muscles. If you have a flexible foot type, these shoes are not for you. A more rigid, or stabilizing shoe may work for you. A prescription orthotic device can be a big help for this foot type. Infrared therapy or light massage may also help.

This type of cramping usually diminishes over time. Focusing on relaxation, stretching, appropriate footgear and consider a biomechanical exam.
Good luck, Dr Jay


Long Distance & Open Water Swimmers
by Michael Lee

Some swimmers feel the competitive drive to swim in pools, while others yearn for the open seas to play with tides, jellies, and currents. Even those that don't necessarily take to the pool and find that they enjoy the longer swims that can at times last for hours, swim for different reasons: some participate for the glory while others simply swim for the pleasure and sense of being in tune with nature.

Fortunately, Potomac Valley has all of the these swimmers swimming in and around the region. Ancient Mariner Dottie Buchhagen enjoys the endurance challenge that long distance swims can provide "without the stress of pool meets." Allyson Adams simply loves the feel of the open water.

Others, such as Fairfax County Masters Shannon Prendergast and Julie Oplinger, not only feel the drive to compete in triathlons, but consistently place in the top of their divisions in the competitive swims. The Fairfax County swimmers are not alone, for DC Masters continue to provide a base for a number of long distance and open water swimmers focused primarily on the Virginia Open Water Swim Series. DCM also has several of the Nation's leading swimmers for Postal Swims, including Andi Haines and Bill Braswell.

The DCM crew is not alone in enjoying the challenges of the Virgina swims. Monica Heinrich of CUBU is right there with them swimming with others in these fine regional swims. The DCAC Swim for Life, the Potomac River Swim, and the Chesapeake Bay swim are also some of the unique swims we can appreciate in our region. As you can see, some of our members even find their way to different coasts and continents in the search of the perfect swim.

Award Winners:
Dorothy Buchhagen ANCM (DB)
Monica Heinrich CUBU (MH)
Ann Svenson DCM (AS)
Betty Perfall DCM (BP)
Andi Haines DCM (AH)
Bill Braswell DCM (BB)
Karen Hannam DCM (KH)
Bruce Fisher DCM (BF)
Mary Ella Payne DCM (MP)
John Erb DCM (JE)
Shannon Prendergast FCM (SP)
Julie Oplinger FCM (JO)
Allyson Adams TERR (AA)
Diana Corbin TERR (DC)

Swims & Participants:
Hour Swim (USMS Natl Champ): AS, BP, AH, BB, KH, MP, JE,
Jim McDonald lake swim(s) Reston, VA: MH, AS, BP, AH, BB, KH, BF, MP, JE, SP, JO, AA, DC
Lake Montclair (Dumfries, VA): MH, BP, MP, SP, JO, AA, DC
The Jack King Virginia Beach Ocean Swim: MH, KH
Chris Greene Lake Swim, Charlottesville, VA (national championship): MH, AS (NR), AH, BB, BF
Chesapeake Challenge(Chesapeake Bay): DB, JO, AA
Chesapeake Bay Swim (Chesapeake Bay, MD): AH, BB, KH, SP, DB
Swim For Life (Chester River, MD): AA, DC
Potomac River Swim: JO
Bridge to Bridge Swim in AC NJ (Bay): AA
Swim For The Dolphins in Wildwood NJ (Atlantic Ocean): AA
Ocean City Master Swim in OC, NJ (Atlantic Ocean): AA, DC
Pageant Swim in Atlantic City, NJ: DB
Hurricane Man Rough Water Challenge (St. Pete Beach, FL): DB
Betsy Owens Memorial 1-mi cable Lake Swim, Lake Placid, NY: AS (NR)
Alcatraz Sharkfest (San Francisco Bay): AA, DC
Bon Aire Eco Swim: DC
USMS 5K Postal Natl Champ: AH
USMS 10K Postal Natl Champ: AH, BB
USMS 1-mile Open Water Natl Championship, Cleveland: AH, BB
USMS 5K Open Water Natl Champ, Chicago: AH
FINA 3K Open Water World Championship, CA: AH
USMS 3K Open Water National Champ, Clemson, SC: BB
USMS 3000-yd Postal Natl Champ: AH, BB
USMS 6000-yd Postal Natl Champ: AS (NR), AH, BB
NR=National Record

Dot Donnelly Service Award Winners:
Lynn Hazlewood & Ray Novitske

Lynn Hazlewood holding her
Dot Donnelly award

Not pictured: Ray Novitske, Swimmerıs Ear Webmaster.

Germantown Masters Announce 2006 Award Winners
by Mark Walters

The 2006 Lesley Evans award goes to swimmers who set an example by their hard work and improvement during coached workouts over the past year. One male and one female swimmer have been selected for this award each year since 1999, and their names appear on a plaque that hangs in the lobby of the Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club. The 2006 awards go to Deena Miskiel and Stephen Miskiel.

The Germantown Swim Team is grateful for the guidance, inspiration, and instruction from the entire coaching staff. We like to recognize one of our coaches each year with the Coach of the Year award. The 2006 award goes to Amy Cooley.

 Humor and Quotes

For a Good Time, Call:
x=55, y=20, z=2

Kids Writing about the Sea:
1) This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles. (Kelly age 6)
2) Oysters' balls are called pearls. (James age 6)
3) If you are surrounded by sea you are an Island. If you don't have sea all round you, you are in continent. (Wayne age 7)
4) Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson. She's not my friend no more. (Kylie age 6)
5) A dolphin breaths through an asshole on the top of its head. (Billy age 8)
6) My uncle goes out in his boat with pots, and comes back with crabs. (Millie age 6)
7) When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean. Sometimes, when the wind didn't blow, the sailors would whistle to make the wind come. My brother said they would be better off eating beans. (William age 7)
8) I like mermaids. They are beautiful, and I like their shiny tails. How do mermaids get pregnant? (Helen age 6)
9) I'm not going to write about the sea. My baby brother is always screaming and being sick, my Dad keeps shouting at my Mom, and my big sister has just got pregnant, so I can't think what to write. (Amy age 6)
10) Some fish are dangerous. Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have to plug themselves into chargers. (Christopher age 7)
11) When you go swimming in the sea, it is very cold, and it makes my willy small. (Kevin age 6)
12) Divers have to be safe when they go under the water. Two divers can't go down alone, so they have to go down on each other. (Becky age 8)
13) On holiday my Mom went water skiing. She fell off when she was going very fast. She says she won't do it again because water shot up her fanny. (Julie age 7)

 Meet News

Jim McDonnell Lake Swim Proceeds ­ Donated to Lymphoma Foundation
by Gordon Gerson

The Reston Masters Swim Team is proud to announce that as a result of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim, held in Lake Audubon on May 28th, we have contributed $7,000 to the Lymphoma Foundation in memory of Jim.

Jim McDonnell was one of the founders of the Reston Masters Swim Team. He died of Lymphoma several years ago. We changed the name of the annual Reston Two-mile Lake Swim In his honor. Over the years this event has grown from just over 100 entrants to our limiting number of 600 entrants. We have also added a one-mile swim. Next year we will have a third event. U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) has designated next year's one-mile swim as a national championship.

All proceeds from the events are donated to the Lymphoma Foundation. We thank our many sponsors, volunteers, participants and spectators.

Gordon Gerson
President, RMST

Peter Peter Attia does 42 mile Santa Barbara Island Relay Swim in August
by Peter Attia

I had a wonderful summer, which ended on a very high note with me getting to swim as part of a 6 man relay in the first ever successful swim from Santa Barbara Island to Point Vicente in LA (42 miles). Took us 18:44. Incredible swim, and I was so lucky to be asked. The swim had been attempted, but never completed before. We each swam about 7 miles in some pretty rough conditions (4-6 foot swells throughout, except from about 4 am to finish, which was around 9 am).

Great fun. Most everyone was sick on the boat because of the water conditions, but it was still beautiful. (Peter is second from left in the back row.)

Chesapeake Bay Swim, June 11, 2006
The photo (below) was featured in the May 2006 newsletter with an incomplete description. Here is additional information.
bay swim
These four swimmers have started every Bay Swim together since 1991.
This year, Dave Brown turned down a trip to Spain to make the GCBS.

From left to right:
  • 4 completions; Robert J. Astheimer (52, Alexandria, VA), started 1990, completed all but 3
  • 20 completions; Rodney D. Peltzer (49, La Plata, MD), started 1987, completed all
  • 16 completions; David W. Brown (44, Hampton, VA), started 1991, completed all
  • 15 completions; James S. Horwitz (52, Fairfax, VA), started 1990, completed all but 2

Sprint Classic Oct 29, 2006
Amanda, Sherye
Amanda Cooper & Sherye Hathaway
John, Allison
John Stacey & Allison Czapracki
Warm down
The warm down

Turtle & the Blue Moon Meet Dec 2-3, 2006
Carlie, Carolyn
Charlie Demma & Carolyn Voorhees
Kelly, Richard, Frank
Kelly Riedinger, Richard Evans, Frank Robinson (front
Germantown Masters
Germantown Masters
Gil, Suzanne, Wendy
Gil Mandel, Suzanne Gedney, Wendy Quitasol

UM Masters 1000/1650 Meet Dec 10, 2006
Jim, Pat, Roger
Jm Nealis, Pat Diehl, Roger Nakazawa
Guy, Jeff
Guy Whidden, Jeff Strahota
, DaveEmily
Emily Smoak, Dave Diehl
Jan, Patty
Jan Vogel, Patty Descenza

Sarah, Dave
Sarah Thilo, David Askin


Fairland Aquatic Center Masters Swimming

Jim Wenhold (former ACC Coach of the year) is starting (and coaching) a Masters swim program at:
Fairland Aquatic Center
13820 Old Gunpowder Road
Laurel, MD 20707.

Workouts are currently free (no charge).

Schedule is (will be expanded to mornings & Saturday soon):
Tue & Thu 7:15-8:30PM

Contact Jim Wenhold for more info:
Email: James.Wenhold@comcast.net
Phone: 301-452-3246

Fort Belvoir Masters Swimming
Ft. Belvoir Masters Swimming
Practice Schedule
Tuesday and Thursday 5-6am
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30pm
Saturday 7-9am

All practices are coached by professional coaches. The workouts are technique-based and are choreographed by Head Coach Mark Murray's renowned "SYSTEM" of swimming. Please contact FBST Masters at 703-627-4796 or mmurray@fbswim.org for details. You do not have to be military to swim for FBST Masters; anyone can join.

Germantown Masters Winter/Spring Workout Schedule
by Mark Walters

Germantown's winter/spring workouts run from January 2 through mid-may, with a week off in April. Check the website -- www.germantownmasters.org -- for the rates, which have not been set yet. These workouts are open to any PV swimmer registered with USMS for 2007. The days and times are:

Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00-10:00 a.m. - Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:00-6:30 a.m. - Q.O.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 6:30-7:30 a.m. - Germantown Indoor Swim Center
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 1:00-2:00 p.m. - Q.O.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:00-9:00 p.m. - Q.O.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:30-10:00 p.m. - G.I.S.C.

Tropical Splash Meet 2007
by Mike Davey

After an unfortunate one-year hiatus because of pool renovations, the Tropical Splash SCY Masters Swimming Meet returns on Sunday February 4, 2007, bringing some fun, cheer and simulated tropics to our areaıs dreariest season. Once again a special welcome to first-time Masters competitors including a tropical souvenir of their first Masters meet. The tropical treats will be plentiful, the hot tub will be bubbling, the flowered shirts will be gaudy, and the island music will make the plastic fish, palm trees, and birds come alive. And, of course, donıt forget the 3-person coconut relay. Come and join us; weıll make you forget itıs winter. Visit www.alexandriamasters.com for entry, more info and weather-related updates. Aloha!

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim & 1 Mile Challenge

Swim Date: Sun. June 10, 2007

4.4 Mile Swim - Lottery Entry Form posted on-line at 9:00 a.m.
January 2, 2007 to January 24, 2007.


Entry into the 1 Mile Bay Challenge will open on-line on February 26, 2007.

2007 Open Water Olympic Trials Information
by Karen Reeder

We have posted the latest information on the process to qualify for the first US Open Water Olympic Trials at our site in our December newsletter. Please feel free to pass on this information to anyone you think might have an interest. usopenwaterswimming.org

Also, we are updating our calendar if you are a race director, I can update your information when as soon as you have it.

We also have a new sponsor, Splash International and they sell BEMA buoys for reasonable prices.

Karen Reeder

Virtual Dual Swim Meets
From our past competitive swimming, most of us are familiar with a dual swim meet. It was a competition between two teams where points were awarded to each team based on the order swimmers placed in each event. After all events were swum, the team with the most points won. In an effort to provide more swimming opportunities and encourage participation in friendly competition, USMS is finalizing plans to introduce a new swimming event: the virtual dual meet.

A virtual dual meet for US Masters would work much the same way a dual meet would, except for two differences. First, each competing team would swim in its own pool at its own time. A club could use its regular workout time with all or part of the pool devoted to the virtual meet. Participating swimmers would swim their entered events, and record the times.

Second, each swimmer's times would be handicapped according to their age group. This would be done to level the playing field, allowing 20-year olds to fairly compete against 60-year olds. Once both teams have swum all events, times would be handicapped and submitted, and points awarded based on the place each swimmer finished. The team with the most points would win. Besides pride and bragging rights, teams could compete for other spoils agreed to between them.

At this time, USMS is testing the virtual dual meet setup and system. We are looking for a few clubs who would be interested in a trail run by competing in a virtual meet against another club on the west coast. Remember that you compete in your own pool at your own time with your teammates.

Please contact me to give your team a chance to compete in a meet with another similar team on its own terms, and help us with our test.
Ray Novitske

Welcome: Victor Swim Club Masters
Victor Swim Club Masters
South Run RECenter (Springfield, VA)
Info: Loriann Pawlik 703-866-0099
Victor Abrahamian 703-370-6001

Clay Britt Swimming Clinics
A new season of clinics is scheduled at The Lab School. The three hour clinics include underwater videotaping, a stroke drill DVD and hands on swim instruction. Join Clay and his National Champion Coaches to help you improve your swimming. There will be one each month starting in January 2007.

Please see www.claybrittswimming.com or email clay at clay@claybrittwimming.com

Brute Squad ­ 2006 Postal Event
By Tracy Grilli
Dates - November 1 - December 31, 2006
Event - Swim the 1650 yard Free, the 400 yard IM, and the 200 yard Fly at one workout
Sponsor - Washington State University Masters Swimming (sanctioned by Inland Northwest LMSC)
Location - Fitness/participation division - any pool. Competitive division - your local SCY pool (conversions from meters to yards not accepted)
Results - will be e-mailed to all participating swimmers and posted at the www.wsumastersswimming.org website by the end of January.
Who - any 2006 or 2007 USMS registered swimmer.
See flyer (www.pvmasters.org ) for more details and entry information.
Questions - contact Doug Garcia at douggarcia@usms.org

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

  • Your Jan/Feb issue of SWIMMER magazine will be your last issue unless you renew your registration by January 31st. If you registered with a PV club this year your club representative has your 2007 renewal form. If you are registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you directly to the address on file.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed."
  • Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $273 to the USMS endowment fund and $182 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $455 (down from last yearıs total of $659). The highest single donation was $50 to the USMS foundation.
  • Approximate breakdown of our membership by state: 1. Virginia: 50% 2. Maryland: 30% 3. District of Columbia: 16% 4. Other: 4%
  • We registered 1950 swimmers in 2006. Sex breakdown: 53% male, 47% female. We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the fourth largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind Colorado and two of the California LMSCs). See below for our registration history since 1997:

USMS Coaches Committee
As many of you know, the annual USMS Convention was held last month in Dearborn, MI. The Coaches Committee had an opportunity to meet and review our progress from last year and set goals for the new year. A complete set of our meeting minutes and the minutes of all USMS committees is available on-line at www.usms.org/admin/conv06 .

Don't forget these on-going opportunities available to all registered coaches, members and clubs:

Video Rentals ‹ Thank you to Coach Emmett Hines for keeping our video rental program on the cutting edge with the latest releases and, most recently, making it completely available through Paypal. Just this week Emmett has updated the form (downloadable at www.usms.org/coach/videos.php ) with the all-new-completely-through Paypal options (paper form still acceptable), as well as an updated list of available video titles.

Snooper Rental ‹ Did you know that you may rent a Snooper underwater camera for just $75. You can cover the cost of the rental with a few lessons and/or a clinic. Your swimmers will jump at the opportunity to be filmed and experience the many benefits of watching what you've been trying to tell them for months, maybe years. More about the Snooper loan program at www.usms.org/coach/snooper.php .

Mentor Clinic ‹ Each year the USMS Coaches Committee awards host status to six sites across the country for Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics. These clinics consist of a two-hour coaches clinic open to coaches in the local area and a four-hour swimmer clinic. The Coaches Committee has an approved list of coaches that are available to you. This is a great win-win opportunity for you and your local area. The coaches win with through the experience of the mentor coach and the swimmers win with a swim clinic. As a host, you will receive a grant from USMS of $500.00 to help fund the clinic. For more information see www.usms.org/coach/usmsclinics.phpa> .

Keeping your email address up-to-date By keeping your email address up to date, you will always be included in our future mailings. Should your address change, please let your local LMSC registrar know and it will filter up to the national database, which we use. If you don't know how to contact your local registrar, you can email me at moswimn@cox.net and I'll make sure the changes get sent to the right people.

We're circle swimming!
I encourage you to keep the communication coming our way as well. How can we better service our USMS coaches? What would you like to see in future emails? Do you have any questions regarding our current programs? Thanks in advance for any feedback for us. Our committee's role is about educating and serving you, the coaches who are making a difference every day!

Mo Chambers
USMS Coaches Committee Chair

USMS Maryland License Plates
by Christine Jorgensen

We have finally gotten approval for USMS Organizational license plates in Maryland. Since they are USMS (rather than LMSC), they may be used by Potomac Valley and Maryland members. For more info, see:
www.pvmasters.org or

Next PV Board Meeting
Next meeting - The first 2007 PVLMSC board meeting will be held prior to the Albatross Open on March 24. For more information, see www.pvmasters.org


Dee of St. Maryıs Skipjack ­ The BayLab
We are a non-profit organization providing environmental tours for students and groups on one of Maryland's last skipjacks and from an operational oyster shucking house on St. George Island in the Potomac River. www.thebaylab.org has taught about 4ooo students and parents about the Chesapeake Bay so far this year.

Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted in the St. Mary's River on Saturday the 16th. They are always an amazing sight to behold. Six diamondback turtles hatched over the weekend at the Bay Lab. They are doing well. We will nurture them over the winter and release them next spring at the Fish Hawk celebration. To learn more about the skipjack and shore side program contact Georgia Wheeler atjbwassoc@erols.com or see www.thebaylab.org

International Swim Meet ­ Berlin, Germany

SSC Berlin-Reinickendorf e.V.
March 09th to 11th 2007
Berlin (Germany)
Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europasportpark
Homepage www.ism-germany.com

Win $100 from Chesapeake Bay Foundation
SaveTake a photo of your Save the Bay bumper sticker in a distant, humorous, scenic, or polluted place. Send it to us & be eligible to win a $100 gift certificate to CBF's online store www.cbf.org

Note from the Registrar - Save Some Trees!
By Jeff Roddin

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (240-464-3982, jroddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Or, if you prefer to view it online and save PV the postage just let Jeff know. You may also opt out of the USMS Swimmer magazine. There are no discounts for opting out of these mailings. Thanks, Jeff

TAMıs Postal 1650
By Marie McSweeney

³Donıt waste your base²! We invite you to encourage your swimmers to use their base from the Postal One Hour Swim and participate in the first annual Jon Steiner Memorial Mile, the postal 1650 organized by Tamalpais Aquatic Masters. The Mile can be swum in the comfort of your own pool at any time in January or February of 2007. Swimmers may also use their 1650 split from their Postal One Hour Swim, an especially satisfying reprieve for those swimmers who went out too fast!

Awards will be sent to the top ³3² in each age group and to the winners of the relays. The distinctive T-Shirts are designed by TAM swimmer John Cooper and have been a big hit the past few years. Swimmers can easily register by going to the TAM web site at: www.tammasters.org and clicking on the graphic that says ³Pool Mile², or by going directly to: www.tammasters.org/poolmile.html The swim has been renamed in honor of Jon Steiner, who succumbed to lung cancer on Saturday, September 30th. He took great pride in his swimming, his team, and gave back to our sport in many ways including creating the TAM 1650 Pool Mile - Don't waste your base swim!

Jon was a long time member of the Tamalpais Aquatic Masters located in San Rafael, California, and was active in the Pacific LMSC and USMS. He attended many conventions and was a member of the Legislation and Legal Counselors committees. Jon also acted as Legal Counsel for the 2006 FINA Masters Local Organizing Committee. Jonıs last competitive swim was at the 2006 World Championships where he participated in a relay even though he was on oxygen and hadn't been able to train since the end of May after being diagnosed with lung cancer. His first words after the swim were: What was my split?

This is a great opportunity to re-use the base so diligently developed for the Hour Swim and a great opportunity to remember Jon, his commitment, and his work for the sport he loved. Thanks for your support and happy swimming!
Jon Haveman & Marie McSweeney, Head Coach,
Tamalpais Aquatic Masters

In Memoriam ­ Elinor Cofer,
Environmentalist and Potomac River Swim Enthusiast

By Joe Stewart

A Treemendous Maryland Grove of Trees will be planted at Point Lookout State Park to honor the memory of Elinor Cofer by Potomac River Swim for he Environment & Friends of Elinor.

If you want to read a piece about Elinor which includes one of her wonderful quotes, go to: http://www.bayweekly.com/year99/issue7_42/lead7_42.html

My solo swim across the Potomac on May 23, 1993 became the event which continues today largely because Elinor Cofer agreed to be on the beach to greet me, organize a picnic and help me distribute pledge funds to worthy environmental groups. Elinor always showed up, usually with a smile and homemade decorated cake and helped make everyone feel welcome. One of my fondest memories of Elinor was visiting her home and seeing her collection of rocks in a garden which were all named. I have two of her paintings of life on the water in Southern Maryland and some of the letters she wrote to me during the years keeping me informed on whatever was happening down there. Elinor will be remembered with a special ceremony at next yearıs Potomac River Swim on June 2, 2007.



Faster Swimming - Now in Print!
Order Faster Swimming in print and get the Faster Swimming eBook, in PDF format at no cost. When you order Faster Swimming in print, we'll give you the eBook to use during your practice today!

Shipping to your domestic location will take less than a week!

Place your order here:

Deborah Brudvig Swim Art
Swim Muse

Clay Britt ­ Investment Manager

Oceanus Digital Swim Analysis
"See Yourself Swim....See Yourself Swim Better."

  • Above and Below Water Digital Videotaping
  • Voiceover Commentary
  • Light Pen Telestration
  • Measurement and Analysis of All Critical Stroke Techniques and Metrics
  • DVD Record of Swimmer Performance
  • Office and Client Site Consultations
  • Highly Credentialed Consultants
Our services can help you achieve your Masters' Swimming goals and far beyond. Find out more by calling or visiting our website.

Phone: (703) 823-SWIM Website: www.oceanus-consulting.com US Mail: 218 Ellsworth Street, Alexandria, VA. 22314

College Park Bike Shop Discount
bike shop

  • Mt. Airy ride ­ Jan 1 ­ 12:00PM
  • Just arrived ­ full carbon frames
  • Web photo gallery ­ new & used bikes.

Terrapin Masters ­ New Schedule
Practices are held in a world-class facility at UM Campus Rec. Pay by the practice (punch-card). Winter schedule for Terrapin Masters:

  • Mon, Wed, Thu 6:30PM ­ 8:00PM
  • Tue, Thu 6:15AM ­ 7:45AM
  • Sat 10:30AM ­ 12:00PM

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete - www.amazon.com
Waterproof Coach

Swim DVD & Technique Camp in Hawaii
Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen & Eric Neilsen are featuring a swim clinic in Kona Hawaii, as well as a new DVD by Karlyn on swim technique. Email aquaticedge@hawaii.rr.com ,
Phone 808-331-1766
Web: www.aquaticedge.org

Real Estate Sales
Mark Murray, REALTOR
Prudential Carruthers Realtors
5025 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

patuxent adventures Patuxent Adventure Center
Solomons, MD
  • Classes: 2007 Winter Bike Maintenance Classes start on Jan. 8th
  • Specials: Kayak Specials and Used Kayaks

wheel nuts Wheel Nuts Bike Shop -
Alexandria, VA

302 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax 703-548-5117
Owners: Ron & Trina Taylor

Petra Adamkova -
Coaching & Swim Instruction

Individual swimming and dryland lessons available. Please contact: Petra Martin at 301-910-1826 or petraadamkova@yahoo.com Petra will work with your individual needs! All levels of athletes, children or just people that are trying to stay healthy and in a good shape are welcome. Swim lessons can be focused on teach how to swim, technique improvements or more advanced training and conditioning. Dryland lessons can cover anyone who wants to stay healthy, get stronger and in better shape, improve flexibility, compliment the swimming part of your workouts, loose weight, or anything else you need.

Mark Murray - Coaching & Swim Instruction
Former Varsity coach and record-holding miler, Mark Murray, is available for individual and team coaching and instruction. For more information, contact Mark at: swmmurray@yahoo.com

Team in Training ­ Coach Needed

Join the Team in Training Endurance Program

 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
Rosemary Dew - Rosemary Dew
Jeff & Elisabeth - Elisabeth Deal
Convention - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Lynn Hazlewood - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Astheimer & friends - Bob Astheimer
Santa Barbara swimmers - Peter Attia

 Events Calendar


  2006/2007 Calendar

Dec 31, 2006
Swim in the New Year - Campus Recreation Facility, College Park, MD, www.terrapinmasters.org Info: Jim Nealis, Phone: (301) 345-5512, Email: jenealis@aol.com OR Cheryl Wagner, Phone: (202) 387-2361, Email: cherylw@crosslink.net

Jan 20, 2007
Mary Carol Chidester Swim Series meet - Annapolis Olympic Swim Center - Annapolis, MD, Info: Michael Jacobson MikeJ@comcast.net Web: www.pvmasters.org/entry/ss0607.pdf

Feb 4, 2007
Tropical Splash ­ George Washington Rec Center, Alexandria, VA www.alexandriamasters.com/calendar.htm

Feb 10, 2007
Mary Carol Chidester Swim Series meet - Woods Community Aquatic Center - Severna Park, MD, Info: Michael Jacobson MikeJ@comcast.net Web: www.pvmasters.org/entry/ss0607.pdf

Feb 10-11, 2007
VMST David Gregg III Memorial Meet - Richmond, VA www.vaswim.org

Mar 3-4, 2007
MARY 30th Anniversary Winter Meet ­ UMBC, Catonsville, MD http://maryland.usms.org

Mar 4, 2007
VMST 6th Chinn Aquatics Swim Meet - Woodbridge, VA www.vaswim.org

Mar 9-11, 2007
International Swim Meet, Berlin, Germany - www.ism-germany.com

Mar 10, 2007
Clay Britt Swim Clinic, Washington DC ­ www.claybrittswimming.com

Mar 24, 2007
Albatross Open SCM Meet - Montgomery Aquatics Center; Bethesda, MD; www.pvmasters.org

Mar 24, 2007
Mary Carol Chidester Swim Series meet - Talbot County YMCA - Easton, MD, Info: Michael Jacobson MikeJ@comcast.net Web: www.pvmasters.org/entry/ss0607.pdf

Apr 13-15, 2007
SCY Zone Championships - George Mason University, Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com ; www.patriotmasters.org ;

Apr 21, 2007
Clay Britt Swim Clinic, Washington DC ­ www.claybrittswimming.com

May 12, 2007
Clay Britt Swim Clinic, Washington DC ­ www.claybrittswimming.com

May 17-20, 2007
SCY Nationals Federal Way, WA; www.usms.org

May 23-28, 2007
2007 IGLA Championships, Paris, France; www.igla2007.org

Jun 23, 2007
Clay Britt Swim Clinic, Washington DC ­ www.claybrittswimming.com

Aug 9-12, 2007
LCM Nationals The Woodlands, TX ; www.usms.org

Aug 25-26, 2007
LCM Zone Championships George Mason University Fairfax, VA ; www.pvmasters.org


2007 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Jan 1, 2007
Polar Burr Plunge; Alexandria, VA ­ www.ALFDC.org

Apr 21, 2007
Myrtle Beach 1 mile & 2.5 mile Ocean Swims ­ Myrtle Beach, SC www.myrtlebeachoceanswim.com

Apr 21, 2007
24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim ­ Tamp Bay, FL - http://distancematters.com/marathon/2007

May 27, 2007
Jim McDonnell Lake Swims (2007 USMS 1-mile Open Water Championships) , Lake Audubon, Reston, VA; www.usms.org

May 27, 2007
Lady Liberty Swim - 1.5 km New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Jun 10, 2007
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim Stevensville MD; 4.4 miles & 1 mile; www.lin-mark.com

Jun 10, 2007
Park to Park Swim - 1 mile New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Jun 10, 2007
Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, CA 1.5-mile swim www.envirosports.com/events

Jun 16, 2007
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim- 28.5 Miles New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Jun 23, 2007
Against the Tide - 1 mile swim - Hopkinton State Park - Hopkinton, MA www.mbcc.org/swim

Jul 1, 2007
Governors Island Swim - 2.0 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Jul 15, 2007
Riverside Park Tune Up Swim - 1.5 km New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Aug 12, 2007
Pennock Island 8 mile challenge Ketchikan, Alaska; William Schulz grumpytuna@yahoo.com Web: www.alaskateamada.com

Aug 18, 2007
Boston Light 8 Mile Swim - Boston, MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 18, 2007
Against the Tide ­ 1 mile Swim Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod, MA - www.mbcc.org/swim/generalinformation

Aug 25, 2007
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 5.85 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 8, 2007
Brooklyn Bridge Swim - 1 km New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 8, 2007
Swim for Life - 1.4 mile swim - Provincetown, MA www.thecompact.org/swim4life

Sep 29, 2007
Cove to Cove 0.5 mile Swim - New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Nov 10, 2007
Bonaire EcoSwim 10K, 5K, and metric mile Swims - Netherlands Antilles www.randynutt.com/bainfo07.pdf


2007 Local Multi-sport Calendar

Jan 20, 2007
Her Tri Clinic - GMU University - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com/clinics

Feb 11, 2007
Tri-It Now Clinic - GMU University - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com/clinics

Feb 17, 2007
Women's Only Triathlon Clinic, Columbia, MD www.active.com

Mar 9-11, 2007
Women's Only Triathlon Clinic, Columbia, MD www.active.com

Mar 25, 2007
Tune-up Triathlon ­ Manassas, VA - www.triitnow.com

Apr 1, 2007
Virginia Beach Duathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 1, 2007
Virginia Beach Duathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 15, 2007
Angels Race Sprint Triathlon - Lynchburg, VA www.setupevents.com

Apr 22, 2007
Kinetic Sprint Triathlon - Spotsylvania, VA www.setupevents.com

Apr 21, 2007
Kinetic Half Triathlon - Spotsylvania, VA www.setupevents.com

May 5, 2007
Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon - Smith Mountain Lake, VA www.setupevents.com

May 13, 2007
Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com

May 20, 2007
Reston Sprint Triathlon - Reston, VA www.setupevents.com

May 20, 2007
Columbia Triathlon - Columbia, MD www.tricolumbia.org

May 27, 2007
LIBERTY TO LIBERTY Triathlon - New York to Philadelphia - www.envirosports.com/events

Jun 2, 2007
Pocomoke Triathlon, Pocomoke, MD www.active.com

Jun 3, 2007
Bonzai Sports Mini-Triathlon ­ Manassas, VA ­ www.triitnow.com

Jun 10, 2007
Eagleman Ironman ­ Cambridge MD ­ www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 10, 2007
Yorkown Sprint Triathlon - Yorktown, VA www.setupevents.com

Jun 17, 2007
Little Pepper Triathlon - Culpepper, VA www.setupevents.com

Jun 23, 2007
Bath County Triathlon - Warms Spring, VA www.setupevents.com

Jul 8, 2007
Blackwater Traverse Triathlon ­ Cambridge MD ­ www.tricolumbia.org

Jul 22, 2007
3Sports Triathlon - Richmond, VA www.setupevents.com

Aug 8, 2007
Culpepper Sprint Triathlon - Culpepper, VA www.setupevents.com

Aug 12, 2007
Bonzai Sports Triathlon ­ Manassas, VA ­ www.triitnow.com

Aug 18-19, 2007
Luray Triathlon - Luray, VA - www.setupevents.com

Aug 19, 2007
Iron Girl Triathlon ­ Columbia, VA ­ www.tricolumbia.org

Sep 16. 2007
YMCA Autumn Tri 2 Sprint and Fun Run, Montgomery Village, MD www.active.com

Sep 22, 2007
Big Lick Triathlon - Huddleston, VA - www.setupevents.com

Sep 23, 2007
Make-a-Wish Triathlon ­ Bethany Beach, DE ­ www.tricolumbia.org

Sep 29, 2007
The Nationıs Triathlon ­ Washington DC ­ www.tricolumbia.org

Oct 6, 2007
Giant Acorn Triathlon - Bumpass, VA - www.setupevents.com