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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
February 2002

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1.  Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

Happy New Year

Hi, I'm Eric Nordlund, the new Chair of Potomac Valley Masters Swim Committee. First of all, I would like to thank Debbie Morrin-Nordlund for the excellent job she did as past Chair. Prior to being elected Chair, I did Top-Ten for PV. When I lived in Michigan I was Chair of Michigan Masters, where I also had been the Sanctions Chair and Co-meet director of a couple of Michigan Masters State Championship Meets. In addition to serving as PV Chair, I am a member of the USMS Long-Distance Committee and a NCAA Swimming Official.

I do not know about anyone else, but my caloric intake was much greater than expenditure over the holidays, so now is a great time get in shape and set aquatic goals for the New Year.

Here in the Colonies Zone we have a couple of upcoming events I would like to highlight for those of you interested in competition. On April 19-21, Terrapin Masters is hosting the Colonies Zone Short Course Yard Championship Meet at the University of Maryland, College Park. I may be a little biased since I am a Terrapin Masters swimmer, but I feel that the pool is one of the best anywhere in the world. In the past, the pool has been the site of FINA World Cup meets, ACC Championships, and YMCA National meets. In 2002, both Men's and Women's ACC Championship meets will be held at University of Maryland again. If you do not want to spend lots of money traveling to Hawaii for USMS Short Course Nationals, come to College Park for your big SCY meet in 2002. The Montgomery Ancient Mariners will host the annual Albatross Open Short Course Meters meet in April.

For those of you interested in, or wanting to try, open water swimming, on July 13, the USMS 2-mile Cable National Championship will take place in Charlottesville, VA. There are a number of other lake, river, bay, and ocean swims throughout the season, including the Reston Lake swim in May.

There are also a number of postal and fitness events run by USMS throughout the year. Take a look at the calendar in the newsletter, and in SWIM MAGAZINE for some ideas.

I would like to thank all of the fellow volunteers, past, present, and future who work so hard to make Potomac Valley a great LMSC. Whatever your aquatic goals are for 2002, good luck and have fun!

Eric Nordlund, Chair-Potomac Valley Masters Swimming

2.  Articles and Interviews

C.J. Lockman Hall

The Real Rewards
by CJ Lockman Hall, M.A.

"I hope my most lasting impact is that I was a very approachable person, a giving person...I know that everyone will remember the records, but I wanted to make an impact beyond running fast or jumping high....hopefully what I stood for will stand longer than my athletic accomplishments." -Olympian heptathlete and long jumper Jackie Joyner-Kersee

"I never played the game to make it to the Hall of Fame. I played it because I loved it." -Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Ozzie Smith

"I think more than anything I like the relationships that I've gathered, the friendships I've made and the impact I've had on people's lives. That's much more rewarding than any game you ever played.'' -Basketball player Teresa Edwards on retiring after her fifth Olympic Games.

Perhaps you won't break world records, or get elected to a Hall of Fame, or participate in the Olympic Games. The above quotes show, however, that simple joys are the real rewards in sport.

Over the years in Masters swimming, I've seen friendships formed and marriages made. I've seen the pool serve as a sanctuary from divorce, death, career upheaval, and health problems. I've seen self-conscious women transform into strong, self-reliant women as their bodies and minds took shape. I've seen men humbled by the "easy" sport of swimming as they struggled to get in shape - and ultimately respect and enjoy the sport. I've seen veterans welcome newcomers into the fold and patiently teach them swimming's peculiar etiquette and lingo.

"Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." -John Petit-Senn, French poet

Let's give thanks for the real rewards of swimming, that even during a gawd-awful practice or disappointing competition, the simple joys abound: the scent of a new bathing suit or bathing cap, the feel of the water across your muscles, the sense of accomplishment from an hour-long practice that is sometimes absent during a whole day at work, the nice funny feeling in your stomach at swim meets, the opportunity to watch world-class athletes, and, of course, friendships and good times shared.

I leave you with a statement from the irrepressible Olympic gold medallist B.J. Bedford - who made the Olympic Team on her fourth try - as she announced her retirement from swimming: "Swimming has been so good to me, and maybe pretty hard on me from time to time as well, but that's why I love it. You get what you give, and I gave everything. And in return, I have received the world."

Give swimming what you've got and you'll receive the world. What a treat.

CJ Lockman Hall, M.A., your PV treasurer, swims and coaches with the Montgomery Ancient Mariners. Visit www.mindandsport.com for more musings on sport and life.


What the Heck is Max VO2?
by Cheryl Wagner

Max VO2 - even the name sounds strangely scientific. You may have thought, "What is it and why should I care?" Here's a short explanation of what Max VO2 means and how to find out what yours is.

Oxygen uptake, or the cell's use of oxygen, rises rapidly during the first few minutes of exercise. If you're doing "steady-rate' exercise with minimal lactic acid accumulation, your oxygen uptake reaches a plateau after three or four minutes. If your workout gets progressively harder, your oxygen uptake rises in direct proportion to the severity of the exercise - for a while. At some point, the oxygen uptake plateaus with no further increase, even though the workload is still growing. This point is called the maximal oxygen uptake or Max VO2. Additional exercise above Max VO2 generally produces lactic acid, resulting in a deterioration of the performance (as anyone who's gone out too fast in a 200 butterfly knows).

A number of factors affect Max VO2 including the type of exercise, heredity, conditioning, body composition, gender and age:

Type of Exercise:
There are variations in Max VO2 for various forms of exercise depending on the quantity of muscle mass involved. The restriction of breathing during swimming also affects the amount of oxygen that can be utilized and the Max VO2 for swimmers. Collegiate swimmers achieved Max VO 2's that were 11% below their treadmill values although swimmers at the elite level can often equal or exceed their treadmill Max VO2.

The effects of your genes or - who your parents are, are estimated at 25-40% for Max VO2 and 50% for maximal heart rate. Genetic makeup plays such an important role in training that some say it's impossible to predict how an athlete will respond without taking it into consideration.

Conditioning must be considered when measuring Max VO2. With training, aerobic capacity increases, on average, 6-20%. However, improvements of up to 50% have been observed in some individuals.

Women generally have Max VO2 values ranging from 15-20% lower than men. A number of explanations can be given for the differences. Women, on average, have more body fat, and men, because of their higher testosterone levels, have a 10-14% greater concentration of hemoglobin. Body composition (body fat and lean body mass) has such a large impact on Max VO2 that individual scores are often expressed in terms of body size. Higher hemoglobin in the blood, allows for better oxygen-carrying capacity, giving the athlete an edge in aerobic capacity.

Average figures for aging state that after age 25, Max VO2 declines steadily at a rate of about 1% per year. However, recent research indicates that staying active can help offset this decline to a considerable extent.

Here is a formula for computing your own approximate Max VO2, followed by an example using a 30-year-old female while walking. Have fun!

Max VO2 = 132.853 - (0.0769 x W) - (0.3877 x A) + (6.315 x G) - (3.2649 x T1) - (0.1565 x HR1-4)

W = body weight
A = age
G = gender (0 = female, 1 = male),
T1 = time for the 1 mile track walk expressed in minutes and hundredths of a minute
HR1-4 = the heart rate in beats / min-1 at the end of the last quarter mile.

The translation for our 30-year-old female (whose Max VO2 turns out to be 42.3) is:
   Body weight = 155.5 lb., T1 = 13.56 min, HR1-4 = 145 beats / min-1
   Max VO2 = 132.853 - (0.0769 x 155.5) - (0.3877 x 30) + (6.315 x 0) - (3.2649 x 13.56) - (0.1565 x 145)
   Max VO2 = 42.3 ml / kg-1 / min-1

Source: Essentials of Exercise Physiology by William McArdle, Victor Katch and Frank Katch 1994. (Max VO2 Formula: page 133)

Convention attendees
Left to Right: Craig Dewing, Myriam Pero, and Frank Koval.

2001 USMS Convention Report
by Myriam Pero

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) was founded in 1970 and there are currently more than 40,000 registered swimmers. For your easy reference see the chart to better visualize how the USMS is composed. Our club, the Montgomery Ancient Mariners Club (ANCM) is part of the Potomac Valley (PV), which is one of the 10 Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) and the Potomac Valley is part of one of the eight USMS Zones - the Colonies Zone. As of October 2001, Colonies had 8,309 registered swimmers and PV had 1,868 swimmers and the ANCM had 238. The first USMS short course national Championship meet was held in 1970 with a total of 46 swimmers. And the first USMS long course meet was held in the year 1972. Since then, USMS has held yearly short and long course meets.Org Chart

There have been 31 conventions for Masters Swimming. The first convention was held in 1971. The first 10 were under the AAU and the other 21 were under USMS National Governing body. The AAU was the National Governing body for the first 10 years.

This year the Potomac Valley's delegates were volunteers of volunteers. How is this, well did you know that the USMS with its over 40,000 members is run by mostly volunteers from all over the USA.

It was nice to see how four members of four different clubs (Arlington Ageless Masters, Montgomery Ancient Mariners, Reston Masters and Terrapins Masters) that did not know each other, formed such a great team. Especially since three of them were attending for the first time a Convention. We coordinated among ourselves in order to cover most of all the different committees meetings. For those who have never attended these conventions, you should know that they might be running at the same time 2 or 3 committee meetings. This year the Convention was originally scheduled for September 12 in Dearborn, Michigan, but due to the terrible and sad incident of September 11, it was postponed and a new site was selected. So here we were replacing the original members delegates that were not able to attend on the new dates set for this Convention.

This year one of the big topics was the Executive Committee elections. All very good candidates, so it was a hard decision. The final results were the following:

  • President - Jim Miller, Virginia LMSC
  • Vice President - Scott Rabalais, Southern LMSC
  • Secretary - Sally Dillon, Pacific Northwest LMSC
  • Treasurer - Doug Church, Indiana LMSC

There was also a very tight voting for the selection of the national championship sites for 2003. The results were the following:

  • Short course will be at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona (May 15-18)
  • Long course at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey (August 14-17)

Another item under a lot of discussion was the Article 506 item 506.1 -Membership of the Board of Directors. The proposal was to exclude the chairs of all the Standing Committees (23) and the past presidents from the membership, but they have decided to study this proposal and especially the new Executive Committee would look at this issue closely. Probably they will present new proposals regarding the Membership on the next convention.

Article 102 item 102.1 and Article 201 item 201.1.1 was also discussed. The new ruling will allow the admission of 18 year olds. Many of the masters' teams at the universities were having problems with the freshmen students, since because of insurance purposes they could not allow them to swim during the masters workouts.

I think it is important to mention that during the House of Delegates meetings when the presentations of the committees took place, the PV's current chairpersons were given acknowledgement by the President, Nancy Ridout of their work and efforts during this past year. I refer to the Marketing Committee (Debbie Morrin) and the Officials Committee (David Diehl).

I think one of the positive things about the conventions is whom you meet. I met a delegate that has been attending as a Delegate for Florida since 1959 the AAU Convention and has attended all 31 USMS meetings. This remarkable woman is June Krauser.

-reprinted by permission, from the Ancient Mariner's Newsletter.

3.  Congratulations!

PV Long Course All-Americans
by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

The following Potomac Valley swimmers had the fastest USMS time in their age group for the 2001 Long Course season, qualifying them for USMS All-American status.
* dennotes USMS record, as well.

  • Meredith Stakem (TERR) W 19-25: 50m freestyle
  • Margot Pettijohn (ANCM) W 55-59: 200m breaststroke
  • Beth Schreiner (DCM) W 60-64: 50m and 100m freestyle
  • Joann Leilich (DCM) W 60-64: 50m, 100m and 200m breastsroke; 200m IM
  • Jayne Bruner (DCM) W 65-69: 50m and 100m freestyle; 50m* and 100m* breaststroke; 50 and 100m butterfly
  • Mary Lathram (DCM) W 85-89: 1500m freestyle
  • Wally Dicks (ANCM) M 35-39: 50m breaststroke
  • John Calvert (DCM) M 55-59: 400m freestyle; 200m backstroke; 200m and 400m IM

USMS Newsletter Awards
by Myriam Pero

Here are the ten finalists and the winner of the 2001 TYR USMS Newsletter of the Year Award.

Finalists: (in alphabetical order)

  • The Fast Lane, New Jersey LMSC
  • Indy Swim Fit Newsletter, Greater Indiana LMSC
  • The Lane Line, Delaware Valley LMSC
  • Maverick Lane Lines, Florida LMSC
  • NEM News, New England LMSC
  • Pacific Masters Newsletter, Pacific LMSC
  • The Swimmer's Ear, Potomac LMSC
  • The Watershed, Dynamo Masters, Georgia LMSC
  • The Wave Eater, Michigan LMSC
  • West Hollywood Aquatics, Southern Pacific LMSC

The 2001 TYR/ USMS Newsletter of the Year was generously sponsored by TYR, and was awarded to West Hollywood Aquatics. To view their award-winning newsletter, visit the West Hollywood Aquatics web site at: www.wh2o.org

One interesting note: in 1999, there was only one online newsletter in the group of top ten finalists for USMS Newsletter of the Year. In 2001, 9 out of the 10 finalists were available online.

Congratulations, and Happy Holidays!

Bill Volckening, USMS Editor SWIM Magazine
Information taken from: www.usms.org/discus/

Colonies Zone Short Course Meters Championships
December 2001 (PV winners)

by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

** denotes Colonies Zone Meet Record

W 25-29
50m freestyle 2nd Amy Weiss (ANCM)
100m freestyle 1st Amy Weiss (ANCM)
100m breaststroke 3rd Amy Weiss (ANCM)
200m butterfly 1st Amy Weiss (ANCM)
200m IM 2nd Amy Weiss (ANCM)

W 35-39
50m backstroke 2nd Barbara Clifford-Dicks (GMUP)
100m backstroke 3rd Barbara Clifford-Dicks (GMUP)
200m backstroke 3rd Barbara Clifford-Dicks (GMUP)
100m freestyle 3rd Cheryl Ward (GMUP)
100m backstroke 2nd Cheryl Ward (GMUP)
100m IM 2nd Cheryl Ward (GMUP)
200m freestyle 3rd Jane West (TERR)
400m freestyle 2nd Jane West (TERR)
800m freestyle 2nd Jane West (TERR)
200m butterfly 3rd Jane West (TERR)
200m IM 3rd Jane West (TERR)

W 55-59
400m freestyle 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)
50m breaststroke 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)**
100m breaststroke 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)**
200m breaststroke 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)**
200m butterfly 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)**
200m IM 1st Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)**

M 19-24
50m breaststroke 1st Bernard Lynch (TERR)
100m breaststroke 1st Bernard Lynch (TERR)
200m breaststroke 1st Bernard Lynch (TERR)
50m butterfly 2nd Bernard Lynch (TERR)
100m butterfly 2nd Bernard Lynch (TERR)

M 25-29
200m backstroke 1st James Crowder (TERR)
100m breaststroke 2nd James Crowder (TERR)
100m IM 2nd James Crowder (TERR)
200m IM 3rd James Crowder (TERR)
400m IM 1st James Crowder (TERR)**

M 30-34
200m freestyle 2nd Craig Dewing (TERR)
100m breaststroke 1st Craig Dewing (TERR)
50m butterfly 3rd Ed Switzer (TERR)

M 35-39
400m freestyle 1st Doug Chestnut (GMUP)
800m freestyle 1st Doug Chestnut (GMUP)
200m backstroke 1st Doug Chestnut (GMUP)**
400m IM 1st Doug Chestnut (GMUP)
50m breaststroke 1st Wally Dicks (ANCM)**
100m breaststroke 1st Wally Dicks (ANCM)
200m breaststroke 1st Wally Dicks (ANCM)

M 40-44
50m freestyle 1st Michael Fell (ANCM)**
100m freestyle 1st Michael Fell (ANCM)**
200m freestyle 1st Michael Fell (ANCM)**

M 45-49
50m freestyle 3rd John Feinstein (ANCM)
800m freestyle 3rd John Feinstein (ANCM)
50m backstroke 1st Mark Pugliese (DCRP)
100m backstroke 3rd Mark Pugliese (DCRP)
100m butterfly 1st Robert Hansen (GMUP)**

M 50-54
50m breaststroke 2nd Charlie Hoffman (TERR)
100m breaststroke 1st Charlie Hoffman (TERR)
200m breaststroke 2nd Charlie Hoffman (TERR)
50m butterfly 3rd Charlie Hoffman (TERR)

M 55-59
400m freestyle 1st John Calvert (DCM)**
800m freestyle 1st John Calvert (DCM)**
100m butterfly 1st John Calvert (DCM)**

M 60-64
50m freestyle 2nd Don Parsons (ALEX)
100m freestyle 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)
200m freestyle 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)
400m freestyle 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)
800m freestyle 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)**
50m butterfly 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)
100m butterfly 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)**
200m butterfly 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)**
100m IM 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)**
200m IM 1st Don Parsons (ALEX)**

Mixed 400m freestyle relay 100-119
1st Terrapin Masters (Erin Galloway, Jane West, Andrew Martin, Sean West)

Mixed 200m medley relay 100-119
1st Terrapin Masters (Erin Galloway, Jane West, Ed Switzer, Bernard Lynch)

Mixed 800m freestyle relay 100-119
1st Terrapin Masters (Erin Galloway, Jane West, James Crowder, Bengt-Arne Bengtsson)

Men 400m medley relay 100-119
1st Terrapin Masters (James Crowder, Andrew Martin, Bernard Lynch, Bengt-Arne Bengtsson)

Men 800m freestyle relay 100-119**
1st Terrapin Masters (Bengt-Arne Bengtsson, James Crowder, Ed Switzer, Craig Dewing)

Men 400m freestyle relay 100-119**
1st Terrapin Masters (Ed Switzer, Sean West, Bengt-Arne Bengtsson, Andrew Martin)

Men 200m medley relay 100-119
1st Terrapin Masters (James Crowder, Bernard Lynch, Craig Dewing, Andrew Martin)

4.  Quotes and Jokes

"Winning is not a sometime-thing, it is an all-the-time thing."
- Vince Lombardi

"Mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating."
- Icelandic Proverb

"You can't build a reputation on what you intend to do."
- Liz Smith

"What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke."
- Steve Martin

"If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise."

Q: Do you know how to keep an idiot in suspense?
A: I'll tell you tomorrow.

When I got up this morning, I took two Ex-lax with my Prozac. I can't get out of the bathroom, but I'm ok with it.

You need only two tools in life: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape.
- Penny Bates

I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing. If I had loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't be doing the exercise class.

Q: Who cuts the grass on Walton's Mountain?
A: Lawn Boy.

Brevity is the soul of lingerie.
-Dorothy Parker (1893 - 1967)

Driven to swim...
car in pool

Funny Stories - Potomac Valley
ny Cheryl Wagner

I asked various team representatives in Potomac Valley if they had any gossip, humorous stores, or news to share. Here's what I received:

  From Jeff Roddin of Ancient Mariners:
While I was coaching, a swimmer called me to his lane and said, "I'm having a hard time with my stroke efficiency. Is there some sort of medication I can take that can help my stroke?"

  From Chrissie Goodrum of Reston Masters:
I think we could include something about our "team" having the majority of its female participants pregnant at the same time -- provided that none of the impacted parties minds!

  From Peter Ward of Patriot Masters:
When we started Patriot Masters a couple of years ago we ordered parkas with PATRIOT MASTERS across the back. When the parkas arrived we thought they looked great and wore them proudly. We soon noticed that John Huson's parka was missing the S from MASTERS. John improved a great deal that year and won his first national title in the 800 free at Baltimore. Ever since then, whenever he walks by in his parka, I bow to the PATRIOT MASTER.

My other favorite story comes from Nationals a couple of years ago in Indianapolis. Dave ___ was swimming the 100 IM. I was curious as I had never seen Dave swim IM before. He started out great on the fly, moving well but not taking any breaths and not looking for the wall. He touched at the end of the fly more with his face then his hands. He pushed off on his stomach and rolled over on his back while under water. On the back to breast turn he did a flip without touching the wall, took a huge dolphin kick and came up half way through his pull out. On the breast to free turn he touched with one hand and proceeded to sprint home. Dave was very pleased with his time but soon realized he had committed no less then 6 violations during the 100 yards. It was then announced for him to report to the referee. I think it was to ask which violation he would like to be officially disqualified for. Pieces of Dave's teeth can still be found in the bulkhead from the fly to back turn. To this date we still pull out the videotape at our social functions just for a good laugh.

New Year's Resolutions I Think I Can Keep!
By Cheryl Wagner

  1. I will be 10 minutes late to swim practice.
  2. I will gain 5 lb.
  3. I will eat chocolate 3 times a week.
  4. I will drill half of my butterfly sets.
  5. I will pull on the rope occasionally when doing backstroke.
  6. I will buy more swim equipment hoping to get faster.
  7. I will talk about how I could have made top ten if only I were __ years older.

5.  Meet News

2001 Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 Meet
by David Diehl

The 2001 (19th Annual) 1000/1650 Meet hosted by the Terrapin Masters had 51 entries including 11 deck entries. Twenty of the swimmers came from outside the Potomac Valley area, which makes this meet more of a regional meet than just a local one. As usual we had a number of meet records broken as follows:

1000 Yards:
John Geyer 40-44
Timothy Timmons 55-59
Ann Svenson 55-59

1650 Yards:
Donald Parsons 60-64

Everyone had a good time both in the pool and out and we were able to wrap up and have everyone out by 11:00am to start shopping and/or get ready for the football games. Thanks again to the University of Maryland varsity swimmers for the back-up timing and cheering.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Colonies Zone Championship to be held at the University of Maryland pool the weekend of April 19-21, 2002.

Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart,
Open Water Swim Organizer,
Carries Olympic Torch

by Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart, carrying the torch in Baltimore on December 22, 2001 at 11:25AM from Light St. to Battery Ave (just south of the Inner Harbor and Federal Hill).

Carrying the Olympic torch, in my hometown, in sight of the river I next plan to swim across (the Patapsco) with friends, family, co-workers, pool lane-sharers and many others looking on, looked like a dream. I felt the way I do when I've done a long distance open water swim - high, psyched, zoned out!!!

I received the torch from a man with a heart transplant and passed it off to a survivor of incest and being battered, and shared the bus we all rode along our torch route, with a young ice skater who would be carrying the torch around the rink at Rash Field, a bladder cancer survivor and Cal Ripken. I began my morning with a two mile swim at Meadowbrook and did my best to keep my all white uniform from getting soiled. My housemate, Flash, drove with me to my collection spot, the Maryland Science Center, where I checked in, received my number (#088) and was briefed on how things would work.

I was extremely impressed by the organization and the professionalism of the staff and knew everything would work out fine. Like all the other torchbearers I spoke to, I had to endure people telling me every day for weeks not to drop the torch! I was sure I was going to break a leg or arm or have some other crippling experience that would deprive me of my .2 miles of Olympic fame and glory.

On the bus we were each asked to tell the others about how we got nominated and I was so proud to speak about Maryland Swim for Life to Benefit People with HIV/AIDS and the Potomac River Swim for the Environment and my own long distance swims, I thought I could have marched right through the gates of heaven. The humility came when I got off the bus amidst the cheers and cries of "Go, Joe" from all around me on the street corners at Light and Warren and I no longer was me, but really was a symbol of humanity passing on fire and light on a world stage in a deeply moving, transcending experience. I began to run and was on some level not present at all, though I saw familiar faces and heard voices speaking directly to me. I was outside myself, much like I have been in the middle of a river when looking up into blue sky and puffy white clouds and for a moment being one with all of the universe.

Swim in the New Year - 2002
by Cheryl Wagner

Swim in the New Year at the University of Maryland, under the able (and new) management of Terrapin Bob Lazzaro, set a record for attendance: 72. Back in their Glenelg neighborhood, Bob's wife, Roberta, chased down every brown vehicle which in any way resembled a UPS truck, in order to deliver the t-shirts to Campus Rec at 12:00 noon.

Swimmers at Campus Rec rang in 2002, by doing 2002 yards times 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. A sumptuous buffet of yogurt, bagels, muffins, fruit, Fig Newtons, chocolate chip cookies, and juice was consumed by swimmers after completing their goals. Many thanks to Debbie Morrin-Nordlund (TERR), Jim Wenhold (Aquatics Director at UM Campus Rec), Sean Flynn (Campus Rec), Roberta Lazzaro (Bob's wife), and all others who helped to make the event a success.

Myriam Pero Tazewell Banks

Myriam Pero

Tazewell Banks

Barry Bluefield Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson

Barry Bluefield

Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson

Chris Benedick Karen, Michelle, Marcia

Chris Benedick

Karin Jackson, Michelle Humanick, Marcia Smith

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Bob Lazzaro Margot Pettijohn

Debbie Morrin-Norlund, Bob Lazzaro

Margot Pettijohn

Pat Liegey, Lynn Wymelenberg Rhoda, Linda, Michael

Pat Liegey, Lynn Wymelenberg

Rhoda Stauffer, Linda Andrews, Michael Lockard

Linda Costello, April Sheapp Eddie Rivas

Linda Costello, April Sheapp

Eddie Rivas

Lisa Soule Joanne Edwards

Lisa Soule

Joanne Edwards

Annandale Masters Bob, Debbie, Cheryl

Annandale Masters

Bob Lazzaro, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Cheryl Wagner

Eric Nordlund Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson

Eric Nordlund

Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson

2001 Convention Photos
by Myriam Pero

Anne & Frank
Anne Berry, Frank Koval

Anne & Craig
Anne Berry, Craig Dewing

Craig Dewing (left)

6.  Correction

The URL for the February 23-24th Maryland Masters 25th Annual Winter Meet at UMBC, Catonsville, MD was incorrect in the December 2001 newsletter. It should have read: http://www.pvmasters.org/entry.htm.

7.  Announcements

Marymount Masters Swim Team
by Mike Clark

Marymount Masters Swim Team, practices Mon, Wed, Fri from 6:30 7:30am at our new pool on the campus of Marymount University in North Arlington. For more info contact Mike Clark (703) 284-3832 or send email to mclark@marymount.edu

Bay Bridge Walk, April 28
by Michael Lee

The 4.3 mile Bay Bridge walk is scheduled for April 28, 2002, this year. There's more information at this website at: www.visit-annapolis.org/annap_stop.shtml

Former PV Treasurer, Rob Whitters, Called Up to Active Military Duty
by Cheryl Wagner

Former PV Treasurer, Rob Whitters recently sent me a message with the news that he was being called to active military duty.

"My orders are done and will be mailed to me either today or Monday. I report to Camp Pendleton on the 16th (of January) so I will leave here on the 12th to drive out." - Rob Whitters

CMU Masters Swimming

CMU masters swimming began this week. The workouts start at 9:45 a.m. and run until 11:15 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in the CMU pool. The coach is an experienced swimmer who has held CMU records. In addition to designing the workouts, he is available the whole time to help you with technique.

If you are interested in joining, please contact me. If you are not affiliated with CMU, then I'll need to give you additional information.
Ernest Schimmerling at eschimme@andrew.cmu.edu

USMS SC Nationals in Hawaii

Aloha All,
I hope you are looking forward to enjoying balmy Hawaiian weather in May. (As we have year-round out here in Hawaii - not to rub it in or anything, just to wet your appetite - no pun intended).

Our meet entry form is in the current issue of SWIM Magazine and will soon be on the usms.org website. Our LMSC website, www.hawaiimastersswim.org has all other current information on travel, accomodations, activitites etc.. Please do check it out, and if you have any questions, please do contact myself or Amy Patz at patz@hawaii.edu

We look forward to seeing many of you at our meet in May.

Warmest Aloha,
Janet Renner, jrenner@maui.net

LMSC Handbook on the Web

Just wanted to let you know that the "entire" 2002 LMSC Handbook is now on our website at www.usms.org/admin/lmschb . Once at the home page, click on "what's new" or go to Administration then LMSC Handbook.

The purpose of having this on the website is for "everyone" to have access to the "whole" handbook (and to save a few trees).

Thank you Webmaster Jim for putting this up!!!

Hard copies will be sent out to those LMSC Officers who do not have e-mail and therefore do not have access to the Handbook on line. If for some reason you prefer a hard copy, please let me know no later than Sunday February 3rd.

Tracy Grilli, tracyswims@mindspring.com

Dual Sanctions Approved for PV Meets
by Margot Pettijohn

USA swimming (age groupers) for Potomac Valley have agreed and will do a dual sanction for USMS. If any of our master swimmers set a world record in a PV USA Swimming meters meet, it will now count.
- Margot Pettijohn, PV Sanctions

2002 NE SCY Championship

Please note that meet information including entry forms for the 2002 NE SCY Championship can be found at our special meet website at: www.swimindex.com/meets/2002/nem-scy/

We had 550 swimmers last year and expect more than 600 swimmers at this year's meet.

Hope to see many of you at Harvard this Spring.
- Bob Seltzer

Caribbean Open Water Swims

Dear Open Water Swimmers and Adventurers,
Happy New Year!

2002 Information follows for the Following Events:
1) Bonaire EcoSwim.
2) St Croix Coral Reef Swim

1) The 2nd Annual Bonaire EcoSwim will be held on Saturday December 7th 2002. Information and the entry forms, including online registration are now posted at: www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html.

The Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles is located 50 miles north of Venezuela and 30 miles from Curacao. The island is 24 miles long by 3-7 miles wide. Bonaire has earned its reputation as one of the world's most beautiful dive locations. Now it is the site of a spectacular open water swim

The Magic of Bonaire: Located outside the hurricane belt, Bonaire's average temperature is 82 F (27.8 C) with an average water temperature of 80 F (26.7 C). The diligent stewardship of its marine resources has created a water lover's paradise. Approximately 60% of the Island and 100% of nearby Klein Bonaire are National Park. Families of donkeys roam freely in fields and along roads, nibbling on grass. All of the waters off Bonaire's coast have been legally protected since 1979. Come for the swim but also enjoy these other world class adventures and activities: free-diving; scuba diving; mountain biking; sea kayaking; wind surfing; bird watching; and stargazing.

We look forward to continuing the tradition we started last year when many of the swimmers met for a night snorkeling adventure followed by a pizza party. Whatever you swimming goals are for the year you deserve to finish it swimming off the beautiful Caribbean Island of Bonaire.

2) St Croix!!! October 27th 2002
Details coming soon!

I hope to have the information and entry forms for the 7th Annual St Croix Coral Reef Swim posted at www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html by the end of this month. All the fun begins at the Caribbean's premiere resort destination and world class event host "The Buccaneer Resort". Stay tuned
- Randy Nutt, info@randynutt.com

Thank You for "Swim for 9-11 Attack Victims" Donations
by Viki Anders

All of you who made personal donations should have received a personal thank you by now. I have been asked by many who made donations to other charities how I did, so I decided to send out one last email. Thank you to everyone who donated and made the project a big success. Up until yesterday my final tally for donations was $7,375.76!!!! Yesterday I got a check for $100 from a very dear friend that I swim with in the summer. Jack Strotbeck (go Clydeswhales) donated the money in memory of another swimming buddy, Whitey Thomas, who passed away in September at the age of 79. Whitey was a true hero. He was a retired Air Force colonel, flew in combat in China, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He retired in 1972 after a 30 year career. Whitey swam in all of almost all of the South Jersey open water swims, including the Plunge for Patients "swim from hell" in 1999. He was truly an inspiration and will be greatly missed.

My final yardage was 134,800 yards (5,392 laps/lengths) in four weeks, which for me was almost double what I normally would have done. I am grateful that I am healthy and able to use my swimming to help others. The Maryland Association of Masters Swimming raised over $13,000 with many different events. Again, thank you for your support. Have a wonderful holiday!
--- Viki Anders, RN, MSN, CRNP

2002 USMS Rule Book

Because the convention was so late (due to 9/11), so is the 2002 Rule Book. The good news is that Meg Smath (Publications Chair) and Jim Matysek (USMS Webmaster) have done a teriffic job of updating it and getting it onto our website ASAP so that those of you who are running a meet in the near future, now have access to the Rule Book and can download or print out the technical rules. It can be found at www.usms.org/rules/. Thank you Meg and Jim!!!

The Rule Book has been sent to the printer and the expectation is that the Full and Mini Rule Books will be available some time in late January/early February.

Also on the website:

All officer, committee chair, and zone rep aliases have been updated, as well as the LMSC officers from the latest info we have received. Please check your personal/LMSC Info and send updates/corrections to me at USMS@usms.org.

Happy New Year to you all!
- Tracy Grilli, tracyswims@mindspring.com

Convention Update on Butterfly Rules
by Myriam Pero

The FINA Bureau has accepted our request for a variation to the butterfly rule to allow Masters swimmers to use a breaststroke kick for the period 20 September (when the Fukuoka amendment came into force) until 23 May (when the Masters Congress amendment will come into effect). This exception means that we return to the rules prior to September 20, which allowed the breaststroke kick to be used in the butterfly for all events. Records set during the intervening time will be acceptable with either kick as long as they otherwise qualify.

New Newsletter Webmaster
by Cheryl Wagner

Many thanks to Ray Novitske who began putting the Swimmer's Ear up on the PV website in December, 2001.

PV Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

  • This is your last issue of The Swimmer's Ear unless you have renewed your registration. If you registered with a PV club last year your club representative has your 2002 renewal form. If you were registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you in December.

  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin, 301-603-0528, or at PVRegistrar@usms.org and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed."

  • Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $223 to the USMS endowment fund and $158 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $381. The most generous contributors included a few who donated $10 to each charity.

  • We registered 1869 swimmers in 2001 (56% male, 44% female). We are the smallest of the 53 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the third largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind two of the California LMSCs). We are also the only LMSC out of the 53 to have grown each year since 1984 (nobody else has even done it since 1992). See below for our growth in the past few years:
growth chart

8.  Classified

Wanted! News Items, Photos, Articles

News items, photos and articles are needed for the Potomac Valley Newsletter: Swimmer's Ear.

Contact Cheryl (202) 387-2361 or cherylw@crosslink.net


Wanted! Boaters and Kayakers for Potomac River Swim and Swim for Life

Volunteer boaters and kayakers are needed to ensure the safety of open water swimmers during Swim for Life on July 13, 2002 and the Potomac River Swim June 1, 2002. These are beautiful areas and free dinner, breakfast, lunch, and camping (Potomac River Swim kayakers) or hotel (for boaters) are provided. Info: Cheryl (202) 387-2361, cherylw@crosslink.net

Operations Coordinator & Pool Manager Wanted

I'm the new president of LPRC and have been looking into the option of self-managing our club's facilities. I am looking for an Operations Coordinator or Pool Manager.

Below is a description of the ideal scenario we are looking at, but depending on the experience and discussions we have - some of this may be negotiable.

1. LPRC will have a retainer agreement with a large pool management company who would be responsible for getting all of the equipment, licenses, etc., ready for the season opening and closing. They would be on call (3 to 4 hour turnaround) in case we need them during the summer for any operational or mechanical issues that may arise during the summer season.

2. LPRC would contract with an experienced Operations Coordinator and/or Manager who will manage/coordinate the overall operation of the facilities and works with the Board appointed Operations Chair to coordinate issues with the Pool Management Company.

3. The Operations Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the staffing, training, assuring that the appropriate level of staff is available per the pool schedule.

4. LPRC will assist the Operations Coordinator in the selection of the staff, training and will process the payroll for the staff. The Manager will be responsible for submitting approved timesheets to the LPRC Treasurer for payment by the appropriate deadlines.

5. In addition to the Operations Coordinator, we may need the following staff:
a. Pool Manager
b. Assistant Managers
c. Head Guard
c. Full Time Guard(s)
d. Part Time Guard(s)

If you know of anyone who you think would be a good fit for our Operations Coordinator, Pool Manager, or other positions please have them give me a call or email me at:
Ms. Dulce Zormelo at (703) 256-7814 home or (703) 438-6479 work, zormelo@aol.com

Personalized Technique and Swim Instruction

Former University of Maryland varsity swimmer and record holder in the 200-yard IM is offering personalized swim/technique instruction as well as personal fitness training. Contact: Erin Galloway (240) 601-4952 eringalloway@msn.com

Australian Travel - World Masters Games
Melbourne Australia October 2002


We are sending out World Masters Games travel brochures. If you are interetsed in attending the World Masters Games in Melbourne Australia October 2002 let us know. We are an Australian Travel company, Inta-Aussie South Pacific, based in Los Angeles and are the official travel provider for the event.

Our company will be visiting over 200 cities in the USA giving promotional talks on travel "Downunder". if this is something that you think would interest your team or you and your partner then let me know. We are from Australia and the presentation will provide an excellent trip planning resource. Melbourne, Australia is possibly the most sports mad city in the world and I have plenty of fascinating stories to tell. So show me your interest so I can have the opportunity to show you mine!

Please email with your correct address information so we can send our 4-page World Masters Games Brochure!

We are looking for venues, so if your local club would like to host a Downunder night let me know.

Cheers, my fellow sportspeoples. See you "Downunder".
-Jeff Adam, jadam@inta-aussie.com
VP Sales Marketing (Hockey Player - Slick Center Forward)
Inta-Aussie South Pacific

Were You a Navy SEAL?

SWIM Magazine is planning a feature story on Masters swimmers -- both current and past -- who were or are Navy SEALS.

If you are or were a Navy SEAL, or know of a swimmer who is or was, please contact Phil Whitten at philw@swiminfo.com

Travel to Australia

Hi swimmers!
While the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere, here in the southern hemisphere, it's the first day of summer. A long, hot summer full of swims. In Sydney, we've had one; the second one is tomorrow at Coogee, one of Sydney's eastern suburbs beaches just south of Bondi. Next weekend, there's the inaugural Bondi-Bronte swim - a swim that's been crying out to be done. You can drop into www.oceanswims.com throughout the winter and see how our swims are going here in Australia. Read the reports. See the pix. Or you can come and join us.

Oceanswims.com is pleased to announce that we have arranged some packages aimed particularly at cold northern hemisphere swimmers, to help you come down under to enjoy some of our best swims with us. With Cousins Travel, a leading Melbourne agent specializing in sports and active travel, we've put together two packages in late January - early February, one covering Sydney's two biggest swims, The Big Swim from Palm Beach to Whale Beach, and the Cole Classic at world famous Bondi a week later. Or do the Cole then head down to Melbourne to tackle the Stokehouse Challenge at Melbourne's St Kilda, one of our more colorful locales.

With the state of the Australian dollar at the moment - $1 Australian roughly equals 50 cents American, or about 35p UK - you can get great value in Australia at the moment. Check out our two packages. Or if the timing doesn't suit you, let us know some dates and we'll work out a package for you.

If you're heading down to Christchurch in New Zealand for the World Masters Championships in March, check out our New Zealand and Australian open water calendars and spend a few days, a week, with swims in Australia, too. We're right next door.

All details and contacts at oceanswims.com.

And we're pleased to report that James Pittar, the blind swimmer from Sydney, successfully completed his 26 km swim from Palm Beach to North Steyne in a time 2 1/2 hours quicker than expected, thanks to brewing storm conditions around Sydney. Check out our report on oceanswims.com. You can still support James in his courageous swim by clicking on the link on our report page. All that and more at oceanswims.com.
Happy stroking!

PS Don't forget to check back throughout the northern winter to see how the southern summer is faring.

Paul Ellercamp
Mob 0414 669 513
Ph 612 9576 5200 (BH & AH)
Fax 612 9475 0366
Email: ocean@oceanswims.com
ICQ: 38551267
193 Bath Rd
Kirrawee NSW 2232


9.  Photo Credits

  • Eric Nordlund - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • CJ Hall - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Cheryl Wagner - photo by Eric Nordlund
  • Craig, Myriam & Frank - photo by Myriam Pero
  • Car in pool - Joke of the Day
  • Joe Stewart - photo by Mark Burns, Bay Weekly newspaper
  • Myriam Pero - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Tazewell Banks - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Barry Bluefeld - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Chris Benedick - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • K Jackson, M Humanick, M Smith - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • D Morrin-Nordlund , Bob Lazzaro - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Margot Pettijohn - phtoto by Cheryl Wagner
  • Pat Liegey, Lynn Wymelenberg - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • R Stauffer, L Andrews, M Lockard - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Linda Costello, April Sheapp - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Eddie Rivas - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Lisa Soule - photo by Cheryl Wagner
  • Joanne Edwards - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Annandale Masters - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Bob Lazzaro, Debbie, C Wagner - photo by Eric Nordlund
  • Eric Nordlund - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

10.  Meet/Swim Calendar

2002 Pool Calendar

February 16-17
Virginia Masters Winter Invitational at Richmond, Virginia www.vaswim.org/swim.htm

February 23-24
Maryland Masters 25th Annual Winter Meet at UMBC, Catonsville, MD www.pvmasters.org/entry.htm

March 3
Lower Bucks YMCA SC Meet- Philadelphia Area, PA
SCY; Neal Conrad, 83 Forest Ct, Limerick, PA 19468, 610-878-6690, ND Conrad@aol.com

March 17
Bill Crawford Memorial Winter Classic Meet at Villanova PA. www.bee.net/dcastell/BillCrawfordMemorialWinterClassicMeet.html

March 24-30
IX FINA World Masters Swimming Championships in New Zealand www.pvmasters.org/entry.htm

April 6
Albatross Open; Montgomery Aquatic Center Bethesda, MD www.pvmasters.org/entry.htm Helen Beven 301-897-2947, hbevenintheusa@cs.com, Andy Fraser 3 01-962-0787, afraser@sandglass.com

April 6
Virginia Masters SC Champs - Newport News, VA SCY; Charles Cockrell, 107 Lilburne Way, Yorktown, VA 23693, 757-865-6250, cockrell@usms.org; D.J. Scotty, 757-428-6622, arizonast@msn.com; www.vaswim.org; Sanctioned by VA LMSC #122-0002; Pre-entry (3/29/2002) & Deck-entry

April 7
Maryland Masters 1000/1650 Meet - U of MD Baltimore County, Catonsville, MD SCY; Barbara Protzman, 7919 Main Falls Cir, Catonsville, MD 21228-2421, 410-788-2964(h), 410-992-3760(w), swimbarb@hotmail.com; http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/Winter02.pdf; Sanctioned by MD LMSC

April 19-21
Colonies Zone SCY Championship; University of MD Campus Rec; College Park, MD; Dave Diehl, dd119@umail.umd.edu , www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/Zone-4-19-02.htm

April 18-21
YMCA Masters National Championship - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Email: dmurray363@aol.com; www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2002Masters/Flyer.pdf

May 14-17
2002 USMS Short Course Nationals - Univ Of HI, Honolulu, HI SCY; Amy Patz, U of HI Swimming, 1337 Campus Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822, 808-956-7510, patz@hawaii.edu

June 30
Terrapin Masters 800/1500 LCM Meet; University of MD Campus Rec; College Park, MD Dave Diehl, dd119@umail.umd.edu; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/meet800.htm


2002 Open Water Calendar

March 31
IX FINA Masters World Championships - 5K Swim - Christchurch, NZ; Email: masters.swim@greatevents.co.nz; Web: www.eventnz.co.nz/masters-swimming

May 26
Jim McDonnell 2-Mile Swim - Lk Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Reston Masters Swim Team, 703-845-7946; Lynn Hazlewood, lynhzlwd@usms.org; www.restonmasters.org; Sanctioned by PV LMSC #102-003

May 15-Sep 30
5 & 10K Postal National Championship run by Sawtooth Masters Jill Wright,1626 Williams St., Boise, ID 83706 email: jeig@innova.net

June 1
Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim Pt. Lookout State Park, MD; Info: Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 Cherylw@crosslink.net; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2002i.htm

June 8
1.3 Mile Bay Swim-Around Fenton Island, Atlantic City, NJ: Starts at 6:15pm from Albany Ave Bridge (Wonder Bar & Grill) around Fenton Island and return. Contact Kara K. Cassidy, 311 Montpelier Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Email Seacat4shore@aol.com or call 609-653-0939.

June 15
2002 USMS 10K Open Water Championship Hartwell Lake, Clemson, SC OW; Jacque Grossman, Clemson Aquatic Team, PO Box 411, Clemson, SC 29633-0411, 864-654-4704, 864-646-8836 (d), jelg@innova.net; Sponsored by Clemson Aquatic Team; Sanctioned by SC LMSC

June 15
Jack King 1-Mi Ocean Swim - Virginia Beach, VA OW; Betsy Durrant, 211 66th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, 757-422-6811(h), durrant6@home.com; www.vaswim.org; Sanctioned by VA LMSC

June 16
Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim & 1 Mile Bay Challenge, Bay Bridge Marina, at Sandy Point St. Park, MD www.lin-mark.com

June 23
Manhattan Swim 28.5 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.com

June 28
Independence Day 1 Mile Bay Swim - Friday, June 28, 2002 - Somerts Point, NJ - www.lmsports.com

June 29
Madison Mile - CT OW Champs - Madison, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 837 Boston Post Rd #71, Madison, CT 06443, 203-605 4137, dpchan1209@aol.com; www.shoreline.org; Sanctioned by CT LMSC

June 30
Plunge for Patients 1 Mile & 3 Mile Swims - Wildwood, NJ www.lmsports.com

July 13
Swim for Life 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Mile Swim Chester River, MD; Info: DCAC/Dawson Nash (202) 686-2150 swimmerdn4321@aol.com; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/sfl2002i.htm

July 13:
2002 USMS 2-Mile Cable Championship - Chris Greene Lake, Charlottesville, VA OW; Patty Powis, 2112 Waters Mill Pointe, Richmond, VA 23235-2915, 804-272-7291, ppowis@aol.com ; Sponsored by Virginia Masters Swim Team; Sanctioned by VA LMSC

July 13
Swim for the Dolphins 1 Miler; Wildwood Crest, NJ www.lmsports.com

July 21
Cove to Cove .5 mile swim; Battery Park, NY www.nycswim.com

July 21
Race for the River 2.4 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.com

July 27
Ocean City Masters 1 Mile Swim - Ocean City, NJ www.lmsports.com

August 3
1.7 Mi Citizens Bank/Save the Bay Swim - Newport, RI OW; Jennifer Wheeler, Save the Bay, 434 Smith St, Providence, RI 02908, 401-272-3540, jwheeler@savebay.org; www.savebay.org; Entry Deadline 7/15/2002

August 3
1.3 Mile or a 5 K Bridge to Bridge Bay Race, Albany Ave Bridge, Atlantic City, NJ, (Black Horse Pike & the Wonder Bar), Contact Kara K. Cassidy, 311 Montpelier Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Email: Seacat4Shore@aol.com or call 609-6539; Web site: www.Apexswim.com 5:30pm start, Start & Awards at Wonder Bar and Grill.

August 4
Park to Park One-Miler New York, NY www.nycswim.com

August 4
FINA World Cup IV Marathon Swim Atlantic City, NJ www.acswim.org

August 4
1 Mile Ocean Swim, Wildwood, NJ, 6:30pm start (Lincoln Ave at Beach Patrol HQ); Ruth Manlandro (609) 522-5652 & L&M Sports, 89 Park Drive, Berlin, NJ www.LMSports.com

August 11
Crossing Rainbow Channel 2.2 Mile Bay Swim, Somers Point, NJ: Polly Caffery, PO Box 850, Pomona, NJ 08240 (609-404-1591). Wet suits allowed. Start time to be determined Based on tides. Check in at Somers Point Kennedy Park. Pollyphish@aol.com

August 17
Great Hudson River Swim 2.8 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.com

August 24
1 Mile Inlet Swim (YATES) - Captain Francis Bennett, Atlantic City Beach Patrol, Public Safety Bldg, 2715 Atlantic Ave, Suite 420, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. 6:45 PM start (609) 347-5466 or www.ACSwim.org. Check in at Gardners Basin, North end of Atlantic City & go to the bay side. (800 N. New Hampshire Ave)(next to Flying Cloud Rest.)

September 1
1.5 Mile AC Pageant Ocean Swim, Bill Brooks, Atlantic City Beach Patrol, Public Safety Building, 2715 Atlantic Ave, Suite 420, Atlantic City, NJ 08041 9:45 AM start (609) 347-5466 Fax: (609) 347-5211 (in front Of The Showboat Casino) Web site: www.ACSwim.org

September 6
Jersey Classic 1 Mile Ocean Swim, Atlantic City, NJ,Start at Albany Ave & Beach, 700M Out/ 200 Meters North/ 700 Meters in, Finish in front of the Hilton Hotel, immediately before The World Cup Pasta Dinner and Rules Meeting. Contact: Kara Cassidy, 311 Montpelier Ave Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, email: Seacat4shore@aol.com or Call 609-653-0939 Web Site: www.Apexswim.com

September 7
2002 FINA Marathon Swimming World Cup / 10K for the USA Atlantic City, NJ (open to Masters) www.acswim.org

September 21
Little Red Lighthouse Swim 7.8 miles New York, NY www.nycswim.com

September 21
Escape From Fort Delaware 1 Mile Delaware River Swim, from Fort Delaware (Revolutionary War prison) (Pea Patch Island) to Delaware City, Delaware, and registration at Clinton Street & the river. Contact Ray Teden, E-mail: Rap601@aol.com or call (302) 322-9584. Festival going on at the same time.

Local Multi-sport Calendar February-June 2002
by CJ Lockman Hall

Confirm race time, date and location with race website or director. The next newsletter will come out in May, however, it is a good idea to look into July and August races now!

March 24
The 10th Annual LaPlata Duathlon, LaPlata HS, LaPlata, MD; 3 mile run, 16 mile bike, 3 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com ; 410-593-9662

March 30
The 6th Annual NOVA Mountain Bike Duathlon Series #1, Wakefield Park, Annandale, VA; 2.2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.2 mile run; Triathlantic,www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com ; 410-593-9662

April 7
The 3rd Annual Western Maryland Adventure Race, Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont, MD; sign up early; course includes trail/road running, climbing, obstacles, canoe/kayaking, portage, mountain biking; different than 2001 race; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com ; 410-593-9662

April 14
Bethesda Triathlon, BCC YMCA, Bethesda, MD; 500 meter pool swim, 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run; www.cooltri.com/cal_md.htm; michael.beveridge@capitalone.com, gunga666@yahoo.com; Michael or Peter Beveridge, c/o CAN, 4210 River Rd. NW, Washington, DC, 20016; 202-251-7734

April 14
Bethesda Duathlon, BCC YMCA, Bethesda, MD; 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run; www.cooltri.com/cal_md.htm; michael.beveridge@capitalone.com, gunga666@yahoo.com ; Michael or Peter Beveridge, c/o CAN, 4210 River Rd. NW, Washington, DC, 20016; 202-251-7734

April 21
Blackwater Traverse Duathlon, Cambridge So. Dorchester HS, Cambridge, MD; 10K run, 41K bike, 5K run; www.tricolumbia.org, rdvigor@erols.com; 410-964-1246; Team USA Qualifier

April 20-21L
The 11th Odyssey One-Day Adventure Race, Sedalia, VA; entry deadline April 8; 24 hours/80 miles PRO or 50 miles Adventure; www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

April 21
West Creek Duathlon, West Creek Business Ctr., Richmond, VA; 5K run, 18 mile bike, 5K run; www.set-upinc.com; Set-Up, Inc., Box 15144, Wilmington, NC, 28408; 910-458-0299

April 21
The Inaugural Susquehanna Mountain Bike Duathlon, Susquehanna State Park, Havre de Grace, MD; 2.2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2.2 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

April 27
Mountain Do 2002 Triathlon, Marion, VA; 10K run, 3K canoe, 20K mountain bike; Young Life of Marion, PO Box 682, Marion, VA, 24354; 276-782-3710; State Park - 276-781-7400

April 28
The 3rd Annual Point Lookout Duathlon, Point Lookout, St. Mary's County MD; 2.5 mile run, 15 mile bike, 2.5 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, aeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

May 4
Make-A-Wish Kids Triathlon, Silver Spring, MD; www.cooltri.com/cal_md.htm, niki@wish.org; Nicki Athamos, Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic, 10920 Connecticut Ave, #1600, Kensington, MD, 20895; 301-962-6500

May 4
Odyssey Off-Road Duathlon, Sherando Lake Rec. Area, Sherando, VA; entries must be received by April 26; 8 mile off-road run, 11 mile bike with hike-a-biking, climbing, log-jumping, single track, and challenging descent; www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

May 4
Odyssey Off-Road Triathlon, Sherando Lake Recreation Area, Sherando, VA; entries must be received by April 26; PRO: 0.9 mile swim, 8 mile run/hike, 22 mile bike (most single track); SPORT: 0.9 mile swim, 8 mile run/hike, 11mile bike (most single track); www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

May 5
The 2nd Annual Cedarfest Mountain Bike Duathlon, Cedarville, MD; 2.5 mile run, 13 mile mountain bike, 2.5 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

May 5
The 2nd Annual Cedarfest Mountain Bike Kids Duathlon, Cedarville, MD; 0.5 mile run, 1.5 mile bike, 0.5 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

May 5
The 13th American Cancer Society;s Triathlon, Schumaker Pond Park, Salisbury, MD; 0.5 mile swim, 14.5 mile bike, 3.5 mile run. www.lmsports.com/coors.htm , info@lmsports.com; American Cancer Society, PO Box 63, Salisbury, MD, 21803; 410-749-1624,

May 6-12
Odyssey Adventure Racing Academy Camp, Camp Washington Carver, Clifftop WV; applications must be received by May 22; www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

May 10-12
The 8th Endorphin FIX Adventure Race, New River Gorge National Park, WV; 125 miles PRO or 75 miles Sport; www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

May 12
The Flannery Fitness Duathlon, Poolesville HS, Poolesville, MD; 5K run, 27K bike, 5K run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

May 18
Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon, Huddleston, VA; 750 meter swim, 20K bike, 5K run; www.commonwealthgames.org; Virginia Amateur Sports Inc., 711-C 5th St. NE, Roanoke, VA, 24016; 540-343-0987

May 19
Columbia Triathlon, Sesquicentennial Park, Ellicott City, MD; 1.5K swim, 41K bike, 10K run; www.tricolumbia.org, rdvigor@erols.com

May 19
The Inaugural C&O Adventure Triathlon, Brunswick, MD; 20+ miles total of canoe/kayak in Potomac, run/bike on C&O Trail, run in Brunswick; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

June 2
Shady Grove Sprint Triathlon, Shady Grove YMCA, Richmond, VA; 300 meter pool swim, 11 mile bike, 5K run; www.set-upinc.com; Set-Up, Inc., Box 15144, Wilmington, NC, 28408; 910-458-0299

June 2
The 6th Annual Cape May Duathlon and Triathlon, Bellplain State Forest, Cape May County, NJ; triathlon: 0.4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 2.7 mile run; duathlon: 2.7 mile run, 15 mile bike, 2.7 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

June 2
Breezy Point Triathlon, Norfolk, VA; 1K swim, 20K bike, 5K run; www.breezypointtri.com, bvirok@breezypointtri.com; Betty Virok, 793 Coverdale Ct., Virginia Beach, VA, 23452; 757-431-2982 (eve)

June 5-9
BEAST of the East, Massanutten Mountain Resort, Harrisonburg, VA; www.oarevents.com, oarinfo@aol.com; enter early; Don Mann, Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

June 8
2nd Annual Escape From Ft. Delaware Triathlon, Delaware City, DE; 1.5k swim, 40K bike, 10K run; www.lin-mark.com, www.pirhana-sports.com, triathlon@diamondstategames.com; Diamond State Games, 4142 Ogletown Stanton Rd. #222, Newark, DE 19713; 302-731-1676

June 9
Blackwater EagleMan Triathlon, Sailwinds Park, Cambridge, MD; 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run; www.tricolumbia.org, rdvigor@erols.com; 410-964-1246; Hawaii IronMan Qualifier

June 15
Thundergust Triathlon, Parvin State Park, Vineland, NJ; www.lin-mark.com

June 16
The 9th Annual Spud Triathlon, General Smallwood State Park, Indian Head, MD; Long: 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run Short: 0.5 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com ; 410-593-9662

June 16
The 15th Marathon Sports Sprint Triathlon, Middletown, DE; 0.25 mile swim, 16 mile bike, 3 mile run; www.races2run.com, wayne@bellatlantic.net; Wayne Kursh, Marathon Sports, PO Box 24, Montchanin, DE, 19710; 302-654-6400

June 22-23
Xterra East Championship, Richmond, VA; Full: 1.5K swim, 30K mountain bike, 11K run; Half: 750 meter swim, 15K mountain bike, 5.5K run; www.xterraplanet.com, info@xterraplanet.com; Todd Jackson, Team Unltd., 1001 Bishop St., # 880, Pauahi Tower, Honolulu, HI, 96813; 877-751-8880, 808-521-4322

June 23
D.C. Capital Triathlon, Key Bridge, Washington, DC; 1000 meter swim, 14.9 mile bike, 3.1 (limited to 1,000) mile run; info@envirosports.com; www.envirosports.com/6_23_2002.html

June 23
The Inaugural Potomac Triathlon, Dahlgren, VA; 0.75 mile swim, 18 mile bike, 5 mile run; Triathlantic, www.triath.com, jaeger@erols.com; 410-593-9662

for details and more events: