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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
February 2004

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 Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are over, it's a great time to get in shape and set aquatic goals for the New Year.

Here in Potomac Valley we have a couple of upcoming events I would like to highlight. On April 2-4 Patriot Masters is hosting the Colonies Zone SCY Championships at the GMU Fairfax campus. The George Mason University Athletic Center is a great facility and is a good place to swim fast times, especially for those who can't attend USMS Short Course Nationals. Also, the Montgomery Ancient Mariners will host the annual Albatross Open Short Course Meters meet on March 20.

And for open water swimmers, there are a number of lake, river, bay, and ocean swims throughout the season, including the Reston Lake swim on May 30.

For those of you who just want to stay in the local pool, there are postal and fitness events run by USMS throughout the year. Take a look at the calendar in the newsletter, and in SWIM MAGAZINE for some ideas. Whatever your aquatic goals are for 2004, good luck and have fun!

Eric Nordlund, Chair-Potomac Valley Masters Swimming

 Articles and Interviews


Interview with Dale Barnhard
by Cheryl Wagner

Dale Barnhard set her first national record at the age of 12, and she's not about to stop now. IGLA at the Stanford Avery Aquatics Center was the setting for Dale's most recent "hat trick" of three national records in the 50, 100, and 200 breaststroke. She flew home with ten medals: nine first places, and one second. I asked Dale to talk about swimming for the February "Swimmer's Ear". Here is her interview.

Q: Tell me about your experience at IGLA.
A: The Stanford Avery Aquatics Center is a nice facility and is large enough to accommodate all of the IGLA aquatic events including swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and diving. It was enjoyable to watch some of each between my events. I came home with nine first place medals (five for individual events and four for relays) and one second place medal (another relay). My three breaststroke records (SCM 55-59 women) were in the 50M - 39.35, 100M - 1:26.33 and 200M - 3:12.18 events.

Q: Were those times your personal bests?
A: No, but to compare, a day before my 14th birthday in 1961, I won the National AAU 100M breaststroke championship in a time of 1:22.6. All the spectators stood and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I had to swim off the 8th (and final) lane in the preliminaries, but then surprised everyone, including my coach Joe Rogers, by winning the finals. (My best time before that day was 1:25.4.) This win qualified me to represent the United States in a World Games tour consisting of eight meets held in Holland, England and Germany. One of the meets was the English Nationals where I set an American record in the 100M breaststroke in a time of 1:21.8. Because this meet was in a 55 yd pool, it counted as an American record for the 110 yd breaststroke as well. My time was .6 second short of a world record.

Q: Where are you from and when did you start swimming?
A: I was born in Washington DC although I've always lived in Montgomery County. I began swimming in 1954 at age 6 in the summer league at Bethesda Country Club. After that I swim for Edgemoor Swim and Tennis Club. I started swimming year-round when I was 12. Swimming was a great source of self-confidence as well as self-discipline. It shielded me from peer pressure at school. I had a different focus because of swimming. I made AAU All-American (Top 5 Times List) in 1961, 1962, and 1963.

Q: Did you swim after that?
A: I quit swimming in late 1964 when I was 17 since there weren't many opportunities or scholarships for women at that time. I played water polo for two years (1965-7) at Northern Virginia Aquatic Club on a women's team started by a Hungarian. I didn't get back in the water until 1974 when Betty Bray talked me into joining Masters Swimming. I started swimming like crazy and was shocked that at the old age of 27, I was swimming better than I had as a kid. That year I finally broke 1:10 for the 100yd breaststroke at an AAU swim meet. Since then, it's been on and off (more "off" than "on") with a "burst" of swimming in 1990 at the Gay Games in Vancouver, B.C. where I played water polo and swam. My breaststroke times were: 50M - 39.95, 100M - 1:28.86 and 200M 3:11.50, all first places. It was "off" again until 2 years ago when I saw two swimmers, Suzanne and Sandy, working out at the Montgomery College pool one morning and asked if I could join them. We have been swimming together ever since. I talked them into joining the DCAC swim team.

Q: How did you get faster in the last year?
A: One of the biggest changes I made in the last year was to add two hours of weight training per week. That has made a huge difference. I never found a personal trainer I was comfortable with until now. Workouts with Suzanne and Sandy have also been a great asset. We swim for an hour, 3 times a week. During each workout, we probably do 2600 or 2700 yards. Not only are swimming and weight training fantastic for staying in physical shape but I have also never been this content. Swimming gives you mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It's just incredible. I cannot say enough about what swimming has done for me - just being active, healthy, and happy.

How to Speed Up your 50 Free
by Cheryl Wagner

All things seem possible on New Year's Eve at midnight. 365 days stretch out endlessly, giving all sorts of opportunities for self-improvement. Why, I could lose 10 pounds, spend more time with the kids, and last but not least, take 2 seconds off my 50 free.

I decided to take the challenge and ask some experts for tips on how to improve my 50 free time in 2004. Here are the responses from Clay Britt, Sean West, Jeff Roddin, and Michael Lee.

From Clay Britt: There are three things that I would do to improve my 50 times over a couple of months.

  • I would concentrate on my flip turn. You can gain a half of a second with a great turn compared to a slow turn.
  • I would perfect my start. There is another 1/2 second in the start. Focus on your streamline position as you enter the water. You will go further on the start if you are "skinny" in the water on the start.
  • I would focus on speed training. Use stretch cords in the pool to swim with resistance. This helps prepare the muscles for explosive speed. Get surgical tubing, an old belt and a hook, (or buy one) and do 5-10 25y all out sprints to the other end of the pool. Make sure that you hold your stroke together when it gets tough!
    Hope this helps. Clay
(For more technique tips from Clay, check out his swim clinics on: Feb 21, March 13, April 10, and May 15. (Info: clay@claybrittswimming.com)

From Sean West:
  • Do 25 - 30 repeats of 25 yard all-out sprints (to get the sensation of speed), followed by 75 yard drills.
  • Eventually add a fast flip turn to the end of the 25s. Focus on making a "tight ball" with your body when flipping.
  • Also focus on speeding up the part of the stroke when your hand is directly under your body, keeping your elbow high and not "slipping" through the water.
From Jeff Roddin: Here is a quick tip on a set I did to drop my 50 free time from 22.4 to 21.6.
  • 25y sprints on a 1:00 interval. The key is to swim them at 100% maximum effort. You may find you can't do more than 6 without pausing for an easy 50 (if you truly do them at 100%). I suggest doing 6x25 on 1:00, then swim an easy 50 or 100, and then try to do 6 more.
  • But if you really want to drop some time you'll need to do lots of starts and turns - there is probably more room for improvement in those places than there is in between the walls.
From Michael Lee:
  • Once a week do a 1,000 warmup consisting of technique drills, followed by 6x50y on a 5 minute interval - all-out. Pretend you're in a race.
  • During the rest of the week, do aerobic sets to build up your engine. Focus on streamline.


American Moses Breaks Breaststroke Mark
Associated Press Jan. 17, 2004

BERLIN - Ed Moses of the United States broke his short-course world record in the 200-meter breaststroke Saturday, beating the mark by 0.25 seconds at a World Cup meet.

He was timed in 2 minutes, 2.92 seconds, topping the record of 2:03.17 set at the same event in this pool Jan. 26, 2002.

Moses was nearly a second ahead of runner-up Kosuke Kitajima of Japan. By the time, Moses reached 150 meters, he was 0.35 seconds ahead of the record pace.

Hugh Roddin

Longtime Coach (Hugh Roddin) Receives Just Due
The News Herald, January 14, 2004

This newspaper has never been a huge advocate of the business of dedicating facilities to "living legends." Too often, the effort comes off as shortsighted and somewhat cheap. However, we'll even make an exception for Hugh Roddin, the longtime Roosevelt High School swimming coach.

The school pool was named in Roddin's honor Dec. 1 during the athletic awards banquet. The dedication of the facility -- along with the way it was accomplished --were too unique to pass up a mention on these pages.

We've known Hugh Roddin for a quarter century. He's an honorable, humble man -- so humble and quiet that people outside swimming circles seldom recognize just how uniquely talented he is.

He's retired from teaching, but still relates to his swimmers because he knows exactly what they are going through. Why? Because he's still a swimmer, and a highly accomplished one at that!

In December 2002, Roddin, a former University of Maryland All-American, set a national age-group record in the 200-member butterfly with a time of two minutes, 42.6 seconds. At 61, he's still trim and athletic and competes at the United States Master Swimming level.

We're sure that swimmers a quarter his age can relate to a guy who still walks the walk and talks the talk.

His lady swimmers sure can. Four seniors -- Renee McUmber, Kristen Wasiukanis, Carly Scott and Becky Sprunk -- led an all-out effort in the fall to have the pool dedicated in Roddin's name. They had the support of Athletic Director Tom DeSana and Principal Mary McFarlane. It was approved by the Board of Education on Nov. 18. It was kept a secret until the banquet. With the news, Hugh Roddin, ever the quiet, calm type, broke down and cried.

Like we said, we're not big fans of these types of dedication, but naming the Roosevelt High School pool in honor of Hugh Roddin is perfect. We can't think of a more deserving man!

 Humor and Quotes

"Like a prune, you are not getting any better looking, but you are getting sweeter."
- N. D. Stice

Wow. Maybe I can draft on him!

 Meet News

Terrapin 1000/1650 Meet Dec 7, 2003

Christy, Dave, Jim, Cheryl
Christy Grath, Dave Diehl, Jim Carey, Cheryl Wagner

Walter Lincoln

Jim, Toby, Eric, Debbie, Mack
Jim Carey, Toby Shannon, Eric Nordlund, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Mack Frampton

Joann, Kevin, Lou, Marilyn
Joann Hopkins, Kevin Takeguchi, Lou Brown, Marilyn Redman

Nancy, Karen
Nancy Kirkendahl, Ann Svenson

Swim in the New Year Dec 31, 2003

Iva, Bruce
Iva Grahek, Bruce McPherson

James, Andy
James Crowder & Andy Ellis

Jen, Julie
Jen Bistrack and Julie Peterson

Margot Pettijohn

Rob Dobry

Lynn, Patricia
Lynn Wymelenberg & Patricia Liegey

Jill Martin and Petra Adamkova
Swim Clinics, Jan 18 & 25

Petra Adamkova talks about streamline.

Jill Martin discusses the butterfly kick with swimmers.

Alexandria Masters Makes a Big Splash
by Ray Novitske

The Tropical Splash on February 1 at the George Washington Rec Center in Alexandria, VA attracted 114 swimmers to Potomac Valley's first meet of the new year. The short course yards competition was planned to introduce a little fun into a local meet, encourage new swimmers, and allow swimmers to escape the winter weather, at least in spirit. This was the first meet hosted by Alexandria Masters Swimming, and featured tropical fish tape measure souvenirs for first time competitors, tropical snacks and music, and a coconut relay and prizes.

In addition to the fun, some serious swimming was turned in, starting with record-breaking performances by Joann Leilich from Virginia Masters Swimming. New National USMS records were set in her 100 and 200 breaststroke. The 200-breaststroke record was shattered by a sizzling 9 seconds! Another notable swim for the women was turned in by Cindy Dobyns, in the 100-IM.

Men's performances were highlighted by swims from Jeff Bryan in the 100-backstroke, Drew Killian in the 50-breaststroke, and John Feinstein in the 50-fly. Tim Boyd also finished with impressive times in the 50 and 100 freestyle. The home team Alexandria Masters men's 200-free relay with Billy Prout, Drew Killian, Dan Jent, and Ross Canup also swam well. The FXCM team won the women's coconut relay, and the Mixed Nuts won the mixed relay. There were no men's entries. Final results are posted on www.alexandriamasters.com. We hope everyone who attended had good times and a good time.

Binny, Rick
Binny and Rick Hardie

Karen Rasmussen, Jan Stevens

David, Patty, Dana
David Whitney, Patty Collins, Dana Clabbers

Allie, the Alexandria Alligator


Next Potomac Valley LMSC Meeting 3/20/04
The next Potomac Valley LMSC meeting will be held on March 20, 2004, at the Montgomery Aquatic Center in Bethesda, Maryland at 1:00PM (1 hour prior to start of warm-ups for the Albatross Open).

Clay Britt Swim Clinics & Lessons
Clay Britt is offering swim clinics as well as private and semi-private lessons. His Spring Clinic Schedule is as follows: Feb 21, Mar 13, Apr 10 and May 15.
For more information call H 301-320-4694, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or visit his website: www.claybrittswimming.com.

NCAA Division I Men's Championships
The Men's NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships will be coming to Long Island on Thursday-Saturday, March 25-27. Ticket information and order forms are available on the AquaFit website. Come cheer for your favorite team, watch some awesome team spirit and swimming, and get a preview of some of the great swimmers who will be representing our country at this summer's Olympic Games in Athens, Greece!
Lisa K. Baumann
Program Director
AquaFit Masters Ltd.
734 Franklin Avenue #383
Garden City, NY 11530-4525
Tel 516-294-7946
Fax 516-294-7947
E-Mail aquafitinc@aol.com
Website www.aquafitmasters.com

Chesapeake Bay Foundation:
Tip of the Month

Get involved in your state legislative process! It's as easy as calling your elected representative(s) and asking them to support Bay issues, such as funding for sewage treatment plant upgrades, environmental education, and natural resource protection. To find out more visit our website: www.cbf.org.

Swim for life

13th Annual Swim for Life, June 19, 2003

by Dawson Nash

The 13th Annual Swim for Life will be held on June 19, 2004 at Rolph's Wharf in Chestertown MD. For more information contact Dawson Nash, swimmerdn4321@aol.com, 202-688-2150 or visit www.swimdcac.org.


Is it Swimmable?
by Joe Stewart

While my passion for open water swimming was taking serious shape, I still harbored deep fears of unknown creatures in rivers and bays, ready to devour me. Little did I realize that the unseen scary things I should have feared were not relatives of Chessie, the sea monster; rather, they were and are the microorganisms carried into our waterways by enterococci from sewage contamination. Sea dragons were probably done in by the same asteroid that took out the dinosaurs! However, every time we flush the toilet, we risk the chance of polluting streams and rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Bay.

The Clean Water Act (CWA) in 1973 called upon states to meet "fishable and swimmable" water quality standards by regulating pollution discharges and funding the development of sewage treatment plants. We just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the CWA, amended over the years to add the Beach Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act. We can now go to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website and get really seasick, or better yet, stinking mad about the lack of progress made by states charged with cleaning up our waters. The site will link you to area county health departments some of which actually do have serious water monitoring programs and their own web pages and telephone hotlines.

Though it is a good thing that the CWA has set up an important system for dealing with pollution through a regulatory permit process; controlling pollution can also be a matter of political muscle and will. As we grow in both population and development, demands upon our sewage treatment plants are overflowing while corresponding funds for plant upgrades and expansions continue to ebb. Not that pee and poop are the only problems facing us as we stroke our way through tidal currents. Rainfall sends runoff from medieval storm water management systems into our waterways. So when you are bilaterally breathing, remember not to swallow the antifreeze, fertilizer, petroleum, pesticides and trash and do remember to visit www.epa.gov/weatherchannel for information, including a free brochure, about stormwater pollution.

We rely upon our waterways not just for disposal of chemical, industrial and organic wastes; our waterways also hold that precious and not unlimited natural resource we drink, clean and cook with. What can a swimmer do, besides double kicking to dry land, where there is no escaping air pollution? How about identifying your local watershed association and going online to learn what average citizens are doing to clean up streams and rivers near you? Find out how they monitor "the monitors" who are supposed to be making waters "fishable and swimmable" and also whether they advocate to enforce existing laws and adopt new ones that call for installing effective, modern storm water management systems, limiting unplanned development and for funding programs to prevent stream erosion.

You could just dive in a creek because it hasn't rained in a week and since you paid the water bill, you know the sewage treatment plant must be working. You could wait until an open sore has healed, or your immune system isn't weakened, or you aren't pregnant before wading in. You could get shots for this and that disease. You could wear a big elastic body condom.I saw one in a Woody Allen film once, though I don't know what stroke you would do. Or, like many other people who have come to see the connection between the recreational sport of open water swimming and an environment free from pollution, you can get involved. Start by joining the watershed association closest to you!

By all means, check out www.epa.gov/waterscience/beaches. Go to the web and find the state environmental agency where you live. Pay special attention to their 303(d) CWA list of water bodies that may be required to develop Total Daily Maximum Loads (TMDLs) because they are "impaired" and unable to meet their state water quality standards (WQS). Much information about this subject can be found in "Testing the Waters 2003 A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches" by the National Resources Defense Council, which can be found at www.nrdc.org.

I opt to swim across the relatively narrow mouth of the Patapsco River rather than the length of the Chesapeake Bay. But I still remain fond of that endangered bumper sticker "Think Globally, Act Locally" and believe adopting a stream is more practical than saving the planet.

Chesapeake Bay Field Lab (Dee of St. Mary's)
Field lab
"May the Lord keep you in the palm of his hand and a stiff breeze in your sails".
Holiday greetings from the Chesapeake Bay Field Lab
- Captains Spalding and Russell

"After the Storm" Airs on the Weather Channel
EPA's Acting Assistant Administrator for Water, Benjamin Grumbles, announced the airing of an upcoming hour television special about watersheds co-produced by the Environmental Protection Agency and The Weather Channel. "After the Storm" will air on The Weather Channel on Sunday, May 9th at 8:30 and 11:30 pm EST and Saturday, June 26th at 8:30 and 11:30 pm EST.

"I encourage everyone to tune in to learn more about the threats facing our nation's water from polluted runoff," said Acting Assistant Administrator Grumbles. 'After the Storm' shows the connection between weather and watersheds and the importance of watershed protection. We all live in a watershed and we all have an impact on our environment."

Viewers are encouraged to visit the EPA web site - www.epa.gov/weatherchannel for more information about what they can do, including a free brochure about storm water pollution.


Master Bay-Er's
Are you a long distance swimmer in this area who has swum the Chesapeake Bay 10 or more times? Do you think it would be a good idea to organize a local Master Bay Swimmers group for these 10-time Bay veterans? We could call it the "Master Bayers" and be recognized by our regional Masters Swim Conference. Of course, we would need either a clever t-shirt or a subtle patch to put on our swim bag or fleece. Send me your feedback and comments. Ron Filler ronfiller@yahoo.com.

Sea Devils - Interval Training & Conditioning to Fit a Busy Schedule
Morning practices Monday through Saturday, offered in both DC and Virginia.

Day of Week Practice Time Location Coach
Mon, Wed, Fri 5AM - 6:30AM The Lab Pool (Georgetown)
Rory Lewis & Bob Walker
Tue, Thu 5AM - 6:30AM Madiera School (Great Falls VA)
Peter Karl
Sat 6AM - 8AM Madiera School (Great Falls, VA
Trevor Basil
Experienced coaches that can help you reach your swimming goals coach all practices.
For inquires, call Lyn Hellman at (703) 917-9208, ext. 1 or email admin@seadevils.org.

Terrapin Masters Swim Club
Terrapin Masters conducts 6 practices a week in a world class natatorium at the UM Campus Recreation Facility.
Pay by the practice (punch-card). www.crosslink.net/~cherylw.

Mon, Wed, Thu 6PM - 7:30PM
Tue, Thu 6:15AM - 7:45AM
Sat 8:15AM - 9:45AM

Sport Camp Ltd, Hungary
Sport Camp Ltd. is a Hungarian company whose main activity is to organize training camps and cultural activities for foreign sport clubs. Our partner, swimming coach Mr. Joseph Nagy has lived and worked in the USA for 10 years and built up a career there, working with Mike Barrowman ('92 Olympic Champion in Barcelona), Roques Santos (Olympic Trials champion and Senior World Record holder in '98 in 100m breaststroke) and Sergio Lopez (European Record holder, and US Open Champion in '89).

Joseph's knowledge and experience coaching in the US, complete with our experiences in organizing training camps in Hungary, results in successful camps. We not only find hotels and pools for you, but also offer low priced flight tickets from anywhere in the US to Hungary. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have qusetions!
Eva Feher sportcamp@sportcamp.axlero.net +36 30 9940222

College Park Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Sale on ALL Triathlete bikes!

10% off all accessories with this ad.

4th Annual Total Training Mallorca Training Camp
Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2004

What: Triathlon camp with a Cycling focus. This is the 4th year that Total Training has conducted a weeklong training camp at this "made for cycling" island. Steve Tarpinian and Annette Gasper have scoped the island out and found the perfect resort, Club Pollentia (www.clubpollentia.com ). Our rides will take us through picturesque, small Spanish towns, challenging climbs up switchbacks to the top of the many different mountains, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Coaches will be working on climbing technique, group riding skills, and getting everyone's legs ready for the upcoming season. For those traveling form the US and other interested participants, Saturday, February 28th will be a tour of the famous Ironman Germany course and a short tour in the city of Frankfurt. US participants will need to leave on Friday night February 27th to arrive Saturday the 28th.

Where: Mallorca Spain, an island in the Mediterranean off the Eastern coast of Spain (Barcelona). It is an island where many of the professional Cyclists from Europe go in the off-season to train. It is one of the best places to work on your cycling due to usually great weather and good roads. Although weather in March is changeable, average temperatures are 55 - 70 degrees and dry.

When: Sunday, February 29 - Sunday, March 7

Cost: $1,200 includes:
Flights to and from Mallorca and Frankfurt (including bike cost)
Transfer to hotel, Seven nights at Club Pollentia, double occupancy, Breakfast and dinner (good food, wide selection) and all instruction (daily swimming, biking, running and flexibility)

Registration: Send email to hold a place to totaltrain@aol.com immediately, space is limited. Mail checks to Total Training, Inc. P.O. Box 1626 Southampton, NY 11969.

Questions: Randy Weintraub at randyscott@msn.com, he was just there in October.


Kayakers Needed! Potomac River Swim June 5
Kayakers and boaters are needed for the Potomac River Swim on June 5, 2004. Pre-swim supper, t-shirt, camping, breakfast, and post-swim picnic are all provided. Contact Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net, www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm

Endless Pools at the USMS SC Championships
We'll be attending the Short Course Championships in Indianapolis this year and we'd like everyone to know they can come by and try an Endless Pool for themselves. We'll have an underwater camera on location so participants can see and analyze their stroke as they swim against the Endless Pool current.

Daniel Fraley, Endless Pools, Inc.
US Masters Sponsor
610-497-8676 x265.


Patuxent Adventure Center -
discount on wetsuits

The newly opened Patuxent Adventure Center, which is sponsoring the Potomac River Swim is offering a 10% discount on Quintanaroo wetsuits with this ad.
Visit them at: www.paxadventure.com.

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Eric Nordlund - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Dale Barnhard - Dale Barnhard
Hugh Roddin - Jeff Roddin
Humor - Joke of the Day
Joe Stewart - Joe Stewart
Tropical Splash photos - Andy Whitney
Ches Bay Field Lab - www.thebaylab.org
Flying Dolphin & Cow - Joke of the Day

 Events Calendar

      Swimming Calendar

February Fitness Challenge www.pvmasters.org/entry/FFCentry2004.pdf

Feb 21
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Lab School Washington DC www.claybrittswimming.com

Feb 29
SwimSpeed One-Day Technique Clinic Baltimore, MD National Triathlon Academy david@triathlonacademy.com / www.triathlonacademy.com

Mar 6-7
Maryland Masters Winter Meet - UMBC, Catonsville, MD SCY; Barbara Protzman, 7919 Main Falls Cir, Catonsville, MD 21228-2421, 410-788-2964(h), swimbarb@hotmail.com ; http://maryland.usms.org

Mar 14
SwimSpeed One-Day Technique Clinic Baltimore, MD National Triathlon Academy david@triathlonacademy.com www.triathlonacademy.com

Mar 13
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Lab School Washington DC www.claybrittswimming.com

Mar 20
Albatross Open Montgomery Aquatics Center Bethesda, MD SCM Info: Richard Sachs 20-966-4660 rsachs@crs.loc.gov Tom Denes 301-652-2215 waterprfch@aol.com Web: www.pvmasters.org

Mar 20
Carol Chidester Swim Series Challenge: UMBC Catonsville MD; MD vs PV Challenge 4:30PM Warmup. All relays (200 & 400 free & medley and 800 free) 50, 100, 200 - all strokes and IM. $7 entry fee. Limit: 3 individual events & 2 relays. Pre-entry is required. http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0304.pdf

Apr 2-4
Colonies Zone SCY Championships - George Mason Univ, Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 4207 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com / www.patriotmasters.org/Colonies.April2004.Entry.pdf ; Entry Deadline 3/20/2004

Apr 10
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Lab School Washington DC www.claybrittswimming.com

Apr 15-18
YMCA Masters Nationals Ft Lauderdale FL www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2004Masters.htm

Apr 22-25
2004 USMS Short Course Championships - Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN SCY; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, oldstein@mindspring.com

Apr 22-24
US ParaOlympic Trials Minneapolis, MN www.usparalympics.org/

Mark Ward/Jeff Kostoff Swim Clinics Contact Mark Ward at 301-258-5100x217.

May 2
Md Masters 1000/1650 UMBC Catonsville, MD (tentative) http://maryland.usms.org

May 15
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Lab School Washington DC www.claybrittswimming.com

Jun 2-13
10th FINA World Masters Championships - Riccione, Italy LCM; X FINA World Masters Championships, c/o Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, 00194 Roma, Italia, (39)0636200469, (39)0636200031 (fax), info@masters2004 ; Entries by mail and on line (January 2004) - no email or fax; www.masters2004.it ; Entry Deadline 4/3/2004 (received)

Jul 11
Terrapin Masters 800/1500 LCM Meet - UM Campus Rec Natatorium, College Park, MD Pre- and Deck entries. Info: Dave Diehl phone: 301-946-0649 (H) before 9pm please or 301-314-5372 (W) or email: dd119@umail.umd.edu Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/meet800.htm

Aug 12-15
2004 USMS Long Course Championships - Chatham Cty Aquatic Center, Savannah, GALCM; Scott Rabalais, 4 McLaughlin Ct., Savannah, GA 31419, 912-927-7016, scottrabalais@compuserve.com ; Sanctioned GA LMSC


      Open Water Calendar

May 30, 2004
Jim McDonnell 1 & 2 Mile Lake Swims - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Gordon Gerson, Reston Masters Swim Team, 703-845-SWIM (7946), ; Entry processing and scoring by Lin-Mark Computer Sports. Online entries to be available in early 2004; www.restonmasters.org ; Sanctioned by PV LMSC

Jun 5, 2004
Potomac River Swim 7.5 Mile Swim. Cheryl Wagner Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm

Jun 12, 2004
2004 USMS 5K Open Water Championship - Atlantic Ocean, Fernandina, FL OW; Edward Gaw, 2500 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, ; Sponsored by Fernandina Beach P & R

Jun 13, 2004
Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Challenge www.lin-mark.com

Jun 10-13, 2004
10th FINA World Masters Championships - 3K Open Water - Riccione Beach, Riccione, Italy OW; X FINA World Masters Championships, c/o Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, 00194 Roma, Italia, (39)0636200469, (39)0636200031 (fax), info@masters2004 ; Entries by mail and on line (January 2004) - no email or fax. 90 minute time limit will apply; www.masters2004.it/programme_openwater.asp

Jun 19, 2004
Swim for Life 1,2,3,4,5 mile Swims; Rolph's Wharf Chestertown, MD Info: Dawson Nash swimmerdn4321@aol.com / www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/sfl2003i.htm

June 20, 2004
1 Mile Open Water Swim - Virginia Beach Ocean Swim (Father's Day) Betsy Durrant, 211, 66th Sun Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Call (757) 422-6811 for info. E-mail: durrantb@aol.com

Jun 25, 2004
Independence Day 1 Mile Swim - Friday June 25, 2004 - Somers Point, NJ www.lmsports.com

Jun 26, 2004
CT Open Water Championships / Madison Mile - Madison, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, dave@force5sports.com ; www.force5sports.com ; Pre-entry & Deck-entry

Jun 26, 2004
2004 USMS 2-Mile Cable Championship - Eagle Creek Reservoir, Indianapolis, IN OW; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com ;

June 27, 2004
1 Mile & 2 Mile Lehigh River Swim, Allentown, PA; Contact James Platt, P.O. Box 3304, Allentown, PA 18106: jhp35@hotmail.com or Mike Seip, seip@enter.net

Jun 27, 2004
2004 USMS 1 Mi Open Water Championship - Wildwood, NJ OW; Vicki Anders, 6 Lingate Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117, 410-502-5395, andervi@jhmi.edu;

July 3, 2004
28.5 Mile Swim Around Manhattan Island, NYC, NY B entry due February 29th. Contact for relays and solo swims: www.nycswim.org

July 3, 2004
1.3 Mile or a 5 K Bridge to Bridge Bay Race. Contact Sid & Kara K. Cassidy at 311 Montpelier Avenue, EggHarbor Township, New Jersey 08234. Email: sacassidy@comcast.net or call (609-653-0939). 4:30 & 6 p.m. Start!!

Jul 10, 2004
2004 USMS 10K Open Water Championship - Huntington Bay, Huntington, NY OW; Bea Hartigan, 27 Huntington Rd, Huntington, NY 11743-1702, 631-271-3349, bea10k@yahoo.com

Jul 17, 2004
2004 USMS 3.5K Open Water Championship - Applegate Lake, Jacksonville, OR OW; Dan Gray, RVM Lake Swim, PO Box 3338, Ashland, OR 97520, 541-890-5483, dangray45@hotmail.com

Jul 17, 2004
1 Mile Ocean Swim, 7th Annual Swim For the Dolphins, Wildwood Crest, NJ. Dave Hirsch: (609-465-5590). Sat 6 PM Start at Rambler Rd. & the Beach. Contact L & M Computer Sports, 89 Park Drive, Berlin, NJ 08009. www.lmsports.com

Jul 17, 2004
2.4 Mile Race for the River (Hudson River Swim). World Financial Center to Chelsea Piers. (Sat.) www.nycswim.org

Jul 17, 2004
0.5 Mile Cove to Cove Swim, New York City, NY. www.nycswim.org

Jul 24, 2004
1 Mile Ocean Swim - Ocean City, NJ (34th Street) www.lmsports.com Darren Hickman (Sat.) (609) 926-9191: darrenhickman@hotmail.com The 24th Annual Masters Ocean Swim starts at 6:30 p.m. Register at 34th Street.

Aug 1, 2004
1 Mile Park to Park Swim, New York City, NY www.nycswim.org

Aug 1, 2004
Boston Light 10 Mile Swim; Boston MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 7, 2004
25K Swim Across the Sound - Bridgeport, CT OW; Dave Parcells, 17 Yankee Glen Dr, Madison, CT 06443, 203-606-4529, dave@force5sports.com ; Amateur solo and relay teams; www.swimacrossthesound.org ; Entry Deadline 5/31/2004

Aug 21, 2004
The Great Hudson River Swim - 2.8 miles Hudson River New York, www.nycswim.org

Sep 18, 2004
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 7.8 miles Hudson River New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 25, 2004
Sunfest 1K, 3K, 5K Swim - Ocean City, MD. Info: SunfestSwimming@comcast.net

      Multi-Sports Calendar

Feb 29
The Wisp Winter Triathlon McHenry, Maryland: Run 2.7 miles, Snow Tube, Mountain Bike 8 miles, Snow Tube, Cross Country Ski 4, Snow Tube, Snow Trail Run 2.5 miles www.trifind.com

Mar 21
Mountain Bike Duathlon, TBA, www.triath.com

Mar 28
Cedarville MTB Duathlon www.triath.com

Apr 04
Virginia Duathlon Virginia Beach, Virginia: Run 3.1 miles , Bike 18.6 miles, Run 3.1 miles Time: 8:30am email: cmaxwell@widomaker.com / email: TYW59@aol.com / www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 10
Camp Odyssey, Big Island VA to earn paddling and climbing certificates so you can enter the Beast of the East or other US Adventure Racing Association events, www.oarevents.com

Apr 11
12 Hours Of Wisp Mountain McHenry, Maryland: Bike Race 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race for 3 Person Teams www.trifind.com

April 15
Lake Louisa Sprint (first of six on Thursday evenings) near Orlando FL and near the new USATriathlon National Training Center which is open to all amateur athletes, www.usat-ntc.com

Apr 18
Bethesda Triathlon / Biathlon Bethesda, Maryland: Triathlon: Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Biathlon: Run 2.5 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Start Time: 7:00 am Location: Bethesda-Chevy Chase YMCA www.trifind.com

Apr 18
3SPORTS Duathlon @ West Creek Run 3.1 miles, Bike 18 miles, Run 3.1 miles Phone: (910) 458-0299 email billscott@set-upinc.com / www.set-upinc.com

Apr 24
Mountain Do Triathlon 2004 Marion, Virginia: Run 6.2 miles, Canoe 1.9 miles, Bike 12.4 miles Phone: (276) 782-3710 email: ounglifemarion@yahoo.com Price: $85/team, $40/youth team, $25/adult solo, $10/youth solo Course Info: Running 10k, Canoeing/Kayaking 3k, Mountain Biking 20k -At beautiful Hungry Mother State Park. www.mountaindotriathlon.com

Apr 24-25
National Triathlon Academy Baltimore, MD Troy Jacobson Weekend Mini-Camp www.triathlonacademy.com

April 24
Surf and Turf Triathlon, Surf City, NC, (near Topsail Island) www.set-upinc.com

Apr 25
Angels Race Triathlon Lynchburg, Virginia: Pool Swim 300 yards, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles www.angelsrace.com

Apr 25
Point Lookout Duathlon Point Lookout, Maryland: Run 3 miles, Bike 15 miles, Run 3 miles Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com / www.trifind.com

April 25
St. Anthony's Triathlon, FL, www.satriathlon.com

May 1
Seal Adventure Challenge Virginia Beach, Virginia: Navy SEAL and other Special Forces professionals will provide instruction. Phone: (757) 425-2445 Fax: (757) 425-9477 email: nfo@oarevents.com

May 2
Blackwater Traverse Duathlon Cambridge, Maryland: Run 6.2 miles, Bike 25.5 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: Cambridge South Dorchester High School email: events@tricolumbia.org / www.tricolumbia.org

May 8
Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia; Swim 750 meters, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: Smith Mountain Lake State Park email: billscott@set-upinc.com / www.set-upinc.com

May 8
White Lake NC Half Ironman distance triathlon, www.set-upinc.com

May 9
White Lake NC Sprint Triathlon, www.set-upinc.com

May 9
Annapolis Seaport Triathlon Annapolis, Maryland: www.trifind.com

May 15
Odyssey Off-Road Tri-Duathlon Triathlon Pro Extreme: Sherando, Virginia: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 16 miles, Mountain Bike 33 miles Triathlon Pro: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 22 miles Triathlon Sport: Swim 0.9 miles, Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 11 miles Duathlon: Trail Run 8 miles, Mountain Bike 11 miles Phone: (757) 425-2445 Fax: (757) 425-9477 email: info@oarevents.com / www.oarevents.com

May 23
Columbia Triathlon Swim Ellicott Maryland: City, MD 1500 Meters, Bike 25.5 Miles, Run 6.2 Miles Location: Centennial Lake/Park email: events@tricolumbia.org / www.tricolumbia.org

May 30
Liberty (New York) to Liberty (Phildelphia) triathlon, www.envirosports.com

May 30
Cape May NJ Triathlon and Duathlon, www.triath.com

Jun 5
Pocomoke Triathlon Pocomoke, Maryland: Swim mile, Bike 14.3 miles, Run 3.5 miles www.triamerica.com

Jun 6
Cape May Triathlon/Duathlon www.triath.com

Jun 12
Tri-America - Kids Hampton, Virginia Ages 7-10: Swim 100 yards, Bike 3 miles, Run 0.6 miles Ages 11-14: Swim 200 yards, Bike 6 miles, Run 1.2 miles www.triamerica.com

Jun 13
The 11th Annual Spud Triathlon / Duathlon Indian Head, Maryland: Short Triathlon: Swim _ mile, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles Long Triathlon: Swim 1 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles Duathlon: Run 3.1 miles, Bike 15 miles, Run 3.1 miles Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com / www.triath.com

Jun 13
Blackwater EagleMan Triathlon Cambridge, MD Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, Run 13.1 miles Location: Choptank River - Great Marsh Park email: events@tricolumbia.org / www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 13
Tri-America Triathlon Series - Hampton, VA Sprint: Swim 750 meters, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles Olympic: Swim 1500 meters, Bike 24.9 miles, Run 6.2 miles Phone: (352) 394-1320 email: nfo@usatri.com / www.triamerica.com/content/home.php

Jun 20
Baltimore Aquathon Baltimore, Maryland: Long: Swim 2 miles Run 6.2 miles Medium: Swim 1 mile Run 4 miles Short: Swim _ mile Run 2.5 miles www.triath.com

Jun 27
Steelman Duathlon www.triath.com

Jul 18
2nd Annual Cedarfest Mountain Bike Duathlon Waldorf, Maryland: Run 2.5 miles, Mountain Bike 10 miles, Run 2.5 miles Location: Cedarville State Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com / www.triath.com

Jul 25
Riverwatch Triathlon / Duathlon North East, Maryland: Triathlon: Swim _ mile, Bike 16 miles, Run 3.1 miles Duathlon: Run 3.1 miles, Bike 16 miles, Run 3.1 miles Location: North East Community Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com / www.triath.com

Jul 31
12 Hours of the Wisp www.triath.com

Aug 15
Son of a Spud Triathlon Indian Head, Maryland Triathlon: Swim 1 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles Location: General Smallwood State Park Phone: (410) 593-9662 Fax: (410) 593-9664 email: jaeger@erols.com / www.triath.com

Aug 29
Gateway to the Mountain Fat-Tire Triathlon www.triath.com

Oct 9
Chesapeake Man Ironman Cambridge, Maryland Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles Location: Great Marsh Park, Cambridge, MD Register On-Line at: www.tricolumbia.org

Oct 24
Greeting of the Geese Duathlon www.triath.com

Nov 7
Rosaryville MTB Duathlon www.triath.com