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February 2006

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 Note from the Chair

Well, another year has started, and I'm back as your chair.

At the last Potomac Valley meeting, elections were held and there are some changes in our board (both elected and appointed positions). Tim Timmons remains our Treasurer and I am the new (returning) Chair. We welcome WonKee Moon (DCAC) as the new Potomac Valley Secretary. Eric Nordlund has taken over as Sanctions Chair for Margot Pettijohn. Mark Murray will be the new PV Coaches Chair. We also have created two new positions within the PVLMSC - Fitness Chair (Ann Svenson) and Safety Chair (Myriam Pero). Other positions remain the same. I would like to thank all of these people for volunteering their time and energy for our LMSC.

I hope that you will take advantage of some of the great upcoming meets within Potomac Valley, or outside of our LMSC, try something new, and meet new swimming friends in the upcoming year. Happy Laps.
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews

Interview with Petra Adamkova Martin
All about Swimming in the Czech Republic

by Cheryl Wagner

Petra is a masters swimming coach, as well as a record holding masters swimmer. She recently graduated from the University of Maryland where she set an ACC record during her two years on the varsity team. She is from the Czech Republic and has many interesting stories about swimming on their national team. Here is an interview with Petra.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Nachod in the Czech Republic which is in the mountains, 2 hours northeast of Prague. My hometown actually has a couple of ski slopes right in town. My parents put me on skis when I was 3 years old and I hated it, at first. I started sliding and got so angry I was throwing my skis and didn't want to get back on. I was a feisty kid! I love skiing now and ended up doing a lot of it when I was a kid.

Q: How did you start swimming?
A: I started swimming when I was little. Both my sister and I were diagnosed with scoliosis. My grandmother (mom's mom) is a pediatrician and believes swimming is good for scoliosis. So my parents and grandparents taught me how to swim. My mother never did swimming as a sport although she was on the Czech national team for track and field. She went to the World University Games and did javelin, shot put and sprints.

Q: When did you start competitive swimming?
A: When I was 7 my parents wanted to sign me up for a swim team. They took me to a tryout but I was crying because I didn't want to go. I complained that none of my friends were going. My parents said, "We don't care. You're going!" After two weeks, I didn't want to leave. Breaststroke was my stroke, and in my first meet, a couple of months later, I got 4th in the 50 breast. I was pretty upset about that. I went to my coach and told him I would never lose again! My coaches didn't have to motivate me. I was very competitive.

Q: How did you do after that?
A: When I was ten, I won my first national age group championship. We have national championships for 10 year olds, 11 & 12 year olds, etc. I won the 10 year old national championships in 50 breaststroke. I kept having fun, getting faster and making more frequent appearances in the top times for my age group. We don't have college swimming to the same extent as here in the US. Everything is done through club teams. All of Europe is pretty much like that.

Q: Tell me about the Czech Sport Schools.
A: In Czech Republic, there are sports schools. You get recruited. You can start in the 5th grade and go all the way through high school. It's kind of like a boarding school, although if you live in town where the sports school is, you can live at home. They build your school schedule around your training. They still have these schools. They were recruiting me when I was 10, but my parents didn't want me to leave and live five hours away. I stayed home and kept training with my club team. I was swimming for an hour a day, maybe four times a week. I was also doing track and field. I loved to be outside and add variety.

I ended up going to the Czech sport school when I was 13. Boy, was that an experience! You go home once every two months. You have training and meets on the weekends. In the dorms, you live with older kids. Everybody is really competitive. You have to stand your ground and take care of yourself. It was a good learning experience. By that time I had been on the junior national team for 2 years. The junior national team has kids under 18. We did international competitions, mostly in Europe -- Germany, Hungary, England, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. It was a fun time. I stayed at the sports school for a year. When my coach left, I went back to my home town. I was still on the national team, just living and training at home.

Q: Did you continue swimming?
A: After my freshman year of high school, I was sick of swimming. I talked to my coach, and he said, whenever you feel like this, go home and I don't want to see you for a week. But I needed to do something else. I took a year off and did non-sports stuff. After that I started coaching little kids and then started swimming a little in the second semester of my junior year. My body had changed - freestyle was now my fastest stroke. When I came back, I swam for 4 months and made the senior national team. I won the 50 free, got 2nd in the 100 free and made top five in the 100 breast at the Czech National Championships. After four months of training, I was back. I think that it was good that I took that break. I started enjoying it again.

Q: Did you swim in college?
A: After my senior year in high school my Mom bought me a ticket to the US to travel with my friends. My English teacher (an American) put that trip together for us. For a couple of weeks, we stayed in a camp near Lake Erie where I worked as a lifeguard to make a little money. One weekend, some people saw me swimming in Lake Erie and asked me, "Are you on a swim team? Our son swims at the University of Indiana and maybe they would like you to swim for them." I said, "Sure. You can tell the coach my times." I had no idea how things work with college swimming here, that you can get scholarships, that there are different divisions, shortly said I had no clue about anything. Soon after that, my friends and I left the camp and started to drive across the country to do sightseeing and visit some of the great US National parks.

I was in Los Angeles and somehow the parents of the IUP swimmer got hold of me. They said the University of Indiana coach was interested in me and would give me a scholarship. I met with the IUP coach, Peter Ward, at the airport the day we were leaving the US, to discuss the details. Few years after all of this Peter and I still have a good "strange" recruiting story to tell about a girl that was swimming in a lake and ended up "making some waves" in US college swimming. I called my Mom at 3AM in the morning to tell her that I would be going to school in the US. She said, "What, you better come home first." I went home to get a visa, do my SAT and Toefel exams and do the paperwork. I started college at home so that I would have something to do for a year and kept swimming on the Czech national team.

The next year I started to swim at the University of Indiana. The coach who recruited me got a different coaching job after a while and that's when I started to think about transferring. Also, Indiana was Division II. I didn't have much competition and wanted more. I liked DC for the international atmosphere and job market and heard Jim Wenhold at UM had a good sprint program. So, I came to UM and swam for 2 years. I was still on the Czech national team and continued competing in the European championships and World Cups. My 200 medley relay at the 2000 European championships in Spain broke the Czech National record, I was the anchor. At the 2001 ACC's our 200 free relay broke the ACC record. Suzy Catterson, Kelly Bowman, Katy Novotny, and I were on the team. It was an awesome training group.

Q: How did you get involved in masters swimming?
A: Since I got a full scholarship at UM I loaded up and got three degrees: in marketing, finance, and economics. I started coaching Terrapin Masters in my 5th year at UM and after that started doing some masters meets. I've been doing that ever since. I'm still breaking national records. I'm not training too much - I like quality, variety and cross training. For my cross training I run, jump rope, do medicine balls, heavy bag and speed bag (boxing). I like to get on a bike, too. I play soccer and volleyball in the summer, on the grass in Crofton. Or we shoot baskets. I like to do lots of stuff outside of the pool.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: Right now I work in sports marketing, for a company that puts on college football games. I started coaching little kids, just a few times a week, to be able to stay around the pool and pass on my knowledge and experience. My husband, Drew, and I would like to start a family in the near future. I am going to stay active to keep in good shape. I think that even with a family, I will keep swimming. I think it is good to keep swimming even when you are pregnant and definitely afterwards as well.

AquaBike: Good News for Swimmers & Cyclists
by Kenton Pattie KentonP1@aol.com , Annandale Masters

Responding to triathletes for whom knee damage bars further running, in 2005 USA Triathlon, the tri sanctioning body, authorized a pilot program called "Aquabike." The format is open water swim then road bike. No running! The other alternative to triathlon that is sanctioned by USAT is duathlon, whose format is run, road bike, then run again. Duathlon has lagged behind in recent years while triathlon has grown rapidly.

So, if you are an athlete who can swim open water and road bike, the future may bring a competition you can comfortably complete and enjoy.

The '05 USAT pilot was conducted by approximately one dozen race directors who are responsible for half-iron distance events: Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles (70.3 miles altogether). But, the Aquabike option is to swim 1.2 miles and bike 56 miles, then finish without having to run the final half marathon.

When I contacted USAT's Troy Stiles (troy@usatriathlon.org ) in Colorado Springs, he said they are studying the results. I've contacted some of the race directors who tired it.

The Eagleman Half-Ironman, Cambridge, MD is conducting the pilot this year, as Columbia (Maryland) Triathlon Club did not have time to add it to their formula in '05. Sunday, June 11, 2006 there will be over 50 athletes who will finish the first Aquabike in our area. They will start as a separate swim wave after the triathlon wave in the Choptank River, near the birthplace and childhood home of Annie Oakley (Annie Get Your Gun).

Most athletes interviewed for this column said they like the concept as they no longer have the knees for the triathlon format of swim, bike and run. But, without the run, they are back with their own competition and are welcomed by leaders such as Eagleman Race Director Robert Vigorito (vigo986@tricolumbia.org ).

The same Aquabike format will be offered again in ChesapeakeManUltra another long distance triathlon scheduled for endurance athletes September 30, 2006 in Cambridge, MD. (www.tricolumbia.org )

USAT feels that the Aquabike format will work best initially as part of a half-iron distance or longer triathlon. Vigorito agrees.

Vigorito when asked how many registrations it would take to make Aquabike viable, he replied "If combined with another event I am not sure one could really lose big dollars. We need to try it and develop it first. But I think it would go well if we promoted it as a new type of duathlon. I think this format has merit and could be developed and be a winner for many who no longer can run due to years of wear and tear on their knees."

Vigorito added that inclusion of Aquabike need not depend on the approval of Ironman North America or USAT, although for the purpose of national ranking of Aquabike athletes USAT would need to say "yes" and agree to the method of accommodating and recognizing the Aquabike results.

As there is a division between USAT and the Ironman organization, each would need to make their own decision as to whether or not to recognize and promote Aquabike.

Another format which might emerge from the traditional concept of triathlon is a new form of duathlon in which athletes may only need to run and bike, rather than run-bike-run. As Vigorito said "Stay tuned!"

Margie Shapiro: Triathlete of the Year

Triathlete of the Year from Annandale (Virginia) Masters Swim Club and Potomac River Running recently won the 1650 yard swim in 19:37:64 at the Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 yard meet, at Catholic University, DC. Margie is turning pro as a triathlete and was featured in Triathlete Magazine. All Potomac Masters join in congratulating Margie and wishing her well in her career. Is it too early to mention: potential US Olympic team member?

2006 Triathlons

As triathlon continues to grow, there are new triathlons being offered in our area.

April 22, 2006 the Kinetic Half-iron distance, Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Virginia, and May 14, 2006 the Olympic distance Luray Triathlon.

The 25th Columbia Triathlon will be held May 21, 2006. Make-A-Wish Triathlon will be September 10, 2006 and is a highly successful fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Luray, Columbia and Make-A-Wish are all Olympic Distance (.5 mile swim 25 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run).

Thinking Like a Champion
by Cheryl Wagner

Sasha Sasha Cohen of the United States falls during the second jump of her routine in the Women's Figure Skating final at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2006. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian) (Kevork Djansezian - AP)
A recent article in TIME Magazine called "Getting and Staying in the Zone" says something Sasha Cohen brilliantly illustrated in her Olympic long program, "...the truly great athletes, ... know that maintaining a competitive edge is less about keeping it honed to perfection at all times, than realizing they can lose the edge every once in a while and still get it back." After a nearly perfect short program and the nation's expectation of a gold medal, Sasha stumbled twice at the beginning of her long program. Somehow she found the presence of mind to finish the rest of the program with grace and artistic brilliance - and still earn a silver medal. Perhaps she already knew what the TIME article claims, "Athletes need to train their mind with the same discipline that they train their bodies."

The article describes how thoughts have direct and powerful connections to physiological functions. "At the root of most slumps is a perceived decline in performance." How an athlete defines a particularly bad day can shape the rest of his or her career. While the slump may be due to a daily or seasonal variation or the fact that they ran into an exceptional opponent, if the athlete believes this is the beginning of the "end", that belief can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Athletes are often unaware of the connection between belief and the body's performance. Athletic skill (especially for the gifted) is so second-nature that it's tempting to think it all resides in muscle memory. But "even those rote actions involve a tremendous amount of mental processing. ...Any learned sports skill begins in the thinking part of the brain.... As these neurons get excited, they activate nerve cells connected to the limbic system just under the cerebrum of the brain, the area associated with emotions such as fear, anxiety, elation and satisfaction. That area is tied in turn to the motor cortex, which controls the muscles." So if your dominant emotions are fear or anxiety, you trigger the fight-or-flight response with a racing heart, adrenaline, and tunnel vision. This is probably not the type of reaction you want during an event - unless you're racing Gary Hall in the 50 free.

One way that sports psychologists are suggesting athletes control this reaction is to become aware of their "self-talk". "The average person speaks to himself at a rate of 300 to 1,000 words a minute." In a long race (for example the Bay swim), this leaves a lot of time for talking yourself into losing. In those first moments after the start when the pack is pulling away, you can either think, "There's a lot of time ahead of me. Anything could happen. I'm going to keep working hard." Or you can think, "This is hopeless. I'm already almost dead last. What's the point?"

"Aynsley Smith, director of the sports-medicine research center at the Mayo Clinic gives her athletes a ...system of thought swapping. 'I tell them that self-talk exists on three channels: positive, negative and escape.'" She advises to try to switch to a positive channel when your thoughts (and performance) are tanking. However, if the anxiety level still remains high, try an escape channel, for example imagining how Janet Evans or Michael Phelps would handle this situation. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing are also good for helping athletes quiet the inner beast, allowing their bodies to perform. In other words, regardless of how you do it, it's important to learn how to get out of your own way when it counts the most. (Source: TIME Magazine, January 16, 2006, "Getting and Staying in the Zone" by Alice Park.)


SCY "Swimmer of the Year" Awards go to
Matt Haupt (24, TERR) & Kelly Bowman (24, TERR)!

The line-ups changed out again for the 2005 Short Course Yards Top Male and Female Swimmers of the Year for Potomac Valley Masters (PVMS)! This time out two young Terps, Matt Haupt and Kelly Bowman, rose to the top spots among the region's heap of talented swimmers. All told, four of the ten top spots were held by young Terps, the teams of Ancient Mariners and DC Masters each claimed three positions, and a sole Alexandria Masters's swimmer (Killian, the breaststroker) rounded out this year's SCY Top Ten.

Pos Name Team Age Points
1 Matt R Haupt TERR M 18-24 75
2 Kelly E Bowman TERR W 18-24 66
3 Mary M Lathram DCM W 85-89 60
4 Anne I Walker DCM W 85-89 51
5 J Clay Britt ANCM M 40-44 42
6 Petra Martin TERR W 25-29 37
7 Kenneth Flynn DCM M 75-79 33
8 Hugh Roddin ANCM M 60-64 31
9 Jeffrey H Roddin ANCM M 35-39 21
10 Andrew S Killian ALEX M 25-29 21
10 Peter J Fehring TERR M 25-29 21

In all, 55 PVMS swimmers made it into the USMS Top Ten rankings for the 2005 short course yards season (assuming all name variations properly identified and removed). In terms of cumulative point totals for these 55 PVMS swimmers, Terrapin Masters swimmers accumulated 247 points for their team; DC Masters swimmers provided 160 points, and the Ancient Mariners gathered 140 points to place these three teams first, second, and third in the region, respectively.

The top male and female PVMS swimmers are determined on the basis of the USMS Top Ten rankings. These awards are provided for each of the SCY, SCM, and LCM seasons during the year.

 Humor and Quotes


On Aging:
-Don't let aging get you down. It's too hard to get back up.

-It's scary when you make the same noises as your coffeemaker.

- Reporter interviewing a 104-year-old woman:
Q: "What do you think is the best thing about being 104?"
A: "No peer pressure."

Grant me:
the senility to forget the people I never liked,
the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and
the eyesight to tell the difference.

 Meet News

LatyCar All Americas in Sao Paolo, Brazil
by Myriam Pero

Pictures taken at the LatyCar All Americas. This is Myriam Pero's Colombian Team ACUACOL. They brought with them the Championship Trophy. This was in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the month of October. It was a great meet, very well organized and a beautiful country to visit.
Latycar Latycar

Terrapin Swim in the New Year
Dec 31, 2005

Myriam, Dorothy
Myriam Pero, Dorothy Buchhagen
Jim, Wanda, Steve
Jim Nealis (event manager), Wanda Williams, Steve Payne
Cameron, Beth
Cameron & Mary Beth Gormley
Erin, Bill
Erin Miller, Bill Conroy
Andrew, Luke
Andrew & Luke Moulton

Terrapin Masters Hosts "Swimming Faster Clinic"
by Barney Lynch

On February 4th the Terrapin Masters Club hosted a technique clinic featuring current University of Maryland varsity swim coach Dave Durden. The event was attended by over thirty five people, and raised $700 for the UMD Varsity program. Attendees were treated to a workout by Petra Martin, under the watchful eye of Coach Durden, who also contributed some stroke drills and helpfully critiqued the swimmers' strokes in between sets. Following the workout, and several dozen bagels, Coach Durden gave an hour long seminar on the latest and greatest in freestyle swimming, complete with a discussion of technique drills, a video demonstration, training tips and a question and answer period.

Thanks to all who attended and helped plan this event. Look for more events featuring Coach Durden to follow this Spring.
Coach Durden demonstrating the mechanics of a drill in which the swimmer wears a single flipper to reinforce hip rotation.

Attendees Clinic Attendees (Barney Lynch on far right)


2006 USAS Convention
by Myriam Pero

I attended the Convention at Greensboro, North Carolina during the month of September. One of the main topics were Elections, since this was the first election of officers after the House of Delegates approved changes to the committee structure of USMS, after two year's of hard work by the Governance Task Force and several fruitful public sessions.

This is our new USMS Board of Directors:
President: Rob Copeland
Vice President of Member Services: Mark Gill
Vice President of National Operations: Leo Letendre
Vice President of Local Operations: Julie Heather
Vice President of Community Service: Michael Heather
Secretary: Meg Smath
Treasurer: Tom Boak
At Large Director from the Breadbasket Zone: Anna Lea Roof
At Large Director from the Colonies Zone: Betsy Durrant
At Large Director from the Dixie Zone: Jerry Clark
At Large Director from the Great Lakes Zone: Nadine Day
At Large Director from the Northwest Zone: Jeanne Ensign
At Large Director from the Oceana Zone: Michael Moore
At Large Director from the South Central Zone: Carolyn Boak
At Large Director from the Southwest Zone: Laura Winslow

2007 Pool Championships Awarded
One other important topic was the 2007 nationals meet sites and the winners were:
- Short Course Yards: Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center, Federal Way, WA. The tentative meet dates are May 17-20, 2007
- Long Course Meters: The Woodlands Aquatic Center, The Woodlands, TX. The tentative meet dates are August 10-13, 2007

International Committee
As Vice-Chair of the International Committee, I attended all the sessions, and at its first sessions, just before the end of the meeting, the USMS President brought up a message from Orban Mendoza, the ASUA President, which was not very well received by some of the IC members. The issue was that the LatyCar Championships apparently were not organized by the Brazilian Confederation, but to make the long story short, at the end Orban Mendoza had to post a new message saying it was being sanctioned as a FINA championship.

Some of the other items discussed by the IC, were the tasks for the upcoming year which are:

  1. Continue to assist the LOC of Worlds as requested.
  2. Complete our summary of the FINA/USMS rule differences and try to get that included in the 2006 USMS Rule book.
  3. Continue to update our world contacts list.
  4. Continue to pursue getting more international information on the USMS website.
The new Sports Medicine, Health and Safety Committee
It was once again recommended that each LMSC have a "Safety Chair". Well now Potomac Valley's first Safety Chair position is my responsibility and I will try to get some of the tips and rulings from this Committee and those LMSC with experience and make this year safer in swimming in practice and at meets.

Marketing Committee
I also attended the Marketing Committee and according to the minutes I think it is important to outline the marketing goals discussed:
  • Increase awareness of USMS to potential members and influence audiences.
  • Increase USMS membership by 5 percent annually.
  • Improve internal communications and provide services to USMS members.
  • Communicate the message of swimming for life consistently to all USMS audiences both internal and external.
  • Create revenue producing opportunities and attract financial support.
Also if any one is interested in helpful information and useful directions on marketing, be sure to ask to be included in the distribution list, since the Marketing Committee publishes a periodic electronic bulletin which will help to best promote your organization. If you still need more information, please feel free to contact the Marketing Committee at marketing@usms.org .

Rule Book
As you all know Ray Novitske, was the winning designer of this year's Rule Book cover, and some of the major changes in the Rule Book for 2006 are the following:

Dual Sanctioning of USMS and USA Swimming Meets: A local meet may now be sanctioned by both USMS and USA Swimming, allowing members of both organizations to compete in the same meet. All swimmers must follow USA Swimming rules. (article 202.1.1F(1))

New Editorial Committee
This new committee, consisting of the chair plus representatives from the Marketing, Finance, and Sports Medicine, Health and Safety Committees, will manage all USMS publishing activities and set publishing policy. The USMS national publication editor and webmaster/IT director are ex-officio members. (article 507.2.4)

Committees Replaced by Coordinators
  • The Convention Committee (The Convention Coordinator who will carry out the operational needs of the House of Delegates and its committees at convention - article 507.4.1A)
  • The Insurance Committee (The Insurance Coordinator who will study and review the insurance needs of USMS and recommend policy, procedure and appropriate insurance coverage for USMS, its participants and its programs - article 507.4.1B)
  • The Publications Committee (The Rule Book Coordinator who will design, edit and produce the rule book and other materials or media, as approved by the House of Delegates -article 507.4.1C)
Coordinators will have the same rights and responsibilities as the chairs of standing committees. A coordinator, with the concurrence of the president, may appoint a working group to assist the coordinator. (article 507.4.1)

Committees Combined
The Safety Education Committee has been combined with the Sports Medicine Committee to form the Sports Medicine, Health and Safety Committee. (article 507.2.18)

LMSC Name Changed
The name of the Central LMSC has been changed to the Illinois LMSC. (Appendix D)

House of Delegates Sessions
Some of the issues that were lengthy discuss were the related to the appointment of Executive Director, and if any one is interested they can log at USMS web page and under xx you will get the latest information.

Also on Saturday LatyCar was the subject of a big discussion. Many members were not in agreement that masters swimmers be monitores on to which events to participate. The letter received from O.Mendoza, encouraged the presidents of the affiliated federations, which includes USAS, to alert their Masters swimmers to refrain from having a relationship with a non-affiliated body, such as LatyCar. Mr. Mendoza recommended that we advise swimmers of a possible suspension. If anyone needs more information, feel free to contact me.

LSAC StarMaster's 100 Mile Swim Fitness Challenge

The 100 Mile Swim Fitness Challenge is designed to motivate swimmers to complete a total of 100 miles of swimming during the 2006 calendar year. It challenges all levels of swimmers: competitive, triathletes, & fitness swimmers. Set a personal goal of a certain distance per day, week or month in order to complete the 100 miles. The cost of the event includes a T-shirt and on-line swim log which converts yards and meters into miles and computes your total everyday you log on to add more distance.

For a registration form (or more details), visit: www.lonestaraquatics.org Note June 1st, 2006 is the registration deadline!!!


For a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (to help track your yards/miles throughout the year), visit: www.lonestaraquatics.org/Master100MileSwim.xls

Marcia Cleveland
Chair, USMS Long Distance
915 Pine Tree Lane
Winnetka, IL 60093
H: 847-446-5142
F: 847-446-4566
C: 847-227-7202
E: MarciaC944@gmail.com

Save the Patapsco, Hon!
Patapsco/Back River Team Wade-In/Picnic & Tri-Centennial Port of Baltimore Celebration

Cheer in The Patapsco 6 at the completion of their watershed benefit swim across the river at noon time on Sunday, May 21, 2006 in North Point State Park and join the Patapsco/Back River Tributary Team at its Wade-In and Picnic!

Maureen Rohrs, Jack Frain, Edson Bastos, Sue Megaw, Joe Stewart and Richard Wallace will enter the Patapsco River 8am, May 21, 2006 and swim 4.4 miles across the mouth of the Patapsco River from Venice on the Bay Community Beach to North Point State Park. (The swim start is adjacent to 7629 Bay Street, Pasadena, Maryland 21122 on the Patapsco River in Anne Arundel County, where swimmers and paddlers will park and meet other escort boats.)

North Point State Park is in Baltimore County on the Chesapeake Bay between Patapsco and Back Rivers at the old Bay Shore Park where the public is invited to the Wade-In and Picnic which will also feature a Tri-Centennial Port of Baltimore Celebration with a 300th birthday cake and speakers on port history and the environment. The park has a $3 parking fee; directions to the park can be found at: www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/central/northpoint.html

Swimmers will be supported by Baltimore Maritime Exchange, Chesapeake Bay Boston Whalers, Chesapeake Paddlers and U.S. Coast Guard in crossing the waterway and its commercial channel. Prior to the swim, each swimmer will collect at least $400 in pledge funds which will be distributed to local area urban watershed organizations.

Pledge checks can be made out to Greater Homewood Community Corporation (GHCC) noting the swimmer's name in the memo section and mailed to Joe Stewart, 3212 Avon Ave. Baltimore MD 21218.

After the swim, the 501 (c) (3) tax exempt GHCC will distribute the donations among beneficiary watershed groups. Four prior swims collected over $17,000 supporting the work of Patapsco Riverkeeper, North County Land Trust, Jones Falls Watershed Association, Herring Run Watershed Association, Marley Furnace Curtis Creeks Watershed Association, Gwynns Falls Watershed Association, Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association, Baltimore Sanitary Sewer Oversight Coalition, Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park and Friends of Gwynns Falls Leakin Park.

For more information, contact Joe Stewart: Jstewart@dat.state.md.us 410.767.1354 or 410.243.4418

Swim to Worlds Virtual Swim
We have a new virtual swim, Swim to Worlds, which is challenging the zones to see who can get to California first. This will be posted on the USMS website, along with a chart to log swims. It should be a fun event!!

Jani Sutherland, USMS Fitness Chair www.usms.org

Chesapeake Bay Foundation -
Discusses Proposed Blackwater Refuge Area Development

by CBF

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) According to a survey, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc, two-thirds of Dorchester County voters (on the Eastern Shore) agree that developments such as the proposed 3,200-home Blackwater Resort Communities will negatively impact the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The project site is next to the Little Blackwater River, which drains into the Refuge, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.

The Blackwater Resort Communities project has asked for zoning to allow 313 acres of intensive development in the critical area, with a golf course and 189 homes - more than 12 times the number of houses presently allowed. In addition to the residential development, the project also includes commercial development and a golf course on 1,080 acres of farmland and forest.

"Dorchester County residents clearly believe that this development will damage their quality of life, and the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge," said Kim Coble, Maryland Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. "It is our hope that the county and city elected officials will consider these results before making their final decisions."

As of today, more than 12,500 people have signed CBF's online petition asking Gov. Robert Ehrlich to oppose the Blackwater Resort Communities project planned for Dorchester County. If you wish to sign the petition, visit www.cbf.org

Polling for the survey of registered Dorchester County voters was conducted from Feb. 16-17 by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. of Washington, D.C.; the margin of error for the sample is +/- 4 percent.

Helmet Liners for our Troops
by Audrey Kramer

I've just learned about this very worthwhile cause, HELMETLINERS/NECK COOLERS FOR OUR TROOPS.

This group asks those who are interested to provide knitted/crocheted helmet liners to help better protect our troops who are subjected to sub-zero wind chills. The synthetic fiber helmet liners they are issued are not as warm as wool.

Below is the website where you will learn more. www.geocities.com/helmetliner

Thank you for your time.

Clay Britt Swimming Clinics
Come join us for a new season of swim clinics and get an early start to your swimming year. Included with the clinic is our own stroke drill DVD, a list of drills and swim techniques and your own underwater video with voiceover critique on a DVD. The clinics are held at the Lab School in Washington DC from 4:30 to 7:30 pm on the following dates: March 11, April 29, June 17 and July (TBD).

The clinics include a _ hour discussion on swimming and technique, two hours of in the water instruction and a review of your underwater video that we film during the clinic. Join us for a clinic or two and learn how to make your swimming easier and faster. All strokes and Swimming levels included.

For more informationpricing and availability visit: www.claybrittswimming.com, email clay@claybrittswimming.com or call 301-996-7946.

Postal Swim "Pentathlon"
by Ann Svenson

Consider what NASA Masters swimmer Skip Montanaro did in 2005 (He's a 51-year-old, middle-of-the-pack USMS Swimmer):
USMS holds five long distance postal championships each year: the One Hour, 5K, 10K, 3000 yd. and 6000 yd. events. Swimmers who complete all five championships in the same year, titled the "USMS Long Distance Postal National Championship" will be sent a participation patch to honor their achievement. Skip did this series last year and has bragging rights for the rest of his LIFE to show for it. Along the way, he bagged several relay All-Americans and even a new NATIONAL USMS record!! It was a challenge which he decided to accept in January with the One Hour Swim, and he spent almost as much time swimming in 2005 as he did taking his family/timers out for post-swim meals. But, man, HE DID IT!!!

This series is a great and rewarding challenge. What you must do is COMPLETE and ENTER each of the 5 events.

An annual timeline is: - January - the One Hour Swim - May 15-Sept 15 - 5000 meter AND 10,000 meter - Sept 15 - Nov 15 - 3000 yard and 6000 yard
The One Hour Swim can be swum in a 25 yard, 25 meter, or 50 meter pool, with all entries eventually converted to yards.
The 5 & 10K must be swum in a 50 meter pool.
The 3000 & 6000 yard events must be swum in a 25 yard pool.

Of these five events, the 10K is definitely the hardest and longest. (But just relax for now.) The logistics of setting it up, allowing for enough pool time, and then convincing someone to time for you, are challenging enough, but the actual swim itself is a good day's work. Just ask Skip.

On the easier side, the 3000 is simply pure delight! After the 10K, this one is over before you know it, and you're eating a meal with your timer long before you'd be finished with your 10K.

All of these entries are available online at www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats06

Start to think about whether you are game for this Series. You'll need to have done the One Hour Swim in January in order to be able to fulfill all five.

We'll probably put together a Quid-pro-Quo of swimming and timing at Northwestern in January. Let Pam or Dave (or Skip - of course) know if you're game for any or all of this in 2006.

Best Fishes for 2006!

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin, PV Registrar

  • This is your last issue of The Swimmer's Ear unless you have renewed your registration. If you registered with a PV club last year your club representative has your 2006 renewal form. If you were registered Unattached your pre-printed renewal form was mailed to you in December.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please email Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Please note the newsletter may also be viewed online at www.pvmasters.org so if you wish to save us mailing costs please also contact Jeff to "unsubscribe" to the printed issue.
  • Please welcome two new clubs to Potomac Valley: Worldgate Tri-Masters (Herndon, VA) and Team Z Masters Swim Team (Providence Rec Club in Fairfax). And just as we are going to press a new club at Fort Belvoir is about to form. Details to follow.

Next PV Board Meeting
Next meeting - scheduled for 1:00pm on April 1, 2006 (prior to Albatross Open meet) at the Montgomery Aquatic Center. For more info: www.pvmasters.org

Dee Dee of St. Mary's Skipjack
The Spring Membership Rally will be held on Sunday, March 12, 2006 from 1pm till 4pm. Menu to include oysters, stuffed ham, crab soup, wild goose and an assortment of other delectable. Please bring a new member! Volunteer Training Day will be Held on Sunday March 19, 2006, 1-3 pm. The Shoreside program has been expanded. More personnel will be needed to facilitate the classes.

To learn more about the skipjack and shore side program contact Georgia Wheeler at jbwassoc@erols.com or see www.thebaylab.org

Learn from the Best Swim Clinics -
March 18 & 19

Come to Fairland Aquatic Center in Laurel, MD on March 18-19, 2006 for some excellent instruction from record-holding Masters swim coach, Petra Martin. For more about Learn from the Best Swim Clinics contact Petra Martin, phone: 301-910-1826 or e-mail: petraadamkova@yahoo.com Web: www.terrapinmasters.org

Note from the Registrar - Save Some Trees!
By Jeff Roddin

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (240-464-3982, jroddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Or, if you prefer to view it online and save PV the postage just let Jeff know. You may also opt out of the USMS Swimmer magazine. There are no discounts for opting out of these mailings. Thanks, Jeff

Swimming World TV
PHOENIX, Ariz., January 11. TODAY a new media era starts for swimming with the official launch of SwimmingWorld.TV.

Sports Publications International, publisher of Swimming World Magazine and SwimmingWorldMagazine.com announced the debut of SwimmingWorld.TV as its newest medium for promoting and showcasing aquatic sports. For more info, www.swimmingworldmagazine.com

Two New Local Triathlons
We are Fins,Wheels,Feet Racing, a new non-profit triathlon race company located in Virginia. We will be hosting two races this year. Our website is: www.finswheelsfeet.com .

Race 1: The Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon - 14 May 2006
A great race for beginners or to open your tri-season!
Distances: 250 m pool swim, 12 miles bike, 5k run
Proceeds to benefit Special Olympics www.finswheelsfeet.com

Race 2: The Lake Montclair Triathlon - 25 June 2006
A new venue in northern Virginia!
Distances: 1 mile lake swim, 24 mile bike, 10k run
Proceeds to benefit The Red Cross and Azalea Charities www.finswheelsfeet.com

Thank you for helping us promote these events; we are looking for a sell-out participation to maximize our donations to our charities.


Deborah Brudvig Swim Art
Swim Muse

Masters Coach Wanted
All Star Aquatics is seeking a masters coach for any or all of its practices next season, beginning in September. Practice times range from 2-4 mornings during the week, 2-3 evenings, and Sunday mornings. Pools are in Potomac and Bethesda, MD and you are invited to swim during off practice times. Please contact Denis or Bob at info@allstaraquatics.com or 301.455.4341.

Looking for an Extra Weekend Swim Practice?
Tuning up for Zones, Nationals or Worlds? Want to drop time in the swim leg of your triathlon? Want to make up for lost pool time due to a busy work week? All Star Aquatics Masters introduces a Weekend Swim Special! Join us at our Stone Ridge Pool in Bethesda every Sunday and most Saturdays for a coached practice from now until June for only $85. All swimming levels welcome - there's a lane for you! Email us at info@allstaraquatics.com or check our website at www.allstaraquatics.com for more info.

Oceanus Digital Swim Analysis
"See Yourself Swim....See Yourself Swim Better."

  • Above and Below Water Digital Videotaping
  • Voiceover Commentary
  • Light Pen Telestration
  • Measurement and Analysis of All Critical Stroke Techniques and Metrics
  • Office and Client Site Consultations
  • Highly Credentialed Consultants
Our services can help you achieve your Masters' Swimming goals and far beyond. Find out more by calling or visiting our website.

Phone: (703) 823-SWIM Website: www.oceanus-consulting.com US Mail: 218 Ellsworth Street, Alexandria, VA. 22314

College Park Bike Shop Discount
bike shop

  • Mt Airy ride & gear swap - April 6
  • Web photo gallery - new & used bikes.
  • Sale on winter biking clothes

Terrapin Masters-Pay by Punch Card
Practices are held in a world-class facility at UM Campus Rec. Pay by the practice (punch-card). Winter schedule for Terrapin Masters:

  • Mon, Wed, Thu 6:30PM - 8:00PM
  • Tue, Thu 6:15AM - 7:45AM
  • Sat 8:15AM - 9:45AM

Grab Bag Suits - Toad Hollow Athletics
Grab Bag Suits! Free Rubber Duckie with each order!
You can specify thick or thin straps and even mix sizes.

2 Lycra $59.95
2 Poly $79.95
1 Lycra + 1 Poly $69.95
2 Lycra $39.95
2 Nike Lycra $39.95
1 Lycra $12.95
Toad Hollow Athletics; 1590 E Lancaster Ave; Paoli Pa 19301; 1-800-322-TOAD (8623)

Ancient Mariners Coach Wanted
I am looking for a coach to run Masters practices at our new Germantown pool starting in January. The hours are:
- Tues and Thursday night 8:30-10pm and
- Monday-Wednesday-Friday 6:30-7:30am.
Email me for details. Clay Britt

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete - www.amazon.com
Waterproof Coach

Mark Murray - Coaching & Swim Instruction
Former Varsity coach and record-holding miler, Mark Murray, is available for individual and team coaching and instruction. For more information, contact Mark at: swmmurray@yahoo.com

Real Estate Sales
Mark Murray, REALTOR
Prudential Carruthers Realtors
5025 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

patuxent adventuresPatuxent Adventure Center
Solomons, MD

HOURS: open Tues - Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5
SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT: bikes, kayaks, wetsuits, triathlon.
GUIDED TOURS: Solomons Area + Wed & Sun guided paddles
INSTRUCTION: Free Rolling Sessions - with purchase of kayak
BIKES: Lifetime Tune up with every new bike purchase

Petra Adamkova -
Coaching & Swim Instruction

Individual swimming and dryland lessons available. Please contact: Petra Martin at 301-910-1826 or Petra will work with your individual needs! All levels of athletes, children or just people that are trying to stay healthy and in a good shape are welcome. Swim lessons can be focused on teach how to swim, technique improvements or more advanced training and conditioning. Dryland lessons can cover anyone who wants to stay healthy, get stronger and in better shape, improve flexibility, compliment the swimming part of your workouts, loose weight, or anything else you need.

wheel nuts Wheel Nuts Bike Shop -
Alexandria, VA

302 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax 703-548-5117
Owners: Ron & Trina Taylor


 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
Sasha Cohen - Djansezian - AP
humor image - dribbleglass.com
LatyCar photos - Myriam Pero
Terrapin Clinic - Michael Lee
Dee of St. Mary's - thebaylab.org

 Events Calendar


  2006 Pool Calendar

Mar 4-5, 2006
Maryland Masters Winter Meet - University of Maryland, Baltimore County SCY; Karen Tucker, 410-203-2890, ktloves2swim@msn.com ; Carol Riley, criley6@jhmi.edu; Entry Deadline 2/17/2006

Mar 5, 2006
Lyman Schermerhorn Memorial Masters Pentathlon - Pennsbury High School, Fairless Hills, PA SCY; Joe Lawton, 215-493-8486, lawtonjc@verizon.net ; www.dvmasters.org ; Recognized by DV LMSC

Mar 10-12, 2006
ISM 2006 Germany-Berlin - www.ism-germany.com

Mar 11, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

Mar 18-19, 2006
Learn from the Best Swim Clinics, Fairland Aquatic Center, Laurel, MD Contact Petra Martin, 301-910-1826 or e-mail: petraadamkova@yahoo.com Web: www.terrapinmasters.org

Apr 1, 2006
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series - Arundel Olympic Swim Center, Annapolis, MD SCY; Michael Jacobson, 410-493-5233, mikej@comcast.net Free for Maryland LMSC members. $5 for other LMSC members. 3 individual events and 1 relay per swimmer; http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0506.pdf Deck entries only

Apr 1, 2006
Albatross Open - Bethesda, MD SCM; c/o Aquatic Center, 301-681-6090, cgainor@washintontimes.com ; David Harmon, 301-972-1417, ; www.pvmasters.org

Apr 21-23, 2006
Colonies Zone SCY Championships - George Mason University, Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com ; www.patriotmasters.org/Colonies.April2006.Entry.pdf ; Sanctioned by PV LMSC #106-001; Entry Deadline 4/10/2006 (postmarked)

Apr 29, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

May 11-14, 2006
USMS Short Course Nationals - Coral Springs, FL SCY; Michael Lohberg , mlohberg@aol.com www.usms.org

Jun 17, 2006
Clay Britt Swim Clinic - Washington DC - www.claybrittswimming.com

Jul 8, 2006
Terrapin Cup LCM Meet - UM Campus Rec, College Park, MD; Info: Michael Lee, 301-474-1178, korthain@yahoo.com ; Web: www.terrapinmasters.org/Terrapin_Cup_2006.pdf

Jul 9, 2006
Terrapin 800/1500 LCM Meet - MLK Pool, White Oak, MD; Info: Dave Diehl, 301-946-0649 (H) before 9PM, ddiehl@umd.edu ; Web: www.terrapinmasters.org Entry Deadline 7/3/2006

Jul 15-22, 2006
IGLA Championships (2006 Gay Games), Chicago USA. www.igla.org

Jul 23, 2006
25th Annual LCM Meet, Washington DC, East Potomac Pool at Hains Point. Info: Max Kukoy maxthemeetdirector@maxwebworks.com (202) 250.5921. Web: www.pvmasters.org

Aug 4-10, 2006
XI FINA world Masters Championships - Palo Alto, CA LCM; Michael Moore, 350 Wayland St., San Francisco, CA 94134, michael@2006FINAmasters.org ; Also sanctioned by FINA and includes a 3.0 KM open water swim at Crown Point, San Francisco Bay. www.2006finamasters.org ;


2006 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Apr 22, 2006
Tampa Bay 24 Mile Swim - Tampa, FL - www.distancematters.com/marathon

May 21, 2006:
Open Water Clinic and Practice Swim - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA CLN-OW; Roberta Dillenburg, 703-845-SWIM, dillbus@att.net ; Clinic run in conjunction with Jim McDonnell Lake Swims on May 28. Clinic is free to lake swim entrants; www.restonmasters.org ; Pre-entry (5/16/2006) & Deck-entry (space available)

May 28, 2006
Jim McDonnell Lake Swims - Lake Audubon, Reston, VA OW; Roberta Dillenburg, 703-845-SWIM, dillbus@att.net; Online entry available at www.lin-mark.com . Open water clinic and 1-mile practice swim in Lake Audubon on May 21. 300 swimmer limit for each race; www.restonmasters.org ; Pre-entry (5/16/2006) & Deck-entry (space available)

May 28, 2006
Lady Liberty Swim - 1.5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 3, 2006
Potomac River Swim for the Environment 7.5 miles - Point Lookout State Park, MD OW; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2006i.htm Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net

Jun 11, 2006
EagleFest 1.2-Mile River Swim - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 11, 2006
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 mile and 1 mile Bay Challenge - Sandy Point State Park, MD OW; www.lin-mark.com

Jun 17, 2006
USMS 1-3 Mile Open Water Championship (2.5 km) - Hartwell Lake, Clemson, SC OW; Jacque Grossman, 864-646-8836 (d), jelg@innova.net; Sanctioned by SC LMSC www.usms.org

Jun 17, 2006
Swim for Life 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Mile Swim - Chestertown, MD www.swimdcac.org

Jun 17, 2006
Park to Park Swim - 1.0 Mile - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 23, 2006
Swim Independence Day 1 Mile Swim - Somers Point, NJ www.lmsports.com

Jun 24, 2006
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim - 28.5 Miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jun 24, 2006
Madison Mile Swim - 1 mile open water - Surf Club, Madison, CT www.force5sports.com

Jun 24, 2006
Against the Tide - 1 mile swim - Hopkinton State Park - Hopkinton, MA www.mbcc.org/swim

Jul 8, 2006
Captain Craig 1 Mile Swim - Ocean City, MD Start: 6:00pm at 14th Street on the beach. Email: oclifeguard411@yahoo.com Web: www.town.ocean-city.md.us

Jul 15, 2006
USMS 2 Mile Cable Championships - Chris Greene Lake, Charlottesville, VA www.usms.org

Jul 15, 2006
Swim for the Dolphins - Wildwood, NJ - www.lmsports.com

Jul 15, 2006
Buzzards Bay Swim - Buzzards Bay, MA - www.savebuzzardsbay.org

Jul 23, 2006
Cove to Cove Swim - 0.5 mile - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 23, 2006
Race for the River Swim - 2.4 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 23, 2006:
Grimaldo's Mile II - Brighton Beach to Coney Island; Brooklyn, NY; Patricia Senar bklynmermaid@optonline.net

Jul 29, 2006
Governors Island Swim - 2.0 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 29, 2006
USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships - Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH OW; Tom Spence, 440-247-7145, talltom13@msn.com www.usms.org

Jul 29, 2006
Ocean City Masters 1 Mile Swim - Ocean City, NJ www.lmsports.com

Jul 29, 2006
Save the Bay Swim - Narragansett Bay, RI www.savebay.org/news_swim.asp

Aug 5, 2006
Swim Across the Sound - 25 km Open Water Swim - Captain's Cove, Bridgeport, CT www.force5sports.com/calendar

Aug 12, 2006
Boston Light 8 Mile Swim - Boston, MA www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 12, 2006
USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championships (10 km) - Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, CO OW; George Thornton, 970-482-1818, louiset36@comcast.net ; Backup date is 8/13/2006; www.usms.org

Aug 19, 2006
Against the Tide - 1 mile swim - Nickerson State Park - Brewster, MA (Cape Cod) www.mbcc.org/swim

Aug 20, 2006
Riverside Park Tune Up Swim - 1.5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Aug 20, 2006
2.5 or 5 km Breezy Point Swims - Brighton Beach, NY OW; Patricia Senar, bklynmermaid@optonline.net

Aug 26, 2006
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 5.85 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Sep 9, 2006
Swim for Life - 1.4 mile swim - Provincetown, MA www.thecompact.org/swim4life

Sep 9, 2006
Brooklyn Bridge Swim - 1 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Sep 9, 2006
USMS 3-6 Mile Open Water Championships (5 miles) - Lake Michigan, Chicago, ILL OW; Chris Sheean, 312-857-7087, chris@bigshoulders.org www.usms.org

Sep 16, 2006
Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim™ Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, CA 1.5-mile swim from Alcatraz Island to Aquatic Park www.envirosports.com

Sep 17, 2006:
1 Mile Fanny's Return (Across The Narrows) - Brooklyn, NY; Patricia Senar, bklynmermaid@optonline.net

Sep 23, 2006
September Splash Swims - Wildwood Crest, NJ www.lmsports.com

Oct 21, 2006
Bonaire EcoSwim 10K, 5K, and metric mile Swims - Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles www.randynutt.com

Oct 22, 2006:
St. Croix 11th Annual Coral Reef 5-mile Swim, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands; www.swimrace.com


2006 Local Multi-sport Calendar

Mar 12, 2006:
1-day Triathlon Clinic Part I - Lifetime Fitness Ctr - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com/triclinics.htm

Mar13, 2006
1 day Triathlon Clinic - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com

Apr 2, 2006
Virginia Beach Duathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.virginiaduathlon.org

Apr 2, 2006
Angels Race Sprint Triathlon - Lynchburg, VA www.set-upinc.com

Apr 8, 2006
Brandywine Valley Duathlon - Delaware City, DE www.piranha-sports.com

Apr 9, 2006
Bethesda Triathlon/Duathlon - Bethesda, MD http://cantriathlon.org

Apr 15, 2006
1 day Triathlon Clinic - TBD www.triitnow.com

Apr 15, 2006:
3 Sports Duathlon - Richmond, Virginia www.trifind.com/va.html

Apr 22, 2006
Kinetic Half Triathlon - Spotsylvania, VA www.set-upinc.com

Apr 23, 2006
Worldgate Super Sprint Triathlon - Herndon, Virginia; www.trifind.com/va.html

Apr 23, 2006
Powerman North Carolina - Carrboro, NC www.set-upinc.com

Apr 29, 2006
Little-Big Adventure (Adult/Child Team Triathlon) - Chesterfield, Virginia; www.trifind.com

Apr 30, 2006
Hometown Realty's "Tri on the Hill" Sprint Triathlon - Hampden Sydney, VA - www.active.com

May 6, 2006
Race #4 in Virginia Triathlon Series - Huddleston, VA www.active.com

May 7, 2006
Dan Fiduccia Spring Biathlon - McLean, VA - www.active.com

May 7-8, 2006:
White Lake Half Ironman (And Spint Tri) - White Lake, NC S-1.2mi; C-56mi; R-13.1mi www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Luray International Triathlon - Luray, VA www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Luray Sprint Triathlon - Luray, VA www.set-upinc.com

May 14, 2006
Virginia Run Sprint Triathlon - Centreville, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com

May 20, 2006
Odyssey Off-Road Triathlon - Sherando Lake Recreation Area, Virginia; www.trifind.com/va.html

May 21, 2006
Columbia Triathlon - Columbia, MD www.tricolumbia.org/ct.html

May 21, 2006
Ocean City Aquatic & Fitness Triathlon - Ocean City, NJ www.lmsports.com

May 27, 2006
PowerKids Triathlon at Shady Grove - Glen Allen, Virginia; www.trifind.com/va.html

May 28, 2006
Victory Nissan Sprint Triathlon - Glen Allen, Virginia; www.trifind.com/va.html

May 28, 2006
LIBERTY TO LIBERTY™ America's Memorial Triathlon™ New York to Philadelphia - New York, NY 1.3-Mile Swim, 91-Mile Bike, 10K Run www.envirosports.com/events

Jun 3, 2006
Pocomoke Triathlon - Pocomoke, MD www.active.com

Jun 3, 2006
Zane's Shoreline Kids Triathlon - Varies by Age Group - Walsh Intermediate School - www.force5sports.com/calendar

Jun 4, 2006
Breezy Point Triathlon - Norfolk, Va www.breezypointtri.com

Jun 4, 2006
Bonzai Sports Manassas Mini Tri - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com/TIN_triathlons.htm

Jun 4, 2006
Escape from School Triathlon - Bear, DE www.piranha-sports.com

Jun 10, 2006
ESCAPE FROM FORT DELAWARE TRIATHLON - Delaware City, DE www.piranha-sports.com

Jun 11, 2006
Yorktown Sprint Triathlon - Yorktown, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 11, 2006
Tour de Solomons - Solomons Island, MD - www.paxadventure.com

Jun 11, 2006
EagleMan 70.3 Triathlon - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 11, 2006
EagleMan AquaCycle - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Jun 17, 2006
Nanticoke Sprint Triathlon - Nanticoke, MD www.trifind.com/md.html

Jun 18, 2006
Charlottesville Sprint Triathlon - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 18, 2006
XTERRA Sport Triathlon - Richmond, VA www.xterraplanet.com

Jun 18, 2006
Tri Marathon Sports Sprint Triathlon Middletown, DE www.lmsports.com

Jun 24, 2006
Bath County Triathlon - Warm Springs, VA www.set-upinc.com

Jun 25, 2006
Lake Montclair Triathlon - Montclair, VA www.finswheelsfeet.com

Jun 25, 2006
MedExpress Mountaineer Triathlon - Morgantown, WV; S-1.2mi; C-56mi; R-13.1mi; www.hfpracing.com

Jun 25, 2006
PHILADELPHIA TRIATHLON IN FAIRMOUNT PARK, West River Drive, Phila., PA www.lin-mark.com

Jun 25, 2006
Charlottesville Sprint Triathlon - Charlottesville, Virginia www.trifind.com/va.html

Jul 8, 2006
4th Annual Diamond in the Rough Triathlon - Perryville, MD www.piranha-sports.com

July 9, 2006
Philadelphia Women's Triathlon and Duathlon - Philadelphia, PA - www.lin-mark.com

Jul 16, 2006
EMS Off-Road Triathlon - Cumberland, MD www.xterraplanet.com

Jul 23, 2006
3Sports Triathlon - Richmond, VA - www.set-upinc.com

Jul 23, 2006
Aquathlon: Freedom Tower - Swim 0.5 mile / Run 3 miles - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Jul 29, 2006
Jersey Genesis Triathlon - Port Republic, NJ www.lmsports.com

Jul 30, 2006
Charlottesville International Triathlon - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 6, 2006
Culpeper Sprint Triathlon - Culpeper, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 6, 2006
Sound Runner Guilford Sea Legs Shuffle - Jacobs Beach, CT www.force5sports.com

Aug 6, 2006
Pittsburgh Triathlon - Pittsburgh, PA www.piranha-sports.com

Aug 13. 2006
LUMS POND TRIATHLON AND DUATHLON - Bear, DE www.piranha-sports.com

Aug 20, 2006
Aquathlon: Stars & Stripes - Swim 1.5 km / Run 5 km - New York, NY - www.nycswim.org

Aug 20, 2006
Charlottesville XTerra - Charlottesville, VA www.set-upinc.com

Aug 27, 2006
Iron Girl Columbia Women's Triathlon - Columbia, MD - www.tricolumbia.org/irongirl.html

Aug 27, 2006
North East Triathlon - North East, MD - www.lin-mark.com

Aug 27, 2006
Naylor's Beach Triathlon - Warsaw, VA www.richmondmultisports.com

Sep 9, 2006:
Odyssey Off-Rd Half Iron Triathlon - Douthat State Park, Virginia - www.trifind.com/va.html

Sep 10, 2006
Reston Triathlon - Reston, VA www.set-upinc.com

Sep 10, 2006
Tri-To-Sprint - Montgomery Village, MD www.trifind.com/md.html

Sep 10, 2006
Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon - Bethany Beach, DE - www.tricolumbia.org/make_a_wish.html

Sep 10, 2006
Delaware Diamondman Triathlon - Bear, DE - www.piranha-sports.com

Sep 10, 2006
Duke Liver Center-Half Triathlon - Raleigh, NC; S-1.2mi; C-56mi; R-13.1mi; www.set-upinc.com

Sep 16, 2006
FOX RUN DUATHLON - Lums Pond, Lums Pond State Park, DE www.lin-mark.com

Sep 23, 2006
Big Lick Triathlon - Huddleston, VA www.set-upinc.com

Sep 23-24, 2006
Colonial Triathlon Festival - Williamsburg, VA www.lin-mark.com

Sep 30, 2006
Chesapeake Man Ultra Distance Triathlon - Cambridge, MD - www.tricolumbia.org

Sep 30, 2006
General Smallwood Triathlon - Indianhead, Maryland www.trifind.com/md.html

Oct 8, 2006
Tidewater Sprint Triathlon - Virginia Beach, VA www.set-upinc.com

Oct 8, 2006
CAPE HENLOPEN TRIATHLON AND DUATHLON - Lewes, DE - www.piranha-sports.com

Oct 15, 2006:
Escape from the Rock Triathlon - Alcatraz - San Francisco, CA - www.envirosports.com

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