The Swimmer's Ear

February 1998

Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Swimming Committee


From The Chairman

By Debbie Morrin

Dear Potomac Valley Masters Swimmers:

At the October Potomac Valley Masters Swimming (PVMS) Committee meeting, I was elected as Chair for the next two years. Dave Diehl has retired, yet again from the position (we think he has served at least 8 years as Chair, plus serving in other capacities). I would like to thank the other officers and committee chairs for their previous and future service to Masters swimming.

Potomac Valley Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC), as well as most of United States Masters Swimming (USMS), is run by volunteers. USMS is divided into Zones (we are in the Colonies Zone which covers Maine to Virginia) within which are LMSCs and individual teams. At all levels within this structure, volunteers take care of registrations, organizational matters, running swim meets, postal swims, and fitness events, publishing information, and promoting Masters Swimming, as well as many other things.

Currently Potomac Valley members are continuing a strong tradition of involvement at the USMS level with Dave Diehl, Lynn Hazlewood, Jeff Roddin, Rob Whitters, and myself serving on national standing committees. At this past USMS Convention, Lynn Hazlewood was elected the Colonies Zone Representative to the USMS Zone Committee.

Potomac Valley has always had dedicated volunteers involved at the local, zone, and national level and I hope this involvement will continue and expand. It would be nice to see some new faces at our meetings and getting involved in our organization.

Happy Laps.

Debbie Morrin

Chair, PVMSC


1997 USMS Top Times - Long Course Season

The following Potomac Valley swimmers and relays turned in the fastest times in USMS competition during the 1997 long course season.


Christy Johnson (ANCM) W19-24: 50 back, 50 fly, 200 IM

Jane Kleine West (TERR) W30-34: 400, 800 free

Karen Sullivan (DCM) W40-44: 200 back

Denise Kirwan (DCM) W45-49: 200 back

Barbara Frid (DCM) W55-59: 50, 100 back

Joann Leilich (DCM) W55-59: 50, 100, 200 breast


Robert Butcher (TERR) M25-29: 50 free, 100, 200 breast

Wally Dicks (ANCM) M30-34: 50 breast

Clay Britt (ANCM) M35-39: 100 back

John Calvert (DCM) M50-54: 200, 400 IM


DC Masters (Barbara Frid, Joann Leilich, Karen Sullivan, Ruth Bennett) Women 200+ : 200 medley

DC Masters (Denise Kirwan, Mary Anderson, Karen Sullivan, Susan Skiff) Women 160+: 400 Medley—New USMS National Record.


PVMS Awards

The Potomac Valley Masters Swimming Awards for the 1997 Long Course Season have been won by:

Barbara Frid (DCM)


John Calvert (DCM)

Following Barbara in the women’s standings were Barbara Zaremski (DCM), Ann Walker (DCM), Karen Sullivan (DCM), and Christy Johnson (ANCM). In the men’s standings were Robert Butcher (TERR), Matthew Kinney (DCAC), Neill Williams (DCAC), and Clay Britt (ANCM). Awards are based on USMS National Top Ten Rankings.


Notice: Ladies Wet Suit for Sale

If you are planning to swim the Chesapeake Bay or another other open water swims this summer, you'll probably need a wet suit. I have a beautiful ladies wetsuit, size small--never been worn. Unfortunatly, I am alergic to neoprene--and ALL wetsuits are made of 100% neoprene. If you are interested, call me at 703-430-6727. I'd love to see someone wear it in the Bay!


Potomac Valley Web Site

By Jeff Roddin

Did you know that the Potomac Valley LMSC (PVLMSC) now has its own Web site?

For those with Internet access, swim to

The following information may be found on the Web site:
* The PVLMSC officers—maintained by the USMS National office.
* Places to Swim in PV—maintained by the USMS National office.
* Directory of PV swimmers who have registered their email through a Mindspring alias.
* Listing of PV All-American Swimmers—maintained by Carl House of Florida.
* PV Top Ten swimmers’ photo gallery—maintained by Carl House.
* Colonies Zone calendar of events—maintained by Lynn Hazlewood of Reston Masters.
* 1998 PVLMSC registration form—created by Jeff Roddin
* Listing of PV registered teams—maintained by Jeff Roddin.
* Previous editions of The Swimmer’s Ear—maintained by Sarah Mahoney.
* Meet results of PV swimmers at LC Nationals in Orlando—compiled by Carl House.
* Albatross Open meet entry form—created by Ancient Mariners.
* Link to get more info on SC Nationals in Indy

Under item 8 (PV teams) you will also find a report showing how many swimmers were registered on each PV team at the end of the 1997 registration year. Approximately once a month I will update a similar listing for the 1998 year. Also, you will find contact names and phone numbers for our registered teams. Finally I have a space for each of the teams to list their geographic locations (I encourage all teams to check this out and send me corrections or fill me in on missing information). This page will serve as a guide to help new swimmers find a team, it is not intended to be a source of exact practice times and locations. More specific information can be obtained by contacting the teams directly.