The Swimmer's Ear

February 1999

Newsletter of the potomac valley masters swimming commitee


From the Chair


Happy New Year! I hope that everyone has at least one resolution that has not been broken yet. Maybe you can add a swimming resolution or two and use 1999 to add something to what you have been doing in the past.

Maybe try….


Happy Swimming in 1999, Debbie Morrin


Potomac Valley Meeting Location

The next Potomac Valley meeting will be held on March 14, at 12PM, at the Wakefield Park Recreation Center. Directions:

Turn left into the parking lot for Wakefield Park Recreation Ctr.


1998 Potomac Valley Long Course Awards

The Potomac Valley Swimmers of the Year for the 1998 long course meters season, as determined by USMS Top Ten performances, were Barbara Frid (D.C. Masters) and Neill Williams (DCAC). Completing a D.C. Master sweep for the women were Barbara Zaremski, Jayne Bruner, Anne Walker, and Joann Leilich. Paul Fetters (DCRP), Michael Fell (ANCM), Mark Pugliese (DCRP), and Wally Dicks (ANCM) rounded out the top five for men.



Masters Coach Wanted

Rockville Municipal Swim Center is looking for a morning Masters coach ( 6:30-7:30am M,W & F and possibly a Sunday 9:30-10:30am).

Benefits include free use of facility and a competitive hourly rate. Call Andy Giles, Aquatics Supervisor, at 301-309-3045 if you are interested.



Terrapin Masters Now Use Punch-Cards  

As of January 20, 1999, Terrapin Masters use punch-cards to pay for swim workouts at the University of Maryland Campus Recreation Facility pool. Cards can be purchased for 15 swims, 45 swims, or 75 swims and are good for one year from date-of-purchase. This means you could drop in as infrequently as once a month, and still experience one of the finest facilities on the East Coast. Prices for the punch-cards are: 15 swims $55, 45 swims $140, and 75 swims $190. (UM students and Campus Recreation Facility members get a discount.) For more information, call: Cheryl (202) 387-2361, email:, or check out our website:



1998 Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 Meet 

The new natatorium at the University of Maryland hosted the 16th Annual Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 yard meet on December 13, 1998, to a record number of 61 swimmers. Twenty-five of the swimmers were from outside of PV LMSCs making this truly a regional meet. The pool continues to prove that its very fast as 10 new meet records were set as well as numerous personal best swims. Two courses (one for men and one for women)

were used simultaneously which meant that everyone was finished before noon. This was a good test as the Colonies Zone Championship to be held at Maryland on April 30, May 1 and 2, 1999 will also be run with two simultaneous courses (see enclosed Meet Entry Form).The new meet records were as follows:

1000: 45-49 Denise Kirwan, 75-79 Jane Rossell, 25-29 Jeffery Roddin, 30-34 Scott Johnson

1650: 19-24 Holy Sisk, 35-39 Kelly Parker, 50-54 Andrea Haines, 80-84 Mary Lathram, 25-29 Russell Kominski

55-59 Bill Conroy

Congratulations to all the participants and to our new record holders!


Seven Tips for Successful Mental Preparation

By: CJ Lockman Hall, MA

Think a good performance is a product of luck? Think again! A good performance is the result of focused physical and mental preparation. Here are seven tips for successful mental preparation. 

Goals — Are your goals well-defined, or are you still at the "I hope I swim fast" stage? Decide what you really want, or you're likely to achieve. . . not much.

Confidence —Tie practices to meets: race against teammates, focus on intervals and splits appropriate for your goal times, pretend you are arriving at the big meet as you walk through the front door at practice. Use your creativity to develop other games and race conditions. Practice developing and using positive body language.

Self-talk — Are you influenced by teammates lamenting, "I'm no good at these sets," or "I don't think I can make the interval"? Exchange a negative or tentative perspective for a success-oriented outlook.

Eliminate Fear — It's okay to feel nervous. It's not okay to feel afraid. Dig to the roots of your fears. You will often find a focus on negative "what ifs?" Instead, focus on a positive performance, and plan and picture how you want to think, feel, and act long before you arrive at the meet. Practice relaxation techniques to use if you feel overloaded.

Concentration and Focus — Are you able to swim your own race, or are you negatively affected by nearby competitors? Can you focus on what is important for a good performance, or do you find yourself distracted by irrelevant thoughts? Keep your focus on the three things under your control: your preparation, your goals, and your game plan.

Pre-performance Routine — A pre-performance routine injects familiarity into your meet experience, increasing your confidence. Do you have a pre-performance routine to keep you optimally focused and ready? A good starting point to developing a successful pre-performance routine is to note factors that you believe have led to good performances.

Peace of Mind — Remind yourself that whatever shape you are in, and whatever the conditions, you will give your best effort and accept the results that your efforts produce. Adopting this attitude will help you feel like -- and be -- a winner every time.

CJ Lockman Hall holds a master's degree in sport psychology. She swims with the Montgomery Ancient Mariners in Bethesda, Maryland.



3rd Annual D.C. SwimPower Clinic

The 3rd annual D.C. SwimPower Clinic will be held at Fairland Aquatics Center on March 21, 1999 from 10AM - 4PM. The clinic will be instructed by Steve Tarpinian, a USMS swimmer and triathlete, known for coaching such famous athletes as Thomas Hellriegel, winner of the 1997 Hawaii Ironman.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, just an explanation of the physics of a body going through water and how to improve your technique. Some swimmers need to start from scratch while others can improve on existing technique. All swimmers leave the clinic with a road map for improvement including a custom drill set. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money will be refunded. For information, call: (800) 469-2538, email:, or check the web: OR