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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
July 2010

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  Note from the Chair

Jeff Greetings Potomac Valley Masters Swimmers!

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2010 both in and out of the water! It is hard to believe that six months ago we were all buried under 3 feet of snow and wondering how we were going to make it to a pool. And now, having wrapped up our SCY season, we're turning our attention to warm summer days! A very special THANK YOU go out to Cheryl Ward and her Patriot Masters Meet Committee for hosting yet another fantastic Colonies Zone SCY Championships.

At our Fall 2009 Annual Meeting, we opted to alter our Swimmer's Ear publication schedule a bit to try to hit right between all the big seasons. In this issue, we look back at the Winter/Spring SCY season, but more importantly, look forward to the Summer LC and Open Water season! From the moment the first crocuses pop, I can't wait to get to swim outdoors, so this is a very exciting time of year for me!

One summer ritual is the 5k/10k Postal Swim. This event is a timed 5,000 or 10,000 meter swim done in a 50 Meter pool. Either way you look at it, this is a pretty daunting challenge, but quite rewarding nonetheless. For anyone who ends up doing either swim outside on a sunny day, might I recommend doing some backstroke to even out your tan!

Being able to swim in Open Water is viewed by some enthusiasts as the best gift we've been given as swimmers by our deities. This year, Reston Masters' annual Jim McDonnell Lake Swims is the inaugural event in USMS' H2Open Series, a series of open water events over the course of the summer. The event is the 23rd year for this fabulous event, and we are all honored to have USMS' involvement.

For more information on the 5k/10k Postal and USMS Open Water Championship events, please surf over to www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats10.

See you at the pool! -Jeff

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  Articles and Interviews


Interview with Ann Svenson

Ann Svenson holds numerous USMS All-American titles. She is the former PV Long Distance Chair (until her move back to New York). Here is an interview with Ann.

Q: How did you get started in swimming?
A: I taught myself to swim at age 35 in 1981. When I was in college, our only "PE" classes were field hockey in the fall, modern dance in the winter, and softball in the spring. We had no gym. In 1972 I met my husband, Gust, a US Navy officer, who was a long distance runner. If you can't lick 'em, join 'em (I ran the NYC marathon in 1978). We took up cycling when injured, then Gust saw Ironman on TV in 1981 and decided he wanted to do it. We took up swimming and did a couple of "shorter" tris (more like 1/2 Ironman distances back then!) and I excelled in the swimming leg. I joined USMS in 1984 to do the Hour Swim, hosted (and invented) by DC Masters. When we moved to the DC area later that year for a tour at the Pentagon, I naturally joined DCM at Fun & Fitness in Arlington. That summer I went to my first nationals and surprised myself by placing in all my events! Two years later I gave up running & biking-- my last tri was Reston in 1986 (I was 3rd woman out of the water behind Beth O'Connor Baker & Barbara Frech). Once I did that, my swimming really improved.
  Jennifer Johnston & Ann Svenson

Q: Tell me about your championship swims and All-American standings.
A: I won my first national championship in the 1500 at Mt Hood in 1986, a feeling I'll never forget. I've made Long Distance All American for 15 years--when you win a Long Distance National Championship you automatically make All American. I've made pool AA 4 times either in distance free events or butterfly. The summer after I turned 60, I broke 3 LD national records, 6000-yd Postal and 1-mi and 2-mi cable swims. Last year, as I was getting in shape for my hip surgery in October, I couldn't dive to compete in swim meets, so I decided to try really hard to swim all postals (Hour, 5k, 10k, 3000-yd, 6000-yd). The only one I'd never done was the 10k--anyone who does it will attest to the fact that one of the hardest things is finding pool time! And a counter. I lucked out and ended up breaking the 10-yr- old natl record by...23 seconds! I had no idea I was doing it but that was icing on the cake.

Q: Tell me about your recent hip surgery and how that affected your swimming.
A: I couldn't dive and kept pushing off the wall crookedly. I thought I'd injured my hip flexor teaching Pilates. Turned out to be arthritis caused by a congenital malformation of the socket. I had anterior minimally invasive surgery. They cut no muscles or tendons-- just make a small (4" incision) in the front of the hip and pull the muscles apart to get in there to cut off the head of the femur and insert the prosthesis. The result is less chance of infection, less bleeding, faster recovery, and best of all--NO RESTRICTIONS. With traditional hip replacement surgery you can't bend more than 90 degrees or cross your legs for a long time, sometimes forever, or you'll dislocate the hip. There is no chance of that happening with the kind of surgery I had because the muscles & tendons are still there to hold everything in place.

I was back swimming in 4 weeks, only because it took that long for the incision to heal. Two weeks after surgery I went for a 2-mi walk. Surgery was Oct. 28; on Jan. 2 I did the Hour Swim at UMD and was only 40 yds short of the distance I swam in 2009.

Q: Tell me about your role in Masters (long distance chair, work at USMS, etc.)
A: I am Vice Chair of USMS Long Distance and basically for the last 2 yrs was overseeing all 10 national championships (5 postals and 5 open water). I also have been race director for the Betsy Owens Memorial Lake Swims in Lake Placid. It's a 1/4-mi cable course like in Charlottesville. We are the only 2 cable courses in the country right now so we switch off being the national championship each year. i was chair of the Adirondack LMSC (or as I said, "the Adirondack chair") for several years until I came back to DC Masters. In 1998 I was event director for the 3000-yd and 6000-yd Postal National Championships for Adirondack. I've been secretary of DCM for most of the years I've been a member. I've been a delegate to convention 8 times.

I consider my role in USMS to be an advocate for distance swimming. My suggestion to give the meet director of nationals the option to allow swimmers to swim both distance events was adopted somewhere around 1995. I also proposed that they consider the option of offering the distance events on the first day of nationals (they were always the last day--which it turns out I prefer now!) When they discontinued the 6000-yd postal in 1996, I urged them, successfully, to reinstate it. I am hoping our committee this year (rules year) can expand the national championship events to add a longer distance category, >10 miles, as the number of events at those distances increases in the country. (Not that I think I'd every consider swimming that long, though!)

PV Swimming Couples - How They Met

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund and Eric Nordlund: Debbie and Eric met at the USMS Convention (in the hot tub) in Burlingame, California in fall 1997. Debbie was representing Potomac Valley LMSC at her fifth convention, while Eric was attending his first convention as a Michigan LMSC delegate.

Julie Oplinger Roddin and Jeff Roddin: The first time that Julie Oplinger knew of Jeff Roddin and his family was around 1985 when she was playing with friends at the Glenwood Pool in Montgomery County, Maryland. Jeff and his family also knew Julie as the "blond backstroker" who swam for Connecticut Belair and came to Glenwood with her friend Aki. It wasn't until 2007, swimming at the Albatross Open swim meet that Julie and Jeff actually met. Prior to the meet, encouraged by Jeff's friend Wally Dicks, Julie emailed Jeff who was in charge of entries to switch some of her events. She emailed him and after a few weeks of exchanging emails, they met at the Albatross Open. Soon after, Julie invited Jeff on a walk with her dog Tucker at Wheaton Regional Park, the same park where Jeff proposed on April 28, 2009. Both Jeff and Julie are involved on the Potomac Valley Masters board and participate in many swim meets, open water events and triathlons throughout the year. In fact, they both competed in the Savageman Half Iron distance race just one week before their wedding!

5 Keys to Long-Course Triathlon Training
Source: www.active.com/triathlon/Articles
By Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann - EnduranceNation.us

We'd like to share with you our distilled summary of what long-course triathlon training is all about, learned from our nearly 20 years of long-course training, coaching and racing experience. Our goal is to bring you years and years up the learning curve, saving you tons of time and experimentation. In short, we've made all of the mistakes so you don't have to.

In Part I we'll discuss keys one through four. In Part II we'll discuss the fifth key. Finally, in Part III we'll contrast our approach with the conventional long-course training wisdom.

The Five Keys are entirely a function of the need to both maximize and reserve your training time investment for as long as possible to meet real world constraints.

Everything we do - the workouts, the structure, everything - flows backwards from the fact that you are an age-group athlete living in the real world. Period. We feel very strongly that any discussion on how to train that does not begin, in the first sentence, with defining how much time you have to train, is largely invalid.

In other words, we can't talk about what goes in your training box without first talking about how big your box is.

Life - not a spreadsheet, not a coach, not a book - dictates the size of that box. This is an absolute, do-not-pass-go thing you gotta get through your head. This is all just a game and it must fit within your life.

Endurance Nation's Five Keys of Long-Course Training

  1. Real-World Volume
  2. Maximize Return on Time Invested
  3. Fitness = Ability to Perform More Work
  4. Intensity = Most Flexible Tool to Manipulate Training Load
  5. The Best Predictor of Performance is Pace/Watts at Functional/Lactate Threshold
1. Real-World Volume
Your training plan is a box of workouts. Your life is also a box. You insert your training plan box into your life box. Any discussion of what goes into your training box without first discussing the size of your life box is inherently flawed.

In our experience, there is very little you, the real-world athlete, can learn from the training of a professional triathlete (genetic freak) with relatively unlimited training and recovery resources. His weekly training plan (frequency + volume + intensity) reflects the reality of being able to train 25 to 30+ hours a week and sleep nine to 11 hours per day.

Your training plan must reflect your reality: training one to two hours per workday, max, with consistent three to four hours per day available on the weekends, maybe. Oh, and don't forget those pesky work, family and personal life commitments.

We discount or ignore any coaching protocol that is either not framed in this perspective from the start, or is framed from the perspective of 18+ hours per week. That is not the real world. We begin our training plan and coaching conversations with this very simple question:

What is the training week (frequency + volume + intensity) that works for 95 percent of age-groupers 95 percent of the time?

2. Maximize Return on Time Invested
What time returns on race day are you getting for every minute of training time invested?

10 minutes to pack a bag + 15min. drive to the gym + 45min. weight session + 20min. shower and change + 20min. drive X 2 to 3 days per week

What exactly are you getting on race day for that significant time investment? What are the true costs of that time, to your work, family and personal life? If you can achieve the same results with a 1:30 ride as you can with a 2:30 ride, why waste an hour of your day? More importantly, why would you want to compromise the more important parts of your life (work, family, etc) when you don't need to in order to reach your race-day goals?

Within this point, recognize that the cost of your time, your primary training input, is highly variable across the season. For example, a four-hour ride on the trainer in a cold basement in January before your son's 9 a.m. hockey game is much more costly than a four-hour focused, race-specific ride six weeks out from your event.

Our advice to you here is: Don't nickel and dime your life and your family for one to two hours here and there, week after week, for months before your race. Instead, keep the volume as low as you can for as long as you can, spending those training hours and the associated Spousal Approval Units (SAUs) closer to your race, where they can do you the most good.

3. Fitness = Ability to Perform More Work
The measure of your current fitness is the ability to do work: to move the mass of your body through space via wheels, water, or shoes, at X pace/speed/watts for Y distance/time. "Fitness" as you know it is simply your body's ability to perform work at a specific work rate. Don't worry about what is or is not going on inside your body, or how fit you are. Instead, focus on the output of that fitness, which is your body's ability to perform the work of pedaling a bike at 20mph for two hours or to tick away 9:00 miles on the run.

Training Overload
However, your body is very efficient and will only adapt itself to the stresses that you place upon it. If all you ever do is ride 20mph or run 9:00 miles, your body will not be forced to adapt to perform more work. Any training session, therefore, is nothing more than an opportunity to make your body do more work than it's accustomed to.

The cumulative effect of this increased stress applied over a week, a month, a training period, etc, is that your body is forced to adapt to this ever-increasing stress. The expression of this increased adaptation is: The ability to do more work = You can go faster and/or longer. Essentially, you have become more fit.

In summary:
  • Fitness is the ability to perform more work.
  • My body is currently adapted to perform work at a specific work rate.
  • I introduce my body to increasing levels of stress and it adapts.
  • The expression of this adaptation is the ability to perform work at a higher work rate. Thus, I go faster for longer.
4. Intensity = Most Flexible Tool to Manipulate Training Load
The vehicle in which you do this work and apply training stress to your body is your training week. To express your training week as a simple equation:

Weekly Training Stress = Frequency x Volume x Relative Intensity

Frequency: Number of swims, bikes and runs per week. Largely dictated by your real life and is relatively static. You can ride three times, run four times and swim three times per week because life says you can. Once you reach the frequency that life lets you have, you're done.

Volume: The length of these sessions, measured by time. Volume is relatively flexible in the short term, becoming inflexible in the long term. That is, your Wednesday run can go from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to 60 minutes...but then becomes fixed, as life only gives you 60 minutes to run on Wednesday.

Likewise, your life can accommodate a two- to three-hour long ride relatively easily, week after week. However, the life cost of the ride rises very quickly above three to four hours. Therefore, your ride tops out at a consistent three to four hours per session because this is the volume that life says you can get done, week after week, while still wearing your husband/wife/father/mother hats on the weekends.

Your job, then, as a self-coached athlete is to maximize the work you get done in the time that life gives you.

Relative Intensity: How hard you go for each session. Intensity is infinitely more flexible, as you can manipulate training zones, paces, etc to achieve a variety of goals.

In summary, intensity is your best tool for manipulating weekly training stress because it is so flexible and is often the only tool you have.
  • Frequency: Life says you can only swim x, bike y, and run z times per day week. Done.
  • Volume: Life says you can only run 60 minutes on Wednesday, or ride consistently three to four hours on Saturday. Done.
  • ntensity: But there is no end to the variety of Zone This, Pace That variations I can do within these fixed inputs of frequency and volume.
We'll leave you with this thought: Traditional long-course training focuses on volume as the primary training input. Frequency is fixed, intensity is always low, so the only way to introduce a training overload, forcing your body to adapt, is to manipulate training volume...up and up and up.

A three-hour ride becomes three and a half, becomes four, becomes four and a half...becomes a 14-hour week, becomes 16 hours, becomes 18, becomes 22 becomes...what? Divorced? Jobless? Homeless?

Think about this: If training volume is your primary training input, and life puts a limit on that input, what do you do then? Remember, the training box fits within the life box.

The answer is to change your perspective from "training = time" to "training = the application of work to the time that life gives me". Once you've made that mental shift, you've now freed yourself to do more work, in less time, getting much faster while retaining the delicate time balance between work, family, training and lifestyle.

Endurance Nation is the world's only 400 person long-course triathlon team, with 25 to 35 athletes in every U.S. Ironman this season. Find out more at www.EnduranceNation.us



2009 Potomac Valley All-Americans (pool)

Age Grp Name Age Club
W19-24 Yana Park 24 GMUP
W25-29 Alyssa M Lengle 26 ARMS
W25-29 Jennifer M O'Reilly 29 RMST
W30-34 Petra Martin 30 GMUP
W30-34 Julie Roddin 33 TERR
W60-64 Margot K Pettijohn 63 ANCM
M25-29 William M Liscinsky 27 CUBU
M25-29 Jeffrey R Strahota 29 TERR
M35-39 Steven C Pohnert 39 RMST

Potomac Valley LMSC Results from 2010 U.S.M.S. SCY Championships

AARG Alexandria Aquatic Recreation Group
Dean, Nathan P M35
    200 Free 1:59.31 19
    100 Fly 59.82 19
    500 Free 5:34.73 15
    100 Free 54.67 32

ALEX Alexandria Masters Swimming
Harris, Mark E M47
    50 Breast 30.85 28
    100 Breast 1:09.99 28
    100 Free 56.90 50

ARMS Arlington Masters
Frantz, Robert S M22
    200 Back 1:51.62 1
    50 Fly 23.24 4
    100 Free 46.29 4
    50 Back 24.19 3
    100 Back 50.77 1
    50 Free 21.41 5
Read, Marcia W F55
    50 Breast 38.72 12
    100 Breast 1:24.03 9
    50 Fly 34.79 10
    200 IM 2:49.92 10

CUBU Curl-Burke Swim Club
Gallagher, Jose-Luis M33
    500 Free 5:09.98 9
    200 IM 2:06.30 7
    50 Back 26.44 7
    100 IM 56.27 9
    100 Back 55.84 3
    50 Free 23.00 15

Kirwan, Denise F58
    200 Free 2:26.94 6
    200 Back 2:39.23 4
    100 Breast 1:25.78 13
    200 IM 2:45.97 8
    50 Back NS 0

Michael, Mark C M48
    200 Free 1:48.92 12
    100 Fly 52.29 2
    50 Fly 23.50 3
    100 Free 49.00 9

Viellieu, Ben L M55
    50 Fly 33.93 32
    100 IM 1:20.81 34
    50 Free NS 0

Weinberg, Norman A M55
    500 Free 6:14.10 19
    50 Back 32.79 18
    100 Back 1:11.34 12

DCAC District Of Columbia Aquatics Club
West, Christina D F33
    100 Breast 1:23.59 8
    200 IM 2:46.92 8
    100 IM 1:17.36 18
    200 Breast 2:58.45 5

Williams, Neill M42
    50 Breast 27.22 5
    100 Fly 53.45 10
    100 Breast 1:00.10 3
    50 Fly 23.47 3
    100 IM 54.81 7
    200 Breast 2:16.28 5

FXCM Fairfax County Masters
Rickard, Alan K M53
    200 Free 2:10.27 41
    50 Breast 38.72 43
    50 Fly 30.49 52
    100 Free 58.09 48
    100 IM NS 0
    50 Free NS 0

GERM Germantown Maryland Masters
Wolf, Paul R M43
    200 Free 1:57.34 26
    100 Fly 59.81 32
    50 Fly 25.88 28
    100 Free 53.41 43
    100 IM 1:01.30 37
    50 Free NS 0

MACH Machine Aquatics
Groves, Lisa J F45
    50 Breast 34.86 9
    100 Breast 1:16.43 11
    50 Fly 31.53 31
    100 IM 1:11.18 23
    200 Breast DQ 0

MASH Masters Aquatics At Spring Hill
Yankosky, Karen F38
    100 Fly 1:10.82 13
    50 Fly 30.37 20
    50 Back 34.04 19

ANCM Montgomery Ancient Mariners
Harmon, David C M60
    400 IM 5:51.42 10
    200 Free 2:16.07 13
    200 IM 2:37.57 7
    100 Free 59.19 15
    50 Free NS 0

Roddin, Hugh J M68
    200 Back 2:37.83 3
    100 Fly 1:08.36 2
    200 IM 2:42.23 9
    200 Fly 2:49.14 1
    100 Back 1:10.59 2
    400 IM 5:53.86 4

Roddin, Jeffrey H M41
    50 Breast 28.56 12
    100 Fly 52.79 7
    50 Fly 23.99 6
    200 IM 2:01.68 6
    100 IM 54.31 5
    100 Back 54.79 2

Roddin, Ruth A F67
    50 Fly 45.11 4
    50 Free 37.30 9

NCYM National Capital YMCA
Gonzales, Francisco J M37
    50 Breast 31.09 19
    50 Fly 28.16 38
    50 Free 25.53 34

Nakahodo, Sidney M34
    200 Back 2:16.77 11
    50 Fly 27.33 25
    50 Back 27.37 9
    100 Back 58.93 9

Sanchez Torrente, Luis M29
    50 Fly 26.54 35
    100 Free 53.75 36
    50 Free 24.32 37

GMUP Patriot Masters Swim Team
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F43
    200 Back 2:22.95 5
    50 Fly 29.50 15
    50 Back 30.32 7
    100 Back 1:05.05 8
    50 Free 27.60 18

Livingston, Leslie C F48
    50 Breast DQ 0
    100 Fly 1:01.33 2
    50 Fly 27.08 3
    50 Back 28.29 3
    100 IM NS 0
    100 Back 1:01.96 4

Sax, William C M41
    200 Free 1:58.59 29
    100 Fly 1:01.32 36
    500 Free 5:18.76 18
    50 Fly 27.98 44
    200 Fly 2:17.52 13
    1000 Free 10:55.78 7

von Loewe, Pete A M39
    200 Free 1:49.41 6
    200 Back 2:05.88 8
    50 Fly 24.41 8
    100 Free 49.81 11
    200 Fly 2:10.17 7
    50 Free 22.45 10

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 1:53.91 13
    Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F43
    Livingston, Leslie C F48
    Sax, William C M41
    von Loewe, Pete A M39

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:40.00 11
    Livingston, Leslie C F48
    Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F43
    Sax, William C M41
    von Loewe, Pete A M39

RMST Reston Masters Swim Team
Baldwin, Craig M M36
    200 Free 1:53.19 11
    50 Breast 29.77 12
    100 Breast 1:04.14 12
    100 Free 51.29 20
    200 Breast 2:15.62 4

Cuccuini, Samantha A F32
    50 Fly 34.10 16
    100 Free 1:08.29 23
    100 IM 1:21.53 19
    50 Free NS 0

Hajost, Cynthia M F50
    1000 Free 13:27.61 10
    200 Free 2:28.42 15
    200 Back 2:46.02 9

Lichtblau, Jennifer L F25
    50 Breast 31.81 7
    100 Breast 1:09.03 5
    200 IM 2:18.04 9
    100 IM 1:03.75 12
    200 Breast 2:31.38 4

Manheim, Frank T M79
    200 Free 3:06.43 3
    200 Back 3:44.53 6
    200 IM 3:38.60 4
    50 Back 38.28 4
    100 Back 1:37.67 5
    50 Free 32.71 3

Manheim, Lucy M F67
    1650 Free 33:18.25 8
    200 Free 3:35.77 14
    200 Back 4:12.35 12
    100 Breast 2:16.99 7
    100 IM 2:01.66 9
    100 Back 1:50.54 11

Moyer, Michelle A F47
    100 Free 1:05.39 35
    500 Free 6:35.00 25
    100 IM 1:20.22 34

Sealey, Gina F42
    100 Breast 1:41.12 33
    100 Free 1:15.54 39
    100 Back 1:25.66 23

Sealey, Thomas B M49
    400 IM 5:25.18 18
    200 Back 2:25.04 14
    200 IM 2:27.10 26

Van Erden, Jayme K F2 5
    200 Free 2:05.55 14
    200 IM 2:18.89 10
    100 Free 55.91 16
    100 IM 1:03.90 13
    100 Back 1:04.70 16
    50 Free 26.23 17

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:36.40 31
    Manheim, Frank T M79
    Sealey, Gina F42
    Sealey, Thomas B M49
    Manheim, Lucy M F67

Women 200 Medley Relay 2:05.40 12
    Van Erden, Jayme K F25
    Lichtblau, Jennifer L F25
    Cuccuini, Samantha A F32
    Moyer, Michelle A F47

Women 200 Free Relay 1:52.63 11
    Van Erden, Jayme K F25
    Moyer, Michelle A F47
    Lichtblau, Jennifer L F25
    Cuccuini, Samantha A F32

TERR Terrapin Masters
Conroy, Bill M66
    1650 Free 24:06.68 7
    200 Free 2:36.89 12
    500 Free 6:53.73 7

Ekstrom, Gretchen F F43
    1000 Free 11:34.77 2
    200 Free 2:03.11 7
    100 Fly 1:04.92 5
    100 Free 56.46 12
    500 Free 5:33.55 3
    100 Back 1:05.27 9

Ellis, Andrew F M41
    1000 Free 10:52.73 6
    200 Free 1:52.85 18
    100 Fly 57.78 28
    500 Free 5:13.69 13
    100 Free 52.42 39
    200 Fly 2:09.01 8

Goodison, Michael R M38
    50 Breast 27.43 4
    100 Fly 54.66 10
    100 Breast 1:00.78 7
    50 Fly 24.80 13
    100 IM 56.75 9
    200 Breast 2:15.72 5

Grover, Mollie K F29
    200 Free 1:58.83 5
    200 Back 2:13.21 5
    100 Free 54.35 5
    50 Back 30.06 14
    100 IM 1:03.15 7
    100 Back 1:01.62 11

Roddin, Julie F33
    400 IM 5:17.37 4
    200 Back 2:21.92 4
    100 Free 1:01.57 16
    50 Back 31.70 8
    500 Free 5:47.80 8
    100 Back 1:09.25 8

Shipp, Bill M M50
    200 Free 1:56.12 22
    500 Free 5:19.70 12
    50 Fly 28.00 36
    100 Free 53.71 25
    100 IM 1:03.53 30
    50 Free 24.61 24

Strahota, Jeffrey R M29
    200 Free 1:50.61 13
    500 Free 5:02.67 9
    100 Free 51.28 27
    100 IM 59.74 27
    100 Back 1:00.76 19
    50 Free 24.03 36

Thomas, Lillian M F27
    1650 Free 19:05.52 3
    200 Free 2:08.22 17
    500 Free 5:34.18 8

Van Heers, Yannick M22
    200 Free 1:45.55 5
    100 Fly 51.59 3
    50 Fly 23.28 7
    100 Free 47.41 8
    50 Back 25.03 5
    50 Free 21.32 4

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 1:59.05 22
    Grover, Mollie K F29
    Goodison, Michael R M38
    Ekstrom, Gretchen F F43
    Conroy, Bill M66

Men 200 Medley Relay 1:41.14 10
    Van Heers, Yannick M22
    Goodison, Michael R M38
    Strahota, Jeffrey R M29
    Ellis, Andrew F M41

Women 200 Medley Relay 2:02.95 10
    Grover, Mollie K F29
    Roddin, Julie F33
    Ekstrom, Gretchen F F43
    Thomas, Lillian M F27

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:41.02 20
    Ekstrom, Gretchen F F43
    Roddin, Julie F33
    Ellis, Andrew F M41
    Goodison, Michael R M38

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:39.60 13
    Thomas, Lillian M F27
    Grover, Mollie K F29
    Strahota, Jeffrey R M29
    Van Heers, Yannick M22

Men 200 Free Relay 1:35.02 14
    Shipp, Bill M M50
    Strahota, Jeffrey R M29
    Ellis, Andrew F M41
    Goodison, Michael R M38

UNAT Unattached
Goldman, Brian M M24
    200 Free 1:52.40 14
    100 Free 49.47 22
    50 Free 22.21 17

2010 U.S.M.S. Ranson J. Arthur Award Presented to Lynn Hazlewood

As part of the leadership of U. S. Masters Swimming, one of the most important responsibilities is to recognize the service accomplishments of our members. We will be awarding our most prestigious award, the Ransom J. Arthur Award.

Captain Ransom J. Arthur was the founding father of U. S. Masters Swimming. His vision for promoting adult health through fitness and competition was revolutionary in 1970. He created a stage upon which adults could gather, compete, have fun and support each other in the lifelong pursuit of fitness goals through training. Today, fitness has become a normal part of everyday life for millions of adults. This was not so in 1970, when 46 athletes gathered in Amarillo, Texas for the first Masters Short Course National Championship. Forty years ago Ransom had a passion and a vision. Today, our 50,000 plus members are the result of that vision and the torchbearers of his passion.

Each year U. S. Masters Swimming recognizes one of its members who embody the dedication, leadership and passion required to carry the vision forward. By promoting our core objectives of education, growth and service our recipient for 2010 continues the rich tradition.

It is with great pleasure that U.S. Masters Swimming recognizes this year's Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient Lynn Hazlewood. Lynn is truly one of U.S. Masters Swimming's unsung heroes and has been fondly called the soul of the organization. She is involved with swimming for all the right reasons - love of the sport and she is one of the unique adult athletes that pursue fitness and competitive opportunities.

Over the years Lynn's contributions to US Masters Swimming are many. On the national level, Lynn currently chairs the Open Water Committee. She has also served as chair of the Editorial Committee, Open Water Task Force, and Branding Task Force. One of Lynn's many strengths is the ability to effectively communicate within the group she is leading. She has a unique ability to make those around her feel valued in their contribution to the final product. Lynn also served on U.S. Masters Swimming executive committee as the Zone Chair and has been a valued member of the Communications Committee, Long Distance Committee, Publication Management Committee, and the Records and Tabulations Committee.

Lynn also chaired the Transition Team that was instrumental in allowing U.S. Masters Swimming to take editorial ownership of our member magazine. She continues to contribute to our communications strategy by organizing and publishing web content for usms.org and as editor of the Calendar of Events. Lynn is also active within her LMSC. She has held various positions over the years, including club President, Vice President, Social Chair, Membership Chair, and LMSC Sanctions Chair and board member. Lynn was also a co-founder and is meet registrar of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swims, which is now in it's twenty third year.

Lynn is the epitome of a dedicated volunteer to U.S. Masters Swimming as shown by these few examples we have talked about. She is often the first person we think about when a new challenge faces U.S. Masters Swimming that needs an objective, reliable and knowledgeable leader - and while Lynn does not seek recognition for her work we are proud to give her that recognition as this year's Ransom J. Arthur Award winner.

Please join me in thanking Lynn for her service to U.S. Masters swimming and congratulating her for being the 2010 Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient.

 2009 - PV Swimmer of the Year
Swimmer of the Year
 Neill, Margot and Jennifer (photo by Julie Roddin)
We presented the 2009 Potomac Valley Swimmer of the Year awards at zones last weekend. Here are the winners:

Short Course Yards-
Jim Tuchler (CUBU) & Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)

Short Course Meters-
Neill Williams (DCAC) & Margot Pettijohn (ANCM)

Long Course Meters-
Neill Williams (DCAC) & Jennifer O'Reilly (RMST)

2009 Frank Murphy Award

Congratulations to Andrea Hunt and John Erb! For the first time, both winners are DC Masters. Points are accumulated for top 10 finishes in USMS Long Distance (Postal) and Open Water National Championships and tallied for all Potomac Valley swimmers. Andi swam the One Hour Postal and the 2-Mile Cable in Lake Placid, NY. John won with 78 points from six events: 5k Postal, 10k Postal, 3000-yd Postal, 6000- yd Postal, 2-mi OW Natl Champ (Canandaigua, NY) and the 2-mi Cable in Lake Placid.

Kelly Lemon Attends Tropical Splash
by Jeff Roddin

Kelly Lemmon, who entered the Tropical Splash meet, is hands down the most distinguished PV member of all time. (We have had Olympians; but none more decorated than Kelly.) Please note that Kelly is a 97 year old retired General.

In addition to his swimming prowess (many time USMS National champion, All American and USMS/world record holder), he has a distinguished military background. Here is a story describing how he won the Distinguished Service Cross. "What then Lt. Colonel Lemmon did in 1944 was remarkable. He was a Battalion Commander out in front of General George Patton's Third Army approaching the Seine River leading a group that is similar to what we might today call an Armored Calvary Squadron. That's risky enough, but as his tank was crossing the bridge over the Seine, the Germans blew up the bridge narrowly missing Lemmon. He got out of his tank, saw some motorized boats on the other side of the river, and SWAM across while under enemy fire, and brought those boats back to his side of the shore in order to send a fire team over to begin the process of building a pontoon bridge to put a major portion of the lead elements of the Third Army across the river. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry from General Patton himself for this act of heroism."



"While an eagle may soar to great heights, a weasel will never get caught in a jet engine."

Blizzard of 2010

  Meet News


Tropical Splash - Alexandria, VA

Tropical Splash
Katie Gilmore

Tropical Splash
Michael Webber, Mollie

Tropical Splash
Ann Lyttle, Kelley Lemmon, Ann Svenson

Tropical Splash
Warrenton Masters in snow (photo by Mark of Virginia Masters)

Tropical Splash
Todd Goins, Mike King, Julie Dawley, Kami Whitney,
Charlie Tupitza (photo by Mark of Virginia Masters)

Tropical Splash
Virginia Masters (photo by Mark of Virginia Masters)

Tropical Splash
Dave and Andy Whitney

Tropical Splash
Jeff Strahota (photo by Mark of Virginia Masters)

Even without Tech Suits, Records Still Fall at Albatross Open
by Tom Denes

With the full body tech suits banned from meters competition in 2010, the huge USMS and World record haul set at last year's Albatross Open fell from ten to three. The half day short course meters meet took place at the Montgomery Aquatic Center on March 20, a brilliant spring day. More than 200 swimmers participated in the meet.

Setting records in the old suits were two individuals and a relay. Jerry Frentsos, 45, set a World record in the 200 meter I.M. with a time of 2:09.71. George Schmidt, 60, flew up from Florida to set a World record of 1:07.80 in the 100 meter I.M. (George later shared his training tips with us and maintains that he swims no more than 4,000 yards PER WEEK, albeit at high intensity.) The Virginia Masters 200-239 Mixed 400 Medley Relay set a World record of 4:35.02. The record setting quartet consisted of Chris Stevenson (46), Lisa Bennett (54), Dave Holland (43), and Shirley Loftus-Charley (59).

Three months after having her baby, Margaret Conze valiantly tried to win back the crown of Fastest Woman in the Water that she had last won in 2006 and 2007. However, Mollie Grover, 29, of Terrapin Masters touched the wall first in 28.47. In the men's final, Jeff Roddin, 41, won the Fastest Man in the Water for the second year in a row with a time of 25.02. This was also Jeff's sixth title in the 18 year history of the meet.

In team standings, the Montgomery Ancient Mariners led the women's teams, while Germantown Masters led the men's teams. The winner of the combined team scores was Germantown Masters followed by the Ancient Mariners and Reston Masters, respectively (the same placing as last year).

To view photos of the Germantown Masters (posted by Keir Knight) visit:

Photos by Allyson Adams:

Albatross Open
Paul Wolf, Leslie Livingston

Albatross Open
Julie and Jeff Roddin

Albatross Open
Bill Shipp

Albatross Open
Andy, Carolyn, Mike

Albatross Open

Albatross Open

Colonies Zone SCY Championship Recap

The 2010 SCY Zone Championships held April 23-25 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, saw 548 swimmers entered, representing 66 teams. This was the largest turnout in the 8 years Patriot Masters has hosted the meet at George Mason.

The youngest competitors were 18 year olds Marck Jaeger, Sam Neuhaus and Casey Worral. The oldest (all in their 80's) were Calvin Barnes, Richard Briesemeister and Nickolas Demas. Hans Reichelt came from the farthest away, and almost didn't make it as the volcanic ash over Europe barely cleared in time for his flight from Germany the day before the meet. In all, swimmers from Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, California, Florida and Illinois participated in this three-day meet.

The following individuals set potential new USMS national records at the meet:

  • Kristin Gary of Red Tide - 2:04.43 in the 200 backstroke
  • Jim Dragon of Garden State Masters - 25.93 in the 50 fly
  • Kristin Gary, Susan Wager, David Lippin and Nicholas Werner of Red Tide - 3:24.32 in Mixed 400 Free Relay
  • Kristin Gary, Nicholas Werner, Tal Shpaizer and David Lippin of Red Tide - 3:45.13 in Mixed 400 Medley Relay
The overall mens & womens high point trophies were won by the following teams:
  • VIRGINIA MASTERS SWIM TEAM - Large Team Division
  • GARDEN STATE MASTERS - Small Team Division
The Patriot Masters want to thank all of their officials for providing another well-run meet. And special thanks go to the George Mason University Men's and Women's swimming & diving teams for cheerfully helping with timing, registration and awards. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!
-Cheryl Ward, Meet Director

Zone Championship
Kathy & Bob

Zone Championship
Ajay Koduri and parents

Zone Championship
Meghan Rooney & Priscilla Demeo (Curl Burke)

Zone Championship
Jeff Strahota

Zone Championship
Cheryl Ward

Potomac River Swim - June 5, 2010

Potomac River Swim41 swimmers made the 7.5 mile crossing in the Potomac River Swim for the Environment on Saturday, June 5, 2010. This annual event began in 1993 with Joe Stewart's solo crossing to raise funds for the river and bay. This year 41 swimmers and 50 kayakers plus kayaks began their journey, by being transported by three fishing charters, across the river to the swim start at Hull Neck, VA. When the start was announced at 9:05AM, 39 swimmers (three of the swimmers were members of a relay team) began the arduous crossing. The first swimmer to finish, was 32 year old Bill Schulz of Annapolis, Maryland (who narrowly missed smashing Bob Astheimer's record of 2:32:39 set in 2003) in a time of 2 hours and 36 minutes. The first female finisher was once again, 46 year old Kathy Kirmayer (Ancient Mariners) of Silver Spring, Maryland in a time of 3 hours and 50 minutes.

A record amount of money was raised by the swimmers: $18,000 with physician Tripp Bradd again raising the largest amount: $3,140. Proceeds from the swim benefit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Southern Maryland Sierra Club, Potomac River Association, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, The Potomac Conservancy, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Ridge Rescue, and St. Mary's River Watershed Association.

For photos and full results see the webpage at:

Swim for Life July 10, 2010
Photo by Joe Stewart
Swim For Life



Purple Swim Baltimore 2010

Announcing Open Water swim event
PurpleSwim Baltimore 2010
In memory of Bud Beatty (formerly Bud Beatty Memorial Swim)

Sunday August 8, 2010
Rocky Point Beach and Park
2200 Rocky Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21221

Offering 1 mile and 2 mile open water swims
$50 registration will be available online
$60 race day registration

Find more info at www.purpleswimbaltimore.org
Tim Beatty, Volunteer Event Coordinator
Purple Swim Baltimore 2010
In Memory of Bud Beatty
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please email Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Please note the newsletter may also be viewed online at www.pvmasters.org so if you wish to save us mailing costs please also contact Jeff to "unsubscribe" to the printed issue. Likewise you may contact Jeff to unsubscribe from Swimmer magazine.
  • We're ahead of previous years as far as registration counts go. As of April 1 we have as many swimmers for the year as we had on June 1 last year.
  • The following clubs did not renew for 2010: Maryland Suburban Swim Club, Moon's Swim Club, York Masters. We have two new clubs for 2010: please welcome Alexandria Aquatic Recreation Group (AARG) and Ward's Swim Club (WARD). AARG swims at Chinquapin Recreation Center and WARD swims at Georgetown Prep. Welcome new swimmers to PV Masters!

PVLMSC Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2010
Recorded by Mollie Grover

Meeting was called to order at 1:10pm.
Introductions were made.

MSA (Ann Svenson, Tim Timmons), approving October 25, 2009's Meeting minutes as amended.

Chairman (Jeff Strahota)
SCM Meet in December was a success with 99 swimmers
$700 to Gonzaga; pool rental/leftover profits to DCRP age group team

Registrar (Jeff Roddin)
~92% registrations made online thus far this year (compared to 84% last year)
Registration totals: March 1, 2008 - 1548 swimmers
March 1, 2009 - 1777 swimmers
March 1, 2010 - 2008 swimmers
Moon, York and MSSC did not renew for 2010 (most York swimmers renewed with Machine Masters this year) New teams: AARG (Alexandria - Chinquapin); Ward's Swim Club (Georgetown Prep)

Top Ten (Jeff Roddin)
Senior Olympic meet: 26/60 swimmers were USMS; "recognized" by PV/USMS.
DCAC Fall Ball - no measurement was submitted, so no times were reported for Top Ten
2010 SCM Top Ten is final and posted at www.usms.org

Sanctions (Jeff S on behalf of Deb Morrin-Nordlund)
4 scheduled events so far in 2010: Tropical Splash, Albatross, Zones and Reston Swims
Albatross: Julie Roddin (per 10/2009 meeting)
Zones: Deb Morrin-Nordlund (per 10/2009 meeting)
Reston Lake Swim: Mollie Grover
For Senior Olympics, suggest next year we ask the host to collect USMS ID numbers from those swimmers who want their times to be submitted for Top Ten because it was very tedious looking up all swimmers on an individual basis.
RMST wants to know if they have a credit or not from their 2009 Lake Swim Sanction fee. Revisit "Lane Numbering" category on the meet evaluation form

Treasurer (Tim Timmons)
We had a $10,236.95 profit in 2009; Total for all accounts: $53,154.62

Secretary/Newsletter (Cheryl Wagner)
No report

Awards (Julie Roddin)
SCY done for '09, presenting to Margot Pettijohn and Jim Tuchler @ SCY Zones
LCM winners: Jen O'Reilly, Neill Williams; SCM winners: Margot Pettijohn, Neill Williams
Suggested we consider alternate awards (i.e. instead of giving out the same plaque each time)

Jim Halstead is our new LMSC Coaches chair

Officials (Jeff S on behalf of Eric Nordlund)
Reminder to meet directors that swimmers may not use paddles in competition or they are subject to Disqualification.

Fitness (Diana Corbin)
No report

Long Distance/Open Water (Ann Svenson)
Ann is moving back to NY, and vacating her post
Discussion of potentially modifying criteria for Frank Murphy awards to be more participation and fitness oriented and less competition based.

New Business
PV Officer Info Listing and PV Clubs Listing: PV website includes a page listing our officers and a page listing all club representatives. If you are unhappy with how you are listed, please contact Jeff Roddin.

2011 Dues - USMS is raising their portion of dues in 2011 from $27 to $29. The portion paid to PV is currently $10, for a total registration fee of $37. MSA (Ann Svenson, Jeff Roddin) to lower the PV portion to $8 for 2011, keeping the total fee at $37 to PV swimmers for 2011. Note this is the second year in a row PV has decided to absorb the USMS increase.

SwimFest 2010 - clinic for coaches in San Diego June 2-4. Jeff S wants to send PV coaches, on the premise that they will host a similar event in PV to bring back locally what they learned at the festival. MSA (Tim Timmons, Jeff Roddin) to approve up to three slots, with same reimbursement policy as convention. Jeff R recommended Jeff S send an email to PV clubs looking for interested coaches.

LMSC Awards Banquet/Dinner - recommended email asking for social coordinator. Julie R offered to help, asking for additional help.

Jeff S. solicited interest for convention delegates - please email Jeff S (jstrahota@usms.org ) before the next meeting if you are interested in attending (September 15-19 in Dallas).

Discussion on proposed Bylaw Amendments listed on the agenda were moved to next meeting due to time constraints.

Next meeting: TBD (no summer meets scheduled).

MSA to adjourn.

Ellen Hufford (Arlington Masters)
Ann Svenson (DC Masters)
Mark Walters & Brian Sepanik (Germantown Masters)
Myriam Pero & Jeff Roddin (Montgomery Ancient Mariners)
Tim Timmons (Patriot Masters)
Gordon Gerson (Reston Masters)
Julie Roddin, Mollie Grover and Jeff Strahota (Terrapin Masters)

Swim & Triathlon Clinic - Sep 4, 2010
Pre Nations Triathlon Prep and Swim Clinic
September 4, 2010
Location to be determined.

Masters Swim Camp in Athens Greece -
September 13-19, 2010

  • Visit the city where civilization was born and train under a world-class coach
  • Train in the 2004 Olympic Games complex
  • Train next to a world-class athlete
  • Videotaping
  • Lactate tests
  • Learn about the Mediterranean diet
  • Alternative dryland training
  • Visit the Acropolis & its museum
  • Daily tour in the island of Aegina
  • Crowne Plaza hotel (IHG's 2009 Torchbearer award)
  • Limited spots available! Reserve yours now!
  • "First-camp-only" prices: $3,595 & $3,995 (double/single room)
  • Bring a family member or a friend (they save $500)
www.mastersdreamcamp.com ,
Tel.: +30 697 489 0547

Terrapin Cup/Colonies Zone LCM Meet - August 21-22, 2010

The 6th Annual Terrapin Cup and 2010 Colonies Zone Long Course Meters Championship will be held August 21-22 at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.

Details and entry information can be found at www.terrapinmasters.org/LC2010

As entries are being accepted exclusively online, please make sure your coaches and teammates assist those who may need access to a computer/internet for their entry.

Please consider coming out to support the meet either as a volunteer or as a swimmer - or both! There are plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand, from the check in table, hospitality booth, awards, and the all important timers! It is possible to help AND swim too. If you can help out, we'll make sure you get a free Meet T-shirt!

If you are interested or have questions, send me an email - Jeff - jstrahota@usms.org .

Coaches' Corner

Greetings from the Coaches Chair. Jim Halstead has been selected to serve as the new Coaches Chair: With the SCY Championship season fast approaching, good luck to all the athletes attending Nat's in Atlanta! See you poolside! Just wanted to share some fantastic Coaching opportunities for our PV Masters Coaches. SwimFest 2010 (www.usms.org/swimfest) in San Diego has closed for registration. However, a full report will be provided to all those interested. Please email Coach Jim at jimhalstead@usms.org for a copy! USMS and ASCA have joined forces to offer the new Masters Certification Program! The first class, ASCA Masters Level 1, will be offered at this year's ASCA World Clinic, AUG 30-31, in Indianapolis, IN. For more info, check out the website (www.swimmingcoach.org/worldclinic/asca2010/default.asp).

Interested in joining the Coaches Committee? Share your experiences!!! Just email Coach Jim!

Swimming for Life...Coaching for Life!!!

Coach Jim

Swim Across Baltimore Sep 19, 2010

Welcome to the Baltimore Swim to Fight Cancer Sunday, September 19th

Swim Across America is proud to announce that our Inaugural Baltimore Swim is benefiting the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

Join Michael Phelps, our official swim starter, and help "Make Waves to Fight Cancer" by swimming or volunteering on event day.

This much anticipated fundraising swim event will include swimmers of all ages and skill levels and will benefit cancer research, prevention and treatment. Join us in the open-water in the Chesapeake, or do our pool swim option.

Swim Across America is proud to announce that Michael Phelps will be the official race starter at our inaugural Baltimore open water event!




Wetsuit Rental

Group Orders Ship Free!
Orders containing 4 or more rentals receive free shipping and free return postage!
Per customer savings is $20-$25!


Strengthen Your Core

USMS Coach, Tom Denes, offers on-on-one and small group strength training. Emphasis is on strengthening the core muscles to increase swimming power. All sessions are held at Rockville Fitness. Contact Tom at: waterprfch@aol.com or 301-564-4234.

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete
Waterproof Coach The Waterproof Coach & The Waterproof Triathlete
Tom Denes, waterprfch@aol.com
Sport Fair

Proper swim equipment is vital to a successful swimming outcome. SPORT FAIR, an Arlington based swim store specializes in competitive swimwear and equipment. We are one of the largest Speedo dealerships in the country.

SPORT FAIR wants to help you achieve success. Please call me to arrange team discounts for your masters team or open water swim program.

Margaret, Director, Masters & Open Water Swimming
5121 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
Fax: 703-524-9500
Email: sales@sportfairusa.com

Team TrainingTeam in Training Program

Need some inspiration to get started training this season? Complete your next event with Team In Training (TNT), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's groundbreaking charity sports training program. Every season, TNT offers training for a great group of events including marathon, half marathons, triathlons and century bike rides. As part of the Team, you'll receive expert coaching, fundraising support and a team of new friends to train with, all while you raise money to fund cutting-edge cancer research and patient services. Your personal achievement will make a difference in the lives of thousands of others. To see what events we are currently forming teams for, visit www.teamintraining.org/nca or call 703-399-2942. Contact: Lynn Bartkowicz Campaign Manager, Team In Training The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Capital Area Chapter 5845 Richmond Highway, Suite 800 Alexandria, VA 22303 703.399.2953 www.lls.org/nca www.teamintraining.org/nca

Aquatics Director - Head Men's and Women's Coach Wanted

Applications are invited for a new full-time Aquatics Director/Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach position at Marywood University. The primary responsibilities include: recruiting, scheduling and related administrative duties to initiate a new NCAA Division III program. Initially, the head coach will work full-time as a member of the Enrollment Management and the Athletics and Recreation Departments to prepare for the inaugural season in Fall 2010. Additional primary duties are: oversight of planning and activities related to construction of a new natatorium (to be completed by November, 2010) that will be housed in a state-of-the-art athletics and wellness facility, selection of assistant swimming/diving coaches and development of brochures and related materials to launch a comprehensive aquatics progroam for the Univeristy community. When the teams are established, the Aquatics Director/Head Coach will become a full-time member of the Athletics and Recreation staff and assume additional administrative duties in the department. More information and qualifications available at: www.marywood.edu/about/employment/detail.html?id=188287

PV Newsletter Editor Wanted

Do you enjoy writing and sports reporting?
You could be the next Potomac Valley Newsletter Editor for the Swimmer's Ear.

Contact Cheryl Wagner if you are interested: cherylw@crosslink.net.

  Photo Credits


Tropical Splash photos by Ray Novitske, except where noted.
All other photos by Cheryl Wagner except where noted

  Events Calendar



2010 Pool Event Calendar

Aug 7
LCM Meet at UMBC Catonsville, MD - www.teamunify.com/EventShow.jsp?returnPage=/Home.jsp&id=83522&team=msmdlmsc

Aug 9-12
2010 USMS Long Course Nationals - San Juan, Puerto Rico www.usms.org

Aug 21-22
Colonies Zone LCM Championships & Terrapin Cup at UMD College Park www.terrapinmasters.org/LC2010/

2010 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Jul 31
New York 10K Pro Swim; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Aug 1
Manasquan One-Mile Ocean Swim in Manasquan, NJ - Contact (732-610-3534) or squanlg4life@yahoo.com for the Manasquan High School Swim Team Parents Organization www.oceancityswimclub.org/uploads/2010_Open_Water_Schedule-DV_Masters.pdf

Aug 1
John Boyd Memorial 1 Mile Ocean Swim in Seaside Heights, NJ - Contact the Lifeguard Association of Seaside Heights (732-793-4646) or www.compuscore.com

Aug 1
Shana Ocean Swim Race (One Mile) - Monmouth Beach, NJ -- www.theshanafoundation.org

Aug 7
Swim Across the Sound - 25K Open Water Swim in Bridgeport, CT ... www.swimacrossthesound.org

Aug 7
Mid Summer 1 _ Mile Ocean Swim held in Lavallette, NJ ... www.ocymca.org

Aug 7
200yrd-500yrd-1650yrd-2 Mile swims - Eagle Rock, PA - www.hazletonymcaywca.org/triathlon/owsraceinfo.htm

Aug 7
North Shore 2.3 mi swim Challenge - Waimea Bay, Hawaii - www.hawaiiswim.com/nsss.html

Aug 8
Sitka Sound Adventure Swim, 6.2 mi around Japonski Island Causeway, Sitka, Alaska www.sitkaadventureracing.org/AdventureSwim/AdventureSwim.html

Aug 8
Purple 1 mi & 2 mi Swims Baltimore 2010 - Rocky Point Beach - www.purpleswimbaltimore.org

Aug 8
Summer Super Sprint Triathlon - Manassas, VA www.triitnow.com

Aug 8
14th Annual YMCA Lake Champlain Shore-to-Shore Swim - Burlington, VT (802-862-9622) or www.gbymca.org

Aug 14
Island Beach Two Mile Swim - Greenwich, CT ... www.gscevents.org

Aug 14
Annual Boston Light 8-Mile Swim held in Boston, MA ... www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 15
Beware of Barracuda Triathlon - Hazleton PA www.hazletonymcaywca.org/triathlon/sprintraceinfo.htm

Aug 15
Kids Triathlon "Kids Tri Too 2" - Manassas VA hwww.triitnow.com

Aug 15:
Ray Licata Memorial 1 Mile Ocean Swim in Long Branch, NJ ... www.raylicatamemorialswim.co

Aug 15
Pennock Island Challenge - 8.2 Mile Swim - Ketchikan, Alaska ... www.alaskateamada.com

Aug 21
Belmar Ocean Mile - Belmar, NJ ... for information contact peter@newjerseyraceclub.com or (732-319-0282) or register online at WWW.RaceForum.Com/TripleCrown

Aug 21
Against the Tide 1 Mile Swim - Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA ... www.nycswim.org

Aug 21
32nd Annual Clean Harbor Swim - Niles Beach, Gloucester, MA ... clean.harbor.swim@comcast.net

Aug 29
Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake (New Hill, NC) - Contact Marty Gaal at marty@osbmultisport.com or (407-256-2658). www.triangleopenwater.com

Aug 29
1 Mile Brigantine Bayfest Swim in Brigantine, NJ - Contact John E. Livezey at DELIVER10@aol.com or (609-233-6047) or phone the Brigantine Elks Club at (609- 266-9826)

Sep 4
82nd Annual 1.5 Mile AC Pageant Ocean Swim in Atlantic City, NJ ... www.nycswim.org

Sep 11
Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life in Provincetown, MA ... www.swim4life.org

Sep 11
Brooklyn Bridge 1K Swim held in NYC ... www.nycswim.org

Sep 12
Colonies Zone 1 Mile Open Water Championship - Lake Hopatcong, NJ www.njmasters.org/misc/TWMS_2010_EntryForm.pdf

Sept 18
15th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim - South End Rowing Club (San Francisco, CA) www.south-end.org

Sep 19
Swim to Fight Cancer in Baltimore - 1 & 3 mile swims - Chesapeake Bay - www.swimacrossamerica.org/Baltimore

Sep 19
4th Annual Wharf to Wharf Swim - Williams Wharf Landing, Virginia - 1400 Meter Swim crossing the East River of Mobjack Bay (off the Chesapeake Bay) - www.mathewslandconservancy.com/events/index.html

Sep 25
1 & 2 Mile Bay Swim - September Splash in Wildwood Crest, NJ ... www.LMSPORTS.com or www.wwcswim.org

Sep 25
Little Red Lighthouse 5 Mile Swim held in New York City, NY ... www.nycswim.org

Oct 7
The 20th Annual Bermuda Round the Sound 10K 7.25K 4K 2K and 0.8K Open Water Swims - www.aquamoonadventures.com

Oct 10:
15th Annual St. Croix 5 Mile Open Water Swim www.swimrace.com/coral_reef_swim_schedule.htm

Oct 13
Open Water Swim Vacation - La Paz Mexico - October 13th to 30th 2010 (8 days & 7 nights adventure trips). Contact Gary Emich at: www.bajaex.com/ChooseYourAdventure/SwimmingExpedition.html

Oct 16
Gertrude Ederle Swim (17.5 Miles) - Starts in NYC and finishes at Sandy Hook, New Jersey ... www.nycswim.org

Oct 17
Bermuda Round the Sound EcoSwim ... www.AquaMoonAdventures.com or info@RandyNutt.com

Dec 5
10th Annual Bonaire EcoSwim 10K, 5K, 3K & 1K Swims in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles ... info@RandyNutt.com Information and Entry ... www.AquaMoonAdventures.com