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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
September 2002

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1.  Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

The summer is already almost over, so I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy some outdoor swimming practices/workouts, a meet or an open water swim or two. Potomac Valley Masters swimmers have taken part in a variety of pool and open water events this summer - locally, nationally and around the world. Check out some of the events and results elsewhere in this issue. We congratulate them on their efforts.

Craig Dewing will be taking over for Jim Nealis as the Potomac Valley Top Ten person. We thank Jim for his service to PV and welcome Craig.

The final Potomac Valley meeting of the year, our annual meeting, will be held on Sunday, November 17, prior to the Lox & Bagels meet. This meeting is the final chance this year for representation by a member of each team, to avoid the team dues renewal penalty for next year. This rule was put into effect not to penalize teams, but to increase involvement in the Potomac Valley organization. We hope that teams and individuals, will view it as it was meant and become more involved in Masters swimming.

Happy Swimming. Eric


2.  Articles and Interviews

C.J. Lockman Hall

Public Service Spotlight:
Annual Dolphin Memorial Swim Meet

by CJ Lockman Hall, M.A.

At the end of June, Montgomery Ancient Mariner Terry Kominski staged the Dolphin Memorial Swim Meet for the fifth consecutive year. Terry, the long-time coach of the Strathmore Bel Pre summer swim team in Silver Spring, MD, started the meet to honor the team's swimmers and parents and her mom who died of cancer and other illness-related causes. The meet also serves as a fundraiser for charities that canhelp end such diseases.

To publicize the meet, Terry posts signs at the pool, distributes flyers to teams in the local summer swim leagues, and spreads the word to friends, acquaintances, and the Masters group that she coaches at the Aspen Hill Club. Familiar faces are seen every year among volunteers, swimmers, and spectators; neighborhood families often stop by.

Since Terry enjoys sprint events, she designed the meet in a sprint format that appeals to competitive and non-competitive swimmers alike.

The result? Besides loads of enjoyment, the meet typically raises $1,200-$1,500 from event fees and event sponsorships, program sales, food and beverage sales (Terry's sister Kathy runs the snack bar every year), and general donations. Terry and her crew foot the bill for all expenses (food, ribbons, etc.) so that every penny goes to charity.

Terry says, "This meet means a lot to me, and it is a lot of fun. I am already looking forward to next year!"

For more information on the Annual Dolphin Memorial Swim Meet, contact Terry at 301-260-8676 or drop her an e-mail at mermade1967@aol.com.

Have you hosted or participated in a public service activity? If so, send CJ an e-mail: PVTreasurer@usms.org.

Cheryl Wagner

Oh Where, Oh Where is My Fat Burning Zone?
by Cheryl Wagner

It may not be a fountain of youth, but a workout that would magically burn off fat while getting you in shape would be almost as good! Here are some tips for how to get into that magical 'fat burning' zone when exercising.

There appear to be two principles involved in burning fat while exercising:
staying at a very low intensity (25% of your aerobic capacity) or
exercising for a very long time (an hour or more) so that your body is forced to draw upon stored fat as fuel.

Paradoxically, the fitter you are, the more efficiently your body burns fat while exercising. But even the aerobically impoverished can \ take steps to burn fat.

As you begin to exercise, all of your energy comes from glycogen stored in your muscles. However, over the next 20 minutes, fat breakdown (plus some blood glucose) begins to supply about half of your energy requirement. As exercise continues, fat catabolism increases - supplying up to 70% of the energy requirement. Low-intensity exercise (or exercise at 25% of aerobic capacity), even for relatively short periods, is also fueled almost totally by fat combustion.

Fat is a great source of energy. For example, the body's energy reserves from carbohydrates could power high intensity running for about an hour and a half. However, the fat reserves would last 75 times longer. While it outlasts carbohydrates as an energy source, fat oxidation produces energy at a slower rate which is one of the reasons for the decrease in your exercise capacity after several hours of exertion - when you're primarily burning fat as fuel.

The contribution of fat to the energy burned during exercise requires its release from the fat storage sites and delivery to muscle tissue. The fitter you are, the better your body is at burning fat and delivering it to the muscle tissues. Depending on a person's state of nutrition and fitness, the intensity and duration of the activity, and their fat 'supplies', fat-burning will supply anywhere from 30-80% of the energy for physical activity. With aerobic training the athlete acquires:
improved fatty acid transport to the muscle fibers
more capillaries and
an increased quality of enzymes.

All of these affect how well the person can utilize fat as a fuel for activity. World class endurance athletes can perform at 85-90% of their maximum aerobic capacity for long periods.

Of course it's probably true that the better your body is at fat-burning, the less you need to burn that excess fat. Regardless, following the above principles will help you 'feel the burn' in a whole new way.

Source: Essentials of Exercise Physiology (second edition) by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, and Vitor L. Katch Copyright 2000 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

3.  Congratulations!

Potomac Valley LMSC Results from
2002 USMS Short Course Championships in Hawaii

by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Parsons, Don M61 102-00073
1000 Free 13:12.78 -3
200 Fly 2:56.51 -5
50 Fly 30.31 -8
50 Free 27.33 -10
100 Fly 1:12.15 -7
100 Free 59.20 -6

Hamner, Minna L F79 102-00463
50 Back 1:00.66 -3
100 Breast 2:22.04 -4
100 Back 2:13.32 -3
50 Breast NS -0
200 Back 4:53.13 -2

Hlavacek, Ida M F60 102-00439
50 Back 42.94 -4
200 Fly 3:45.18 -3
50 Fly 41.04 -4
100 Back 1:30.80 -2
100 Fly 1:39.18 -4
200 Back 3:15.89 -4

Lathram, Mary M F86 102-00106
500 Free 13:43.08 -3
200 Back 5:35.88 -2
1650 Free 46:10.26 -1
50 Back 1:07.97 -4
200 Free 5:13.87 -4
100 Back 2:31.14 -3

Penland, Trippi V F56 102-00967
100 IM 1:32.85 -8
50 Breast 43.63 -4
100 Free 1:20.43 -5

Thorsen, Ruth H F81 102-00221
50 Back 1:37.82 -3
200 Free 5:06.18 -3
50 Free 59.81 -2
500 Free 14:54.78 -2
50 Breast 1:47.34 -2
100 Free 2:24.54 -1

Walker, Anne F86 102-00468
50 Back 56.63 -1
00 Free 4:31.16 -2
100 Back 2:06.58 -1
50 Free 52.39 -2
200 Back 4:58.16 -1
100 Free 2:04.95 -2

Women 200 Free Relay 3:51.87 -1
Walker, Anne F86
Lathram, Mary M F86
Thorsen, Ruth H F81
Hamner, Minna L F79

Dicks, Wally C M39 102-01145
100 Breast 57.73 -1
200 Breast 2:07.93 -1
50 Breast 26.40 -1

Fell, Michael A M40 102-01323
50 Back 26.01 -4
200 Free 1:48.14 -3
100 Back NS -0
50 Free 21.97 -2
100 IM 56.48 -7
100 Free 49.03 -4

Harmon, David C M52 102-00715
200 Free 2:09.69 -18
500 Free 6:07.29 -13
50 Free 25.84 -23
100 Free 58.20 -23

Klotz, Jessica C F25 102-00708
50 Back 29.94 -3
00 Back :05.21 -8
50 Free 26.88 -12
200 Back 2:24.03 -6

Lewis, Rory B M40 102-01088
50 Back 27.65 -11
50 Fly 24.49 -5
50 Free 22.76 -8
100 IM 58.09 -9
50 Breast 29.48 -10
100 Free NS -0

Ramsbottom, Jeri M F30 102-00069
50 Free 26.26 -6
200 Back 2:16.35 -2
100 Free 56.99 -5
50 Back 29.98 -3
100 Back 1:03.00 -4

Roddin, Hugh J M60 102-00274
400 IM 5:28.42 -2
200 Fly 2:34.18 -2
100 Back 1:10.06 -3
200 IM 2:32.55 -6
100 Fly 1:06.34 -4
200 Back 2:33.91 -2

Weiss, Amy K F30 102-00270
1000 Free 11:21.62 -4
400 IM 4:54.50 -4
200 Free 2:03.37 4
200 IM 2:18.61 -8
500 Free 5:27.25 -6
100 IM 1:04.21 -6

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:35.83 -6
Fell, Michael A
Ramsbottom, Jeri M
Klotz, Jessica C
Dicks, Wally C

Ricks, Jeffrey C M29 102-01380
400 IM 5:03.83 -7
50 Back 29.25 -6
200 Fly 2:28.97 -8
100 Back 1:03.88 -4

Baker, Chase R M29 102-01394
200 Free 2:08.56 -13
200 IM 2:32.91 -11
100 Fly 1:07.47 -11
100 Free 57.79 -14

Callahan, Anita M F44 102-00613
200 Fly 2:43.47 -9
100 Back 1:10.88 -7
50 Free 28.36 -18
100 Fly 1:10.90 -2
100 Free 1:01.31 -13

Chestnut, Doug E M37 102-00590
1000 Free 10:14.22 -7
400 IM 4:28.69 -6
200 Free 1:50.85 -14
500 Free 4:56.08 -9
100 Back 58.28 -6
200 Back 2:04.76 8

Clifford-Dicks, Barbara F35 102-00002
50 Back 30.09 -8
50 Fly 28.44 -5
100 Back 1:03.83 -3
50 Free 26.90 -15
100 IM 1:06.87 -14
200 Back 2:21.85 -6

Coulson-Moore, Heather A F32 102-01148
50 Back 29.09 -1
200 Fly 2:15.65 -2
100 Back 1:02.40 -2
200 IM 2:17.60 -6
100 Fly 1:01.45 -5
200 Back 2:17.79 -5

Hansen, Robert M M47 102-00589
400 IM 4:33.48 -3
200 Fly 2:09.52 -4
50 Fly 25.98 -12
200 IM 2:07.67 -3
100 Fly 54.95 -5
100 Free 50.71 -4

Hudson, John S M46 102-00579
1000 Free 10:31.77 -2
200 Free 1:51.34 -2
500 Free 5:03.77 -3
50 Free 24.40 -19
100 Free 51.89 -7

Oates, David R M51 102-00956
200 Free 1:54.75 -2
200 Fly 2:15.22 -2
50 Free 24.25 -8
200 IM 2:15.89 -6
100 IM DQ -0
100 Free 52.79 -7

Sloan, Larry M54 102-01184
200 Free 1:58.50 -8
50 Fly 26.79 -8
50 Free 24.31 -10
100 Fly 1:00.32 -7
100 Free 53.48 -10

Ward, Cheryl A F36 102-00591
400 IM 4:49.16 -3
50 Fly 27.18 -2
200 IM 2:16.68 -4
100 IM :03.15 -5
100 Free 55.19 -6

Women 200 Medley Relay 1:56.89 -2
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara F35
Coulson-Moore, Heather A F32
Ward, Cheryl A F36
Callahan, Anita M F44

Men 200 Medley Relay 1:51.75 -4
Oates, David R M51
Hudson, John S M46
Hansen, Robert M M47
Sloan, Larry M54

Women 200 Free Relay 1:44.03 -1
Ward, Cheryl A F36
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara F35
Callahan, Anita M F44
Coulson-Moore, Heather A F32

Men 200 Free Relay 1:35.43 -3
Sloan, Larry M54
Oates, David R M51
Hudson, John S M46
Hansen, Robert M M47

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 1:53.46 -9
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara F35
Hudson, John S M46
Sloan, Larry M54
Callahan, Anita M F44

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 1:49.27 -6
Chestnut, Doug E M37
Hansen, Robert M M47
Coulson-Moore, Heather A F32
Ward, Cheryl A F36

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:41.80 -12
Sloan, Larry M54
Oates, David R M51
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara F35
Callahan, Anita M F44

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:37.22 -7
Hansen, Robert M M47
Hudson, John S M46
Coulson-Moore, Heather A F32
Ward, Cheryl A F36

Crean, Denis J M41 102-01273
1000 Free 11:04.31 -6
400 IM 4:46.51 -5
200 Fly 2:16.89 -6
500 Free 5:18.39 -12
200 IM 2:14.99 -13

Potomac Valley LMSC Results from
2002 USMS Long Course Championships in Cleveland

by Jeff Roddin

Throne, William C M46 102-00316
400 IM 5:57.76 -13
200 Back 2:38.15 -6

Pugliese, Mark M50 102-00661
100 Back 1:10.37 -2
50 Fly 28.54 -2
200 Back 2:40.24 -6
50 Back 31.73 -3
100 Free 1:01.37 -6

Braswell, Willis C M57 102-00109
1500 Free 21:13.55 -1

Dewey, Thomas M71 102-00303
200 Free 3:46.38 -9
50 Free 41.82 -12
400 Free 8:19.82 -7
100 Free 1:36.21 -12

Harrison, Lonny W M54 102-00311
200 IM DQ -0
50 Free 28.91 -10
200 Back 2:40.22 -5
50 Back 33.39 -6
100 Free 1:00.55 -3

Hlavacek, Ida M F60 102-00439
800 Free 14:25.24 -2
50 Fly 47.44 -6
400 IM 8:12.74 -2
100 Fly 1:54.46 -2
200 Fly 4:16.76 -1

Kirkendall, Nancy J F59 102-00824
100 Back 1:45.00 -6
50 Free 38.30 -6
200 Back 3:51.55 -4
50 Back 46.84 -5
100 Free 1:30.55 -6

Leilich, Joann F63 102-00176
200 Free 3:14.74 -3
200 Breast 3:31.60 -2
50 Breast 42.84 -1
400 Free 6:53.07 -3
100 Breast 1:32.77 -2

Schreiner, Beth F61 102-00196
200 Free 3:09.61 -2
50 Fly 42.90 -4
50 Free 34.07 -3
100 Free 1:22.06 -2

Thompson, Jerry E M28 102-01283
100 Fly 1:14.51 -12
50 Free 26.97 -7
50 Breast 35.03 -6
100 Breast 1:22.46 -6
100 Free 1:01.27 -7

Thorsen, Ruth H F82 102-00221
800 Free 28:58.47 -3
200 Free 5:34.57 -5
50 Free 1:09.21 -3
400 Free 13:08.11 -3
100 Free 2:31.04 -1

Walker, Anne I F86 102-00468
100 Back 2:21.50 -1
50 Free 56.96 -1
200 Back 5:16.91 -1
50 Back 1:01.37 -1
100 Free 2:14.98 -1

Williams, Hugh A M71 102-00192
50 Fly 51.32 -6
50 Back 52.13 -6

Zaremski, Barbara M F65 102-01436
200 Free 3:13.14 -2
50 Free 36.21 -1
200 Back 3:56.63 -1
50 Back 46.29 -2
100 Free 1:23.40 -2

Women 200 Medley Relay 2:52.71 -1
Zaremski, Barbara M F65
Leilich, Joann F63
Hlavacek, Ida M F60
Schreiner, Beth F61

Women 200 Free Relay 2:28.46 -1
Leilich, Joann F63
Hlavacek, Ida M F60
Kirkendall, Nancy J F59
Schreiner, Beth F61

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:21.97 -7
Harrison, Lonny W M54
Leilich, Joann F63
Thompson, Jerry E M28
Schreiner, Beth F61

Graham, Michael C M24 102-00167
50 Free 27.75 -6
100 Free 1:01.66 -4

Mead, Jeffrey D M46 102-00594
50 Free 27.75 -12
50 Back 4.55 -12
100 Free 1:02.78 -15

Rumble, Wilson B M41 102-00891
1500 Free DQ -0
400 IM DQ -0
400 Free 5:22.02 -20
200 Fly 3:27.36 -10

Morgan, Michael D M33 102-01460
50 Fly 27.65 -4
50 Free 25.49 -4

Block, Andrea J F41 102-01683
200 Free 2:19.97 -3
50 Fly 30.48 -3
100 Fly 1:08.33 -2
400 Free 4:56.01 -2
200 Fly 2:33.26 -1

Britt, Clay M41 102-00272
100 Back 1:00.91 -1
50 Fly 26.87 -1
200 Back 2:19.80 -1
50 Back 27.88 -1

Crist, Jason A M40 102-00022
200 Free 2:11.79 -9
50 Fly 29.06 -11
200 IM 2:30.70 -4

Deane, Rusty M32 102-00788
50 Free 26.03 -7
50 Breast 33.86 -4
100 Breast 1:15.95 -6
100 Free 58.07 -6

Denes, Thomas A M45 102-00414
800 Free 10:43.03 -10
200 Free 2:20.01 -15
50 Fly 30.54 -8
400 IM 5:50.53 -11
100 Fly 1:08.60 -6

Dicks, Wally C M39 102-01145
50 Fly 7.82 -8
50 Free 25.71 -5
50 Breast 30.55 -1
100 Breast 1:07.65 -1

Feinstein, John M47 102-00706
100 Back 1:21.93 -14
50 Fly 28.81 -3
100 Fly 1:07.64 -4
50 Back 33.56 -9

Fell, Michael A M41 102-01323
50 Fly 28.28 -6
50 Free 25.60 -2
50 Breast 33.74 -2
50 Back 29.51 -3

John Feinstein, Amy Weiss, Tom Denes
John Feinstein, Amy Weiss, Tom Denes

Greer, Marshall R M66 102-00698
100 Back 1:30.53 -6
50 Back 38.58 -4

Oliver, April F41 102-00732
50 Back 38.58 -8
200 Fly 3:18.48 -2
50 Fly 33.04 -7
100 Fly 1:19.78 -5
50 Free 31.83 -10

Pero, Myriam F53 102-00709
1500 Free 23:52.50 -7
200 Free 2:53.89 -8
50 Free 36.28 -9
400 Free 6:09.97 -10
100 Free 1:18.10 -7

Pettijohn, Margot F56 102-00417
200 Breast 3:24.36 -1
400 IM 7:02.11 -2
50 Breast 42.17 -2
100 Breast 1:34.74 -1
200 Fly 3:33.36 -1

Roddin, Hugh J M60 102-00274
100 Back 1:20.19 -2
400 IM 6:17.50 -3
100 Fly 1:14.75 -3
200 Back 2:56.83 -3
200 Fly 2:58.33 -2

Roddin, Jeffrey H M33 102-00001
50 Fly 26.94 -3
100 Fly 59.77 -3
200 IM 2:23.09 -4
50 Back 29.45 -1
200 Fly 2:24.75 -4

Hugh, Ruth and Jeff Roddin
Hugh, Ruth and Jeff Roddin

Roddin, Ruth A F59 102-00275
50 Fly 49.50 -4
50 Free 41.66 -8

Van Pelt-Diller, Lisa F44 102-00723
100 Back 1:10.38 -1
200 Back 2:36.63 -1
50 Back 32.49 -1

Weiss, Amy K F30 102-00270
800 Free 10:10.82 -2
200 Free 2:20.74 -5
200 Back 2:45.68 -3
400 Free 4:55.24 -3
100 Free 1:04.40 -6

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:54.51 -3
Van Pelt-Diller, Lisa F44
Block, Andrea J F41
Feinstein, John M47
Crist, Jason A M40

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:56.00 -8
Deane, Rusty M32
Weiss, Amy K F30
Oliver, April F41
Denes, Thomas A M45

Jeff Roddin counting
Jeff Roddin counting
for Amy Weiss in
the 800 free.

Women 200 Medley Relay 2:15.23 -3
Van Pelt-Diller, Lisa F44
Weiss, Amy K F30
Block, Andrea J F41
Oliver, April F41

Men 200 Medley Relay 2:01.52 -3
Crist, Jason A M40
Deane, Rusty M32
Feinstein, John M47
Denes, Thomas A M45

Men 200 Medley Relay 1:48.75 -1
Britt, Clay M41
Dicks, Wally C M39
Roddin, Jeffrey H M33
Fell, Michael A M41

Women 200 Free Relay 2:12.40 -8
Oliver, April F41
Pettijohn, Margot K F56
Pero, Myriam F53
Block, Andrea J F41

Men 200 Free Relay 1:40.20 -2
Britt, Clay M41
Crist, Jason A M40
Dicks, Wally C M39
Fell, Michael A M41

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:32.71 -3
Greer, Marshall R M66
Pettijohn, Margot K F56
Roddin, Hugh J M60
Roddin, Ruth A F59

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:03.76 -1
Van Pelt-Diller, Lisa F44
Roddin, Jeffrey H M33
Feinstein, John M47
Block, Andrea J F41

Callahan, Anita M F45 102-00613
100 Back 1:23.90 -7
100 Fly 1:24.66 -7
200 Back 3:05.00 -8
200 Fly 3:12.96 -4
100 Free 1:11.29 -7

Chestnut, Doug M38 102-00590
800 Free 9:12.76 -1
100 Back 1:07.02 -1
400 IM 5:16.69 -2
200 Back 2:21.88 -1
400 Free 4:28.72 -3

Ancient Mariner & GMUP swimmers

Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F36 102-00002
100 Back 1:14.78 -3
50 Fly 32.39 -9
200 Back 2:48.55 -3
50 Back 33.77 -4
200 Fly 3:07.93 -4

Eckert, Cindy L F44 102-01261
800 Free 11:34.27 -2
50 Fly 34.69 -12
200 IM 2:59.31 -6
400 Free 5:34.95 -8

Hokenson, Christina A F33 102-00739
200 Free 2:29.68 -10
50 Fly 34.94 -12
50 Free 31.00 -13
50 Breast 44.16 -8
100 Free 1:07.58 -12

Hudson, John S M47 102-00579
800 Free 9:29.27 -2
200 Free 2:10.25 -6
400 Free 4:41.05 -3
100 Free 59.96 -7

Oates, David R M52 102-00956
200 Free 2:12.48 -2
50 Fly 29.85 -6
100 Fly 1:07.27 -3
50 Free 28.17 -8
100 Free 1:00.66 -4

Sloan, Larry R M55 102-01184
200 Free 2:19.04 -3
50 Fly 30.37 -5
50 Free 27.70 -4
400 Free 5:01.11 -2
100 Free 1:00.54 -2

Timmons, Timothy T M56 102-00195
100 Back 1:21.65 -5
200 Back 2:59.09 -6
50 Back 35.45 -5

Mixed 200 Free Relay 2:04.38 -4
Sloan, Larry R M55
Eckert, Cindy L F44
Callahan, Anita M F45
Timmons, Timothy T M56

Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:55.42 -7
Hudson, John S M47
Chestnut, Doug M38
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F36
Hokenson, Christina A F33

Women 200 Medley Relay 2:23.38 -7
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F36
Hokenson, Christina A F33
Eckert, Cindy L F44
Callahan, Anita M F45

Men 200 Medley Relay 2:10.76 -4
Timmons, Timothy T M56
Hudson, John S M47
Sloan, Larry R M55
Oates, David R M52

Women 200 Free Relay 2:04.95 -3
Hokenson, Christina A F33
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F36
Callahan, Anita M F45
Eckert, Cindy L F44

Men 200 Free Relay 1:50.01 -10
Sloan, Larry R M55
Oates, David R M52
Chestnut, Doug M38
Hudson, John S M47

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:20.60 -6
Timmons, Timothy T M56
Eckert, Cindy L F44
Sloan, Larry R M55
Callahan, Anita M F45

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 2:08.48 -2
Clifford-Dicks, Barbara J F36
Hudson, John S M47
Oates, David R M52
Hokenson, Christina A F33

Anderson, Beth F41 102-00539
100 Back 1:25.56 -6
50 Fly 37.04 -16
400 IM 6:23.31 -3
200 IM 3:00.41 -8
200 Back 2:55.93 -6

Diehl, David J M61 102-00063
100 Back 1:36.73 -7
50 Breast 46.81 -8
50 Back 38.18 -5

Hoffman, Charles L M52 102-00576
50 Fly 31.20 10
50 Breast 37.77 -11

Morrin-Nordlund, Deborah J F40 102-00028
100 Back 1:48.98 -7
200 Breast 3:52.41 -8
200 Back 3:50.01 -10

Nordlund, Eric R M39 102-00029
800 Free 11:28.72 -5
100 Back 1:18.11 -11
50 Free 28.64 -25
200 Back NS -0

Stakem, Meredith A F21 102-01672
200 Free 2:21.20 -1
50 Free 28.72 -2
50 Back 35.15 -4
100 Free NS -0

UNAT Unattached
Barbins, Andre R M32 102-00588
50 Fly 30.37 -11

Eric Nordlund and Tom Denes
sharing a lane in the 800 free.

4.  Quotes and Jokes

"Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine."
- Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

"Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them--a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill."
- Muhammad Ali

"Never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river"
- Cordel Hull

Man talking to neighbor: "I just bought a new hearing aide. It cost me $4,000, but it's state of the art.
Neighbor: "Really? What kind is it?"
First Man:"Twelve-thirty."

The Preacher
The preacher is baptizing people in the river and spies a drunk stumbling out of the woods. He shouts to him,
"Brother, are you ready to find Jesus?" The drunk answers,
"Yes, I am." The preacher dunks him in the water, pulls him up and asks,
"Have you found Jesus?" The drunk replies,
"No, I haven't found Jesus!" The preacher, dunks him in the water again and asks him,
"Now have you found Jesus, my brother?" The drunk again answers,
"No, I haven't found Jesus." This time the preacher holds him underwater for 30 seconds. Then he asks,
"For the love of God, have you finally found Jesus?" The drunk gasps, wipes his eyes, catches his breath and says to the preacher,
"Are you sure this is where he fell in?!!?"

5.  Meet News

31 swimmers

Potomac River Swim, 7.5 miles, June 1, 2002
31 swimmers successfully completed the Potomac River Swim this year. The top fundraiser was Dan Dooher (PV) who raised over $2,000. The first place finisher was 16-year-old Guillermo Garcia completing the swim in 2:42:46. Next year's event will take place on May 31, 2003.

For complete results, see: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/prs2002-results.htm

Chesapeake Bay Swim, June 16

Unnamed swimmer Stephen Roderick, 
			Allison Thomson, E Stoner, C Wagner, Bob Lazzaro

Unnamed swimmer

Stephen Roderick, Allison Thomson, E Stoner, C Wagner,
Bob Lazzaro

Scott Budde

Winner, Scott Budde (center), is congratulated.

Results: www.lin-mark.com

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson

Manhattan Island Swim, June 23
by Andrew Johnson

If any of you were wondering if I managed to swim the 28.5 Miles around Manhattan on Sunday, June 23, 2002: the answer is, Yes!

There are so many thoughts, worries, stresses, and joys that come out of an event like this it is almost overwhelming to try to sit down and put them into words.

I was able to complete the swim in 8 hours and 9 minutes which was 6th placeand only 9 minutes behind 2nd place (8:00.26). I led the race for the first mile or two and was in second until about the 5th mile. However, due to circumstances which I'll describe later, I eventually had to relinquish 3rd place at the GW Bridge (mile 17 - 6 hours and 15 minutes) and finished 3 minutes and 45 seconds out of the "top three".

Some of the major highlights I experienced include my personal favorites: the NYC Firemen and my crew. My kayaker and I were like opposing forces working in unison to power our way around the Island. Bonnie was able to turn my severe bouts of throwing up (12 times) and having diarrhea into a semi-heroic event. I am grateful to her for her sense of calm and dedication during the swim.

One of my favorite memories was when we were in the middle-Hudson between the 79th Street Boat Basin and Chelsea Piers. I was getting pummeled by the waves and at that point I just wanted the swim to be over. I lifted my head and said very strongly, "Is this the calmest water you can find out here?" Bonnie in her very business-like manner said, "Well, I can take you farther out in the middle and get you faster water and bigger waves or I can take you closer to shore and get you slower water and smaller waves. It is your choice but you need to decide -- longer time with easier waves or shorter time with harder waves." It was the same every time I questioned where we were or where we were heading. "Never mind, you are right, I will follow you... just keep doing what you are doing!"

I guess I could both go on and on regarding the little things I remembered or thought about for the 8 hours and 9 minutes I swam, but that would probably be almost as painful as the swim! Therefore, I'll stop here and say...

"Thank You!" and express my heartfelt gratitude for all of the hard work and dedication of my crew which helped to make my swim a success.

Results: www.nycswim.org

David Diehl

Terrapin Masters 800/1500 Meet, June 30
by David Diehl

On Sunday, June 30, 2002, the Terrapin Masters hosted its 21st Annual 800/1500 Swim Meet. Over twenty years ago (1982) the Terrapin Masters were asked if they would be willing to host this annual meet after another club was no longer able to do so. Twenty one years later, we are still working to provide the local Masters swimmers with an opportunity to make top ten times for these distance events. We have had both national and world records set as well during this time. This meet has evolved into a more regional meet with the opening and use of the new University of Maryland pool, which has proven to be very fast.

With a relatively few number of entries (32) this year, we still had seven new meet records set as follows:
800 Free
John Stafford (25-29)
Myriam Pero (50-54)

1500 Free
John Hudson (45-49)
Katherine Branch (45-49)
Cheryl Wagner (50-54)
Robert Williams (60-64)
Roger Franks (75-79)

We hope you will consider swimming in this meet next year and also in the Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 meet on December 8, 2002.

Craig Dewing

ken Meyers, Jim Wenhold

Craig Dewing

Ken Myers, Jim Wenhold

John Geyer

Toby Shannon

John Geyer

Toby Shannon

Robert Parke, David Gladfelter, Roger Franks

Joe Stewart, Dawson Nash
Joe Stewart, Dawson Nash

11th Annual MD Swim for Life, July 13
by Dawson Nash

As this year's coordinator, I first want to say Thank You to all the volunteers and the 107 swimmers that participated in Swim for Life 2002. We were blessed with a beautiful day, and it exceeded all expectations in the number of swimmers and the amount of money (over $21,000) raised for the beneficiary organizations. Congratulations!

Joe Stewart, original founder of MD Swim for Life, raised over $1,600 and was our top fundraiser. Jim Morris, Marcia Smith and Mona Guilfoil joined Joe in participating in Swim for Life for its entire 11 years history. The event's new sponsor, the District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC), fielded 14 swimmers along with over 15 volunteers assisting with registration, parking, food, and clean up.

The top 3 finishers in the 5 mile wave were Daniella Muraca (1:53), Steve Taylor (1:55), and Sue Butler (1:58). For the 4 mile wave, Caron Whitaker (1:42) finished first followed by Angela Bradberry (1:43) and Erin Miller (1:44). Craig Dewing (1:10) led the 3 milers with Cortney Piper (1:12) and Ryan Fauth (1:13) close behind. In the two mile wave, Katherine Reid, the daughter half of a mother/daughter team (Mom Judy Payne swam with the 1 milers), came in first with an excellent time of 48:46 and was followed by Marcia Smith and Eric Czander both with a time of 51:33. DCAC's own Amy Oggel was the first to come to shore leading the 1 mile wave (24:07). Mick Butler and Vivian Young both followed her and reached the Rolph's Wharf shore in 27:40. Eric and Vivian are also DCAC swimmers.

Don Cook's band, Fleet Street, and Sherri Millan on acoustic guitar provided musical entertainment as supporters and swimmers watched and cheered swimmers coming ashore. In addition to Don on lead guitar, Fleet Street included Brian Blanchard on bass and Mike Monroe on violin. Caldwell Tire assisted by inflating buoys marking the course.

Andy's, The Feast of Reason, Chesapeake Chicken and Rollickin' Ribs, and Costco in Arlington, VA provided food. The Chester River Association also assisted with food and provided many delicious salads and vegetarian dishes. I received a note from one participant saying it was the best lunch served at any triathlon/open water swim that they ever attended.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Auxiliary, MD Natural Resources Police, Kent and Queen Anne's County Rescue Squad, Scott Leidig and the Chesapeake Bay Boston Whaler Club, Steve Sharkey of the Chester River Association and his many paddlers, members of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, and other paddlers including long time paddler Chris Brubaker, ensured that the event was safe. Swim for Life is especially grateful to the safety crew.

Last but not least, the event could not have taken place without the assistance of perennial volunteers Jim Morris providing administrative assistance and Mike Gordy and Ed Brubaker guiding incoming swimmers and recording their times.

Volunteers from the beneficiary organizations Efforts, Quality of Life Retreats, Heart to Hand, Pediatric HIV/AIDS, Chester River Association, AIDS Legislative Committee, and the Chester Valley Ministers Association were all on hand to make the event a success. Damien Ministries in Washington, DC, will also receive funds.

Next year's event is tentatively planned for Saturday, June 28th and once again will be at Rolph's Wharf. Brochures will be sent to all swimmers and as details are finalized, the brochure will appear on the DCAC website at www.swimdcac.org along with others.

See you next year!!!

Ocean City, MD 1 Mile Swim, July 13
lots of swimmers
Holly Donnelly (female in foreground approximately
5th from left) prepares to begin the Ocean
City, MD 1 mile swim.

Jayne Bruner, Joann Leilich
Meet Directors: Jayne Bruner, Joann Leilich

DC Masters Long Course Meet, August 4
by Joann Leilich

Thanks to many dedicated volunteers and a great facility, George Mason University Athletic Center, Fairfax, Virginia, DC Masters hosted another successful swim meet on August 4. There were 184 swimmers entered from Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Washington, DC, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

CONGRATULATIONS to Clay Britt of the Ancient Mariners and Roger Franks of the Colonials 1776 who set two records each. Clay, 40, swam record times in the 50 Back (28.28) and 100 Back (1:01.68). Roger, 75, swam record times in the 200 Back (3:14.87) and 800 Free (12:46.62).

VOLUNTEERS included the Bruner family (Jayne, Cheryl, and Bob) who did all the computer work. Bob Schreiner was head timer making sure your times were recorded accurately. Beth Schreiner served as 'jack of all trades' helping with set up of refreshments for officials, supplies for volunteers, and those fun bottle holders given as participation awards. Steve Hogan again provided a unique t-shirt and helped with check-in. Additional volunteers for the early and busy check-in duty were Don Edgell and Karen Hanman. Old time DC Masters, Karen and Lee Bettis pitched in to help with food for officials and keeping you informed over the PA. Potomac Valley Registrar, Jeff Roddin, provided lots of technical support to the novice DCM internet personnel. The staff at George Mason was very accommodating and helpful setting up for the meet and providing equipment. A lot easier than several years ago when Jayne and I rented a trailer, drove to Rockville, and transported timing pads, etc. to Haines Point pool for the DC Masters long course meet. I guess I am the word processing and mailing expert for DC Masters.

SWIMMERS it is most helpful when you submit a copy of your USMS registration card with your entry (or deck entry). All the information needed by the meet entry chairman is accurate and legible on your USMS card. HINT: experienced swimmers make several copies of their USMS card and keep them handy for entering meets.

And lastly did you like the self-service AWARDS? Ribbons for first, second and third places and corresponding labels were available on the table for your taking. About 65 percent of the labels were retrieved. No count of ribbons was taken. Look forward to seeing you next summer for the DC Masters 18th Annual Long Course Meet.

PS: One of the best kept secrets in Northern Virginia is the George Mason University Athletic Center. The competition pool is configured long course (cool water also) all summer and available all day to the public. For the 2002 the fees were $6 for a one time visit or $50 for a 10 swim punch card.

Craig Dewing, Meredith Baxter Emad Elshafei Margot Pettijohn

Craig Dewing, Meredith Baxter

Emad Elshafei

Margot Pettijohn

6.  Correction

My apologies to Penny Bates whose article, "Adventures in New Zealand" was inadvertently truncated in the May 2002 issue. For the full text of Penny's article see: www.pvmasters.org/~newsletter/May-02/May02.htm#5.

7.  Announcements

PV Meeting Minutes - July 1, 2002
by Debbie Morrin-Norlund

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Plaques for the 2001 PV Swimmer of the Year awards were distributed. Winners were: Clay Britt, Jayne Bruner, John Calvert, Margot Pettijohn and Anne Walker.

PV finances are currently in good shape.

Registration at this time in 2002 is 1683; for this time in 2001 it was 1686 and in 2000, 1585.

A new club has registered in PV. Howard University Master Sharks (HUM) will be swimming at the Burr Pool in DC.

Submissions for the next newsletter are due on August 15.

FINA has made a minor modification to the backstroke start rule with regard to movement of the feet up the wall after the start. Change was accepted by USA Swimming and is currently under review by the USMS Rules Committee.

ANCM (Albatross Open), TERR (Zone meet) and Reston (lake swim) all received full sanction returns. Evaluators were assigned for DCRP and DCM long course meets and DCAC fall meet. PV meets are being run very well.

Old Business:
2002 USMS Convention Attendees:
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Myriam Pero
Margot Pettijohn
Marilyn Redman
J alternate Joann Leilich
Dave Diehl (does not use a PV voting delegate slot)
Lynn Hazlewood (does not use a PV voting delegate slot)
Eric Nordlund (does not use a PV voting delegate slot)
Catherine Pennington (does not use a PV voting delegate slot)

Joann Leilich requested that PVLMSC resubmit the USMS rule change proposal that relays not be last in USMS national meets. Proposed change to be sent via e-mail to board for review prior to submission to USMS Rules Committee.

The bylaws haven't been updated since 1993. The proposed amendments to the current by-laws are now on the PV website for review. A vote on the by-law revisions will be held at the 2002 Annual meeting.

New Business:
USMS International Committee is trying to organize an international masters meet in the US for 2006.

PV is interested in submitting a rule change to return to no deck seeding for events 200 and under at USMS national meets. The Championship Committee is already considering changes in deck seeding status.

Next Meeting: November 17 (prior to JCCNV Lox & Bagels Meet), 10:30am

Anti-JellyFish Sting Lotion
by Maureen Rohrs

The Evolve Store on Main Street in Annapolis, MD carries Sea Safe Anti Jellyfish Sting Lotion.


Joe Stewart Completes Patapsco River Swim
by Joe Stewart

Despite NOAA's broadcast, the water temperature of 62 degrees and some strong, cold winds coming against me from the NorthWest, I completed my Patapsco River Swim from Bodkin Point to North Point State Park in 3 hours and 15 minutes.

I plunged into the cold water after a longer than expected chilly boat ride from Sandy Point to the start, and swam wearing only a Speedo and two swim caps. A highlight of the boat trip was looking at the vast expanse of river with pleasure creeks opening on the south and smoke stacks on the north. Key Bridge appeared like a steel rainbow behind which The World Trade Center clearly defined the Inner Harbor.

I jumped in at 8:45 am and followed one of my two paddlers, since seeing the other side was not possible. It was 'fun' trying to breathe without swallowing water, while waves and wind smacked me in the face. My other paddler stopped me every half hour for a banana and Gatorade and asked questions to test my degree of hypothermia. There were two Boston whalers running interference with a good deal of small craft traffic. Another highlight, which reinforced how important having a good water support team is, was spotting the gigantic hull of a barge coming along the channel from the bay. I stopped and yelled, "Am I going through or waiting for it to pass?" and my crew yelled back "Don't worry! They know you are here!" I didn't have to slow down because the barge sped by and was out of sight before I got close to it and there was no significant wake.

Seeing the old "Bay Shore" pier was an even bigger relief and a great surprise was being greeted as I came ashore at 12:00 noon by Paul Travers! I had given copies of his The Patapsco: Baltimore's River of History to each of my boaters and paddlers and actually re-read the last chapter of his history early Sunday morning to get me psyched. A great exhilarating day!

Save the Patapsco River Party
Come to a party to "Save the Patapsco, Hon!"
Sunday, November 3, 2002
1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
3212 Avon Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218

Food, refreshments and Joe Stewart's photo cards, with shots up, down and on our waterways in exchange for contributions to watershed conservation efforts

Directions from Greenmount Avenue, take 33rd Street East,
turn right on Frisby,
go left onto Belle Terre,
go left on Avon and park.
Avon is a block west of Ellerslie,Stadium Place & Hopkins at Eastern High.

Joe is swimming once more across the mouth of the river from North Point State Park to Venice on the Bay on May 18, 2003 and is collecting pledges for watershed conservation. Donations can be made payable to "Greater Homewood Community Corp" and mailed to Joe Stewart, 3212 Avon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218 noting "Joe's Patapsco Swim".

Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

So far the year 2002 has brought two new clubs to the Potomac Valley LMSC: Howard University Master Sharks (HUM) and Fairfax Area Aquatic Team (FAAT). As is the case with all existing registered USMS clubs in Potomac Valley, all masters swimmers are eligible to join these new teams. On behalf of the Potomac Valley LMSC, welcome to our organization!

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact me (301-603-0528, PVRegistrar@usms.org) and let me know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Please note this option is not available for SWIM magazine subscriptions at this time.

Replacement USMS cards cost $2.50. Tidbit: your USMS number is printed on your SWIM address label.

Did you know that in a 1-year period USMS receives approximately 2,500 address changes from SWIM Magazine, Local Registrars and Individual Swimmers? The majority are from SWIM Magazine who receives the returned magazine. They in turn send them on to the USMS National Office. This is over 200 per month and 6% of our membership. By the time USMS receives this information and updates the database, the swimmer may already have missed the next issue.

LMSC Registrars send their monthly registrations and any address changes they receive to the National Office. The National Office in turn creates the labels for SWIM Magazine. If the swimmer does not inform their local registrar of their change in address, the national database is not updated and the magazine is sent to their old address. THEREFORE SWIMMERS SHOULD CONTACT JEFF RODDIN (301-603-0528, PVRegistrar@usms.org) WITH ANY ADDRESS CHANGES.

PV LMSC Meeting attendance policy reminder:
The following clubs have not yet attended a PV LMSC Board meeting and face a doubling of their team dues if not represented at the final board meeting: Curl-Burke, Fairfax Area Aquatic Team*, Howard University Master Sharks*, Masters Aquatics at Spring Hill, National Capital YMCA, National Naval Medical Center, Northern VA JCC, Reston Masters, Rockville Masters, Capitol Sea Devils and Tri-Masters
(* these two clubs registered after our first board meeting and are therefore exempt from the attendance by-law this year but are strongly encouraged to attend and express their opinions).

The third and final board meeting of 2002 will be November 17th at the Northern VA JCC (prior to the Lox & Bagels meet). Since we are a non-profit organization we would appreciate your participation much more than penalty fee revenue.

Potomac Valley Logo Contest
Potomac Valley is sponsoring a LOGO design contest. If you would like to submit your LOGO design for Potomac Valley, please send it by 11/1/02 to: Myriam via email:MYRIAMP@iadb.org. Phone: (301) 770-4114

Margot Pettijohn
Margot Pettijohn getting her award from Eric Nordlund.

Swimmers of the Year: Britt, Bruner, Calvert, Pettijohn
The following swimmers have been recognized by Potomac Valley Masters Swimming for outstanding performance in competition during 2001.

Clay Britt (Ancient Mariners) - PVMSC Swimmer of the Year 2001 Short Course Yards, 2001 Short Course Meters
Jayne Bruner (DC Masters) - PVMSC Swimmer of the Year 2001 Short Course Yards, 2001 Long Course Meters
John Calvert (DC Masters) - PVMSC Swimmer of the Year 2001 Long Course Meters
Margot Pettijohn (Ancient Mariners) - PVMSC Swimmer of the Year 2001 Short Course Meters

During the 2001 Short Course Yards season, Britt turned in 6 Top Ten times, four of which were number 1 and two that were number 2 times. All seven of Bruner's Top Ten for 2001 SCY were number one times. Bruner also had nine Top Ten times during the 2001 Long Course Meters season - six #1's and three #3's. John Calvert's LCM season was equally impressive - seven Top Tens, including four #1 swims. During the 2001 Short Course Meters season, Britt achieved five Top Ten times and Pettijohn reached the Top Ten in eight of her swims.

In 2001, Potomac Valley swimmers were listed 483 times for Top Ten swims - 107 for Short Course Yards; 157 for Long Course Meters; and 219 for Short Course Meters. Congratulations to all of our very accomplished swimmers.

8.  Classified

Coaching Opportunity
Metro Marlins Swim Club seeks an Age Group Coach for Winter season. Season starts in September. Practices are Monday to Friday nights at the Prince Georges Sports Complex. We are looking for a mature individual with coaching skills, we practice 2 hours per night with one meet per age group each month. Person selected would have full control of On Deck Management. We would need a resume from interested applicants.

Contact Bill West at 301-773-8416 or west.pro5@verizon.net

Wetsuit for Sale
Ironman Triathlon full suit (with sleeves) Men's size 3 - fits height 5'8" to 6'2", weight 159 to 172, 3 years old; three one inch splits on surface of each shoulder area patched; great condition otherwise; used for only 3 Bay Swims. Contact Bob Anderson at DrAnderson@terpalum.umd.edu

Long Distance Swim Director Needed!!
If you know anyone interested in directing a long distance swim in Maryland, the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum is searching for an organizer to work with them in promoting and coordinating a benefit swim on the Susquehanna River at Havre de Grace. The contact person for the museum is Brenda Dorr: 410-939-4800.

9.  Photo Credits

  • Eric Nordlund - Debbie Morrin-Nordllund
  • CJ Hall - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Cheryl Wagner - photo by Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Feinstein, Weiss, Denes - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Roddins - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Jeff Roddin counting - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Mariners/GMUP - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Nordlund & Denes - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Crocodile - Joke of the Day
  • Potomac River Swim - Frank Lee
  • Unnamed Swimmer - Cheryl Wagner
  • Roderick,Thomson, Stoner, etc. - Cheryl Wagner
  • Sott Budde - Cheryl Wagner
  • Andrew Johnson - Dudley Lindsley
  • Dave Diehl - Cheryl Wagner
  • Craig Dewing - Cheryl Wagner
  • Ken Myers, Jim Wenhold - Cheryl Wagner
  • John Geyer - Cheryl Wagner
  • Toby Shannon - Cheryl Wagner
  • Parke, Gladfelter, Franks - Cheryl Wagner
  • Stewart & Nash - Dawson Nash
  • Holly Donnelly - her father
  • Bruner & Leilich - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Dewing & Stakem - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Emad Elshafei - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
  • Margot Pettijohn - Debbie Norrin-Nordlund
  • Margot getting award - Cheryl Wagner

10.  Events Calendar

2002 Pool Calendar

October 12
DCAC/ACDC 2002 Swim Meet -Prince Georges Sports & Learning Complex, 8001 Sheriff Road, Landover, Maryland ATTN: Dawson Nash 4514 Connecticut Ave NW #503; Washington, DC 20008 Phone: 202-686-2150 Email: swimmerdn4321@aol.com www.swimdcac.org

October 27
Patriot Masters Sprint Classic - Fairfax, VA SCY; Cheryl Ward, 4207 Univeersity Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-359-5366, cherylaward@yahoo.com; www.patriotmasters.org/GMUSprintClassic2002Web.pdf Sanctioned by PV LMSC #102-009; Entry Deadline 10/24/2002

November 2
Virginia Masters Fall Invitational - Newport News, VA SCY; Charles Cockrell, 107 Lilburne Way, Yorktown, VA 23693, 757-865-6250, cockrell@usms.org; www.vaswim.org; Sanctioned by VA LMSC; Pre-entry (10/25/2002) & Deck-entry

November 17
JCCNV Lox and Bagel - SCM meet Jewish Community Center of No Va; 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax VA 22031. Matthew Alvin (703) 323-0880 ext. 32 or e-mail: MATTA@JCCNV.org; www.pvmasters.org

December 8
Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 SCY Meet; University of MD Campus Rec; College Park, MD Dave Diehl, dd119@umail.umd.edu www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/meet1000.htm

December 31
Swim in the New Year - Campus Rec Facility University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Call Bob Lazzaro 410-442-7649 H (before 9PM) Email: brlazz@aol.com Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/ny03.htm

August 14-17
2003 2003 USMS LC Championships - Sonny Werblin Rec Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

2002 Open Water Calendar

September 1
1.5 Mile AC Pageant Ocean Swim, Bill Brooks, Atlantic City Beach Patrol, Public Safety Building, 2715 Atlantic Ave, Suite 420, Atlantic City, NJ 08041 9:45 AM start (609) 347-5466 Fax: (609) 347-5211 (in front Of The Showboat Casino) Web site: www.ACSwim.org

September 6
Jersey Classic 1 Mile Ocean Swim, Atlantic City, NJ,Start at Albany Ave & Beach, 700M Out/ 200 Meters North/ 700 Meters in, Finish in front of the Hilton Hotel, immediately before The World Cup Pasta Dinner and Rules Meeting. Contact: Kara Cassidy, 311 Montpelier Ave Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, email: Seacat4shore@aol.com or Call 609-653-0939 Web Site: www.Apexswim.com

September 6
Seacat 2002 Jersey Classic Mile; Atlantic City, NJ Info: www.apexswim.com Email: seacat4shore@aol.com Phone: 609-653-0939

September 7
2.4 Mile Ocean Swim - Ocean City, MD OW; Tom Lott, PO Box 219, Ocean City, MD 21843, 410-213-1040, 410-213-2714 (fax), tlott17839@aol.com; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/OC-MD-USLA-2002-swims.jpg; Deck entries only

September 7
1.4 Mile Swim for Life - Provincetown Harbor, Provincetown, MA OW; Jay Critchley, Swim for Life, PO Box 819, Provincetown, MA 02657, 508-487-3684, 508-487-3684 *51(fax), reroot@tiac.net

September 7
1 & 2 Mile Lake Swims - Lake Montclair, Dumfries, VA OW; Phil Young, 703-494-4835, young.phil@verizon.net; www.vaswim.org; Sanctioned by VA LMSC #122-008; Entry Deadline 9/3/2002

September 7
2002 FINA Marathon Swimming World Cup / 10K for the USA Atlantic City, NJ (open to Masters) www.acswim.org

September 21
2002 Sunfest 1K, 3K, & 5K Swims - Ocean City, MD; OW; Dave Martin, 301-638-1785, dmartin@olg.com; www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/sunfest.doc; Sanctioned by MD LMSC; Entry Deadline 9/19/2002

September 21
Little Red Lighthouse Swim 7.8 miles NY, NY www.nycswim.com

September 21
Escape From Fort Delaware 1 Mile Delaware River Swim, from Fort Delaware (Revolutionary War prison) (Pea Patch Island) to Delaware City, Delaware, and registration at Clinton Street & the river. Contact Ray Teden, E-mail: Rap601@aol.com or call (302) 322-9584. Festival going on at the same time. http://deswim.tripod.com

September 21
September Splash 1/4 & 1 mile swims - Wildwood Crest, NJ www.lmsports.com/

May 31, 2003
Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim - Point Lookout State Park, MD Info: Cheryl Wagner (202) 387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net

June 8, 2003
Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim & 1 Mile Bay Challenge, Bay Bridge Marina, at Sandy Point St. Park, MD www.lin-mark.com

Local Multi-sport Calendar February-June 2002
by CJ Lockman Hall

Confirm date, distance, and entry availability at race web site or with race director.

September 14
Rocky Gap Adventure Race, Rocky Gap Park, MD; 0-mile swim, 2-5-mile canoe, 12-15-mile mtn. bike, 8-mile run/orienteer, challenges; www.adventuresportsinc.com/events.html,; Adventure Sports, 113 E. Main St., Frostburg, MD, 21532; 301-689-0345

September 14
7th Annual Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon, Dewey Beach, DE; .05-mile swim, 16-mile bike, 3.5-mile run; www.deweybeachtriathlon.com; 302/226-0510; *RACE FULL

September 15
20th Annual Neptune Festival Sandman Triathlon, Virginia Beach, VA; 1K swim, 14-mile bike, 5K run; www.triduo.com/sandman/sandman.shtml

September 21
Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon, Bethany Beach, DE; 1.5K swim, 36K bike, 10K run; web site", e-mail; 410-964-1246

September 21
Outback Big Lick Triathlon, Smith Mountain Lake, VA; 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run; www.set-upinc.com; Set-Up, Inc., Box 15144, Wilmington, NC, 28408

September 21
Odyssey Off-Road Triathlon & Duathlon, Sherando Lake, VA; Pro 0.9-mile swim, 8-mile mtn. run, 22-mile mtn. bike; Sport 0.9-mile swim, 8-mile mtn. run, 11-mile mtn. bike; 8-mile run, 11-mile mtn. bike; www.oarevents.com; Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

September 21-22
Pennsylvania Adventure Race #3 - Ohio Pyle Park, PA; 100 miles of urban travel: run, mtn. bike, paddle, orienteer, ropes; www.paadventureracing.com; 412-363-6862

September 22
To the Point Triathlon & Duathlon, St. Mary's County, MD; 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.3-mile run; 6.2-mile run, 56-mile bike, 13.3-mile run; Triathlantic, PO Box 28477, Baltimore, MD, 21234; 410-593-9662

September 27-28
The Endorphin FIX Adventure Race, New River Gorge Natl Park, WV; 125/75 miles; hike, bike, climb, paddle; www.oarevents.com; Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

September 29
Ocean Adventure Race, Assateague State Park, MD; Triathlantic; *CANCELLED for 2002

September 29
Hi-Tec Adventure Race #7, Brown's Island, Richmond, VA; www.hitec-ars.com/event_va.cfm

September 29
2nd Annual Lums Pond Duathlon & Triathlon, Bear, DE; 0.5-mile swim/2-mile X-country run, 19.5-mile bike, 3.1-mile X-country run; www.piranha-sports.com/Lums.html

October 5
Health Unlimited Triathlon Challenge, Mt. Airy, MD; 400-yard swim (pool), 12-mile bike, 5K run; http://MYHEALTHUNLIMITED.COM; Kevin 301-829-9730

October 5
3rd AnnualOsprey Sprint Triathlon, Public Landing, MD; 0.5-mile swim, 15.2-mile bike, 3.4-mile run; http://ospreytriathlon.tripod.com

October 10-13
Mega Dose Adventure Race, Natural Bridge, VA; 200/125 miles; www.oarevents.com; Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

October 20
Duathlon by the Bay , Annapolis, MD; Triathlantic; *CANCELLED for 2002

October 27
TRI-Umph Classic! Triathlon, Shady Grove YMCA, Glen Allen, VA; 300-meter swim, 12.4-mile bike, 5K run; www.aarp.org/triumph; 866-812-AARP; *for ages 50

Deep Creek Lake Adventure Race, Deep Creek Lake, MD; www.triath.com; Triathlantic, PO Box 28477, Baltimore, MD, 21234; 410-593-9662; *rescheduled from Sept. 7, check Web site

November 3
6th Annual NOVA Mountain Bike Duathlon Series #2, Wakefield Rec. Center, Annadale, VA; 2.3-mile run, 10-mile mtn. bike, 2.3-mile run; www.triath.com; Triathlantic, PO Box 28477, Baltimore, MD, 21234; 410-593-9662

November 7-9
USARA Nat.l Championship, Sapphire Valley, NC; www.triath.com; Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445; *need to qualify

November 10
Sapphire Sprint Adventure Race, Sapphire Valley, NC; 4-6 hours trek, mtn. bike, orienteer, assisted rope climb, paddle; www.oarevents.com; Odyssey Adventure Racing, 1109 Windsor Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451; 757-425-2445

December 8
Seneca Creek Biathlon, Gaithersburg, MD; 2-mile run, 10-mile bike, 1-mile run, 5-mile bike, 1- mile run; www.triath.com; Triathlantic, PO Box 28477, Baltimore, MD, 21234; 410-593-9662

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