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Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Committee
September 2003

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 Note from the Chair

Eric Nordlund

Summer is already almost over, so I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy some outdoor swimming practices/workouts, a meet or an open water swim or two - before we move back indoors. Potomac Valley Masters swimmers have taken part in a variety of pool, open water and triathlon events this summer - locally, nationally and around the world. Check out some of the events and results elsewhere in this issue. We congratulate them all on their efforts.

Elections for Potomac Valley Officer will be held at our upcoming annual meeting. Currently there are only two nominees total: 1 for Chair, 1 for Secretary, and none for Treasurer. See information elsewhere in this issue for nomination procedures.

The final Potomac Valley LMSC meeting of the year, our annual meeting, will be held on Sunday, November 16 at 10:30AM, prior to the Lox & Bagels meet. This meeting is the final chance of the year for representation by a member of each team in order to avoid a team dues penalty for next year. This rule was put into effect not to penalize teams, but to increase involvement in the Potomac Valley Master's organization. We hope that teams, and individuals, will view it as it was meant and become more involved in Masters swimming.

Happy Swimming,
Eric Nordlund, Chair-Potomac Valley Masters Swimming

 Articles and Interviews

Dave Bartolone
Photo of Dave taken after he won 1st place in the '97 9.5 mile Snake River Swim

Interview with Dave Bartolone
Former UM Water Polo Coach

by Cheryl Wagner

Dave's always been a Master, as long as I've known him. That is, he was a master at recruiting 20-year- old female swimmers, to play water polo. You might say, "What a job!" But Dave built a solid University of Maryland Women's water polo team in the days when it was a club sport with no scholarships Here is an interview with Dave who talks about his coaching days.

Q: When did you start swimming?
A: I started swimming Summer league, and at the YMCA in Hammonton, NJ when I was 7, basically because my parents wanted me to. I swam, like my brothers and two older sisters, all of whom were much better than I was.

I played water polo at the University of Maryland from 1985 to 1989. But it wasn't until I joined Masters in 1990, that I really learned to swim. (I swam Masters in order to play better water polo. I couldn't do a flip turn, in college.) I was one of the original Terrapin Masters. Assistant Varsity coach Jim Wenhold coached us. After graduating from the University of Maryland I played on various area Masters club teams for 7 years. Now I like swimming more; I have no desire to play water polo any more.

Q: How did you get to be a coach?
A: Accidentally. One year after I graduated I decided to assist the water polo coach at UM. Then in 1990 they started a women's program and I gravitated towards that. From 1996-2000, I was head coach of the women's water polo team.

I love coaching. I don't miss playing but I really miss coaching. It's a great experience. I felt I was giving back to the school and to water polo in general. When I started it wasn't a very popular sport. There were only three women's varsity water polo teams in the US. Now there are 40 and the University of Maryland team just became one of them. I felt I was giving women an opportunity to compete.

Q: How did you recruit players?
A: When I was head coach, I would go to rec swim at UM and watch the swimmers. If I saw a good strong female swimmer, I would recruit her. Sometimes there was a problem when they sensed I was watching them. My line was "I'm not a pervert. I want to recruit you to the team." Then they were usually flattered. If they were long and lean, and looked like athletes, I'd recruit them. I'd recruit any girl over 6'.

Q: Do you still swim Masters?
A: I go to The Hague once a quarter, and I'm usually in New York city once or twice a week so I don't swim masters right now. But I'm a member of the Bethesda YMCA on Old Georgetown Rd. and that gives me access to YMCAs all over the country.

I do my own workout which I pull from a phenomenal Internet site: http://MVM.ORG (Mountain View Masters) I still compete for fun. I did a few Baltimore and northern Virginia meets recently. I'm doing the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim again in September. Six of my friends who are ex-water-polo players are doing it with me. It's a blast.


Marilyn 2002 Swimmers of the Year
by Marilyn Redman

Award plaques for Potomac Valley 2002 Swimmers of the Year were presented at the Colonies Zone Championships Meet on Saturday April 12, 2003. The Swimmers of the Year are selected based upon the USMS Top Ten rankings in each of the three seasons - Short Course Yards, Long Course Meters, and Short Course Meters. The award recipients are:

Short Course Yards
Jayne Bruner (DCM). Top Ten swims - #1 50 breaststroke; #2 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, 100 IM and 200 IM;
    #3 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle and 100 butterfly. (8 Top Ten swims.)
Hugh Roddin (ANCM). Top Ten swims - #3 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke, 200 butterfly, and 400 IM; #5 100 butterfly;
    #7 200 IM. (6 Top Ten swims.)

Long Course Meters
Margot Pettijohn (ANCM). Top Ten swims - #1 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke; #2 50 breaststroke and 200 butterfly;
    #3 400 IM; #4 50 butterfly, 100 butterfly and 200 IM. (8 Top Ten swims.)
Tie -
Clay Britt (ANCM). Top Ten swims - #1 50 backstroke, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke and 50 butterfly. #6 50 freestyle.
    (5 Top Ten swims.)
Mark Pugliese (DCRP). Top Ten swims - #1 50 backstroke; #2 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke, 50 butterfly and 100 butterfly;
   #10 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle. (7 Top Ten swims.)

Short Course Meters
Andrea Luallen (ANCM). Top Ten swims - #1 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly; #2 200 backstroke and 200 butterfly; #3 100 IM;
    #4 50 backstroke and 50 butterfly; #5 200 IM; #6 100 freestyle and 200 freestyle; #7 50 freestyle; #9 400 freestyle.
    (12 Top Ten swims.)
Mark Pugliese (DCRP). Top Ten swims - #1 50 backstroke and 100 backstroke; #2 100 IM; #3 200 backstroke and 50 butterfly;
    #4 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle and 100 butterfly; #6 200 butterfly. (9 Top Ten swims.)

 Humor and Quotes

If you can keep your wits about you, when all around you are losing theirs-----then they probably know something you don't.
- Anonymous

China Pool
Swimming Pool in China

Mexico Beach
On the beach in Mexico

 Meet News

Potomac River Swim

10th Annual Potomac River Swim

by Cheryl Wagner

Undeterred by rain, 20 knot winds, and cold, 28 swimmers stroked their way across the Potomac River from Hull Neck, Virginia to Point Lookout, Maryland on Saturday, May 31, 2003. The Tenth Annual 7.5 Mile Potomac River Swim featured French and English swimmers as well as two who traveled from Seattle and Los Angeles. Eight swimmers haled from New York City.

Swimmers stepped into the 62-degree water at 9:00AM after being transported across the river on the Dee of St. Mary's, a restored skipjack piloted by Jack and Viki Russell. The swimmers started after a quick photo and 33 kayakers, many from the Chesapeake Paddlers, jockeyed for position as they searched for their assigned swimmers. The calm waters soon became rougher as the Coast Guard warned of approaching storms. Bob Astheimer a 5-time winner of the Potomac Swim took the lead closely followed by Allison Thomson and Trish Lane, whose new shop, Patuxent Adventure Center, provided loaner kayaks for the swim. At 11:20AM a strong 20-knot wind from the South blew, helping the swimmers achieve fast times but also producing some 2-3 foot waves. At 11:53AM, the first swimmer, Bob Astheimer, emerged in a record time of 2 hr 32 min. He was closely followed by Allison Thomson, with a time of 2 hr 35 min and Trish Lane in 2 hr 39 min. The first non-wetsuit finisher was Scott Lautman, of Seattle, in a time of 2 hr 46 min. The final finisher was Joe Stewart, founder of the Potomac River Swim and race director for years: 1994 - 2001, who completed this year's swim in 4 hr 33 min.

Many thanks are owed to the numerous volunteers and organizations who helped make the swim possible Swmmers raised pledges totaling $12,000 and the top fundraisers were: Gilles Chalandon, Chris Swensen, Orin McCluskey, Allison Thomson, Randy Ross, Nick Olmos-Lau, Meryem Tangoren- Masood and Steve Taylor. After expenses, all proceeds will be distributed equally to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Potomac River Association, the Southern Maryland Sierra Club, the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, and Point Lookout State Park.

Next year's swim will take place on June 5, 2004. For more information visit our website: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm or contact Cheryl Wagner, cherylw@crosslink.net, 202-387-2361 H.

Complete results with photos of each swimmer can be viewed at: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/prs2003-results.htm

Potomac Swim May 31, 2003 Results
Bob Astheimer 49 (WS) 2:32:30 Alexandria, VA
Allison Thomson 27 (WS) 2:35:50 Takoma Park, MD
Trish Lane 41 (WS) 2:39:30 Lusby, MD
Alicia Watson 23 (WS) 2:42:50 Newark, DE
Chris Swensen 44 (WS) 2:45:30 Crofton, MD
Scott Lautman 50 (no WS) 2:46:10 (1st non-wetsuit finisher) Seattle, WA
Steve Taylor 36 (WS) 2:52:30 Springfield, VA
Patrick Ryan 44 (WS) 2:53:00 Richmond, VA
Gilles Chalandon 46 (no WS) 3:00:50 (2nd non-wetsuit finisher) NY, NY
Neil Ashcroft 41 (no WS) 3:10:30 (3rd non-wetsuit finisher) New York, NY
Bonnie Schwartz 23 (no WS) 3:11:30 New York, NY
Mike Maier 41 (no WS) 3:32:30 Ellington, CT
Sue Wilkinson 49 (WS) 3:33:00 Fairfax, VA
Michael Murphy 44 (WS) 3:35:52 Baltimore, MD
Beth Watson 41 (no WS) 3:37:05 Alexandria, VA
Ajae Clearway 31 (no WS) 3:41:11 Brooklyn, NY
Tim Foxen 42 (no WS) 3:42:29 Minneapolis, MN
Tom Kohlmeier 51 (WS) 3:43:28 Fairfax, VA
Alan Pollin 56 (WS) 3:43:42 Potomac, MD
Orin McCluskey 52 (no WS) 3:47:58 New York, NY
Henry Eckstein 55 (no WS) 3:59:03 New York, NY
Neil Gehrels 50 (WS) 4:01:33 Berwyn Heights, MD
Cristian Vergara 44 (no WS) 4:01:42 Brooklyn, NY
Larry Murphy 38 (WS) 4:02:02 Falls Church, VA
Joe Thompson 40 (Ws) 4:07:50 Greenville, SC
Frank Stewart 51 (WS) 4:12:52 Los Angeles, CA
Susan Yeomans 54 (WS) 4:22:49 New York, NY
Joe Stewart 56 (no WS) 4:33:38 Baltimore, MD

Terrapin Masters 800/1500 Meet
June 29, 2003

by David Diehl

The Terrapin Masters began hosting the annual 800/1500 Meter Meet in 1982 (before some of the swimmers entered in this year's meet were born). Twenty two years later, we are still working to provide Masters swimmers with an opportunity to make top ten times and/or break national and world records for these distance events. Over the years we have had both national and world records set at our meet. This meet has evolved into a regional meet as well, with almost a quarter of our entries from outside of Potomac Valley this year. The University of Maryland pool continues to be a draw for people wanting to compete in a very fast pool (the USA-S Summer Nationals will be held there in August).

On Sunday, June 29, 2003, the Terrapin Masters held its 22nd Annual 800/1500 Swim Meet. We had 35 entries this year, and four new meet records were set as follows:

800 Free
Charlie Hoffman (50-54)
Myriam Pero (50-54)

1500 Free
Katherine Branch (45-49)
Mary Lathram (85-89)

We hope you will consider swimming in this meet next year and also in the Terrapin Masters 1000/1650 meet on December 7. Complete results can be viewed at: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/800-1500-Results-6-29-03.htm.

Petra, David, Jill

Petra Adamkova, Dave Diehl, Jill Martin

Robert Parke

Kenton Pattie

Mary Lathram

12th Annual DCAC Swim for Life
June 28, 2003

by Dawson Nash

Swim for LIfe Swim for Life
(L to R) Neill Williams, C. A. Hutton (Team NY Aquatics), Eric Czander, DCAC Coach Greg Bilton, Christina West, Andrew Bellows, and Frank Lee (Baltimore, MD) In back: top fundraiser, Bob Stein. Front: (L to R) Ted Hallinen, Dana Page, Andrea Bradberry, James Kegley, and Lindsey Moran.

In spite of all the rain we've had this year, the sun was shining on the 12th annual Swim for Life. On June 28, 2003, at Rolph's Wharf on the Chester River, 112 swimmers raised over $28,000. Proceeds from the event benefit various organizations in DC and Maryland assisting individuals and their families affected by HIV/AIDS. Another organization, the Chester River Association, also receives funds.

Swimmers came from all over the East Coast to participate in the 1,2,3,4, or 5-mile wave swims and raise funds. In addition to the hosting team, DCAC, the event was well represented by another PVMSC team, DCRP.

Returning DCRP swimmer Bob Stein led the pack in fundraising with a grand total of $5,205.00. Ellyn Vail, a DCAC swimmer, raised $1,200. Richard Wallace, a 5-miler from New Jersey, was our third highest fundraiser bringing in $1,185. Six other DCAC swimmers were top fundraisers.

A word of explanation needs to be made regarding course times. I take full responsibility that the reported results are less than accurate as a result of misplaced buoys. Additional buoys were placed in the water to mark _ mile points. One of the _ mile markers got loose and caused confusion related to the complete course. For example, for the 5 milers, Jamie Lamere and DCRP swimmer Paul Fetters were actually the top finishers in that wave. Next year, half-mile turn markers will be clearly marked with their specific wave.

Costco and Chesapeake Chicken provided food for breakfast along with the event's famous picnic lunch. The Chester River Association also assisted with food and provided many delicious salads and vegetarian dishes. Attendees always praise the picnic which seems to make the day even more memorable.

Two groups and a folk music performer provided music to returning swimmers and their supporters. As always, the event could not have taken place without the assistance of the event's founder, Joe Stewart, who also swam the 5-mile wave. Additional pictures from the event and a copy of the results appear on the DCAC web site (www.swimdcac.org).

Next year's event is scheduled for Saturday, June 19th and once again will take place at Rolph's Wharf. Brochures will be sent to all past and present swimmers with current addresses. Once printed, the brochure will appear on the DCAC web site. I encourage other PVMSC members to join in the fun. See you next year!

Bay Chesapeake Bay Swim,
June 8, 2003

By Cheryl Wagner

1st Overall: Brad Schertle, UM Varsity swimmer, 1:27:36

James Kegley, 2nd M45-49, 1:39:25

Bob Astheimer, 3rd M45-49, 1:41:29

Bob Williams, 1st M60-64 1:48:53

Ron Filler, 3rd M60-64 2:20:47

DC Masters LCM Meet
August 3, 2003

Jane.  John Margot
Jayne Bruner, John Calvert Margot Pettijohn
Jeff, Marilyn, Luke Bruce
Jeff Kenney, Marilyn Redman, Luke McClure Bruce Amato
Tim, Jeff Jason, Jennie, Lisa, Dee, Harry
Tim Timmons, Jeff Roddin Jason Supon, Jennine Gambell, Lisa Bennett, Dee & Harry deLong
Toby Michael, Andy, Dave, John, Jose, Neill
Toby Shannon Back row: Michael Humpleby, Andy Grundy, Dave Coray Front row: John O'Keefe, Jose Cunningham, Neill Williams

USA Swimming Nationals

Complete results are at www.usa-swimming.org/fast_times

stretching start
Michael Phelps (lane 5) stretching before the 400M free Women's 400M free
Michael Phelps wearing his gold medal

Jeff Roddin, with his parents at LC Nationals
2003 LC Nationals at Rutgers
Aug 13-17

By Jeff Roddin

Potomac Valley results from LC Nationals can be viewed at: www.pvmasters.org/results/pv2003lc.txt


Unofficial PV Meeting Minutes 6/29/03
By Debbie Morrin-Nordlund


  • Sanctions - no report
  • Chair - Introduced Jillian Martin and Petra Adamkova with a request for potential financial support from PVLMSC for training towards the Olympic trials in 2004. Request for input from board and team representatives to be sought via e-mail as to whether or not this is the type of funding PV want to provide.
  • Registrar - Current registrations are down slightly from last year at this time (1661 compared to 1680 last year). A new PV club has registered - Riptide Masters
  • Treasurer - PV is spending slightly more than taking in. Upcoming expenses awaiting reimbursement requests are purchase of tape measure for pool measurements and USMS convention expenses.
  • Secretary - nothing to report.
  • Newsletter - Requested approval for purchase of updated software - approved unanimously. Next deadline August 15, 2003.
  • Awards - no report.
  • Officials - Inquired as to PVLMSC interest in certifying USMS official. Board feels not needed at this time as there is a sufficient pool of officials in the area.
  • Top Ten - New rule in effect that requires a birth certificate on file for all USMS and world record applications.
Old Business:
  • Potential PV logo design submissions were discussed. Top vote-getters from the open vote on the PV website were presented - versions 4 and 5. A professional opinion is being sought as to "look" of these designs for various uses.
  • USMS convention PV delegates for 2003: Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund, Myriam Pero, Jeff Roddin. A fifth delegate is needed. E-mail to be sent to PV board and representatives asking for interested parties to contact the Chair.
  • Elections will be held at the PV annual meeting in November. Current Chair and Secretary stated that they will run again. No other nominees at this time.
New Business:
  • The possibility of keeping LMSC records was brought up. Consensus was that this is not feasible at this time.
  • Mark Murray, UMCP Assistant Swimming Coach, asked if the PVLMSC would be interested in helping to fund something for the "goody" bags to be given to all USA Swimmers entered in August Summer National Championships to be held at UMCP. Dave Diehl stated that Terrapin Masters would be willing to split costs. Approval was made for the purchase of water bottles, with the USMS logo and Potomac Valley Masters on one side and the Terrapin Masters logo on the other.
Next Meeting: November 16, 2003, 10:30am (before the JCCNV meet).

Swim Clinics & Lessons
Clay Britt is offering monthly 2-3 hour swim clinics as well as private and semi-private lessons, starting in October. For more information call H 301-320-4694, email clay@claybrittswimming.com, or visit his website: www.claybrittswimming.com.

For more information about Clay see the recent Montgomery County Gazette article: www.gazette.net/200333/burtonsville/sports/172406-1.html

Help the Bay - Chesapeake Bay Foundation
According to CBF's most recent State of the Bay Report, the Bay's health rates only a 27 out of 100. We are working to change that score by reducing pollution, restoring habitat, and replenishing the Bay's fish stocks.

Looking for Ways You Can Help?
- Sign our Chesapeake Clean Water pledge
- Volunteer to become a BaySaver (See our events calendar.)
- Become a member.

PV LMSC Elections on November 16, 2003
LMSC elections for Potomac Valley Chair, Treasurer and Secretary will be held at the annual meeting, November 16 10:30AM, prior to the JCCNV Lox & Bagels meet. The current slate of candidates is: Chair - Eric Nordlund and Secretary - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund.

There are no candidates at this time for Treasurer. Nominations may be sent to PVSecretary@usms.org. Please be sure that the nominee is agreeable to running for the position prior to nomination.

Germantown Masters Adds Mid-Day Workouts
Germantown Masters will be adding three mid-day coached workouts a week to its schedule this fall. The workouts will be from 1-2 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club.

The full schedule for the fall session, which runs from September 15 through December 21, is:

  • Saturday and Sunday - 9-10 a.m.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 5-6:30 a.m.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1-2 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday - 8-9 p.m.
All USMS-registered swimmers are welcome. For registration forms or other information, contact Mark Walters at waltersmrk@aol.com. Information is also available at the team's website, linked to www.pvmasters.org.

2003 Save the Pataspco River Party
Come to a party to "Save the Patapsco, Hon!"

  • Sunday, November 2, 2003
  • 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
  • 3212 Avon Avenue Baltimore, MD 21218 PH (410) 243-4418
Featuring food, refreshments and Joe Stewart's photo cards, with shots up, down and on our waterways in exchange for contributions to watershed conservation efforts

Directions from Greenmount Avenue:
  • take 33rd Street East,
  • turn right on Frisby,
  • go left onto Belle Terre,
  • go left on Avon and park.
  • Avon is a block west of Ellerslie,Stadium Place & Hopkins at Eastern High.
Joe will again be swimming across the mouth of the river from North Point State Park to Venice on the Bay in May, 2004 and is collecting pledges for watershed conservation. Donations can be made payable to "Greater Homewood Community Corp" and mailed to Joe Stewart, 3212 Avon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218 noting "Joe's Patapsco Swim".

KEEN Swim Program
Volunteers are needed for KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) Swim, a one-on-one swim program for developmentally disabled kids and teens. The program is held on Saturday mornings at the JCC in Rockville, and brings together about 25 athletes with their volunteers to spend an hour in the water having fun. The first session will be Saturday, September 13.

The program is in its 8th year and Master's swimmers from DCRP, the Ancient Mariners and other teams have volunteered their time when they can and we hope you will join us.

The program begins with on land "warm ups" and then we head into the pool. Some kids can swim in the deep end of the pool, others play on blow up floats or with other adaptable equipment that is available. The emphasis is on having fun in the pool rather than instruction and all of the swimmers and volunteers do have fun.

For more information, to sign up or for directions to the pool, call swim coordinator, Kim Dustin (202) 263-3948 (work), EMAIL: kimberley.dustin@us.wmmercer.com

Time: 9:00 AM-10:45 AM Saturdays on the dates below
Place: Greater Washington Jewish Community Center (JCC)
6125 Montrose Road Rockville, Maryland

(Please sign up by Wednesday, the week of the swim.)

2003 Dates:
September 13
October 4
October 25
November 15
December 6
December 20

2004 Swim dates
January 10
January 31
February 21
March 13
April 3
April 24
May 15
May 29

Save the Patapsco, Hon II
by Joe Stewart

My swim went better than the weather on Sunday, May 19, 2003 - a drizzly, rainy, cloudy, overcast, gray, chilly morning and day, where the air never got above 54 and the water was 57. My paddler and I parked our cars at the finish, where we were to meet the boats to cross the river for the swim start. We waited on the windy beach, getting wet for an hour, before our boats arrived; they had literally gone up the wrong creek while looking for us.

Alan had decided he would be of more use in a boat than trying to maneuver very rocky seas in his kayak, which he left behind. The trip across the river proved him right. By the time I jumped into bay water in a speedo and 2 swim caps off of North Point State Park, we had been joined by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Cindy and Bob, in the Coast Guard boat, escorted Scott's and Dan's Boston Whalers for the next three hours, while I swam 4 nautical miles, stopping about every 20 minutes for banana, lean turkey meat, nutrition bar or water.

The winds were from the east and the tide was flooding and the water level was incredibly high, because of a recent full moon and large volume of rain. Swimming from northeast to southwest meant these conditions, including continuous high swells, benefited me, even though the air and water temperatures strained and tested my endurance and seasickness seemed like a real possibility every time I ate or drank. I did actually shiver for most of the swim, but I never lost judgment or sufficient strength to maintain a decent stroke; and at every feeding and navigational briefing, my support team made sure I was still safe to swim.

I was greeted on the Venice on the Bay community beach by family, friends, community onlookers, a photographer/reporter and my dog, Odaat! It helped having cheering people greet me, knowing I had raised more than $2,700 in pledges for local watershed groups and having the media provide a record of the event.

Save the Patapsco, Hon III
by Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart plans a third photo card party and third swim to increase awareness about the Patapsco River and raise funds for its protection. Patapsco photos mounted on paper to create greeting cards will be donated by Joe for guests to take in exchange for contributions at a party on Sunday, November 2, 2003. The next swim will be Sunday, May 23, 2004 across the mouth of the river.

Pledges can be made payable to "Greater Homewood Community Corporation" and will be distributed to Baltimore Sanitary Sewer Oversight Coalition, Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association, Gwynns Falls Watershed Association, Herring Run Watershed Association and Jones Falls Watershed Association.

Previous solo swims by Joe on May 19, 2002 and May 18, 2003 across the mouth of the Patapsco River (supported by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Coast Guard and Auxiliary, Baltimore Maritime Exchange, Chesapeake Bay Boston Whalers Club and Chesapeake Paddlers Association) and card parties raised over $8,500 for watershed groups activities, including tree plantings, stream monitoring, trash cleanups, hosting watershed festivals, producing newsletters and advocating for pollution reduction practices and policies by citizens and the private and public sectors.

Joe is inviting a few swimmers to join him next year for the crossing from North Point State Park to Venice on the Bay at 9:00 am with a projected flood tide.

Plans to alter the course in 2004 from the cleaner, more estuary mouth to between Key Bridge and Fort McHenry were abandoned on the advice of Maryland Department of the Environment which wrote in a discouraging and frank memo, "There is a myriad of potential fecal contamination sources in this area, including unintended sewer system overflows, combined storm water/sewer systems, failing underground septic systems, ships, boaters, and runoff containing contaminants of animal origin. Beaches in the Baltimore Harbor have been closed for years due to elevated fecal coliform counts and the proximity of fecal sources."

Joe still hopes Baltimore will someday join an increasing number of urban, industrial cities, including Boston, New York and Pittsburgh, that are realizing the recreational potential of their waterways and hosting internationally recognized open water swim events and triathlons.

Swimmers interested in joining Joe on May 23, 2004 for the 4 nautical mile Patapsco River crossing (who have experience swimming for a number of hours in 60 degree open water, would agree to abide by strict rules governing the crossing of the commercial channel, and commit to collecting considerable contributions for the watershed protection beneficiaries) can contact Joe directly.

An exhibit of Joe's Patapsco photos is now traveling around the watershed highlighting the waterway's natural beauty and diversity as well as its history and health. The exhibit was funded by Patapsco Riverkeeper ®, Maryland Fund for the Environment at Baltimore Community Foundation, and Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC, with the cooperation of Greater Homewood Community Corporation and Jones Falls Watershed Association. Copy Cat of Charles Village produced a poster with 16 of these Patapsco images that is being given free to exhibit-goers.

The inaugural exhibit opened Earth Day, April 22, 2003 at Baltimore's Public Works Museum, running through Aug. 17, 2003. It then moves to the Catonsville Branch/Baltimore County Public Library through September, 2003, the East Columbia Branch/Howard County Public Library for the month of October, 2003 and the Harrandale Branch/Anne Arundel County Public Library in January, 2004.

The exhibit follows the course of the river from its origins in Parrs Spring on Four County Farm outside of Mt. Airy, through small towns, inside Maryland's first state park (Patapsco Valley State Park), along the country's first commercial railroad tracks and the mills that powered the Industrial Revolution, passing the former tobacco port of the now silted over Elkridge Landing and into the world famous port, shipbuilding center and formal hunting and fishing grounds of the Piscataway and Susquehannock tribes, before merging with the Chesapeake Bay.

Contact: Joe Stewart, 3212 Avon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 243-4418, (410) 767-1354 Jstewart@dat.state.md.us.


Coaching Opportunity
YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase/Ayrlawn seeking Masters Coach for Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:15am-7:45am class. Other classes available. Compensation includes Adult membership and negotiable salary. Call Bill Kuster 301-530-3725.

Coaching Opportunity
The Potomac Raiders Swim Club (a Maryland/USA Swimming club) seeks dynamic USA Swimming certified coaches as well as a Masters coach, to join our team September 2003. Our 110+ member program practices in La Plata, MD and Dahlgren, VA and is host to the annual Sunfest Open Water Swim Championship. Full-time and part-time positions are available. Please e-mail your resume including salary history to sunfestswimming@comcast.net or mail to Potomac Raiders Search Committee, Sunfest Swimming, Inc., P.O. Box 184, Waldorf, MD 20604-0184.

Kayak for Sale
Interested in having your own boat? Here is your chance! Color: Blue Included: Perception Dancer boat + carbon fiber paddle + spray skirt Cost: $350 Location: College Park, MD Email Vytenis Benetis or call (443-622-5412).

"Wave Machine" Pool in Prince George's County
The Theresa Banks Pool in Prince George's County has a wave machine and wants to start a program to give masters swimmers an opportunity to train for open water swims. If you're interested in getting more information contact: Ellery at ellery@hypnotikentertainment.com. Theresa Banks Pool, 8615 Mclain Ave # A, , Glenarden, MD 20706 Phone: (301) 772-5515.

Marymount University Masters Schedule
Marymount University Masters offers coached workouts MWF 6:30-7:30am, at Marymount University, Arlington, VA. Call Mike (703) 284-3832 for more info.

PV Treasurer Needed
Do you like money? If so, consider serving as treasurer for PVLMSC. The position will be filled at the next PV meeting. A familiarity with Quicken is helpful. For more details, visit the Potomac Valley web site www.pvmasters.org or email the current treasurer CJ Hall at PVTreasurer@usms.org.

Multi-Sport Schedule Writer Needed
I need someone to do the Multi-Sport Schedule for the Potomac Valley Newsletter. This is a lovely position with many benefits. Well, maybe not many, but the satisfaction is ENORMOUS! OK, maybe not, but I really need someone. (-: Please write, call, fax, email, or just send me the schedule if you're too shy to call. Cheryl (202) 387-2361 or cherylw@crosslink.net


QR Wetsuit Discount at Patuxent Adventure Center
The newly opened Patuxent Adventure Center, which is sponsoring the Potomac River Swim is offering a 10% discount on Quintanaroo wetsuits with this ad. Visit them at: www.paxadventure.com

 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
- PV Swimmers of the Year - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
- swimming pool in China - Joke of the Day
- sunbather in Mexico - Joke of the Day
- Swim for Life photos - Dawson Nash
- Jeff Roddin at Nationals - Jeff Roddin

 Events Calendar

2003 Pool Calendar

Sep 13: Freestyle Swim Clinic
Sep 14: Backstroke Swim Clinic
Sep 27: Breastroke Swim Clinic
Sep 28: Butterfly Swim Clinic
Fairland Aquatics Center, Laurel, MD. Each session is $15 at 4PM-5PM. Info: Petra Adamkova Email: petraadamkova@yahoo.com or Jill Martin Email: lanefour@wam.umd.edu. Phone: 301-270-5455 or 301-226-2421. Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw

Oct 26
GMU Patriot Masters Sprint Classic, GMU University, Fairfax, VA. Entry Deadline Oct 23, 2003. Info: Peter Ward (703) 993-3930 Email: cherylaward@yahoo.com Drew Moll (703) 352-9265 Email: acmoll@acm.org Web: www.pvmasters.org

Sep 1- Oct 31
2003 USMS 3000/6000 Yard Postal Championship PST-LD; Doug Garcia, 1505 NW Kenny Drive, Pullman, WA 99163, 509-332-1621(h), douggarcia@usms.org; Sponsored by WSU Masters Swim Team; www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats03/3k6kentry.pdf ; Sanctioned by PN LMSC

Nov 8
Virginia Masters Fall Invitational, Newport News, VA SCY; Info: Charles Cockrell, 107 Lilburne Way, Yorktown, VA 23693, 757-865-6250, Email: cockrell@usms.org ; Web: www.vaswim.org Sanctioned by VA LMSC; Pre-entry & Deck-entry

Nov 16
JCCNV Lox and Bagel SCM Meet, Jewish Community Center of No Va; 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax VA 22031. Matthew Alvin (703) 323-0880 ext. 32 or Email: MATTA@JCCNV.org, www.pvmasters.org

Dec 7
Terrapin 1000/1650 meet UM Campus Rec Natatorium, College Park, MD Deck-entries allowed. Info: Dave Diehl 301-946-0649 (H) before 9pm please or 301-314-5372 (W) Email: dd119@umail.umd.edu, www.crosslink.net/~cherylw

Dec 31
Swim in the New Year - Campus Rec Facility University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Info: Cheryl Wagner 202-387-2361 Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/ny04.htm

April 22-25
2004 USMS Short Course Championships - Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN SCY; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com ; Sanctioned by IN LMSC

Aug 12-15
2004 USMS Long Course Championships - Chatham Cty Aquatic Center, Savannah, GALCM; Scott Rabalais, 4 McLaughlin Ct., Savannah, GA 31419, 912-927-7016, scottrabalais@compuserve.com ; Sanctioned GA LMSC


2003 Open Water Calendar

May 15 - Sep 30
2003 USMS 5K/10K Postal Championship PST-LD; Mel Goldstein, 5735 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, goldstein@mindspring.com;

Sep 6
10K (swim) for the USA Atlantic City, NJ

Sep 6
Lake Montclair 1 and 2 mile swims Info: wwhitefamily@comcast.net

Sep 7
2.4 mile Ocean Swim, Ocean City, MD www.uslaocmd.org Nora Mears, 410-860-0890 Body Numbering 7:00AM, Start 8:00AM. 40th St & Beach. Entry fee $35.

Sep 20
Sunfest 1K, 3K, 5K Swim Ocean City, MD Info: Ken Zuiderhof at 301-934-3675 or email kzuiderhof@mail.ccboe.com

Sep 20
Little Red Lighthouse Swim - 7.8 miles, New York, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 20
Escape from Fort Delaware 1 Mile Delaware River Swim, from Fort Delaware (Revolutionary War prison) (Pea Patch Island) to Delaware City, Delaware, and registration at Clinton Street & the river. Contact Ray Peden, E-mail: Rap601@aol.com or call (302) 322-9584. Festival going on at the same time.

Sep 20
September Splash 1/4 & 1 Mile Swims Saturday, Wildwood Crest, NJ www.lmsports.com

Oct 12
Elan Round the Sound Swimathon - Harrington Sound, Bermuda OW; Kevin Insley, 102 St James Ct, Flatts, Smiths Bermuda FL-04, 441-292-9169, 441-292-2224 (fax), kevin.insley@elan.com; Jim Hinton, 441-239-3211, 441-238-1086 (fax), jhinton@sonesta-bermuda.com

Oct 25
St. Croix 10-Mile Swim www.randynutt.com/scinfo10.html

Oct 26
8th Annual St Croix 5-Mile Coral Reef Swim www.randynutt.com/scinfo.html

Nov 8
Bonaire EcoSwim Bonaire Netherlands Antilles 5K and Metric Mile www.randynutt.com/bainfo.html

Jun 5, 2004
Potomac River Swim 7.5 Mile Swim. Cheryl Wagner Email: cherylw@crosslink.net Web: www.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2004i.htm

Jun 13, 2004
Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Challenge www.lin-mark.com


2003 Local Multi-sport Calendar
by CJ Lockman Hall

Confirm date, distance, and entry availability at race web site or with race director.

Sep 7
Reston Triathlon - Sunday, September 7, 2003 - Reston, VA www.lmsports.com

Sep 7
3rd Annual DIAMOND MAN 1/2 Iron TRIATHLON Lums Pond-Campground area, Lums Pond State Park, DE 1.2 Mi. Swim - 55.3 Mi. Bike - 13.1 Mi. Run www.lin-mark.com

Sep 13
8th Annual DEWEY BEACH TRIATHLON, Rehoboth Beach - State Park, DE .50 Ocean Swim - 16 Mi. Bike - 3.5 Mi. Run www.lin-mark.com

Sep 13
Noell Maerz Patriot Triathlon - Saturday, September 13, 2003 - Doylestown, PA - www.lmsports.com

Sep 14
SKYLANDS TRIATHLON & DUATHLON Spruce Run State Park, Clinton, NJ Tri: .50 Swim - 14.1 Mi.Bike - 5K Run Du: 5K Run - 14.1 Mi.Bike - 5K Run www.lin-mark.com

Sep 19
Sun Fun Run 3.1 miles, Ocean City, MD Registration 4:00PM, Start 5:00PM. 40th St & Beach. Entry fee $15. www.uslaocmd.org

Sep 20
Make-A-Wish Sea Colony Triathlon, Bethany Beach, DE; 1.5K-ocean swim, 36K-bike, 10K-run; tricolumbia.org/html/make_a_wish.html

Sep 21
2nd Annual PATRIOT'S DAY TRIATHLON, Evergreen Lake, Bath, PA Tri: .4 Swim - 15 Mi. Bike - 5K Run www.lin-mark.com

Sep 28
3rd Annual LUMS POND TRIATHLON and LUMS POND DUATHLON Lums Pond State Park, Bear, DE Tri: .5 Mi.Swim - 19.5 Mi.Bike - 5K Run Du: 2 Mi. Run - 19.5 Mi. Bike - 5K Run

Oct 11
Seagull Century Bike Ride 100 miles and 100K Salisbury, MD www.seagullcentury.org

Oct 12
1st Annual Cape Henlopen Triathlon and Cape Henlopen Duathlon Cape Henlpen State Park at the main parking lot - bath house, DE Tri: 1/4 Mi. Swim - 14.6 Mi. Bike - 5K Run Du: 1.5 Mi. Run - 14.6 Mi. Bike - 5K Run www.lin-mark.com

for details and more events.