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September 2007

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 Note from the Chair


Now that we are heading towards fall, I hope that you have all had a good summer of swimming and that you were able to swim outside at least some, maybe get some long course swimming in, or try an open water event.

As you can see from some of the articles and pictures in this issue of the newsletter, Potomac Valley swimmers have participated in a variety of events over the last few months. I congratulate them on their accomplishments, along with all the rest of you for your swimming, and wish all luck with future swimming.

This year is an election year for the Potomac Valley LMSC. Elections will be held at the annual meeting following the Sprint Classic (Sunday, Oct. 28). The current slate for election is:

Chair - Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Treasurer - Tim Timmons
Secretary - Cheryl Wagner
Happy Laps, - Debbie
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews


Time Saving Tips for the
Aquadynamically Challenged

by Doug Landau

Short of learning how to actually swim well and putting in the necessary training yardage, people frequently ask me for tips that will save them time at their next multi-sport event. It is not because I swim well. I do not. I am "aquadynamically challenged;" my legs sink like stones and I would wear "water wings" at my next race if allowed. However, I do race in a number of sprint triathlon and short duathlon events all over the country each year. Over the last 20 years, I have seen some terrific (and terrible) strategies at over 250 events, including the USAT Sprint Nationals. What follows is a list of some tips that may help save you time and have more fun at your next multisport event. I will leave swim technique advice to those for whom the lane dividers are not accelerants. If each of these half dozen sections saves you 30 seconds or more, you will have saved enough time to cook an egg and you will be much further along when you get on your bike, start your run or finish your open water swim.

I have never being able to understand how the Olympic swimmers keep their goggles on when they dive in. At nearly every Sprint Triathlon Championship race, someone ADvertently kicks me in the face, hits me in the head and elbows me in the nose. These things are not fun. They do however help me wake up, focus and get Lance Armstrong-like "crash-denalin." But they smart. I do not think this is what the experienced swim coaches mean when they say to "swim smart." What's worse, is when your goggles get dislodged or knocked off altogether.

To avoid this, I now put my goggles on FIRST, under my swim cap. This way, even if I get "knocked upside the head," during the rotisserie start, I can recover, put my goggles back in place, and still see where I am going. If your goggles get knocked off, you may lose your way, your investment (especially those with the wonderful prescription lens goggles), and your "Time Window."

While we are on the topic of goggles, Time Window is an excellent little goggle accessory (who says swimmers can't "accessorize" ???) It helps me immensely in open water events as well as in the Masters swim practice. It is a small chronograph, the size of a pinky thimble, that attaches to your goggle lens, and it's on a leash in case you get whacked. You simply push it to start/stop and squeeze it to clear. In the pool, you can finish right on the interval without having to take your head out of the water, look up or struggle to see the wall clock. In open water events, if I know that I want to swim the mile in 30 minutes, and it's an out and back course, I know to start looking for the run at about 14 minutes. It also lets me know if I am on schedule or not without having to roll up the arm of my wetsuit, or worse, putting my watch on the outside of my arm such that I cannot take off the &@(#)$*&!~^* thing quickly ! The battery lasts about 6 months, and Harry Linden of Linden Systems (LindenSys@aol.com), the developer, is an accomplished West Coast masters swimmer.

Having shredded more wetsuits than I care to remember, know that the aquadynamics of even the best Quintana Roo, Orca or Blue Seventy are negated when your suit looks like swiss cheese ! Tears in the leg can be avoided by wearing socks when putting on your long legged wetsuit. This prevents catches from toenails and your race timing chip. Likewise, be careful with fingernails when hurredly pulling on neoprene arms and legs. To avoid upper extremity rips, take off watches, jewelry and heart rate wrist monitors, put on your wet suit, roll up the sleeves, and then put on your electronics. Be careful not to stretch without pulling the wet suit's legs all the way up. Holes in the area where the 4 seams meet in the crotch can be very embarrassing, let alone shocking in very cold water events.

If you do get a hole right before an event, you can try duct tape can work (on the inside and outside), rubber bands (the wide kind for small tears), and athletic tape. Be forewarned that temporary fixes can void some warranties the wetsuit manufacturers may have, though tears not along seam lines may not be covered. On the other hand, if you have traveled far, spent a bundle and have a lot riding on the outcome, the warranty may be the least of your worries. Patch the hole, swim as fast as you can and get the suit fixed after the event (and the suit has dried).

One of the worst experiences I have had in a race was when I got into the cold water of the Long Island Sound without any warm up. The gun went off, my face hit the frigid waves, and suddenly I could not breathe. I was gasping and gagging, and then went wide and rolled over onto my back. I did not care about my time, I only wanted to not drown. My wife asked me, after the race, "Did you see that idiot getting in everyone's way, swimming the backstroke ?" I replied, "Yes. In fact, you're married to him !"

Strategies I have used when confronted by cold water include making sure I get a long warm up so my body will not be shocked. If the open water event does not permit any swimming between waves, simply kneel down and put your face in the water like you did when learning how to turn your head to breathe and blow bubbles as a child. I have also brought a first aid soft cold pack or bucket of ice water to put my face in so that I am not in hypothermic shock. In fact, there have been times when the water has felt comparatively "warm" compared to my frigid pre-race regimen. I also double cap to keep my head warm and body heat inside when the conditions call for it. It also enable me to accessorize by combining different color caps. Just make sure to wear the correct cap for your heat on the outside so that you do not find your name or number on the "DQ" list. If you have relay orr other teammates, or people watching the swim leg, the double capping along with decorating the outer cap, can give them a "heads up" as to when you are coming in to finish your swim, as you will be easier to spot amongst al the other bobbing unicolored swim caps. Waving or calling to your teammates will definitely slow down your time. Keep it simple: polka dots, stripes or patterns work best. If you get assigned to the black cap heat, use a white paint or stickers.

First, if you can see, you cannot swim straight, unless the race director paints lane lines on the bottom of the lake for you. So let's get this straight, work out your fogging "issues" before race day. Whether you use and anti-fog product, spit or some other remedy, make sure it works BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Do not try new stuff on race day. It's a recipe for disaster. Also, bring an extra set of goggles, in case yours get broken or a friend forgets his pair. Be a hero. It does wonder for you self-esteem, which is an important component of swimming for those of us who lack technique, long distance aerobic fitness and kinesthetic sense.

As one who has gotten lost in lakes, oceans and on dry land, sighting to the finish line is no small concern. Just recently, I took most of the field with me on a wild goose chase by the Potomac River. Because it is sometimes hard to see the end point in an open water swim, because of the lack of signage, the sun being in your eyes or multiple, similar landmarks, you sometimes have to take matters into your own hands (or eyes). I have a florescent rain suit that is always in the back of my car for random tsunamis. I have hung it to the side of the swim finish that I want to "aim for" and it has helped me end with a strong, direct kick and on a "bee-line" to my bike. If you have friends, family or teammates watching, a large, brightly colored golf umbrella strategically placed near the swim finish can be a lifesaver. It sure beats trying to echo locate, which does not work, even if you are wearing an Orca wetsuit. Even if the race director had a bull horn or megaphone and a voice that's our nation's second line of defense communications.

Don't just stop at the shoreline. Decorate your bike rack. I have seen mylar balloons, teddy bears and coat hanger flags at championship and international races. There are few things worse for a triathlete than having a great swim only to get lost amongst hundreds or thousands of bikes. A great swim followed by a lousy T-1 can really put a hurt on your day. If you are not on and end or in an obvious location, do something to make your bike transition area stand out. A brightly colored towel, pinwheel taped to the rack or clothes hanging on the spectator partition nearby may all help you "sight" to your stuff. Take out the guess work and use some pre-race time to trace the steps you will take from the shoreline to your bicycle (or shoes, in an aquathon). It will save you lots of time and stress during the race.

Putting wet feet into dry running or biking shoes presents all sorts of problems. Do you "towel off" and lose precious time ? Do you wrestle with shoes only to get your feet in over the tongue and at a blister producing angle ? Do you have time for a shoe horn and personal valet ? Velcro and single pull lacing systems help with issues of closure, but getting in in the first place is no easy feat. (Sorry, could not resist the pun !). While lubricants can help, petroleum jelly or other similar products are not a good idea for running shoes. (See, Landau, D., "The right goo for the shoe," Physician in Sports Medicine) The petroleum breaks down rubber and other similar shoe materials. Unless you have a limitless budget, you should keep Vaseline away from wetsuits, running shoes, etc. Surgeons found this out long ago, and use "surgi -lube." I have used K-Y jelly and liquid (as I have a problem with heat blisters) with good results. And, in addition to easing the feet into my shoes, reducing blistering and not adding significantly to the weight on my soles, it feels so good going in ! Other racers use corn starch, talc, Johnsons Baby Powder and other anti moisture and blistering products. Again, experiment BEFORE the day of the event. Even practice your transitions on an "off" day.

Multisport athletes talk all the time about "bonking," and not being abele to run efficiently right off the bike. Just as disconcerting is running immediately after swimming a mile or more. Some races have lengthy distances between the swim finish and the transition area. The recent qualifier for the GeezerJock (no, I am not making this up, I raced and qualified !) National Championships in Orlando even promised a separate split time for the run from the water's edge to the bike area ! In those cases, you may want a separate pair of light weight running shoes or aqua shoes to protect the feet from cuts, bone bruises, etc. You want to sight and run straight as soon as you get your goggles off. You may want to throw in some breast stroke as you near the end so that you can see better and stretch out your Achilles tendons by dorsiflexing your feet at the same time. Once out of the water with the goggles off, use the "trick" that many sprinters use. Since the arms are shorter than the legs, and can move back and forth faster, think "arms-arms-arms" as you begin your dash to the bike rack. Try to move your arms very fast - your legs will catch up, just as sprinters have found. Likewise, as you lose your "sea legs," lean forward slightly, not at the waist, but with the whole body, so that your body will naturally want to move forward. Just like many swimmers want to feel like they are swimming "downhill," many efficient runners want to feel like they are running "downhill," without excessive bounce, vertical displacement or deceleration. Also, since many events have beach areas after the swim, light, quick footsteps will keep you from "sinking" on dry land and enable you to get a fast, efficient transition time. With these half-dozen tips, you are sure to have a fast overall time, more fun and less aggravation at your next event. Good luck and see you at the races !

Doug Landau, the "Trial Lawyer Triathlete," (www.LandauLawShop.com) is a USAT Sprint and Olympic Distance Age Group All American, a three time winner of the Sport & Health Clubs Super Sprint Triathlon and the United States' only gold medalist at the 2005 quadrennial Maccabiah Games in Israel. While he does not coach (he finishes his swim with other racers' Bubbes !), he has successfully represented athletes who have been injured in accidents up and down the East Coast.

Douglas K. W. Landau
797 Center Street,
at the corner of Station Street,
Herndon, Virginia 20190
(703-796-9555, fax: 703-796-9210)

A member of the bars of Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, and the Federal Circuit Courts, Doug Landau teaches and spends an awful lot of his time in the areas of: catastrophic personal injury, state workers compensation, Social Security Disability, occupational disease, product, airport and premises liability claims.
Blue fish

The Lazy Man's Guide to Changing a Tire
by Cheryl Wagner

T hanks to the numerous potholes, sharp objects, and piles of broken glass (otherwise known as "urban recycling") encountered on my daily bicycle commute, I have considerable experience changing tires. Like most people, I'm reluctant to interrupt my ride for such a boring task. So I've developed some shortcuts to save time and money. Essential items for my shortcut include a bike pump, patch kit and tire lever.

As soon as you realize you have a flat, observe where you think you got it for clues about what punctured the tire. Then inspect the outer edge of the tire looking for the offending sharp object (such as a shard of glass or tack). If you can locate it, remove it and note the location on the tire. Next without disengaging the brake or removing the wheel from the bike, attempt to pull out just the part of the innertube that has the puncture. Of course you will need to pull the tire away from the steel wheel "lip" at the place where you're patching the innertube, in order to get the innertube out. Pump some air into the innertube and listen closely for where air is escaping to confirm your guess about the puncture location. Once you know the site of the puncture, roughen the rubber innertube (with the patch kit sandpaper), apply some glue, and hold a patch over the puncture for 5 minutes. The glue needs 5 minutes to set. Then carefully place the section of innertube back inside the tire, place the tire bead inside the wheel "lip" and pump up the tire.

Voila - you are ready to roll and have avoided the greasy "chain" hands and blackened legs that often result from the traditional tire changing routine involving disengaging the brake (and wheel gear teeth for rear wheels) and removing the tire and innertube. And don't forget to wear a helmet when riding. It saved my life in a recent car crash.


PV 2005-2006 Relay All-Americans
David C Harmon 56
Judy Lim-Sharpe 55
Dan Morrow 56
Myriam Pero 56

Anne-Marie Adams 29
Louis G Balla 45
Jennie T Bartlett 23
Ethan C Bassett 25
Ryan A Battle 20
Matt J Brado 26
Justin Burkhardt 26
J Caouette 28
Edmund Caulfield 23
Liz A D'Auria 24
F Di Silvio 24
Evelyn J Dyer 45
Bryan Evangelista 24
Cindi K Harkes 37
Mark F Heinrich 48
Richard A Ikeda 49
Katie Lamoureux 29
Liz Lauwaert 28
W Liscinsky Jr 24
Miriam S Lynch 25
Sean T Martin 30
Colleen P Newman 24
David C Nichols 47
Christine Perham 35
Stacy E Peterson 24
Cynthia R Roller 23
Susan O Williams 40
Kate M Wrenshall 23
Dan Fatton 27
Brendan Garvin 26
G Heuchling 47
Jeremy Hough 35
Sarah Katz 27
Phillip King 40
Catherine Vorrasi 23
Neill Williams 38

Amy Cooley 50
Jeanne Lappin 51
Edward Reed 63
David Robinson 63
L Van Pelt-Diller 48
Kenneth Wall 65
Mark Walters 54
Brenda Wilks 52

Mandy Dawson 44
Cynthia Hajost 46
Mary Lueker 42
Jennifer O'Reilly 27

Kelly Bowman 26
Courtney Busch 25
Craig Dewing 36
Andrew Ellis 37
Emad Elshafei 39
Peter Fehring 28
Mollie Grover 25
Michael Lee 39
Inbal Levavi 22
Curt Reynolds 46
Meredith A Stakem 24
Jeffrey Strahota 26
Carolyn Voorhees 44

Potomac Valley 2007 USMS Short Course Championships
ALEX Alexandria Masters
Fry, Jon M M27
100 Fly 54.12 7
50 Breast 27.92 5
100 IM 56.96 13
50 Free 22.93 16
50 Fly 24.42 12
100 Breast 1:04.37 14

Hatakeyama, Chio E F32
50 Breast 32.67 3
200 Free 2:10.22 9
100 IM 1:04.83 4
200 Breast 2:37.17 4
50 Fly 29.06 7
100 Breast 1:11.55 5

Roberts, Bill M45
200 Free 2:04.39 30
100 Free 55.07 30
50 Free 25.02 29
500 Free 5:53.61 19

ANCM Montgomery Mariners
Greer, Marshall R M70
100 Back 1:25.53 3
50 Back 35.54 1

Kauls, Laura J F59
50 Breast 48.34 7
100 Free 1:23.06 15
50 Free 35.37 16

Klotz, Jessica C F30
100 Back 1:03.73 3
100 IM 1:06.32 9
50 Back 29.85 3

Roddin, Hugh J M65
100 Fly 1:05.53 2
100 Back 1:10.80 1
200 Fly 2:39.15 1
50 Back 32.79 1
200 Back 2:31.69 2

Roddin, Jeffrey H M38
100 Fly 52.19 1
100 Back 55.74 4
100 IM 55.04 2
50 Back 25.90 4
200 IM 2:01.79 3
100 Breast 1:04.12 7

Roddin, Ruth A F64
50 Free 36.10 10
50 Fly 44.13 8

Mixed 200 Fr Relay 2:04.24 15
Roddin, Jeffrey H M38
Kauls, Laura J F59
Roddin, Ruth A F64
Roddin, Hugh J M65
RMST Reston Masters
Dawson, Mandy W F45
50 Breast 36.57 11
100 Free 1:04.54 19
200 Breast 3:03.80 12
50 Free 28.73 15
100 Breast 1:22.27 13

Dillenburg, Roberta G F44
50 Breast 39.74 17
200 Free 2:33.93 22
50 Free 29.70 21
100 Breast 1:27.25 19

Gibson, Kathy S F46
100 Fly 1:09.98 7
50 Breast 35.36 7
100 IM 1:11.75 16
200 Breast 2:53.65 4
50 Fly 30.77 13
100 Breast 1:17.58 6

Hajost, Cynthia M F47
100 Back 1:12.41 11
200 Free 2:16.87 13
50 Back 33.77 11
100 Free 1:02.41 15

Launer, Tara Lyn F38
50 Back 36.87 18
50 Free 31.01 25
50 Fly 34.48 20

O'Reilly, Jennifer M F27
400 IM 4:56.54 4
100 Free 55.17 10
200 Breast 2:35.91 5
50 Free 25.55 11
200 IM 2:17.81 5
100 Breast 1:12.80 7

Wom 200 Fr Relay 1:52.33 4
Gibson, Kathy S F46
Hajost, Cynthia M F47
Dawson, Mandy W F45
Dillenburg, Roberta G F44

Wom 200 Medl Relay 2:11.70 7
Hajost, Cynthia M F47
Dawson, Mandy W F45
Gibson, Kathy S F46
Launer, Tara Lyn F38

TERR Terrapin Masters
Ekstrom, Gretchen F F40
1000 Free 11:49.67 4
100 Back 1:07.14 2
200 Free 2:04.69 5
50 Back 31.42 3
500 Free 5:37.43 3
200 Back 2:23.19 3

Ellis, Andrew F M38
100 Fly 56.62 11
200 Free 1:51.98 14
200 Fly 2:09.30 5
100 Free 51.46 20
50 Free 23.86 19
500 Free 5:03.27 7
Goodison, Michael R M35
100 Fly 55.00 7
50 Breast 28.02 3
100 IM 57.12 7
200 Breast 2:17.91 2
200 IM 2:07.07 6
100 Breast 1:01.41 3

Grover, Mollie K F26
100 Back 1:03.57 3
200 Free 1:58.07 1
50 Back 29.67 6
100 Free 54.48 4
200 Back 2:11.90 2
50 Fly 28.52 7

Lynch, Bernard A M29
100 IM 1:02.65 28
200 Breast 2:24.06 14
50 Free 25.21 29
100 Breast 1:05.65 16

Sample, Autumn C F25
100 Fly 1:04.51 8
50 Back 29.68 7
50 Fly 28.55 8

Shipp, William M M47
100 Fly 1:03.06 30
200 Free 2:01.40 22
100 IM 1:03.21 30
100 Free 55.53 37
200 IM 2:17.23 11
500 Free 5:37.85 16

Strahota, Jeffrey R M26
100 Fly 56.71 15
200 Free 1:53.00 11
100 IM 59.27 20
100 Free 51.77 21
50 Fly 25.44 16
500 Free 5:05.05 4

Mix 200 Medl Relay 1:49.74 5
Strahota, Jeffrey R M26
Goodison, Michael R M35
Sample, Autumn C F25
Ekstrom, Gretchen F F40

Men 200 Fr Relay 1:35.87 11
Strahota, Jeffrey R M26
Shipp, William M M47
Ellis, Andrew F M38
Goodison, Michael R M35

Men 200 Med Relay 1:46.15 12
Strahota, Jeffrey R M26
Goodison, Michael R M35
Shipp, William M M47
Ellis, Andrew F M38

 Humor and Quotes

A wealthy man was having an affair. One night, his mistress confided that she was expecting a baby. Not wanting to ruin his marriage, he said he would pay her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. He would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. He told her to mail him a post card and write "Spaghetti" on the back. He would then arrange for child support payments to begin.

One day, about 8 months later, he came home to his confused wife, who said, "Honey, you received a very strange post card today." The wife handed him the card and watched as her husband read the card, turned white and collapsed.

On the card was written: "Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without........Request bread."

"Aerobic" Bar

Despite my advanced age, I got my doctor's permission to join a master swim club. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour. But, by the time I got my bathing suit on, the workout was over.

 Meet News

Germantown Masters Win Albatross Open
by Tom Denes

Germantown Masters overwhelmed the competition at the Albatross Open SCM Meet held March 24, 2007 at the Montgomery Aquatic Center. Germantown Masters amassed 2,205 points followed by the Montgomery Ancient Mariners with 1,977 points and the Health Unlimited Hurricanes with 915 points. Rounding out the top five were Reston Masters and Terrapin Masters.

More than 190 swimmers from 23 teams attended the Saturday afternoon meet. Jean Troy, Florida Maverick Masters, set three USMS and World records in the 80-84 age group. She posted 3:26.52 for the 200 meter freestyle, 1:56.65 for the 100 meter individual medley, and 4:07.66 for the 200 meter individual medley.

The North Carolina Masters relay team of Jonathan Klein, Jon Blank, Timothy Lehman, Robert Schmitz set a USMS and World record. They blasted a 1:53.92 in the 200-239 combined age group.

Margaret Conze, Germantown Masters, captured the Fastest Woman in the Water award for the second year in the row. She sizzled to a 27.38. Troy Johnson, Virginia Masters, was the Fastest Man on the Water for the fourth straight time, swimming an astounding 23.51.

In addition, Lynn Wymelenberg, Montgomery Ancient Mariners, set three American Records for the S10 Classification for SWAD (Swimmer With A Disability). She recorded times of 1:12.21 for the 100 SCM Free, 37.39 for the 50 meter fly, and 1:30.46 for the 100 meter IM.

Of special note is the emergence of the Health Unlimited Hurricanes from Mount Airy, MD. Although brand new, they managed to score the most points in the women's division.

Special thanks to Cathy Gainor who directed this meet for the third consecutive year.

Albatross Open
Greg Whorton, Kathleen Costello, Kathy Levintow

Albatross Open
Pamela Hovis, Amethyst Tymoch, Dave Beck
Albatross Open
Tom Denes, Cathy Gainor

Albatross Open
Steve Wilson, Shotsie Wilson

Jim McDonnell Lake Swim May 28, 2007
by Gordon Gerson

The annual Jim McDonnell Lake Swims were held, as usual, on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in Lake Audubon in Reston, VA. This year, in addition to the usual 1-mile and 2-mile open events there was the USMS 1-Mile Open Water National Championship. This was the 20th year in which the swims have been held. They have grown in popularity every year with the 1-mile and 2-mile open events (Competitors may wear wetsuits or swim without them) filling to their capacity of 300 per event before the May 9th closeout date. This year 773 competitors participated in the three events, some in more than one, several in all three.

It was a beautiful day with the water a near-perfect 76 degrees. The first event, the one-mile open, went off at 7:30 AM. It was followed by the two-mile open and then the one-mile National Championship at 11 AM. Age group winners can be found via the Reston Masters Website at www.restonmasters.org/lakeswimresults07.html.

Medals were awarded to the first ten places in each age group in the Championship event. So many entrants went home with hardware.

The Jim McDonnell Lake Swims are named after a former teammate and one of the founders of the Reston Masters Swim Team. He died of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma several years ago. The name of the event (formerly the Reston Two-Mile Lake Swim) was changed to honor him. At that time also, a portion of the proceeds of the event began being donated to the Lymphoma Foundation. Over $16,000 has been donated in just the past three years.

Among many others, PVMSC sponsors this event by returning $1000 of the OEVT funds which are donated to the Lymphoma Foundation.

McDonnell Lake Swim
Tara Lyn Launer, Reston Masters Webmaster

McDonnell Lake Swim
George Brunstad, 70-74 National Champion

McDonnell Lake Swim
Gerson congratulates Bil Braswell, 60-64 National Chmp
McDonnell Lake Swim
Frank Manheim, 75-79 National Champion

McDonnell Lake Swim
Tony Panizza, Sterling Pillette, Evelyn and Olga

Potomac River Swim Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim

by Cheryl Wagner

Perfect weather greeted 28 swimmers as they began swimming 7.5 miles across the Potomac River. High winds and large swells appeared around 2PM causing 7 swimmers to be pulled for safety reasons. 21 swimmers completed the swim with Grant Johnston of Washington DC taking 1st place in 3 hr 23 min (no wetsuit). Sue Wilkinson-Megaw nearly completed a double crossing (15 miles) before being pulled for weather/safety reasons, after 9 hr 1 min. Swimmer, Thomas, Zak, completed a "virtual" Potomac Swim in his hometown pool in Shorewood, WI, since he was unable to attend for last minute personal reasons. Other local swimmers included: Jenny Spencer, Philip Schmidt, Anslie Stokes, Fife Hubbard, Katherine Lemos, John Stuhldreher, Tripp Bradd, Joe Stewart (founder of the swim), and Paul Contino. Maryland Senator Roy Dyson attended the post-swim celebration. Results

Chesapeake Bay Swim 6/10/07
by Cheryl Wagner

Bay Swim
Michael Lee 4th 40-44 4.4 mile, Cheryl Wagner 1st 50-54 1 mile, Jeff Strahota 3rd 25-29 4.4 mile, Bill Shipp
Bay Swim
Gordon Gerson 1st 70-74
Bay Swim
Andrea Haines 2nd 55-59 4.4 mile
Bay Swim
Bob Astheimer on left
Bay Swim
Lyn Wymelenberg 2nd 50-54 1 mile
Bay Swim
Dottie Buchhagen 4th 60-64 1 mile

Swim for Life 6/16/07
by Cheryl Wagner

Swim For Life
Swim For Life
Lyn Wymelenberg & Kathryn Kirmayer
Swim For Life

Terrapin Cup 7/1/07
by Cheryl Wagner

Terrapin Cup
Jim Carey, Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund, Bill Shipp, Michael Lee, Ellen Carey

Terrapin Cup
Clay, Mollie, Leslie, Barbara, Wally, Jeff
Terrapin Cup
Melanie Yu, Tim Timmons

Terrapin Cup
Mechan Gibbons, Allyson Adams, Jane Strachan
Terrapin Cup
Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Michael Lee, Frank Manheim, Margot Pettijohn, Clay Britt, Wally Dicks

UM Masters 800/1500 LCM Meet 7/7/07
by Dave Diehl

The University of Maryland Masters annual 800/1500 meet was again held at the outdoor pool at the Martin Luther King (formerly White Oak) swim complex. The swimmers like that outdoor venue and the weather cooperated with sunny skies and mild temperatures. Our numbers were down a little from last year and we were able to finish early and get people home to enjoy the beautiful day. We had our usual group of Potomac Valley teams represented along with the Maryland and Virginia Masters clubs (plus a swimmer from New Jersey).

We had three meet records broken as follows:
800 Meter:
25-29, Mollie Grover (TERR)
25-29, Jeff Strahota (TERR)

1500 Meter:
55-59, James Ryan (GSM)

A special thanks to Mary Lathram (DCM) who continues to compete at our meets. Mary is incredible (at 92) and the favorite of everyone.

Thanks to all of you who have supported this meet, not only this year but for many years. There were many familiar names and faces and we really appreciate the continued support. You are the reason we keep running this meet every year.

Dave Diehl,
Meet Manager

LCM meet
Mollie Grover, Jeff Strahota, Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund
LCM Meet
Jeff Strahota, Pat Diehl
LCM Meet
Dave Diehl, Ellen Carey, Mary Lathram, Pat Diehl
LCM Meet
Cheryl Wagner, Bud Swiger, Rosanna McMillan
LCM meet
Jim and Ellen Carey

Ocean City 1 mile Captain Craig Swim 7/14
by Cheryl Wagner

Ocean City Capt. Craig
Cheryl Wagner 1st 50-54
Ocean City Capt Craig
Beach Patrol participants

Senior Olympics 7/20/07
Dave Diehl, 1st 50 back 65-69

DCRP LCM Meet 7/22
by Cheryl Wagner

Mingi Kim & Ellen Hufford
Christian McEvoy & Meredith Garner
Jay Kress & fiancee
Kelly & Mike
DCRP meet
Jeff Roddin, Meredith Stakem
C J Hall & Cathy Gainor

Pennock Island 8.2 Mile Swim in Ketchikan, Alaska 8/12/07
by Cheryl WagnerPennock Island
Five Orca whales greeted us at the finish of the 8.2 mile Pennock Island swim. Kirsten O'Loughlin and I (our two-person relay) breathed a sigh of relief that we were already out of the water. Then we looked in wonder at the diving and spraying family of whales. Promising a warm-up sauna, our boater took us to her home on Gravina Island (better known as the "bridge to nowhere" site) where we spotted a black bear cub in her front yard. That caused a scramble getting the dogs inside, who thought it would be great fun to play with the bear.
Pennock Island
The Pennock Island swim was a wonderful experience both for its open water challenge and for the hospitality shown by the organizers and local people in Ketchikan, Alaska. The water was a chilly 58-60 degrees but the weather was perfect - sunny and in the high 60s. All 38 participants finished and winner, Bruckner Chase (a former Potomac Swim participant), completed the swim without a wetsuit, in 3 hr 1 min. There were a number of relay teams but also many solo swimmers who did impressive times. Proceeds benefit the American Diabetes Association. For more information see: www.alaskateamada.com

Colonies Zone LCM Meet, Aug 18-19, 07
by Cheryl Wagner

Colonies Zone
BACK Jeff Roddin,, Michael Lee, Tim Timmons FROM: Jim & Ellen Carey, Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund
Colonies Zone
Bill Nelson, Susan Henley, Bud Swiger, Owen Maher, Ed Gaulrapp

Colonies Zone
Jeff Mead, Leila Batties
Colonies Zone
Wonkee Moon, J P Richard, Meredith Stakem, Neill Williams

Colonies Zone
Jennifer O'Reilly, Jessica Fry


UM Masters 1000/1650 & 1500/800 meets cancelled
UM Masters will no longer host 1000/1650 SCY and 1500/800 LCM meets. If another team wishes to host the meets, please contact the PV Chair, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund debm@umd.edu or PV Sanctions, Eric Nordlund ericswims@yahoo.com

XII FINA World Masters Championships
Information Booklet Now Available

Competitors in the XII FINA World Masters Championships 2008 can now register for all their events at www.2008finamasters.org .

The full range of disciplines are available for registration, including swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming.

Coaches and managers are also able to register. Volunteers will be able to register soon.

If you have already registered and paid we will send you an email about how you register for your events.

If you have subscribed for information, your subscriber username and password will not work in the registration system. You will need need to register and pay the applicable fees to get a competitor username and password.

If you have any questions about registration you'll be able to ask them at the website www.2008finamasters.org.

If for any reason you cannot register on the website, email mastersrego@wasct.wa.gov.au or ring our message service in Australia (61 8) 9441 8361 and we?ll post you a set of registration forms.

The event information booklet is now available to download from the XII FINA World Masters Championships 2008 website www.2008finamasters.org .

The booklet has lots of information on the sports, facts about Western Australia, travel and tourism updates, registration and an event calendar.

The file can be downloaded with Adobe Reader. If you have not got Adobe Reader, please go to www.adobe.com to download this software for free.

Please note that the information booklet is quite a large file and may take a few minutes to download.

If you have any trouble downloading this file, email mastersrego@wasct.wa.gov.au and we will email you a copy or ring Australia (61 8) 9441 8361 and we?ll post the Information Booklet.

Congratulations Alistair Murie for winning the trip for two for 10 days to the XII FINA World Masters Championships on 15th -25th April 2008 in Perth, Western Australia.

Alistair was drawn from thousands of entries from all around the world.

Please email john.lynch@wasct.wa.gov.au for information about the prize.

Alexandria Masters Adds Workouts
by Ray Novitske

Alexandria Masters Swimming has added additional times to its fall- winter workout schedule for swimmers in the Alexandria area. Starting September 10 and running through January 26, two noon time workouts and two new morning workouts are added to the schedule. Mt. Vernon Rec Center will host two midday workouts, and Lee District Rec Center will host two new morning workouts.

Since Alexandria Masters does not charge team dues, we welcome any registered US Masters members to swim with us. Also note that swimmers can attend any of the workouts in the schedule. Additional information on costs, directions, and program can be found on the web site www.alexandriamasters.com.

Mt. Vernon Rec Center
Mon, Wed, Fri - 6:00-7:00 AM
Tu, Th - 12:15-1:15 PM

Lee District Rec Center
Mon, Th - 7:30-8:30 PM
Tu, Th - 6:00-7:00 AM
Sat - 8:00-9:30 AM

George Washington Rec Center
Tu - 7:30-8:30 PM

New England LMSC SCM Champtionship
2007 New England LMSC Short Course Meters Championship and New England Masters Workout Group Challenge;
December 14-16, 2007 at Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center

Welcome to the New England LMSC Short Course Meters Championship E-News.

Meet information is published:

Beautiful state of the art facility on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. The competition pool features ten racing lanes with additional area for continuous warm up and warm down, electronic timing and scoreboard. Water depth is 7 to 13.5 feet. There were 519 entrants in the 2006 meet, we hope for another well attended, fun and exciting event this year.

- Last year the 800 free on Friday evening filled up. This year the warm-up time for the 800 free has been moved to 4:30 p.m. to accommodate more swimmers.
- New event order
- Postmark deadline is earlier: Wednesday November 21. Late Entries may be posted after 11/21 with a $15 late fee. Receipt deadline for Late Entries is 12/8.
- Team awards: Awards will be given to the top ten scoring USMS clubs and to New England Masters workout groups by size divisions (more on this in subsequent Enews).
- Meet Entry Cap policy has been revised, please see meet web page

Take your Warm Down out of the pool and join us for a Social Gathering (there will be Food! Drink!) following the Saturday events at the BU meet. Mark your calendars, Feel the Burn and Save the Date - immediately following events Saturday, December 15

Change in Tax Treatment - Tax Exempt Organizations
Source: Streamlines Summer 2007

Beginning in 2008, small tax-exempt organizations have a new annual filing requirement. This will affect those LMSCs whose annual gross receipts are normally less than $25,000 and who do not already file a tax return. You will need to electronically submit a new Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-Postcard) for Tax-Exempt Organizations not Required to File Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Submission of the e-Postcard will be electronic and there will be no paper form. The e-Postcard will require you to provide basic information such the LMSC name and address, any other names you use, a Web address if you have one, the name and address of a principal officer, and a statement that your annual gross receipts are still normally $25,000 or less. If you fail to file the e-Postcard for three consecutive years you will lose your tax exempt status and must reapply to get reinstated.

The IRS is developing an electronic filing system for the e-Postcard. Filing procedures will be publicized on the IRS website at www.irs.gov/eo when the system is complete and ready for use. Currently at this site, you can find up-to-date information about the e-Postcard filing requirements. Also, you can subscribe to EO Update, Exempt Organization's free email newsletter, to receive the latest information.

Starting in July, the IRS has begun sending educational letters explaining the new filing requirement so you may have already received an informational letter.

If you have any questions about your LMSC tax or e-Postcard filing requirements, contact Jeanne Ensign Jeanne@raincity.com
or Jeff Moxie.

Final PV Board Meeting
By Jeff Roddin

The last PV-LMSC Board Meeting of the year will be at the conclusion of the Sprint Classic at GMU on October 28, 2007. PV-LMSC by-laws require attendance to at least one board meeting each year (the penalty is an increased 2008 club renewal fee). Since we are a non-profit organization we would appreciate your participation much more than penalty fee revenue. The following teams have not yet met the attendance requirement this year: All-Star, Curl-Burke, DCRP, Fort Belvoir, Masters Aquatics at Spring Hill, National Capitol YMCA, NOVA JCC, Potomac Marlins, Riptide, Streamline, Capitol Sea Devils, Trinity, YWCA-NCA.

ParsonsFarewell to Dave Parsons
by Cheryl Wagner

Dave Parcells, an accomplished open water swimmer (2 double-crossings of the English Channel) and swim organizer, died in the Tampa Bay Swim on April 21, 2007. Dave did the Potomac Swim in 2002 and was a wonderful person, in addition to being an accomplished athlete. He was 49 years old.

ClinicClay Britt Swim Clinics
A new season of clinics is scheduled at The Lab School. The three hour clinics include underwater videotaping, a stroke drill DVD and hands on swim instruction. Join Clay and his National Champion Coaches to help you improve your swimming. Upcoming clinic dates:

2007 Dates
  November 3
2008 Dates
  January 26
  February 16*
  March 15
  April 26*
  May 17
  June 21
  July and August-TBD
*Indicates "Power Clinic"

(See description on Masters/Triathlete Page)Please see www.claybrittswimming.com or email clay at clay@claybrittwimming.com

Unofficial Minutes - PV LMSC Meeting - 7/1/07
by Cheryl Wagner

1) Intro
2) Meeting Minutes from last meeting were approved with one change: Ann Svenson, Dave Diehl & Lynn Hazlewood are not at-large delegates. They are automatic delegates.
3) Chair - nothing to report
4) Registrar

  • Number of members as of 6/30 - higher this year than ever:
  • 2007 - 1835 members
  • 2006 - 1739 members
  • 2005 - 1670 members
  • New club: Streamline Swim Club & Team (3 pools in N. Va)
Registration fee may go up depending on whether USMS increases their fees (decided at convention in Sept). 5) Top Ten
  • SCY season ended in May - sent in results
  • Top Ten preliminary listing on USMS website soon for checking
6) Sanctions
  • Updated forms passed out
  • Reston lake swim had a couple of issues - charging more for online registration than paper. Once people got their refunds, all was settled.
  • Evaluators: UM 800/1500 meet - (Jul 1) Tim Tim mons DCRP LCM meet - (Jul 21) Ray Novitske Zone LCM meet - (Aug 17-18) ? Patriot Masters Sprint meet - (Oct 28) Deb Morrin-Nordlund UM 1000/1650 meet - (Dec 2) ? Tropical Splash meet - (Jan 27) ?
7) Treasurer
  • Doing well. Increase in dues, did exactly what it should have.
  • $28,100 total in funds ($18,033 in checking, rest in saving)
  • We should be prepared to decide at Sprint Classic meet what the 2008 individual registration fee will be if USMS raises their portion of the dues at convention. Note the increase would just be a "pass through" of the USMS fees - at this time there is no intention to raise the portion of dues that goes to PV.
8) Secretary - nothing to report 9) Newsletter - nothing to report 10) Awards - 2006 Swimmer of the Year Awards were handed out at Terrapin Cup meet. 11) Safety - There is currently no safety chair. 12) Other Issues:
  • Final determination of convention delegates (Convention is Sept 26-30)
  • Delegates: Jeff Roddin, Ray Novitske, Eric Nordlund, Wonkee Moon ?, Katie Davison ?
  • Other Delegates: Ann Svenson, Lynn Hazlewood, Dave Diehl, Deb Morrin-Nordlund
  • USMS Convention: Not a rule change year. Legislation and reelection year.
  • PV Election Year (candidates):
    Tim Timmons - Treasurer
  • Deb Morrin Nordlund - Chairman
    Cheryl Wagner - Secretary
    Deb Morrin-Nordlund will send out request for nominations and instruct them to contact Cheryl Wagner.
  • It is uncertain whether George Mason natatorium will be available as a bidding site for the Zone LCM meet next year.
Ray Novitske Alexandria Masters Swimming
Nancy Kirkendall DC Masters
Julie Oplinger Fairfax County Masters
Jeff Roddin Montgomery Ancient Mariners
Tim Timmons Patriot Masters Swim Team
Cheryl Wagner Terrapin Masters
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Eric Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Michael Lee Terrapin Masters

Next Meeting:
Next PVLMSC Meeting: after the Sprint Classic Meet on Oct 28.

Welcome: New Long Distance & Fitness Chairs
Welcome to Ann Svenson, Long Distance Chair, and Diana Corbin, Fitness Chair, for Potomac Valley LMSC.

Proposal - Virtual Chesapeake Bay Swim
by Joe Stewart

I spent five days and four nights in Virginia over Memorial Day weekend where I met my personal goal to swim at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay near both Cape Charles and Cape Henry, just outside the Bay in the Atlantic and in both the James and York Rivers. I stopped on my way home for a dip in the Potomac at Colonial Beach. The mouth of the bay water is really wonderful! It was like swimming thru hundreds of years of history with the 400th celebration of Jamestown and Captain John Smith's Chesapeake exploration and markers everywhere about the American and Civil Wars.

I had this thought:
How about swimming the length of the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic to the Susquehanna not in one day but over a long period of time where diaries and records could be kept of each segment's swim, funds could be raised for bay restoration and awareness brought to efforts being made along the way by folks working to clean up those tributaries flowing into the bay! One person wouldn't need to do it all; it could involve lots of volunteer swimmers committing to many different segments!

If you are interested in doing or helping to organize a virtual "Bay Swim", contact Jstewart@dat.state.md.us 410.767.1354 or 410.243.4418

Next PV Board Meeting
Next meeting - The last PV-LMSC Board Meeting of the year will be at the conclusion of the Sprint Classic at GMU on October 28, 2007. PV-LMSC by-laws require attendance to at least one board meeting each year (the penalty is an increased 2008 club renewal fee). Since we are a non-profit organization we would appreciate your participation much more than penalty fee revenue. www.pvmasters.org

10 Steps to Living the Green Life

Tip # 1 Get on Your Bike!
For every mile you ride your bike instead of driving a car, you avoid the production of about one pound of carbon dioxide.

Tip # 2 Save Water with Powder Detergents
Switch from liquid detergents to powders. Laundry liquids are mostly water (approx. 80%). It costs energy and packaging to bring this water to the consumer.

Tip # 3 Save a Tree, or Two or Three
Get tough on tissues. If every household in the U.S. replaced one box of 85 sheet virgin fiber facial tissues with 100% recycled ones, we could save: 87,700 trees, 226,500 cubic feet of landfill space (equal to 330 full garbage trucks), 31 million gallons of water (Annual supply for 240 families of four), and avoid 5,300 pounds of pollution! Buy only recycled paper products for your office, bathroom and kitchen.

Tip # 4 Check Your Water Heater
Keep your water heater thermostat no higher than 120°F. Save 550 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $30 per year. Talk to your building or condo manager to upgrade the efficiency of the boiler in your building to magnify the savings.

Tip # 5 Change Your Light Bulbs
Replace 3 frequently used light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. This will save approximately 300 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $60 per year.

Tip #6 Muscle Mow Your Lawn
Mowing for an hour with a gasoline- powered lawn mower can produce as much air pollution as a 350-mile drive in a car. Consider this alternative which emits nothing other than clippings and burns calories too: push a lightweight reel mower.

Tip #7 Change Your Thermostat
Conserve fuel by turning down the heat at night and while you are away from your home - or install a programmable thermostat. Setting the air conditioning thermostat in your building to 76 degrees in the summer will dramatically reduce your electricity bill and you'll do your bit to save energy and the environment.

Tip # 8 Reduce Garbage
Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper, plastic and glass. You can save around 1,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Tip # 9 Use Recycled Paper
According to the EPA, from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, household waste increases by more than 25 percent due to holiday gift-giving. When wrapping gifts, remember to recycle and reuse. Also whenever possible use 100% post-consumer recycled paper when printing and save approximately 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.

Tip # 10 Fill Your Dishwasher
Run your dishwasher only with a full load. Save approximately 100 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $40 per year. Why not set it to eco-mode to save even more energy and water?

Dee of St. Mary's Skipjack - The BayLab
We are a non-profit organization providing environmental tours for students and groups on one of Maryland's last skipjacks and from an operational oyster shucking house on St. George Island in the Potomac River. www.thebaylab.org

Save Bay Chesapeake Bay Foundation
How sweet it'd be to save the Bay. Join CBF's Crab Cookie Campaign and show your support for the Green Fund. Info: www.cbf.org

Note from the Registrar - Save Some Trees!
By Jeff Roddin

If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please contact Jeff Roddin (240-464-3982, jroddin@pvmasters.org ) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Or, if you prefer to view it online and save PV the postage just let Jeff know. You may also opt out of the USMS Swimmer magazine. There are no discounts for opting out of these mailings. Thanks, Jeff

USMS History & Archives
The USMS History and Archives (H&A) Committee and the USMS National Registrar are requesting help from all current and former masters swimmers, LMSCs, LMSC Registrars, and keepers of LMSC documents. In order for us to reconstruct, verify, and finalize the pre-1986 registration database, we need to locate any LMSC registration files (paper copies or electronic files) for 1972-1980 when we were AAU Masters, for 1981 when we were USMS but our registration was handled by AAU, and for 1982 to 1985. There were roughly 12,000 total registrations in 1982 and that number grew to 27,000 by 1987.

Please note that all registration data will be kept confidential with restricted access. If you have any information or can supply the requested documents, send an email to H&A Chair Barbara Dunbar, Archives at usms dot org and remember to convert at and dot to the @ and . characters before emailing.

For the period from 1972-1985, we continue to seek LMSC lists of clubs, club lists from Nationals or regional brochures and results, or any other source of national club lists such as the USMS Handbook. In addition, we are looking for the second part or the update to "The Master List for 1974 compiled by The Masters Team, ACC Gym, Cooperstown, NY" which was a National Masters mailing list summarized in three (3) sections, the AAU zones for the country.

My Maryland USMS License Plate
by: Sherry Green

USMS organizational car license plates are now available for Masters swimmers living in Maryland. I learned about it while looking at our local Potomac Valley Masters web site.

I applied for my vanity plate in March and it came in early April. Due to surgery in the beginning of April, I have not be able to swim. But I feel great every time I look at my car plates and know that my car is ready to go swim - even if I am not. I am the proud owner of SWM 0030.

2007 Open Water Events
Both of our 2007 Aqua Moon Adventures events make perfect end of season swims. We would love to have you join us:

Bermuda Round the Sound Swim (10/21/07):
We are pleased to announce that the Grotto Bay Beach Resort will be the official event resort and headquarters hotel. Grotto Bay has offered a discounted event rate for those coming to the Round the Sound Swim. The number of rooms is limited and this is a popular resort this time of year so please reserve ASAP. Check with the Grotto Bay Beach Resort for complete details: 1-800-582-3190.

Bonaire EcoSwim (11/10/07)
We will be offering some new distances so everyone can participate: 1K, 3K, 5k, and 10K. In addition the swim course has changed from previous years so you will have the opportunity to swim over different reefs in the Caribbean's most beautiful waters. Once again the ever popular Captain Don's Habitat will serve as our headquarters hotel.

Aqua Moon Adventures
2615 NW 99 Ave
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Web site: www.AquaMoonAdventures.com
E-mail: info@randynutt.com

Cancellation of 1000/1650 Meet
First, I apologize for having to cancel the 1000/1650 meet for 2007. Since the split from the Terrapin Masters and the forming of the University of Maryland Masters club, I had every intention to continue the two annual distance meets that I ran as a Terrapin Master and then as a University of Maryland Master. Unfortunately, the University of Maryland has informed me that I can no longer use the name University of Maryland Masters nor the logo for the medals since the new club is not affiliated with the University. After twenty five years of running these meets I am stepping aside. I want to thank all of the people who, over the years, have supported me in the effort to keep these distance meets going. You have been very loyal in your participation and I will miss having the meets and your friendship.
------Dave Diehl


FBST Masters Swim Program
  • Designed for anyone interested - beginners with low impact fitness plan to seasoned collegiate level athletes
  • Plenty of room to apply the latest concepts and techniques
  • Tri-athlete's dream come true
  • Current swimmers range from beginners, former summer leaguers, former AAU/USA Swimmers, former collegiate swimmers and tri-athletes
  • All are welcome! Open to non-military and military
  • Give Head Coach Mark Murray a call at (703) 627-4796 or email him at mmurray@fbswim.org
Practice Times 9/17/07-6/17/08 @ GW Rec Center
8426 Old Mt. Vernon Road, Alexandria, VA 22309
M-F 5:30-6:30AM
Sa 7:00-9:00am

Masters 1 - $25/month for once a week
Masters 2 - $50/month for more than once a week

We collect dues monthly so you are never over committed financially. www.fbswim.org

Sport Fair
Proper swim equipment is vital to a successful swimming outcome. SPORT FAIR, an Arlington based swim store specializes in competitive swimwear and equipment. We are one of the largest Speedo dealerships in the country.

SPORT FAIR wants to help you achieve success. Please call me to arrange team discounts for your masters team or open water swim program.

Sport FairMargaret, Director, Masters & Open Water Swimming
5121 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
Fax: 703-524-9500
Email: sales@sportfairusa.com

Physical Therapy Aide Wanted
Outpatient sports and orthopedic clinic on Shady Grove Road in Rockville, Maryland is looking for a full time Aide/Technician. We have a spacious and energetic clinic and foster a team approach to rehab. We have a wide variety of patients of all ages and injuries. The ideal candidate will work well with people in a busy environment. You must be reliable and willing to be an important part of our team. This is an excellent experience for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.

Please call Margaret or Brian at (301) 251-4424
Fax resume to (301) 251-4401.

Masters Swim Coach Wanted
The YWCANCA, is currently looking for a swim coach.
Please contact , VERNON JOHNSON at (202)6260710 x13or vjohnson@ywcanca.org

Masters Swim Coach Wanted
Alexandria Masters Swimming is seeking a qualified individual to fill a coaching position. Alexandria Masters is a team of 100+ swimmers with a wide range of ages and abilities including competitive swimmers, triathletes, and avid lap and open water swimmers. Our goal as a club is to make swimming both challenging and fun.

The candidate should have some experience at the Masters/Adult level. We are looking for a creative coach with strong organizational and leadership skills, enthusiasm, and a genuine interest in working with swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Our schedule contains early morning, evening, and weekend workouts with occasional in-house video and clinics. The candidate should be available to cover at least 2 practices per week. The position starts immediately. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

For more information about Alexandria Masters, please visit www.alexandriamasters.com. Interested candidates please contact Drew Killian at askillian@yahoo.com or 202-230-4714.

Potomac Valley Safety Chair Wanted
Our current safety chair, Myriam Pero, is returning to Columbia. We will miss her very much and are grateful for her services to Potomac Valley and USMS. If you are interested in serving as the new PV Safety Chair, contact Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, debm@umd.edu .

Deborah Brudvig Swim Art
Swim Muse

Real Estate Sales
Mark Murray, REALTOR
Prudential Carruthers Realtors
5025 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

patuxent adventures Patuxent Adventure Center
Solomons, MD
  • Rental Kayaks now on sale
  • Get them while they last

Maryland Masters Swim Team Coach at UMBC
The following describes the qualifications andduties of the coaching position available at Maryland Masters Swim Team. The list is intended as a guide that is flexible in some respects. Details or variations are understood to be subject to negotiation between the Board (or its representative, normally the team president) and the coach.


  • Current USMS member.
  • CPR certified via a course approved by USA Swimming.
  • Previous coaching experience (head coach).
  • Interest in, and enthusiasm for, masters swimming.
  • Knowledge of swimming stroke technique.
  • Ability to communicate.
  • Ability to motivate.
  • Willingness to keep current with coaching methods via workshops, conferences, literature, DVDs, or other available means.
  • Familiarity with UMBC emergency notification procedures. Practice-Related
  • Remain on deck at all times during a scheduled practice session, or assigning a temporary substitute to watch from deck during temporary absence.
  • Locking and unlocking locker rooms, gates, doors, as needed, including appropriate management of the RAC security system.
  • Red Cross First Aid Certified.
  • Previous coaching experience (assistant coach).
EXCLUDED RESPONSIBILITIES The following are tasks are most appropriately performed by board members or their designees. These tasks are explicitly excluded from the responsibilities of coaches.
  • Scheduling coaches.
  • Collecting dues and/or transmitting them to the treasurer. (Dues are to be mailed directly to the treasurer by each team member.)
  • Recruiting, or performing recruiting-related tasks such as follow-up phone calls to prospective new members.
  • Maintaining the pool-side bulletin board.
  • Keeping track of DVD loans.
  • Maintaining the team roster/directory, including notifying the board of changes.
  • Training substitute coaches.
  • Liaison with UMBC/RAC staff on matters such as pool closings and schedule changes.
  • Dealing with other minor management matters such as responsibility for protocols dealing with keys.
INFO: Contact Keith Harries either by email harries@umbc.edu or home phone: (410) 531-6402.

Petra Adamkova -
Coaching & Swim Instruction

Individual swimming and dryland lessons available. Please contact: Petra Martin at 301-910-1826 or petraadamkova@yahoo.com Petra will work with your individual needs! All levels of athletes, children or just people that are trying to stay healthy and in a good shape are welcome. Swim lessons can be focused on teach how to swim, technique improvements or more advanced training and conditioning. Dryland lessons can cover anyone who wants to stay healthy, get stronger and in better shape, improve flexibility, compliment the swimming part of your workouts, loose weight, or anything else you need.
Team Training

Team in Training Teams & Coaches Wanted
Team In Training is currently forming Teams for our exciting winter events including the P.F. Chang's® Rock 'n' Roll ArizonaTM Marathon and 1/2 Marathon, WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend, and 25th El Tour de Tucson. Please contact our office at 703-960-1100 or visit our web site www.teamintraining.org/nca for more information. Or call 703-960-1100.

Mark Murray - Coaching & Swim Instruction
Former Varsity coach and record-holding miler, Mark Murray, is available for individual and team coaching and instruction. For more information, contact Mark at: swmmurray@yahoo.com

wheel nuts Wheel Nuts Bike Shop -
Alexandria, VA

302 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax 703-548-5117
Owners: Ron & Trina Taylor

 Photo Credits

all photos - by Cheryl Wagner except:
Doug Landau - Doug Landau
Jim McDonnell Swim - Gordon Gerson
Dottie Buchhagen - Dottie Buchhagen
Captain Craig Swim - David Lynch
Dave Diehl - Bill Fisher
Pennock Island - Bob Poor
Dave Parcell - Marcia Cleveland


 Events Calendar


  2007 / 2008 Pool Event Calendar

Oct 13, 2007
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; Talbot County MD YMCA; www.pvmasters.org

Oct 28, 2007
Sprint Classic GMU Natatorium, Fairfax, VA ; www.patriotmasters.org/GMUPOct2007Entry.pdf

Nov 10, 2007
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; UMBC Catonsville, MD; www.pvmasters.org

Dec 1, 2007
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; Towson University MD; www.pvmasters.org

Dec 7-9, 2007
Colonies Zone SCM Championships Rutgers University Rec Center, Piscataway, NJ recreation.rutgers.edu

Dec 14-16, 2007
New England LMSC SCM Championships Boston University Rec Center, Boston, MA ; www.greatbaymasters.org/07scmchamp.php

Dec 31, 2007
Swim in the New Year 2008: UM Natatorium, College Park, MD; www.terrapinmasters.org

Jan 12 or 19, 2008
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; Annapolis Olympic Swim Center, Annapolis MD; www.pvmasters.org

Jan 27, 2008
Alexandria Masters Tropical Splash ; Alexandria, VA www.alexandriamasters.com/meet/index.htm

Feb 9, 2008
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; Severna Park, MD www.pvmasters.org

Mar 29, 2008
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series; US Naval Academy; Annapolis, MD www.pvmasters.org

Jun 18-22, 2008
2008 IGLA Championships - UM Natatorium, College Park, MD - www.swimdcac.org


2007 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Oct 21, 2007
Bermuda Round the Sound EcoSwim, 10K, 7.25K 4K, 2K, .8K; Harrington Sound, Bermuda. www.AquaMoonAdventures.com

Oct 21, 2007
5-Mile Coral Reef Swim - St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands www.swimrace.com/coral_reef_swim_entry.htm

Nov 3, 2007
American Swimming Association Open Water Collegiate National Championship, 5K Lake Travis, Austin Texas, www.americanswimmingassociation.com

Nov 3, 2007
The Dam 5k , Mansfield Dam Park, Lake Travis, Austin, TX - www.americanswimmingassociation.com

Nov 10, 2007
Bonaire EcoSwim 10K, 5K, and metric mile Swims - Netherlands Antilles www.randynutt.com/bainfo07.pdf

Oct 19, 2008
World Championship Trials and Prequalifying for Olympic Trials, 10K, Fort Meyers, Florida Website: www.usaswimming.org

May 31, 2008
Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim - Point Lookout State Park. Info: Cheryl Wagner 202-387-2361 cherylw@crosslink.net Web: artemis.crosslink.net/~cherylw/pr2007i.tm

June 8, 2008
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim & Chesapeake Challenge - Stevensville, MD; www.lin-mark.com Lottery entry: Nov 9, 2007.


2007 Local Multi-sport Calendar

Oct 6, 2007
Giant Acorn Triathlon - Bumpass, VA - www.setupevents.com

Oct.7 2007
Osprey Triathlon - Public Landing MD www.mdcoastalbays.org