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September 2008

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 Note from the Chair

Deb Another summer has ended, and, hopefully, you've been able to compete in some open water swims or outdoor meets.

We started off the summer events with the Jim McDonnell Swim put on by Reston Masters and ended with another great Colonies Zone LCM meet at UM. I hope that you will take advantage of some of the upcoming meets within Potomac Valley, or outside of our LMSC, and try something new.

Our next Potomac Valley LMSC meeting will be held October 26 after the Patriot Masters Sprint Classic meet at UM in George Mason University.

Happy Laps,
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

 Articles and Interviews

Catalina Channel Swim

Relay Team Completes Swim Across Catalina Channel
''The Mermaids" joined with three ''mermen" to form a six-person mixed 3/3 relay team to swim across the 22-mile Catalina Channel on January 15, 2008. The distance from Cabrillo Beach (San Pedro, California) to Long Point (Catalina, California) was swum in 12 hours, 0 minutes, 40 seconds.

Participants were Alexia Nalewaik (Pasadena, California), Terrapin Masters Diana Corbin (Beltsville, Maryland), Don VanCleve (Culver City, California), Davina Walker (San Diego, California), David Palomino (La Jolla, California), and Greg Farrier (San Clemente, California). All six are established long-distance swimmers, with solo swims across the Catalina Channel, globe-trotting relays, and individual awards. The team was escorted during the swim by John Pittman's boat and crew, and kayakers Don Rasky, Al Barret, Bob Brantley, Marie Humphrey, and Ralph Lufkin. Carol Sing was the official observer from the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation (CCSF).

Although Catalina crossings are typically swum between the months of July and September, when the water is significantly warmer, this team was well prepared for water temperatures that varied from 53 to 55.6 degrees. ''It was cold, but the swim was super cool," swimmer Diana Corbin added in an interview after the swim. In accordance with CCSF rules, each team member wore only a swimsuit, cap, goggles and earplugs. With very little wind and a nice sunny day, conditions were ideal for the crossing. The team was accompanied at times by marine life during the swim, including dolphins, sea lions, and large purple-striped jellyfish. However, the highlight of the day was a pod of three fin whales that surfaced alongside the swimmers and around the boat for approximately two hours. According to swimmer David Palomino, ''This is a swim that I will remember for the rest of my life."

The relay commemorates the first successful Catalina Channel swim, 81 years ago. William Wrigley, Jr. sponsored a competition on January 15, 1927, with a $25,000 purse to the winner. Of the 102 swimmers who entered the race, only one entrant (George Young) completed the crossing. The 1927 Wrigley Ocean Marathon swim began a long history of Channel swimming in the United States.

The Mermaids swim team is a squad of eleven female swimmers from across the United States who excel at long-distance and cold water swimming. Their intent is to find interesting stretches of water to cross, some of which have never before been swum. The team members are amazing women between the ages of 23 and 55, who come from many different backgrounds and serve in many different roles: professionals, mothers, students, caregivers, volunteers, and more. Their example inspires others to seek challenges, set goals, grow personally & professionally, and be active.

The Mermaids thank corporate sponsors Innova Kayak, Tyr Sport Inc., KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen, Powerbar Pria (Nestle USA), and Sephora USA Inc., for their generous support during this swim season.


One-Hour Postal Swim Results
Congratulations to the Potomac Valley swimmers who completed the following distances in the One Hour Postal Swim in January.

Alan Tober 4225
Jane Woo 3580
John LeBourgeois 3730
Catherine Piez 3720
Anne Slotwiner 3020

Justin Burkhardt 5125
Nell Oresheln 4270
Wonkee Moon 4675
Michele Walters 3890
Jonathan Horsford 4210
Russell Kopp 3935
Cheryl Braunstein 3595
Arthur Marnane 4400
Steven Dickens 4165

Gavin Brendan 4880
Cary Garcia 3200
Raymond Matthews 4175
John Erb 4700
Mary Ella Payne 3425
Bruce Fisher 4300
Joseph McMillin 4210
Willie Braswell 4600
Andrew Haines 3995
Ann Svenson 3855
Karen Hannam 2290
Lucy Brown 1630
Mary Lathram 1725

John Carlson 4180
Jennifer O'Reilly 4720
Timothy Dayton 4595
Jessica Fry 4265

Richard Dexter 3730
Kristine Kellogg 3780
Forrest Browne 3150
Loriann Pawlik 3610
Leonard Saunders 2100
Peggy Martin 2530

Daniel Blitz 5040

Jennifer Johnston 2050
Pattie Kenton 2800
Jennifer Buechler 4585
John Buechler 4585

David Falick 3560
John Osman 3620

Robert Weidner 3450
Melanie Yu 4300
Elizabeth Hurley 4350
Cheryl Ward 3825
Rosalyn Schanzer 3670
Susan Wilkinson-Megaw

Lindsey Hillesheim 4035
Bruce Burns 2505

Robert Benson 3205
Cheryl Wagner 3825

Chio Hatakeyama 4425

Susan Ellis 3425

Potomac Valley Swimmer of The Year
The 2007 Potomac Valley Swimmer of The Year is awarded to
Jeff Roddin and Margot Pettijohn for SCM, and to Mark Pugliese and Margot for LCM.

Swimmer of the Year
Deb Morrin-Nordlund, Jeff Roddin, Margot Pettijohn,
Mark Pugliese, Julie Oplinger

Potomac Valley Relay All-Americans
Following is the list of USMS Relay All Americans for Potomac Valley. These swimmers participated in at least one relay event/age group that posted the fastest time in one of the three courses.

Marshall B Greer 71
Lynn A Wymelenberg 52
David C Harmon 58
Margot K Pettijohn 61

Stacy E Peterson 25
William M Liscinsky Jr 25
Emma L Betts 25
Christopher R Gibson 23
Liz Lauwaert 29
Anne-Marie T Adams 30

Justin Burkhardt 27
Wonkee Moon 33
Brendan Garvin 27
Jean Phillippe Richard 31
Andrew Bellows 27

Timothy T Timmons 61
Timothy Sullivan 59
Barbara Clifford-Dicks 41
Leslie C Livingston 46

Jessica L Fry 27
James C Goodwin 25
Timothy P Dayton 49
Jennifer M O'Reilly 28

Mollie K Grover 26
Gretchen F Ekstrom 41
Jeffrey R Strahota 27
Andrew F Ellis 39

Frank Murphy Long Distance Award
Frank Murphy had a saying, ''Spare me from the person who doesn't have a passion for something." Frank had many passions- ballet, symphony, tending his roses- but one of his greatest passions was swimming. He gave his heart and soul to it, literally- in 1996 he suffered a massive heart attack during practice at Hains Point and doing one the things he loved most.

He began his competitive swim career in the mid 1970's at Fun 'n' Fitness in Arlington with coach John Flanagan and DC Masters. His passion was infectious--his wife Lorraine soon joined him. His passion in swimming was distance- the longer the better- and he excelled at it, placing in the USMS National Top 10 in freestyle events every year and establishing local meet records, some of which still stand.

Several years ago Lorraine gave DC Masters a generous donation in Frank's memory, and last year the team established the Frank Murphy Long Distance Award to the Potomac Valley swimmers who share his enthusiasm for the sport and particularly those who competed in the long distance events, both in the pool and open water, he so loved. Swimmers were awarded points based on their age-group finish places in USMS-sanctioned events from 1500m to 10,000m or more. Swimmers either nominated themselves or were nominated by a friend. The winners of the first annul Frank Murphy awards were Julie Oplinger, of Fairfax County Masters, and Jeff Roddin, of Montgomery Ancient Mariners.

Frank Murphy Award
Jeff Roddin, Julie Oplinger, Aann Svenson, Lorraine Murphy

 Humor and Quotes



Two 90-year-old women, Rose and Barb, had been friends all of their lives. When it was clear that Rose was dying, Barb visited her every day.

One day Barb said, "Rose, we both loved playing women's softball all our lives, and we played in all through High School. Please do me one favor: when you get to Heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's women's softball there."

Rose looked up at Barb from her deathbed, "Barb, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favor for you." Shortly after that, Rose passed on.

At midnight a couple of nights later, Barb was awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calling out to her, "Barb, Barb."

"Who is it?" asked Barb, sitting up suddenly.
"Barb -- it's me, Rose."
"Rose just died."

"I'm telling you, it's me, Rose," insisted the voice. "Where are you?"

"In Heaven," replied Rose. "I have some really good news and a little bad news."

"Tell me the good news first," said Barb.

"The good news," Rose said, "is that there's Softball in Heaven. Better yet, all of our old buddies who died before us are here, too. Better than that, we're all young again. We can play softball all we want, and we never get tired"

"That's fantastic," said Barb.. "So what's the bad news?"
"You're pitching Tuesday."

 Meet News

Patapsco Back River Wade-In & Swim
By Joe Stewart

On Sunday, May 18, 2008 the chair of the Patapsco/Back River Tributary Team Events, Outreach & Education Committee swam for the benefit of Herring Run Watershed Association while HRWA and P/BRTT members gathered at Rocky Point Park to cheer him in and for a wade-in picnic celebration. This year's event spotlighted Back River, into which Herring Run flows, whose water quality is in large measure dependent upon the success of Back River Treatment Plant, though distribution at the event of the just-released "Upstream, Downstream" report highlighted the need to decrease stormwater contaminating the stream, river and bay.

The start and finish point of the swim was Rocky Point Park Beach on Hawk Cove in view of Hart-Miller Island and the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks to Baltimore County Departments of Recreation & Parks and Environmental Protection & Resource Management was making the venue available! Maryland Port Administration gave a guided tour of Hart-Miller Island where channel dredge fights erosion, restores wetlands and creates habitat for birds and beaches for boaters on a DNR managed State Park.

Supported by the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, the Chesapeake Bay Boston Whaler Club and the U.S. Coast Guard, Joe swam four miles in 3 hour 15 minutes, from a sheltered beach, beyond Rocky Point out to the northeast edge of Pleasure Island, then into a choppy Chesapeake Bay and out to and around Craighill Channel buoy light a/k/a the rocket, over to the southwestern side of Pleasure Island through "the cut", tacking to Cuckold Point off the town of Millers, re-crossing Back River, passing Rocky Point again into Hawk Cove to finish at the starting point.

Pleasure Island (once attached to Hart Island) used to be connected to the town of Millers by a bridge and was the popular site of the first Bay Shore Amusement Park. Going through the cut can be treacherous because of riptides and strong currents. Trying to pass the Rocket, huge waves washed over Joe he wasn't able to ride because currents kept pulling him backwards; his swimming in place wasn't exactly a roller coaster ride, but watching waves pass him while his body bobbed up, down and back did simulate one.

Over $2,400 in pledges was raised for Herring Run Watershed Association by the swim. Former MD Senator and original wade-in founder Bernie Fowler, MDE Sec. Shari Wilson and MD Delegate John A. Olszewski, Jr. joined representatives from the offices of US Senator Ben Cardin and Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon, staff and volunteers from local watershed organizations, citizens, tributary team members and DNR workers for the wade into the water to measure its visibility level and then a picnic with lots of environmental exhibits under cover of a pavilion at the celebration on what was a cool, rainy, windy day.

Note: Joe did benefit crossings of Patapsco River five times (2002-2006). P/BRTT had wade-ins at the 2002-2006 swims. The 2007 wade-in at Fort Smallwood didn't include a swim but commemorated the 400th anniversary of the exploration of the Chesapeake by Captain John Smith. What will 2009 bring?

Records Fall and Coconuts Float
by Ray Novitske

This year, the hot water was kept in the hot tub at the Tropical Splash short course yards meet hosted by Alexandria Masters. The pool temperature was not tropical like last year, producing better times for swimmers. A few new steel drum tunes during warmups and a bigger selection of goodies in the luau hospitality room were the major changes from last year's meet.

There were 146 swimmers, making this the largest meet in our four year history. Reston Masters sent the largest contingent by entering 20 swimmers. This year also saw swimmers from Health United Hurricanes, Shenandoah Marlins Aquatic Masters, and Delmarva Aquatic Masters Dogfish for the first time.

The swim meet was a bit more competitive this year, as over 80 meet records fell from some notable swimming times. For the women, respectable times were swum by Lisa Hertz and Lisa Rapuano in the 50-free, and Ann Svenson in the 50-butterfly. Several women also did well in multiple events: Katie McWilliams in the 200-free, 100-IM, and 400-IM; and Alyssa Lengle in 100- and 200-free, 100- and 200-back, and 400-IM. Jennifer O'Reilly wasn't far behind them in the 100- and 200-free, and Shirley Loftus-Charley in the 50-free, 50-breast, and 100-IM.

The men did not produce as many top performances this year. Justin Burkhardt was a standout in the 500-free, as were Aaron Nester and Jon Fry in the 50-breast. Usual speedsters Neil Williams and Jeff Roddin managed a few good results with Neil in the 50-free and 50-breast, and Jeff in the 400-IM. Gil Mandel rounded out the men's top swims with a respectable time in the 50-breast.

This seemed to be the year of the relay with 16 teams competing in the 200-yd relay events. This exceeded the number of Coconut Relay teams for the first time. Arlington Ageless Masters took top relay honors with an impressive men's 200-medley relay. Jeff Hicks, Aaron Nester, Samuel Snyder, and Ben Briar clocked 1:39.46, one of the tops in the country.

The coconut relay attracted a few new innovative ways to transport coconuts this year, especially as some Reston men attempted to recreate the women's advantage in the event. Although coconut relay records are not kept, this year's team of Ibon Iraola, Jean-Philippe Richard, and Wonkee Moon probably had one of the best.

Thanks to all who attended and helped make the Tropical Splash fun again this year. Next year's meet has already been set for Sunday, February 1.

Aloha and mahalo,
Ray Novitske, Meet Director

tropical Splash
(TERR) Jill Williams & Courtney Busch

Tropical Splash
(ARL) Jim Lengle, Ellen Hufford, Pat Lengle, Alyssa Lengle, Shari Danch, Felice Raiteri, Matthew
Tropcial Splash
(DCAC) Neil, Ibon, Brandon, Justin, Jonathan, Wonkee, Fred

Tropical Splash
Doug Charley, Shirley Loftus (VMST)

Tropical Splash
Courtney Busch& Jeff Strahota

Tropical Splash
Timers: Phoebe Mix, Carolyn Ahearn

Tropical Splash
(FXCM) Julie, Rose, Susan, Brian, Jay, Dave, Al Rickerd

Tropical Splash
Connie Adelman, Debbie Jaeger, Wayne White, Ariel Lotz

Tropical Splash
Cheryl & Shirley

Tropical Splash
Bud Swiger

Tropical Splash
Ray Novitske, Pat Cribb, Dave Tomblin

2008 Open Water Championships Results
1 USMS 0K Open Water Championships
Susan Wilkinson-Megaw GMUP

USMS 2.4 mile Championships
1st Willis Braswell, DCM

USMS One Mile Championships
1st Ann Svenson, DCM
2nd Andrew Geiszler, FXCM
1st John Erb, DCM
5th Kevin Appleton, RMST
2nd Willis Braswell, DCM

Germantown Masters Wins Albatross Open
by Tom Denes

Germantown Masters swam off with the team highpoint trophy for the 16th annual Albatross Open. The short course meters meet was hosted by the Montgomery Ancient Mariners on March 15, 2008 at the Montgomery Aquatic Center in Bethesda, Maryland. More than 200 swimmers competed in the afternoon and evening event.

Fast swims were recorded in several events including some that broke existing USMS or World standards. In the womenís 50-54 age group, Lisa Van Pelt-Diller of Germantown Masters set a new World Record of 2:34.69 in the 200 meter backstroke. Virginia Masters set a new USMS record in the 400 meter medley relay for the 160-199 age group. The quad of Troy Johnson, Patricia Miller, Dave Holland, and Alice Phillips swam a 4:28.74 to set the new standard.

For the fifth year in a row, Troy Johnson won the Fastest Man in the Water award sizzling to a time of 23.45, his fastest time at the Albatross Open so far. Jennifer OíReilly picked up the plaque for the Fastest Women in the Water with a blistering 28.48.

In the Womenís division, the Health Unlimited Hurricanes accumulated the most points, beating out Reston Masters, and Germantown Masters. In the Menís team totals, Germantown Masters outpaced the Montgomery Ancient Mariners, and Reston Masters. The Combined trophy was won by Germantown Masters with 1977 points with Montgomery Ancient Mariners (1559 points) and Reston Masters (1043 points) placing behind.

Courtney Busch, Jill Williams, Mollie Grover, Paul Contino
Albatross Open
John Kaplan & Monte Lewis (Germ)
albatross Open Dottie Buchhagen & Lynn Wymelenberg
Albatross Open
Tami Carlow & Susan Ellis
Albatross Open
Julie Oplinger, Jeff Strahota, Mollie Grover, Paul Contino
Albatross open
Alvin Russell
Albatross Open
Steve Payne
Albatross Open
Allyson Adams & Debbie Morrin-Nordlund
Albatross Open
Mike Goodison & friend

Autiswim -1000-1600 Meet

Keith Saylor, Doug Landau and Laurent Rouad team
br> Autiswim
Herndon 'gaters" from the Worldgate Masters Swim

2008 Swim For Life
The power of community was evident yet again at the 2008 Swim for Life, held on July 19th in the Chester River, MD, which had more swimmers and raised more money than ever before. Over 140 athletes (that includes one dog) raised over $27,000 for locally-based non-profit organizations who primarily work with individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS, and who fight to keep our local waters clean (and swimmable!). Rookie race coordinators Kathy Kirmayer and Nell Orscheln believe much of the success had to do with the strong tradition of Swim for Life leadership and partnerships, as well as the introduction of online fundraising and registration.

The District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC), which sponsors the annual event, continued to have strong presence at the swim. Team members served as volunteers and DCAC swimmers claimed the top eight fundraising positions. DCAC swimmers also placed first in the 1, 2, 4, and 5-mile races.

While all 140 athletes stepped up to the open water swimming challenge and completed their swims, there were two memorable performances from Swim for Life first-timers that brought the spectators on the beach and fellow athletes to their feet. John Morgan, a legally blind athlete who currently holds nine world records in the International Blind Sports Federation, eight International Paralympic Committee world records, and eight Paralympic records, finished second in the five- mile competition-only 32 seconds behind the first place finisher. 2008 was also the first year a dog athlete competed in the swim. Dog Keatonand his owner Jen Wernerswam the one mile distance! Keaton raised his own funds, aided by his blog.

Joining the swimmers in the Chester River was an all-volunteer squad of boaters and kayakers, who ensured that all swimmers arrived to the shore safely, and often were called upon to provide that personal encouragement to individual swimmers that can make all the difference. Many thanks go to the Maryland Natural Resources Police, the Chester River Association, the Boston Whalers, Kent and Queen Anne County Rescue Squad, the US Coast Guard, and more than a dozen individual volunteer kayakers.
See www.swimdcac.org/Swim4Life.html for results. Mark Saturday, July 11, 2009 on your calendars for next year's Swim for Life. We look forward to seeing you next year in the Chester River!

2008 Potomac River Swim
By Cheryl Wagner

Potomac River Swim
The 2008 Potomac Swim, celebrating its 15th year, had a record number of participants. 48 swimmers signed up for the swim. However, despite the enthusiasm of all, the weather turned very windy preventing the official crossing. On race day, 29 swimmers gamely completed the 3 mile swim, 9 did the 6 mile swim and 1 completed the 9 mile swim (involving repetitions of the 3 mile Lake Conoy course). An additional seven swimmers ventured out into the Potomac River with a few brave kayakers and did a 4 mile swim (2 miles directly out from Point Lookout beach and then back). Three of the swimmers were MIT students looking for adventure and were excited about the rough water experience.

The first swimmer to complete the 3 mile swim was Tim Methric (wetsuit) finishing in 1 hr 8 min. 2nd place went to Reid Owen (no wetsuit) closely following in 1 hr 8 min and 28 sec. 3rd went to Kate Jenkins (wetsuit) in 1 hr 11 min and 44 sec.

1st in the 6 mile course was Kathy Kirmayer (wetsuit) in 2 hr 25 min 52 sec. Just behind Kathy, in 2nd place was William Knarr (wetsuit) in 2 hr 34 min 16 sec. And earning 3rd place was Jen Marquardt (wetsuit) with her fiancee kayaking for her, in 2 hr 35 min 17 sec.

Jen Marquardt went on to complete the course another time, completing 9 miles in 3 hr 50 min 24 sec.

Our top fundraiser was physician Tripp Bradd of Front Royal, VA who put a video on the web and contributed over $2300. All swimmers combined contributed over $15,000 with proceeds going to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Southern Maryland Sierra Club, Potomac River Association, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, The Potomac Conservancy, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Ridge Rescue, and St. Mary's River Watershed Association.

Much gratitude is expressed to our volunteers from the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, our boaters, the Coast Guard, DNR Police, the Dee of St. Mary's, the Episcopal Church Women, and all others who supported our event.

Complete results can be viewed at: artemis.crosslink.net/~cherylw/prs-08/prs2008-results.htm Next year's swim will occur on May 30, 2009.

Colonies Zone SCY Championships
Photos from the Colonies Zone SCY Championships held at George Mason University in April.

Colonies Zone
Courtney, Bill, Deb
Colonies Zone
FXCM - Rachel Brown, Tami Carlow, Marc Surette, David Varner, Joanne Hopkins, Stan Calvert
Colonies Zone
Alison Moore, Barb Weidner, Allyson Adams
Colonies Zone
Ginger Kiernan, Bridgette Hovart, Bob Janeczko
Colonies Zone
Courtney, Jeff, Mollie (front), Deb (back)
Colonies Zone
Sherye Hathaway (Talbott), Jill Coleman (MD)
Colonies Zone
Sherye Hathaway, Lisa Hertz, Charlotte Hertz
Colonies Zone
Elizabeth Stulga, Elizabeth Starr, Tammy DiPippa, Sheila Jordan
Colonies Zone
Bearcat Masters
Colonies Zone
Kathryn Gregory, Kathy Broderick
Colonies Zone
JP, Jeff, Neal
Colonies Zone
Colonies Zone
NBAC (in blue)
Colonies Zone
John & Tom Meade
Colonies Zone
Dan Kornblatt, Ken Weir, John Ferr

Jim McDonnell Lake Swim
McDonnell Lake Swim
Allyson Adams, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund,
Diana Corbin, Courtney Busch, Mollie Grover

International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
An astounding 152 swimming records were broken during the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships (IGLA) at the University of Maryland, and over 150 swimming records were broken. 1980 Olympian, Glen Mills and Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen turned in impressive swims, setting six FINA Masters World Records. More United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and FINA world records were broken at this year's IGLA championship than any previous year. I thought that this information may be something to include in the Swimmer's Ear that is distributed to the Potomac Valley. Maybe the most memorable performance came from Margaret Camp (DCAC), an 88-year old swimmer (and oldest athlete competing). She set a new IGLA record in the 50m freestyle at 1:48.20.

As Margaret approached the finish, everyone in the entire natatorium stood and cheered her on - it was an electrifying moment and extremely inspirational," said WonKee Moon, 2008 IGLA Tournament Director. ''Both her grandsons and daughter (also participating in the swim meet) were at the end of the pool to congratulate her as she touched the wall."

In the large team division, the District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC) won its 9th IGLA championship title with 2,736 points, Local DCAC swimmers were among the many athletes turning in recording breaking performance. They set a total of 21 IGLA records (13 individual events and 8 relay races).

Dale Barnhard set a National United States Masters Record (USMS) in the 60 to 64 age group for the 50 Breastroke, as well as setting five individual and 3 relay IGLA records.

Kieran Kelleher (60 years of age) set two individual IGLA records in the 50 and 100 Butterfly, as well as participating in two relays that broke records.

Neill Williams (40 years of age) set two individual IGLA records in the 50 Butterfly and the 50 Freestyle, as well as competing in two relays that broke records.

Meredith Stakem (27 yes of age) set one individual IGLA record in the 50 Freestyle, as well as participating on two relays that broke IGLA records.

Jose Cunningham (52 years of age) set one individual IGLA recording in the 50 Breastroke and participated in two relays that broke IGLA records.

Smeds Smedinghoff (24 years of age) set one individual IGLA record in the 100 Butterfly and participated in tow relays that broke IGLA records.

IGLA meet
Brady Phillips and Matt Hoffman, DCAC
Eric Czander, Corey Carlisle, DCAC
Nell Orsheln & Autumn Sample, DCAC
IGLA meet
Libby Englemeier, Justin Burkhardt, Kitsie Kerner, DCAC
Swimmers from West Hollywood
Suew Majewski & Adele Levine, DCAC


2009 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim
Hello All, well it's time to get our ducks in a row and get the word out. Short and to the point for now:

  1. Swim date: Sun. June 14, 2009
  2. Same logistics, same format, timeline pending -- all will be announced and posted during the winter months.
  3. Now Posted: 2009 Lottery Application Entry Guidelines and date the process opens.
  4. Now Posted: 2009 Early Bird List with those who met the criteria to by-pass the lottery process and receive a hard copy entry form in the mail prior to the lottery application process. All those who participated in the 2008 Charitiable Program should double check the posted listing.
If anyone's address has changed (will change), including emails, please advise me so that we may update your records. Please read and mark your calendars. If you are going to be away on vacation or business, you still must enter during the stated time frames. No excuses, everyone has access to a computer one way or another. Link is right on our home page right under our mast head for future reference, go to the Web Site:

Good luck to all,
Linda Toretsky GCBS Swim Processing Coordinator

New USMS Charlotte Office
United States Masters Swimming is pleased to announce that the USMS Charlotte office is now open. This Charlotte office will serve as support to the United States Masters Swimming National Office located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Rob Butcher, Executive Director, and Ashley Gangloff, Administrative Assistant, will be working from this office.

Close to downtown Charlotte, the USMS Charlotte office shares a building with various non-profit organizations and other local and national organizations. The Charlotte office faces the Dowd YMCA (the largest YMCA in the United States) and is surrounded by community members that share its common interest in fitness, health, and wellness.

''Opening this office is part of the transition of USMS from a volunteer based organization to a staff based organization. This transition will be a contributing factor to the overall growth and future success of USMS." The USMS Charlotte office will serve as a temporary office until USMS determines a headquarter location.

2008 Frank Murphy Award Nominations:
PV Long Distance Swimmers of the Year

The Frank Murphy Award is given to the top male and female swimmers from PVLMSC each year in long distance events. It is based on participation in USMS-sanctioned events from 1500m/1650yd and longer, including open water and USMS Postal National Championships during the calendar year.

To be considered for the award swimmers must nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. In either case, the nomination package provides information on each swim and a link to or copy of official results.

The 2008 nomination form is posted on the Potomac Valley web site:

Swimmers & Volunteers - Bud Beatty Swim
Greetings! It is time to start planning the Second Annual Bud Beatty Memorial swim. I am looking for help promoting, and organizing this event. It would be nice to have more people swim in this great event next year but my fear is that we wont have enough support for the event.

We are looking to team up w/ a group / individual that is familiar with putting on these events. Someone who is familiar w/ mass registrations and timing of the event. This is all over my head but i am willing to learn. If anyone has any ideas of who we might be able to team up with please contact me!

Next years 2 mile event will take place:
Sunday August 9, 2009
9:00 AM Start
Rocky Point Beach (Baltimore County)

Please put it on your calendar and spread the word. If you would like to volunteer for a particular task let me know. ie; publicity, fundraising, support coordination (boat / kayak / USCG).

Have a great day!
Tim Beatty organizer


USMS Announces Executive Director
United States Masters Swimming announces it has hired Rob Butcher to be its Executive Director. Mr. Butcher comes to USMS from World Racing Group where he was Chief Marketing Officer for its national racing league the World of Outlaws, sanctioning body, and seven speedway properties.

While with World Racing Group, Mr. Butcher was a member of the senior management team that established the company headquarters; added more racing events to the schedule; and increased company revenue. As Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Butcher crafted and introduced new brand identities for the three national touring series, sanctioning body, and seven speedways; developed an Internet communication platform; signed ESPN and SPEED as TV broadcast partners; signed Advance Auto Parts as a series title; and developed a sponsorship program. Prior to World Racing Group, Mr. Butcher was Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships & Integrated Media for International Speedway Corporation (ISC).

Aside from his professional experience, Mr. Butcher is a competitive swimmer. He was a four-year scholarship swimmer for Georgia Southern University, graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. In 1995, he earned a Masters degree in Sports Administration, Mr. Butcher served a post-graduate internship with Auburn University, working in the Auburn sports marketing department. From 1998-2000, Mr. Butcher was a member of the Prudential athlete assistance program as he trained and competed in the 2000 USA Swimming Olympic Trials.

''It is important for USMS's future that our Executive Director be very knowledgeable and well connected in today's ever changing sports and membership landscape," said USMS President Rob Copeland. ''We have found someone with the proper business credentials and interpersonal skills, who is also passionate about swimming and understands the values of USMS."

''USMS has so much opportunity," said Mr. Butcher. ''We will take the existing foundation of membership and coaches, and begin to expand our reach by increasing promotion, and establishing new partnerships that will lead to increased membership. Health is so important to many and there is no better lifestyle participation sport with which to be associated than swimming. USMS is poised to become a leading advocate in the continued growth of swimming."

Aaron Peirsol Open Water Clinic
Aaron Peirsol is hosting an open water clinic and Masters event in Fort Myers Beach this November 8-9. We are reaching out to some of the Southern Swim clubs to see if you can help us spread the word and if any of your swimmers might be interested. The weekend will consist of an open water clinic with Aaron and Rowdy Gaines as well as a 1K, 5K, and 4x1.25K relay.

We have discounted travel packages available and events planned throughout the weekend and we would love to have any of your swimmers as our guests! I would be glad to send you some more information if you or anyone in your group might be interested!

This is a benefit for Oceana, who will receive a portion of the proceeds and who will be a big part of our event weekend as we work to generate awareness for both our sport and this cause! Thank you in advance for your time, and we are planning on doing more events in the future all over the country so we would love to stay in touch!


Open Water Swim:

New Web Sites
Sport Sherlock
We would like to introduce you to Sport Sherlock, a new site catering to sports enthusiasts. Post listings for coaching, equipment for sale, promote clubs & aquatic centers, suppliers listings, competitions, post charity events! and more. It all free and there also is, free user email, sport forums, a sports only directory - add your url.

Thanks for your time, hope you find the site of use.

If there is a category you would like added, please email us.

TriRoads is proud to announce the launch of our new web site, triroads.com, the site where the many different multi-sport worlds merge. Welcome to the future home for America's largest racing community! Race Directors Please register with the site! By doing so you will be able input your multi sport events.

You can also be granted permission to up load event photos. If you have team photos please feel free to e mail them to Chuck@Triroads.Com We would be happy to post them for you.

In the meantime, please enjoy!

Maryland Swim Series Changes
We have finalized the 2008-2009 Carol Chidester Swim Series and posted the announcement on our new website: www.mdusms.org

Due to the growth of our Maryland series, we have had to make some changes that affect everyone. There is one change specific to non-Maryland LMSC swimmers, and I wanted to point it out to you: swimmers outside of the MD LMSC will now be required to do online meet entry. We will no longer accept deck entries. Our online system will be available 14 days before the meet date and will stay up until 9:00pm the evening before the meet. From the experience we had during the summer meets, I don't expect there to be an issue. Nearly everyone who attended the summer meets used the online system. The online system will also collect the $10 fee via credit card.

All of the changes are detailed on the meet announcement posted on our website.

Note: our old website is still up while we transfer old content to our new site. At some point in the near future, http://maryland.usms.org will be redirected to our new site above.

See you in the pool.

Registration Notes
By Jeff Roddin

  • The option to register online was rolled out to members midway this year. For renewals you will get a custom email from the Registrar inviting you to renew online with a credit card (if your email address is on file). If not, you can renew yourself by going to the PV Masters website. You will be able to print a card yourself and/or opt to receive a hardcopy in the mail. Registering by paper will continue to be an option for the foreseeable future.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please email Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Please note the newsletter may also be viewed online at www.pvmasters.org so if you wish to save us mailing costs please also contact Jeff to ''unsubscribe" to the printed issue. Likewise you may contact Jeff to unsubscribe from Swimmer magazine.
  • 2008 Club changes: The Capitol Sea Devils (TCSD) and Victor Swim Club Masters (VSC) have combined to become Sea Devil Swimming Masters (SDS). York Masters (YORK) is our newest club and they swim at Oak Marr. Maryland Suburban Swim Club (MSSC) is back at Fairland after a 10 year hiatus.
  • As of October 10, 2008 we have 2184 registered swimmers (vs 2101 at the end of October 2007).

Nine Ways To Cross A River - Book
by Joe Stewart

As open water swimmers we are all aware of the different characteristics of the waterways we swim in. Be it the out going surge of a tidal river or the underwater pull of a coastal rip, each body of water is unique.

Akiko Busch, a New York design journalist and enthusiastic swimmer was absolutely captivated by her crossing of the Hudson River in North America. So much so that she set out to swim across eight other rivers and write a book about her journey.

Her book "Nine Ways to Cross a River: Midstream Reflections on Swimming and Getting There from Here" delves deep into the history of each river and intimate details of her experiences with each rivers personal characteristics.

Alexandria Masters Winter Schedule
The fall-winter schedule for Alexandria Masters Swimming runs through January 31. Since there are no team dues, workouts are open to all USMS-registered swimmers regardless of team affiliation. In addition to the regular coached workouts, the program offers an optional long-distance workout on Saturdays, and monthly underwater video clinics with coaching analysis.

Mt Vernon Rec Center
Mon, Wed, Fri - 6:00-7:00 AM

Lee District Rec Center
Tue, Thur - 6:00-7:00 AM
Mon, Thur - 7:30-8:30 PM
Sat - 8:00-9:30 AM

George Washington Rec Center
Tue - 7:30-8:30 PM

Additional information is available on the web site:

Potomac Valley LMSC Meeting Minutes
PVLMSC Meeting Minutes ­ March 15, 2008
MAC ­ North Bethesda, MD
Recorded by Cheryl Wagner

- MSA approve minutes from last meeting

- Registrations as of March 1: 1548 this year, 1441 in 2007, 1357 in 2006
- Two clubs did not renew their PV membership from 2007 (YWCA-Gallery Place, UMD)
- Victor Swim Club merged with Sea Devils
- Welcome back to MSSC (Fairland Aquatics Center) ­ they last registered 10 years ago
- Online registrations are up and running. Once the credit card charge clears, Jeff gets notified to print a USMS card to mail to the swimmer. The drawback is large PV clubs who have their own club registrars no longer have all swimmers pass through the club. Jeff will send monthly reports to these clubs giving them the registration data on the swimmers who registered online. Each online registration still needs to be proofed before printing the card ­ many contain typos for streets, city and even state (there is no automated checking of data ­ garbage in/garbage out, so if the swimmer types in bad info that is what gets passed on to Jeff).

Top Ten
- USMS 2007 Short Course Meters Top Ten is final and posted online
- Tropical Splash did their paperwork timely
- Auti-swim paperwork was timely except for a few minor glitches in deck entries that took a while to reconile

- IGLA - Jeff Strahota will evaluate
- GMU SCY Zone meet - Ann Svensen will evaluate Friday, Deb Morrin-Nordlund will evaluate Sat-Sun.
- Ancient Mariners Albatross - Paul Contino will evaluate
- Reston OW event - Deb Morrin-Nordlund or Eric Nordlund will evaluate
- Long Course Zone meet - sponsored by Terrapin Masters will be on Aug 23-24, Sat PM & Sun AM. Last year, there were 180 swimmers. There will be an 800 distance event (not 1500). Meet will be weekend after Nationals. There will not be a Terrapin Cup this year.

- 2007 was a very good year ­ revenues were about $8500 greater than expenses
- LMSC did not sponsor a meet this year, which actually helped our bottom line (but our preference is to support meets)
- Major expenses were to support Registrations (Registrar, postage) and Newsletter (postage)
- $25k - end of year savings account balance
- filed 990EZ form with IRS since LMSC is a 501(c)3 organization
- USMS sent a letter to all LMSC treasurers with greater than $25,000 income to file a 990EZ. Non-profit clubs will also have to file the same form.

- Nothing to report

Long Distance
- Jeff Roddin & Julie Oplinger received the Frank Murphy long distance award
- USMS allows wetsuits in distance events but must be scored separately (wetsuit-wearers not eligible for All- American & Championship awards)
- Swim for Life is considering being USMS sanctioned next year
- There will be a Long Distance form for the Frank Murphy award next year

- Julie Oplinger volunteered to be the new Awards chair

- Dave Diehl is a member of National Rules & the National Officials committees
- PV has a large pool of officials to work our meets. Some LMSCs can't get enough officials. Across the country, officiating is inconsistent. They are trying to get more consistent.
- Every LMSC must have an Officials chair. Officials chairs have workshops and conference calls. Currently officials are USA & YMCA certified. They want to expand on that process. Let LMSC certify their own officials? We're not there yet.
- Recommends briefing meet officials before a meet
- All meets should have a rule book on deck

- Fitness chair, Diana Corbin, is in Africa.

New Business
- Possible delegates for USMS convention (Atlanta):
Jeff Strahota, Lynn Hazlewood, Jeff Roddin, Eric Nordlund, Ray Novitske (automatic delegates: Deb Morrin- Nordlund, Dave Diehl, Ann Svenson)
- Tim Timmons noted that the number of PV meets is going down. He recommended that we propose to teams that we'll help them sponsor a meet (financially) if they're interested. In short, PV would extend a loan to a club to host a meet. The host would pay back the loan after the meet and keep any proceeds. If they cannot fully pay back the loan, PV would absorb the loss. The point in doing this is to alleviate a new club's concern about not having enough money up front to get a meet off the ground. Clubs are encouraged to consider this and to contact the PV board if interested.

Next Meeting
- August 23, 11am, UM College Park (prior to the LCM Zone meet)

Ray Novitske Alexandria Masters Swimming
Janel Brattland Arlington Ageless Masters
Ann Svenson DC Masters
Paul Contino DC Triathlon Club
Lauren Taylor DC Triathlon Club
Julie Oplinger Fairfax County Masters
Beth Koback Germantown Maryland Masters
Jeff Roddin Montgomery Ancient Mariners
Tim Timmons Patriot Masters Swim Team
Roberta Dillenburg Reston Masters
Michelle Moyer Reston Masters
Gordon Gerson Reston Masters
Cheryl Wagner Terrapin Masters
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Eric Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Jeff Strahota Terrapin Masters
Dave Diehl Unattached


DCAC Swim Coaching Position
Local Master's swim team seeks a dynamic, well-experienced coach to assist in supervising, managing and facilitating weekly practices, as well as occasional meets. A minimum of 3 years experience coaching competitive swim team ­ Head Coaching preferred.

Essential duties and responsibilities:
• In coordination with other team coaches, help to conduct swim team practices (5 ­ 6 times per week) in a safe, friendly, and competitive environment
• Provides on-deck instruction at team-focus swimming meets
• Promotes swim team participation
• Prevents accidents and eliminates or minimizes hazardous situations
• Performs related duties as required
• Responds regularly and promptly to work.

Please send resumes or inquiries to the attention of David Brand at dbrand73@hotmail.com. Please place ''DCAC Coach" in the subject line.

Trinity Masters Swim Coach Needed
Trinity Masters (Trinity Center in NE DC) is seeking a Masters Swim Coach to lead our program effective immediately. Previous coaching experience required, preferably with a Masters Swim team.

Coaching hours are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6p -7:30p and Tuesday and Friday mornings from 6a - 7a. The Trinity Center is located on the campus of Trinity University in the Brookland neighborhood of NE DC. Compensation is an hourly rate. Additional coaching/instructing opportunities for the Masters coach are available, as well.

Interested individuals should contact Jamie Burket at
burketj@trinitydc.edu or 202-884-9093.

Strengthen Your Core
USMS Coach, Tom Denes, offers on-on-one and small group strength training. Emphasis is on strengthening the core muscles to increase swimming power. All sessions are held at Rockville Fitness. Contact Tom at: waterprfch@aol.com or 301-564-4234.

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete
Waterproof Coach
The Waterproof Coach & The Waterproof Triathlete
Tom Denes,

Sport Fair
Proper swim equipment is vital to a successful swimming outcome. SPORT FAIR, an Arlington based swim store specializes in competitive swimwear and equipment. We are one of the largest Speedo dealerships in the country.

SPORT FAIR wants to help you achieve success. Please call me to arrange team discounts for your masters team or open water swim program.

Margaret, Director, Masters & Open Water Swimming
5121 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
Fax: 703-524-9500
Email: sales@sportfairusa.com

Team in Training Program
Need some inspiration to get started training this season? Complete your next event for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT) program and your personal achievement will make a difference in the lives of thousands of others. As part of the Team, you'll receive expert coaching, a team to train with and you'll raise money to fund cutting-edge cancer research and patient support programs. We are currently forming teams to participate in The Nation's Triathlon (sold out to general public), Accenture Chicago Triathlon, Marine Corps Marathon (sold out to general public), Rock n Roll Half Marathon, Nike Women's Marathon (sold out to general public), and Sea Gull Century Ride. For more information, please call 703 960-1100 or visit www.teamintraining.org/nca.

Kristen Avioli
Campaign Coordinator,The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Capital Area Chapter
Team In Training
5845 Richmond Highway, Suite 800
Alexandria, VA 22303
703.960.1100 x252 ï (f) 703.960.5374
www.lls.org/nca www.teamintraining.org/nca

SwimVacation Offers New Adventure for Swimmers
SwimVacation, a new adventure travel company, has begun offering 7-day training trips to the British Virgin Islands for swimmers and triathletes. A maximum of ten travelers will stay aboard the Promenade, a sixty-five foot trimaran sailing yacht, and will be offered guided open water training swims among the islands. The first trip is scheduled to begin on April 6, 2008.

SwimVacation president George ìHopperî McDonough was recently featured in Outside Magazine when he completed a 22-mile open water swim that wound through the Virgin Islands. Impressed with the combination of breath taking scenery, physical challenge, and adventure, McDonough felt that a modified version of his trip would have great appeal to athletes who wanted to train as well as relax aboard a sailing yacht.

Further motivated by his own desire to keep in shape and sharpen swimming skills year-round, McDonough has designed a program that will provide recreation as well as a daily workouts throughout the British Virgin Islands. The trip will include stroke clinics and guided swims that will challenge elite athletes as well as cater to athletes who desire a less strenuous workout, McDonough said from his office in Bath, Maine.

What makes this program unusual is that the training location changes every day to include various spectacular aquatic scenes such as coral reefs, white sand beaches, and tropical island caysî. Running and cycling opportunities on the islands will also be available, and non-swimming companions are welcome aboard each trip.

Activities such as snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, and scuba diving will be available between workouts. The all-inclusive trip features three gourmet meals a day and an open bar. The spacious guest cabins are designed for comfort. With a maximum of only ten clients per trip, individual attention is paid to the training and culinary desires of each guest. Trip prices range from $2,850 for a shared double occupancy cabin to $3,600 for a large single cabin.

For additional information about SwimVacation, call (207) 975-5489 or visit www.swimvacation.com

 Photo Credits

All photos by Cheryl Wagner except:
autiswim - Doug Landau
frank murphy award - Mollie Grover
last photo of Colonies Zone LCM Meet - Allyson Adams
Ocean City, NJ swim - Allyson Adams
Patapsco Wade-In - Joe Stewart
September Splash - Allyson Adams
Catalina Swim - Diana Corbin
IGLA Meet - Charlie McManus

 Events Calendar


  2008-2009 Pool Event Calendar

Oct 26 2008
Steve Highley Sprint Classic ­ SCY, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; www.patriotmasters.org

Nov 8 2008
Annual Fall Classic Meet ­ SCM, Bayside Rec Center, Virginia Beach, VA; www.vaswim.org/meets/NovEntry08.pdf

Nov 15 2008
Carol Chidester Swim Series #2 ­ SCY, Salisbury, MD; www.mdusms.org

Dec 12-14 2008
Colonies Zone Championships ­ SCM, Boston University, Boston, MA; www.greatbaymasters.org/08scmchamp.php

Dec 14 2008
Carol Chidester Swim Series #3 ­ SCY, Ellicott City, MD; www.mdusms.org

Dec 31 2008
Swim in the New Year UM Natatorium, College Park, MD; Fun swim to celebrate the New Year - 2009 x 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. www.terrapinmasters.org INFO: Cheryl Wagner

Jan 17 2008
Carol Chidester Swim Series #4 ­ SCY, Annapolis, MD; www.mdusms.org

Feb 1 2009
Alexandria Masters Tropical Splash - SCY, George Washington Rec Center, Alexandria, VA www.alexandriamasters.com/meet

Feb 7 2009
Carol Chidester Swim Series #5 ­ SCY, Severna Park, MD; www.mdusms.org


2007 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Sep 15 -Nov 15 Œ08
USMS 3000/6000 Yard Postal Championships; www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats08

Oct 25 2008
Ederle Swim - 17.5 miles New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Nov 8 - 9 2008
Aaron Piersol Race for the Oceans - Fort Myers Beach, FL; www.dixiezone.org/Meets/0811peirsol.pdf

Dec 6 2008
Bonaire EcoSwim - Kralendijk, Bonaire N.A. (Dutch Caribbean); www.aquamoonadventures.com

May 23 2009
Lady Liberty Swim - 1.3 Mile New York NY; www.nycswim.org

May 24 2009
Beach-to-Beach Power Swim - St. John, US Virgin Islands; www.friendsvinp.org/swim

May 30 2009
7.5 Mile Potomac River Swim, Point Lookout, MD; Info: cherylw@crosslink.net

Jun 6 2009
28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Jun 14 2009
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim and Chesapeake Challenge 4.4 miles & 1 mile, Sandy Point MD; tp://www.lin-mark.com (lottery opens Nov 1, 2008)

Jun 14 2009
Park to Park Swim 1.0 Mile New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Jun 20 2009
Against the Tide 1 Mile Swim-2 Mile Kayak-3 Mile Walk; Hopkinton, MA; mbcc.org/swim

Jun 28 2009
Governors Island Swim 2.0 Mile New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Jul 11 2009
USMS 2009 1-3 Mile Open Water Championships (2 miles) - Canandaigua Lake, Canandaigua, NY; www.usms.org

Jul 18, 2009
Aquathlon: Stars & Stripes Swim 1.5 K / Run 5 K Riverside Park Tune Up Swim 1.5 K New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Aug 1 2009
USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championships (10 km) ­ Little Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan, Harbor Springs, MI; www.usms.org

Aug 15 2009
USMS 2009 2-Mile Cable Championships - Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY; www.usms.org

Aug 15 2009
Against the Tide 1 Mile Swim-2 Mile Kayak-3 Mile Walk, Hopkinton, MA; http://mbcc.org/swim

Aug 16 2009
Pennock Island Challenge 8 miles Ketchikan Alaska; www.alaskateamada.com

Aug 22 2009
Clean Harbor Swim Gloucester MA ; home.comcast.net/~clean.harbor.swim/index.htm

Sep 12 2009
USMS 2009 3-6 Mile Open Water Championships (5 km) ­ Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL; www.usms.org

Sep 12, 2009
Brooklyn Bridge Swim 1 K New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Sep 26, 2009
Little Red Lighthouse Swim 5.85 Mile New York NY; www.nycswim.org