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September 2012

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  Note from the Chair

Jeff Greetings Fellow Swimmers!

I hope everyone has been swimming well and has had a great 2012 so far. It has been an exciting year fpr the sport, with some great competition at all levels from our kids to masters to the International scene with a fantastic 2012 Olympic Games.

On the masters front, many of you had the opportunity to attend Spring Nationals in Greensboro and/or Summer Nationals in Omaha this year. The two meets were fantastic! Omaha's meet in the Olympic Trials pool was very unique for USMS, and those who went had a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the best ambiance we may have ever had for a national meet. Greensboro's new Greensboro Aquatic Center played host to Spring nationals, which was a great meet and was really nice to have so close to us. Speaking of, the USMS Championship Committee has announced that 2014 Summer Nationals will be right in our yard, at the University of Maryland. This will be a great opportunity for Potomac Valley swimmers to swim at this great meet at a great facility without having to travel.

On the coaching front, I am proud to tell you about how the board has been supporting our Potomac Valley coaches. In the past several years, USMS and ASCA (America Swimming Coaches Association) have been developing a coaching curriculum specifically for masters. As you know, our coaches are responsible for keeping us in the game and are the first people we see on deck at practice - whether arriving as a new swimmer, or when we arrive at the pool in general. Thus, the Potomac Valley LMSC is helping to send local coaches to the classes by making a financial investment in them by paying half of the registration fee for the class. In addition, Alexandria Masters held the Level I and II classes earlier this year, and we also helped support that event - which was super successful, well attended and had some great feedback from both attendees and instructors. We hope that your coaches are able to take advantage of our continuing support for the classes being offered during the remainder of 2012. Please get in touch with our Coaches Chair Frank Marcinkowski if you wish to do so.

Finally, I hope everyone is continuing to explore many of the offerings that USMS has on our website, www.usms.org. There are many great programs, articles and members-only offerings to take advantage of - please check that out and pass the word around!

Happy Laps! -jeff

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  Articles & Interviews


Klein Kin Swim - 8 Family Members Compete Together at Colonies Zone
by Nanci Klein Sundel

I had a dream - not, in this case, of social action. This one involved a physical challenge for my family, namely, swimming a relay at a Masters meet with my brother (53), sister (49) and father (82). Jon Klein, my inspirational masters-swimming, world record-breaking brother would be an easy sell, but what about my father and sister? Bill Klein, my father, regularly swims at his home in Florida, competed in high school and swam in one Masters meet 15 years ago, while my sister, Elissa Klein Sireuil, also competed in high school and swims therapeutically at her local Y outside Boston. I could visualize it and had a lobbying campaign planned for the 2013 Albatross. Why 2013 - because that year the timing of the Albatross coincides with Passover, when my family converges at my home. Jon not only accelerated the realization of my dream to the 2011 Colonies Zone meet at George Mason University, but he recruited four more family members, for a total of eight family swimmers and four relays. My mother, Judy Klein, a frequent recreational swimmer has been at countless meets rooting on her children, but this was the first time - at the age of 77 - that she would be in the pool. Her sister, Priscilla Sprung (70), joined us from NY also as a first time competitive swimmer. She renewed her love of swimming 5 years ago, joined the Y and started swimming three days a week. Herman Hohauser (70), my father's first cousin, lives near the meet in Virginia and had also started a regular swimming regimen. Although he had never before competed in a swim meet he understood the balance between training and competition as he successfully completed his first marathon at 65. He, too, signed on with minimal arm-twisting. Rounding out our relays was Bob Maestro (67), Jon's brother-in-law, who also lives near the meet in Virginia. He competed in Masters meets 15 years ago and recently returned to the pool for regular workouts.

Everyone signed up as a member of Jon's team, North Carolina Masters Swimming and, feeling a bit like a traitor, I transferred my membership from the Ancient Mariners to NCMS. A month out and everyone was psyched - Jon put together the relays while continuing his rigorous training program; Priscilla worked on her open turns; Elissa stepped up her swimming while balancing a new job; Bob, Herman and dad bought new suits; and mom designed the t-shirts. I, on the other hand, cut open my heel on a particularly forceful flip turn, requiring 11 stitches and an unscheduled two-week break (just some early tapering). Pre-meet jitters aside, we were all looking forward to the meet.

The day arrives and there is a full spectrum of nervous energy. On the low end, there was Priscilla, Bob and Herman taking it all in stride; to Jon coaching us, herding us and refreshing us on the rules of disqualifications; to mom worrying about being able to finish 2 lengths of freestyle; to dad worrying about when to get in and out of the water; to Elissa's insistence that she would die doing her individual event, the 200 free; to me not wanting to talk, be photographed or hugged before my nemesis - also the 200 free.

With Gary (my husband) and Alain (Elissa's husband) as video paparazzi; Ancient Mariner teammates Dave Harmon as the photo paparazzi and Margot Pettitjohn poised timing splits; our new red USMS caps on; and after rechecking the relay order - we were set. In the end all four relays went off without a hitch. Okay - not totally true. We almost missed the women's 200 medley relay because we were trying to get THE picture in our Klein Kin Swim t-shirts. Then there was the DQ concern in the mixed 200 freestyle relay when dad thought he could get out of the pool and started swimming through other swimmers' lanes to do so. In short, we accomplished our goal - to swim the four relays without being DQd and to have a load of fun doing it. With 8 family swimmers, 4 relays*, 3 first time competitive swimmers - all at the age of 70 plus, and zero disqualifications, we feel like we set a record of our own.

I truly don't recall our times or the placing of the relays - though what I will always remember is how my family made an inspirational effort for this physical challenge to help realize my dream.

200 Mixed Free Relay 65+ -- Priscilla, Judy, Herman, Bob
200 Mixed Free Relay 45+ -- Nanci, Bill, Elissa, Jon
200 Women's Medley Relay 45+ -- Judy, Elissa, Nanci, Priscilla
200 Men's Medley Relay 45+ -- Bob, Bill, Jon, Herman

By Nanci Klein Sundel (45), an Ancient Mariner since 2008 after a 25 year swimming hiatus.

Tips for Photographing Swimming
Introduction by Jayme Deerwester

After I got my camera, I begged the USAT photographer who shoots swimming at the Olympics for technical advice. I thought you might be interested as well.

Tips for Photographing Swimmers, by Eileen Blass
There's a lot to know about shooting swimming. Beyond lighting and shutter speed settings, it's how you work it. For competitions, I work a lot of different angles if I'm permitted to move around. Nobody wants to see the same picture time and time again, so it's great to mix it up. I like to shoot near the finish line (like about 5-10 yards before the finish on the side) during finals so I can get good face reactions from the winners/losers as they turn around and look at their times. It's all about the face. This position gives me a side view of the action as it passes by and then the reaction at the end.

During prelims I go around and look for different angles. I love to shoot high for a different look, not all the time, but it's good to have something different. I've been up in the rafters at some meets looking straight down....that's not for the scared of heights folks, but I love it. It's risky though, cause nobody wants to be the one responsible for a pen falling out of a pocket into the pool and hurting someone, or a lens hood, or eyeglasses, etc. Where it's permitted, the rules are very strict. If there are high stands, then it's possible to get something from a high angle without risking injury to anyone. I try to shoot head on during fly and it's good to shoot that from low angle so you can get a reflection in the water. Shoot at a high shutter speed to get the most out of the splash of the water. I use 1000th of a second at least (sometimes 2000th if there's enough light) but you may not be able to do that with an f-stop of f4 if that's what your lens is. You might have to shoot 500th of a second. I shoot swimming most of the time at 1000th of a second at 2.8. So unless you have a 2.8 lens, you probably won't be able to use 1000th of a second. Start with an ISO of 1600 or 2000 and shoot at 500th of a second at f4, that's just a guess but a good place to start and then adjust if that produces dark images.

The hardest race to shoot is the 50 free (backstroke is tough too). Because it's the 50 is only one length of the pool and the swimmers are swimming fast, there's so much splash that the only real picture is at the finish line looking for a reaction. Relays are fun because for the last leg, the three other members of the team are at the finish cheering on the last leg swimmer. That's always something to watch for as it makes a nice picture. Breast stroke is good from the side or head on and fly is very nice from head on, looking down the pool as they come towards you.

You can also shoot at a slower shutter speed (from the side) for a cool effect, like say 60th of a second and pan with the swimmer as they go by. Best to do this with a monopod so your panning will be smooth. This takes a lot of practice. Sometimes I shoot hundreds of slow shutter speed frames and don't get any I'm all that crazy about. Once in a while though, you get a keeper. Feel free to search my name in Merlin for swimming pictures. There's a boatload in there to look at.

Here's a gallery from the trials in Nebraska before Beijing....an example of what I did there.

And here's another gallery, our Beijing Swimming gallery, that has my pictures and other staffers/wires/agencies. In this gallery, you have to select swimming from the pull-down menu to see just the swimming pictures.




Potomac Valley Awards Picnic - 5/20/12

Congratulations to the Potomac Valley award winners who were recognized at the Awards Picnic. Jen Carlson did an outstanding job planning the picnic.

More picnic photos:

Award winners & awards:

Gordon Gerson - longest serving Masters swimmer at the picnic (John awarded him with a gift certificate)

Margot Pettijohn - Female Swimmer of the Year Short Course Yards 2010 - 2011, Female Swimmer of the Year Long Course Meters 2011

Neill Williams - Male Swimmer of the Year Short Course Meters 2011

Frank Manheim - Male Swimmer of the Year LC Meters 2011

Tim Timmons - Outstanding Volunteer

Bill Braswell - Male Postal Swimmer Award 2011, Male Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 2011

Leslie Livingston -
Female Swimmer of the Year Short Course Meters 2011

Peter Galan -
Male Swimmer of the Year Long Course Meters 2011 & Male Swimmer of the Year Short Course Yards 2010-2011

Molly Merkel -
Female Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 2011

Caitlyn Ramsey -
Female Go the Distance Award 2011

Dan Elliott -
Male Go the Distance Award 2011

Jane Woo -
Female Postal Swimmer Award

Michelle Moyer -
Inspirational Swimmer Award

Ed Dulin -
Outstanding Mentor Award

Mary Lathram - Female Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 2011

Kelley Lemon - Final Goodbye
By Ann Svenson

I'm sad to be the bearer of such sorrowful news, but on February 11, 2012 at around 2:30 am, Kelley passed away peacefully at the home of his son, John, in Gaithersburg.

Here is a photo of Kelley (International Hall of Fame member) and a few fellow DC Masters from Lane 5 at Fun & Fitness at the birthday party his family held last May (2011).



  Meet News


Record Number of Swimmers Participate in 20th Albatross Open
by Tom Denes

A record 244 swimmers descended on the newly named Kennedy/Shriver Aquatic Center to participate in our 20th Albatross Open. The meet ran longer than usual, but we still managed to leave the pool by 9 p.m.

The Germantown Masters avenged their narrow loss last year by claiming the team trophy. The Ancient Mariners placed second.

We had repeat victors claiming Fastest Man and Woman in the Water in the 50 Freestyle races this year. Nicholas Kaufman-O'Reilly (29) handily beat the field (as well as his time from last year) with a 24.27. Margaret Conze (41) defended her title with a blistering 27.50, a full second faster than last year. This is her fourth title.

The Couples Relay was won by Germantown Masters couple Mel and Dan Bellin, who combined for a fast 56.97 Five USMS National and/or FINA World Records were set at this year's meet. Josh Harkin (18-24), of Fins Swimming, rocketed a 25.58 in the 50 Backstroke, breaking the old USMS Record by a full second. Leslie Livingston (50-54) of the Patriot Masters broke her own USMS and World Record-set at this meet last year- in the 100 Back (1:08.85). She broke her own USMS and World Record in the 50 Butterfly as a split in a 100 Butterfly with a 29.54. The Ancient Mariners' Hugh Roddin (70-74) set two USMS records in Butterfly. He started with a 1:18.38 in the 100 Butterfly and finished with a 3:13.99 in the 200 Butterfly.

The meet ended with relays including the Fins Aquatics quartet of Josh Hafkin, Adrian Astiz, Michael Raab, and Nicholas Kaufman-O'Reilly, who combined to set a new USMS record in the 200 Medley Relay of 1:43.14. This was punctuated by Josh Hafkin leading off the relay with yet another USMS record of 25.38. Check out the video on YouTube if you want to see some fast swimming!
Thanks to Cathy Gainor, who has now managed eight of the twenty Albatross Opens. Thanks also to all those helped and swam in the meet.

Cheryl's photos: http://artemis.crosslink.net/~cherylw/albatross-2012

USMS Coaches Level I & II Training
Hosted by Alexandria Masters & PV

by Ray Novitske

On Saturday March 31, Alexandria Masters and Potomac Valley hosted the USMS Coaches Level 1 & 2 Training in Alexandria. 30 coaches from Maryland, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina attended the day-long session taught by Mel Goldstein, Scott Bay, and Bill Brenner from our National office. The course is developed specifically for Masters coaches, and prepares them for ASCA certification.

Many coaches were appreciative of the venue, the food and the hospitality. Potomac Valley hopes to host a Level 3 course in the coming year.

Terps at the Purple Swim 8/21/11

Photo by Allyson Adams

Delaware Masters Does 100x100
Submitted by Barney Hungerford
40 swimmers (We made $790.)
11 completed 100x100 fastest pace 2:38:30
12 completed 50x100 fastest pace 1:20:00
11 swam more than 50x100s
6 swam less than 50x100s
2 Dad-son teams; 1 team each swam 40; other team: Dad swam 50, son swam 30
1 Husband-wife team each swimming 50x100
1 4-person team each swam 25x100s
Fabulous day!!

DCAC's Annual Swim for Life: A Dripping Success

Hundreds of Swimmers, Boaters, Volunteers Participate:
This year's Maryland Swim for Life was a huge success due in great part to your generosity, perseverance and enthusiasm! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication as we braved the weather and celebrated camaraderie and hope. We remember those that we have lost to HIV/AIDS and appreciate our charity partners who work everyday to make a difference in our communities. With HIV/AIDS being an ever-present issue for the Washington region, Swim for Life is a reminder that those individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS are not alone. As swimmers that use our recreational resources, we are also proud to support our charity that advocates for clean water in the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Final Fundraising Tally:
We are very proud to say that, through your hard work, we raised a total of $39,500 during the event! We will be donating all proceeds to our charity partners very shortly. Thank you again for all of your hard work raising pledges for this year's event for our very important charities. We hope that you had the opportunity to meet some of our charities on-site and talk about how your efforts make a difference in our community.

Final Results Posted:
2012 was a huge success for participation. We had 191 registered swimmers for the event, and 159 entered the water as the horn blew for their respective wave. I am very happy to say that all 159 came out of the water safely over the finish line! Results are now posted on our web site: http://www.swimdcac.org/swimforlife

Due to the weather delay, we decided to limit the event to 4 miles. I thank everyone for your understanding as we worked around the weather problems and adjusted the event. The results reflect two heats of 4-mile swimmers. Heat 1 are the swimmers that wore orange caps and registered for the 5-mile swim. Heat 2 are the swimmers that wore green caps and registered for the 4-mile event. Both heat 1 and heat 2 swam the 4-mile event and will be scored together when delivered to USMS. Unfortunately, we were unable to combine them on the results page due to the 5-minute offset in the start times.

Joe Stewart - one of the top fundraisers at Swim for Life
Photos Posted:
Please checkout the over 1,400 photos of the event! We hope that you can find a picture or two of yourself finishing a great race! The photos are linked on the web site.

Final Thank You:
When we started planning for this year's event, we had no idea how exciting the day would be. The weather was exciting, the swims were great, the food was scrumptious, and the volunteers were amazing. We are humbled by the power of like-minded individuals coming together to make our event an enormous success. We thank all of the 78+ volunteers and our families for supporting us and making this event possible. Thank you!

22nd Annual Maryland Swim for Life
Saturday, July 13, 2013
Rolph's Wharf Marina, Chestertown, Maryland

We are looking forward to seeing you next year! Keep an eye on our web site early in 2013 for detail of next year's event.

Pablo Fernandez and Rob Jeter
21st Annual Maryland Swim for Life
District of Columbia Aquatics Club, Inc.

Colonies Zone Meet 2012

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

More photos:
by Ray Novitske:

by Cheryl Wagner:

DCRP Meet 2012





More photos:



New Open Water Swim - Swim the Loop

Without Limits Race Directing is excited to announce a new Open Water race called 'Swim the Loop'. The race course is a 3.5 mile swim that goes around Harbor Island at Wrightsville Beach, NC. We welcome any master swim teams who are interested in participating. There will be awards for top finishers as well as team discounts on registration fees. Swim The Loop will take place on 9/29/12. For more information, please visit http://www.swimtheloop.com or contact race director, Kristen Smith, at kbs1011@gmail.com.

Mary DeScenza Mohler visits Terrapin Masters
by Jim Nealis

Here is a picture from last night's visit by Mary DeScenza Mohler to our team practice.

by Jeff Roddin

These are PV swimmers who have passed away this past year.

Donald Hannam
Kelley Lemmon, Jr
Marcia Read
Eunice Tey

Open Water Rules Change

The burning question on suits in open water was answered when the HOD voted to follow new regulations regarding swimsuits for open water competitions, effective January 1, 2011.

There are now two categories for open water swimwear: Category I is required for all Open Water National Championships and shall be scored separately from Category II, whether in a National Championship event or not.

Category I swimwear shall be made from textile materials. For men, the swimsuit shall not extend above the navel or below the knee. For women, the swimsuit shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor extend below the knees. There are no "fastener" specifications. Everything else, such as wetsuits, rash guards, arm warmers, arm bands, etc., is considered to be included in Category II.

America's Top 50 Open Water Swims

Interesting website rates America's top 50 open water swims.

Potomac River Swim Celebrates 20 years

The Potomac River Swim celebrated its 20th year. 41 swimmers completed an altered course (due to high winds) circling a NOAA buoy located offshore in the river. Male top finishers were Rob Jones 1st (no-wetsuit), Bill Shipp 2nd (no-wetsuit) and Todd Hetzer 3rd (wetsuit). Female top finishers were Katie Pumphrey 1st (wetsuit), Michele Walters 2nd (no-wetsuit) and Alison Meehan 3rd (no wetsuit). Joe Stewart who started the swim in 1993, received an award from Senators Dyson and Cardin and was honored with the Environmentalist of the Year Award by the Potomac River Association. Director, Cheryl Wagner, was also given awards by Senators Dyson and Cardin. $20,000 was raised for environmental causes by the swim. For full results and photos see: www.potomacriverswim.com

PVLMSC Meeting Minutes - July 22, 2012

** Preliminary - subject to approval **
Recorded by Cheryl Wagner

1) Approval of last meeting's minutes - approved as revised.

2) Reports:
Chair (Jeff Strahota):
- Alexandria Masters sponsored coaching clinic on Mar 31.
- UM Campus Rec is bidding on 2014 LC Nationals.
- Lisa Wolf is visiting PV.

Registrar (Jeff Roddin):
- PV Registration:
July 1, 2012 - 2502
July 1, 2011 - 2668
July 1, 2010 - 2471

- Reston OEVT registration at McDonnell Swims - 259, great job on data submittal.
- Crystal Park Sport & Health Club in Arlington, VA - new PV team.

Top Ten (Jeff Roddin):
- Albatross Open - results submitted timely
- Colonies Zones - results submitted timely
- Reston - OEVTs submitted timely
- SCY times were submitted to USMS in May.
- Preliminary Top Ten is now out, corrections due by July 30.

Sanctions (Debbie Morrin-Nordlund):
- Evaluator for Sprint Classic Oct 28, 2012 is Frank Marcincowski.
- Need evaluator for Tropical Splash, Feb 3, 2012.

Treasurer (Tim Timmons - report given by Jeff Strahota):
- We remain in very good shape financially with over $68,000 in our two accounts.
- I would recommend we keep the current financial policies in place.
- There is no need for a fee increase at this time and we can afford to continue to support the meets and other activities as we
   are now.

Secretary (Cheryl Wagner):
- Would like to put meet photos on PV website.

Awards (Jen Carlson, report given by Jeff Roddin):
The first PV Awards picnic was held on May 20
- had about 50 people attend
- received good comments, most people were very pleased with the event
- came in under budget, spent ~$2600
   Considerations for the Awards Event in 2013:
- Hold event in early May/late April?
- can't be much earlier, as SCM top ten & Open Water/Long Distance tabulations are published in April and Nationals are in
   early May as well.
   published in April and Nationals are in early May as well.
- Hold event at different venue? (Cabin John Park is an option)
- Release the awards winners prior to event to encourage more attendance?
- At the event, hold the awards presentation later in the timeline. Most people left as soon as the presentation was over.
- Be sure to put a reply date on the invitations
- Advertise the event/nominations on the PV website?
- Other suggestions?
   Jeff Roddin suggested to advertise the event not so much as an "Awards Picnic" but instead just a picnic. That way it
   doesn't sound elitist and perhaps more general members would attend (not just those who are winning awards).

Coaches (Frank Marcinkowski):
- PV had ASCA Level I & II Clinic - 30 coaches attended.
- Alexandria Masters hosted the clinic which went smoothly.
- Great comments, quality of questions were good, positive feedback.
- $90 left over which was donated to Swimming Saves Lives foundation.
- Attendees went to dinner together night before clinic.
- PV should consider offering ASCA III clinic next year.
- First Level III clinic is being held in Greensboro.
- PV will pay 1/2 of registration fee for this clinic or any other certification in 2012 to interested PV coaches.
- Another training opportunity, Swimmer Clinic, partnering with Arlington Aquatic Club, bringing Doctor G, will take place
   probably in October.
- USMS high performance camp is full. Michael Boyle & Lynn Wymelenberg going.
- FINA world meet in Italy had 10,000 swimmers.
- Next FINA world meet will be in 1st week of August, 2014 I Montreal.
- Local clubs should consider GW University swim center for meets & events, offering an attractive rental price.

Fitness (vacant, comments made by Jeff Strahota):
- Looking for someone to fill position.
- PV members should consider doing postal 5k, 10k, 3000/6000, go the distance.

Old Business:
- PV has 7 slots for convention delegates.
- Still have room for a few more PV delegates.
- Suggestion to have Tim send check for convention registration, directly to USMS so fee is paid upfront.

New Business:
- Lisa Wolf is presenting at Level I & II clinic.
- Level III coaches training - PV can provide support to whoever hosts.
- University of Maryland Campus Rec bid for Summer LC National meet in 2014.
- PV looking at various ways to support meet. Officials, swimmers and a number of clubs expressed their willingness to help out

Next Meeting
- after Sprint Classic on October 28 at GMU aquatic center.

Amy Chrest Raising Money for Make-A-Wish Foundationl

In 2004/2005 I topped the scales around the 200s. In my journey to lose the weight, I started to run... and I kept running. For me, I always pictured being able to do a full triathlon ... a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run, to be the 'ultimate' level of being fit, and that , in turn, became my ultimate goal... a dash on my bucket list. Despite never doing a triathlon before this year, I decided this was the year to do it!!.. go big or go home, and on September 29th, 2012 I will be going after this dream.

I am blessed to be able to go after one of my dreams, and as I do, I am raising money for Make-A-Wish* Mid Atlantic so that I can help in making the dreams of others come true as well. Last year alone, Make-A-Wish¨ Mid-Atlantic granted 404 wishes for local children with life-threatening medical conditions. With the average cost of a wish being $7500 in the Mid-Atlantic region, every dollar counts!!

Please consider supporting me in my efforts to help grant kids' wishes. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in a child's life! To donate online, please visit my personal fundraising page at www.midatlantic-community.org/amychrest and click the "Donate'" link. If you would prefer to donate by check, please click the "Offline Donation Form" link and mail in your contribution.



Wetsuit Rental

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Orders containing 4 or more rentals receive free shipping and free return postage!
Per customer savings is $20-$25!

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete

The Waterproof Coach & The Waterproof Triathlete
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Waterproof Coach & Triathlete
Waterproof Coach The Waterproof Coach & The Waterproof Triathlete
Tom Denes, waterprfch@aol.com
Sport Fair

Proper swim equipment is vital to a successful swimming outcome. SPORT FAIR, an Arlington based swim store specializes in competitive swimwear and equipment. We are one of the largest Speedo dealerships in the country.

SPORT FAIR wants to help you achieve success. Please call to arrange team discounts for your masters team or open water swim program.

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Fax: 703-524-9500
Email: sales@sportfairusa.com

Team TrainingTeam in Training Program

Need some inspiration to get started training this season? Complete your next event with Team In Training (TNT), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's groundbreaking charity sports training program. Every season, TNT offers training for a great group of events including marathon, half marathons, triathlons and century bike rides. As part of the Team, you'll receive expert coaching, fundraising support and a team of new friends to train with, all while you raise money to fund cutting-edge cancer research and patient services. Your personal achievement will make a difference in the lives of thousands of others.

To see what events we are currently forming teams for, visit www.teamintraining.org/nca or call 703-399-2942.

Lake Powell Swimming Adventure Tours

Ejoy best sunsets in the world. Swim within breath-taking canyons. Hike and explore the Navajo Indian trails. Unique Swimming Experience. www.strelswimming.com

Clay Britt Swimming Clinics & Instruction

Clay Britt provides competitve swimming instruction for Masters swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers in the Washington DC area. Instruction is provided through private, semi-private and group clinics.

Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your swimming in the beautiful Turks and Caicos on July 5, 2013. The clinics will be at The Grace Bay Club on Grace Bay. The clinic is the day before the "Race for the Conch" Ecoseaswim.

Sprint Classic - October 28, 2012

Patriot Masters (GMUP) will be hosting our annual Patriot Masters Sprint Classic meet on Sunday October 28 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. The entry deadline is October 23.

Online Entry:

I look forward to seeing some fast swimming and as many of you as possible at our meet!

Cheryl Ward
Meet Director

  Photo Credits


All photos by Cheryl Wagner unless noted.

  Events Calendar



2012-2013 Pool Event Calendar

Sep 29
VMST Pickin' Up Steam SCY meet in Ashland, VA www.usms.org/comp/event.php?MeetID=20120929RMC08Y

Oct 28
Sprint Classic at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. www.clubassistant.com/club/meet_information.cfm?c=1463&smid=4129

Nov 3
32nd Annual VMST Fall Meet at Virginia Beach, VA www.usms.org/comp/event.php?MeetID=20121103122007S

Dec 2
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series at Glen Burnie, MD www.usms.org/comp/event.php?MeetID=20121202NAAC3Y

Jan 20
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series at Annapolis, MD www.usms.org/comp/event.php?MeetID=20130120AOSC4Y

Feb 3
ALEX Tropical Splash Alexandria, VA

Mar 24
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series at Annapolis, MD www.usms.org/comp/event.php?MeetID=20130324AOSC6Y

2013 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

Sep 15-Nov 15
3000/6000 Yard Championships postal. www.usms.org

Sep 22
Little Red Lighthouse Swim NY, NY www.nycswim.org

Sep 23
Swim Around Charleston, SC 2012 www.usms.org

Sep 23
Barrington 5K/10K Open Water Swim Barrington, RI www.usms.org

Sep 29
1.2 & 2.4 Mile Triangle Open Water Swim Championship Apex NC www.usms.org

Sep 29
Swim The Loop Wilmington, NC www.usms.org

Oct 6
10th Annual Tropical Splash Open Water Swim Sarasota, FL www.usms.org

Oct 13
15th Annual St. Croix 5 Mile Open Water Swim www.swimrace.com/coral_reef_swim_schedule.htm

Oct 14
Bermuda Round the Sound EcoSwim www.AquaMoonAdventures.com or info@RandyNutt.com