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September 2013

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  Note from the Chair

Jeff Greetings Fellow Swimmers!

As we finish out the summer season, I look back on our Masters landscape from the winter and spring and see quite a few things to be excited about.

We have had several great meets, starting the year off with ALEX Tropical Splash meet, ANCM's Albatross Open, and wrapping things up with TERR 1000/1650 meet and GMUP hosting Colonies Zone SCY Championships. Plus, it seems like we have a pair of meets from a "returning after a few years hiatus" host and a new host on the horizon! For any team looking to host a new meet the LMSC has a program in place to make sure your meet will be a financial success - please reach out to any board member for details. We'd like to make sure if you want to host an event, you can!

Our second LMSC Picnic on May 18 at Lake Accotink Park in Springfield was a success despite the weather. Swimmers and their families had food, fun, games, and a chance to mingle with fellow swimmers.

We expanded our support of PV LMSC Masters coaches by supporting coaches wishing to attend a Masters ASCA Coaches Certification Course. We have supported over a dozen coaches in the last several years, and are continuing to do so. Alexandria Masters hosted a Level 3 class June 1 and many local coaches attended.

Lastly, our next meeting will be in October, following the Patriot Masters Sprint Classic Meet at George Mason Aquatic Center.

I hope to see you all at the meet. Until then, happy laps! -jeff

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  Articles & Interviews


Swimsuits of the Past
by Cheryl Wagner
images from Google Images

If you are ever annoyed at your swimsuit fit or appearance, just look back at what swimmers wore in the past.

Swimmers in the 1870s wore bloomers.
    By the early 1900s, swimsuits progressed considerably.
In the 1940s, a modern style was apparent.
    The 1960s brought the beloved bikini.
In 2000, the fastskin helped swimmers achieve record-breaking times.
    Finally, certain fastskin suits were outlawed by FINA and USMS and now we qre back to looking for new ways to go faster.

Love it or hate it backstroke.
by Lisa Wolf

Humans are land based, vertical mammals. So asking a swimmer to get wet, go horizontal and then swim backwards? No wonder backstroke sets can set some swimmers groaning.

Here are a few ideas that might cultivate a bit more enjoyment for swimming backwards:

Horizontal is best

First of all, the biggest issue is the lack of horizontal body position. Start with head position and ensure sure they are looking up at the ceiling instead of the coach standing on deck .Chin should not be tucked on the chest. A quick test of correct position is to make an L shape with thumb and forefinger. Place the finger under the chin and the thumb in your suprasternal notch (the indentation between collar bones in less technical terms). That will give a general guide to for correct head position. One drill is to use the L shape in that position and just kick so the swimmer can concentrate on the head position alone.

Ears and and Head Movement

Most swimmers do not have their head back in the water enough-ears IN the water and keep the head still. No rocking back and forth as the arms churn through the water.

Keep Moving

Though the head remains still, arms need to move. The stroke is a continuous motion, like windmill blades going around. Do not pause between the pull phase and recovery phase of each arm.


Backstroke is a long axis stroke and rotation of the shoulders and core is crucial to an efficient stroke. Shoulders need to rotate out of the water and with hand entry- generally at 11:00 and 1:00 with pinky entering first. Most swimmers that have problems with backstroke tend to swim flat in the water. Adding a bit of rotation can make a world of difference.


Toes should be pointed slightly in and flick water up AND down. Make sure the kick is “boiling water” a few inches above water and not completely submerged. The kick drives from the hip and only a slight bend of the knees is needed.

Lisa Wolf



Potomac Valley Swimmers Set Zone Records

  • Josh Hafkin 18-24 Men SCM 50 back 25.38 FINZ
  • Jeanne Lappin 55-59 Women SCM 100 fly 1:17.95 GERM
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCM 50 free 27.91 GMUP
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCM 100 back 1:08.85 GMUP
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCM 50 breast 36.92 GMUP
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCM 50 fly 29.54 GMUP
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCM 100 fly 1:09.38 GMUP
  • Hugh Roddin 70-74 Men SCM 50 fly 35.83 ANCM
  • Hugh Roddin 70-74 Men SCM 100 fly 1:18.38 ANCM
  • Hugh Roddin 70-74 Men SCM 200 fly 3:13.99 ANCM
  • Katie Gilmore 25-29 Women SCY 500 free 5:06.25 ALEX
  • Susan Williams 45-49 Women SCY 50 fly 25.96 ANCM
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 50 free 24.67 GMUP
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 50 back 27.04
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 100 back 1:01.30
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 50 breast 32.80
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 50 fly 25.70
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 100 fly 1:00.81
  • Leslie Livingston 50-54 Women SCY 100 IM 1:02.35
  • John Wolff 100-104 Men SCY 50 free 1:35.72 FXCM

    Annual PV Awards
    by Jen Carlson

    Potomac Valley LMSC hosted an awards picnic Saturday, May 18th at Lake Accotink Park. The annual Potomac Valley awards were presented during the picnic. Congratulations to:

  • Lucy Manheim - Inspirational Swimmer
  • Catharine Myung - Outstanding Volunteer
  • Tom Denes - Outstanding Mentor
  • Andrew Geiszler - Male Long Distance Swimmer of the Year
  • Jennifer Johnson - Female Long Distance Swimmer of the Year & Postal Swimmer Award
  • John Buechler - Male Go the Distance Award
  • Caitlyn Ramsey- Female Go the Distance Award
  • Margot Pettijohn - Female SCY & LCM Swimmer of the Year
  • Leslie Livingston - Female SCM Swimmer of the Year
  • Frank Manheim - Male LCM Swimmer of the Year
  • Glenn Battle - Male SCM Swimmer of the Year
  • Hugh Roddin - Male SCY Swimmer of the Year

    PV LMSC Results - 2013 USMS Spring Nationals
    by Jeff Roddin

    ALEX Alexandria Masters Swimming
    Gilmore, Katie L F29
    400 IM 4:42.07 3
    200 Free 1:56.76 2
    100 IM 1:02.29 7
    500 Free 5:06.25 2
    200 IM 2:15.05 5
    1650 Free 17:37.76 1

    Jaskot, Brian R M34
    1000 Free 11:41.47 4
    200 Free 2:01.39 16
    100 Free 53.15 19
    50 Fly 27.92 24
    50 Free 23.73 18

    Jent, Daniel E M35
    1000 Free 11:18.41 6
    200 Free 1:53.83 11
    100 Free 51.07 22
    50 Fly 25.85 19
    50 Free 23.20 16
    100 Fly 1:00.57 15

    Mirt, Chad J M39
    200 Free 1:57.93 16
    100 Free 52.44 27
    100 Back 1:00.51 10
    50 Free NS 0

    Preston, Alexandria K F35
    50 Back 33.02 11
    100 Free 1:02.10 14
    100 IM 1:08.77 9
    100 Back 1:10.92 10
    50 Free 27.89 12

    Taylor, Tim M26
    50 Back 28.21 13
    50 Fly 26.47 30
    200 Back 2:12.90 9
    100 IM 1:01.56 28
    100 Back 1:00.40 15
    100 Fly 1:00.18 22

    Mixed 200 Free Relay 1:41.15 10
    Mirt, Chad J M39
    Preston, Alexandria K F35
    Gilmore, Katie L F29
    Jaskot, Brian R M34

    Men 200 Free Relay 1:34.47 12
    Mirt, Chad J M39
    Taylor, Tim M26
    Jaskot, Brian R M34
    Jent, Daniel E M35

    Mixed 200 Medley Relay 1:55.74 14
    Taylor, Tim M26
    Gilmore, Katie L F29
    Preston, Alexandria K F35
    Jent, Daniel E M35

    DCAC District Of Columbia Aquatics
    Williams, Neill M45
    50 Breast 27.99 2
    50 Fly 24.48 4
    100 Breast 1:02.31 4
    100 IM 55.92 4
    200 Breast 2:18.80 4
    100 Fly 55.88 6

    FXCM Fairfax County Masters
    Hyre, Susan P F54
    1000 Free 14:14.46 7
    200 Free 2:33.32 16
    500 Free 6:55.40 20

    Perfall, Betty M F55
    200 Free 2:32.46 10
    100 Free DQ 0
    1000 Free 14:17.68 6

    Zoltick, Martin M M50
    50 Back 31.20 19
    200 Free 2:09.41 19
    50 Fly 27.73 20
    100 IM 1:07.75 35
    100 Back NS 0
    100 Fly 1:02.40 14

    GERM Germantown Maryland Masters
    Tomson, Farol L M41
    50 Breast 33.41 26
    100 Free 55.60 23
    50 Fly 27.91 28
    100 IM 1:04.35 28
    50 Free 25.01 30
    100 Fly 1:00.70 9

    Walters, Mark C M60
    400 IM 6:32.05 11
    200 Fly 2:49.44 4
    50 Fly 31.72 16
    100 IM 1:16.62 19

    ANCM Montgomery Ancient Mariners
    Pettijohn, Margot K F66
    400 IM 6:23.62 1
    50 Breast 39.83 1
    200 Fly 3:13.13 1
    100 Breast 1:26.96 1
    200 Breast 3:09.04 1
    100 Fly 1:25.42 1

    Roddin, Hugh J M71
    200 Fly 2:56.75 1
    200 Back 2:42.39 1
    100 Back 1:13.46 1
    100 Fly 1:12.73 1

    NCYM National Capital YMCA
    Nakahodo, Sidney M37
    50 Back 26.55 8
    200 Free 2:13.57 24
    100 Free NS 0
    200 Back 2:41.05 15
    100 Back 57.09 7
    50 Free NS 0

    GMUP Patriot Masters Swim Team
    Livingston, Leslie C F51
    50 Back 27.04 1
    50 Breast 32.80 2
    50 Fly 25.70 1
    100 IM 1:02.35 1
    100 Back 1:01.30 1
    50 Free 24.67 1

    Queen, Alison F18
    50 Breast 31.23 1
    50 Fly 28.23 11
    100 Breast 1:08.96 1
    100 IM 1:04.20 7
    200 Breast 2:29.73 1
    100 Fly 1:01.93 9

    Sax, William C M44
    1000 Free 11:16.81 3
    200 Free 2:03.54 17
    200 Fly 2:20.85 7
    500 Free 5:31.62 11
    50 Fly 28.47 31
    100 Fly 1:01.99 11

    RMST Reston Masters Swim Team
    Boyle, Michael F M61
    1000 Free 16:57.23 11
    50 Breast 45.41 18
    100 Breast 1:43.15 16
    200 Breast 3:49.54 10

    SPRY Team Swim Spray
    Gallagher, Kevin C M25
    100 Free 45.32 2
    50 Fly 22.99 4
    100 IM 52.55 4
    100 Back NS 0
    50 Free 20.36 1

    Krajewski, Thomas J M34
    100 Free 50.98 10
    50 Fly 24.82 11
    100 Back 57.01 9
    50 Free 22.83 11

    McCabe, Ryan C M28
    200 Free 1:43.75 2
    500 Free 4:45.32 1
    100 Free 47.52 8
    100 IM 57.30 15
    50 Free 21.98 10

    Wong, Peter M28
    200 Free 1:55.49 19
    100 Free 51.25 22
    50 Fly 25.17 22
    100 IM 58.50 21
    50 Free 23.06 20
    100 Fly 56.70 16

    Men 200 Free Relay 1:24.38 2
    Gallagher, Kevin C M25
    Krajewski, Thomas J M34
    Gallagher, Brendan M M32
    Gallagher, Liam M27

    Men 200 Medley Relay 1:35.32 3
    Gallagher, Kevin C M25
    Gallagher, Liam M27
    Gallagher, Brendan M M32
    McCabe, Ryan C M28

    TERR Terrapin Masters
    Ellis, Andrew F M44
    400 IM 4:34.73 6
    200 Free 1:56.70 12
    500 Free 5:20.91 6
    100 Free 53.07 15
    50 Free 24.14 17
    200 IM 2:11.35 8

    Goodison, Michael R M41
    50 Breast 28.02 5
    200 Fly NS 0
    100 Breast 1:00.99 3
    100 IM 57.95 10
    200 Breast 2:17.59 3
    200 IM 2:08.36 4

    Grover, Mollie K F32
    50 Back 30.18 3
    200 Back 2:14.83 3
    100 IM 1:03.57 5
    100 Back 1:02.78 5
    200 IM 2:19.01 4

    Shipp, Bill M53
    1650 Free 19:17.77 2
    200 Free 2:03.67 14
    500 Free 5:32.76 7
    100 Free 56.42 21
    100 IM 1:06.68 31
    50 Free 25.78 29

    Strahota, Jeffrey R M32
    200 Free 1:51.88 10
    100 Free 51.58 14
    50 Fly 25.95 16
    100 IM 58.86 8
    50 Free 23.71 17
    100 Fly 56.52 8

    Men 200 Free Relay 1:37.40 16
    Shipp, Bill M53
    Ellis, Andrew F M44
    Strahota, Jeffrey R M32
    Goodison, Michael R M41

    Men 200 Medley Relay 1:47.86 9
    Strahota, Jeffrey R M32
    Goodison, Michael R M41
    Ellis, Andrew F M44
    Shipp, Bill M53

    UNAT Unattached
    Griffin, Jim M55
    50 Fly 29.67 16
    100 IM NS 0

    Postma, Terri F43
    400 IM 5:54.19 12
    50 Breast 38.27 14
    200 Fly 3:01.39 3
    100 Breast 1:22.78 15
    200 Breast 2:58.80 10

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      Meet News


    Tropical Splash 2/3/13



    Arlington - Ellen & friend

    Fairfax - Norman & Chelle





    WAVA & Columbia

    UNAT swimmer

    Reston & Sarasota

    Margot - ANCM


    Mel, Chris, Ray

    Fins & Springhill

    Sergey, Dave, Alicia



    Fast Times at the 2013 Albatross Open
    by Tom Denes

    When the whistle sounded for the final heat of the women's 50 freestyle, a hush came over the crowd at the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center. Would defending champion Margaret Conze win a third straight title and fifth overall, and once again be known as the Fastest Woman in the Water? But at 42, Margaret was hearing the footsteps of younger swimmers.

    Driving up from North Carolina to challenge Margaret was another 40-plus-year-old swimmer, Erika Braun, 41, from North Carolina Masters. Erika boasted sterling credentials, having been only the second woman over 40--the first was Dara Torres--to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 50M freestyle last summer.

    Earlier in the meet, Erika had posted a jaw-dropping 57.58 in the 100 meter freestyle, just missing the FINA World Record by .03 seconds. Later in the meet she broke a world record in the 50M Butterfly with a sizzling 28.19.

    Another, younger challenger was 30-year-old Ruth Jones, another North Carolina Masters swimmer. Ruth had posted a lightning-fast 58.56 in the 100M Freestyle earlier in the day.

    When the horn sounded, all swimmers entered the water cleanly. But through the thrashing arms and legs, it became apparent that the baton would pass to another champion. Erika touched the wall in a new world record of 26.22 closely followed by Ruth Jones in 26.41. Margaret would finish third.

    But Margaret and husband Dietrich combined in the Couples Relay to post the fastest time in the history of the event, 53.59, and became known as the Fastest Couple in the Water.

    In the men's drop dead sprint, Michael Stefanick of Germantown Maters blasted a 25.23 to claim Fastest Man in the Water.

    Not to be overlooked was Leslie Livingston of Patriot Masters who always arrives at the meet in great shape. Once again, she demonstrated her superb training by setting a new world record of 29.25 in the 50M butterfly.

    Later in the meet, North Carolina Masters boasted a super Medley Relay (200-239 age group) consisting of Frances McEachran, Jon Blank, Erika Braun and Jonathan Klein. When Jonathan touched the wall, the clock blinked out a new world record of 4:27.64, almost 5 seconds faster than the previous record.

    The crowd also enjoyed watching Olympian Frederik Hviid, 39, of Germantown Masters slice through the water. Although of Norwegian heritage, Frederick swam for Spain in both the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. Especially enjoyable was watching him swim a 4:46.63 in the 400 individual medley.

    Also, not to be forgotten were the swimmers who set new meet records: Adam Barley, Dan Bellin, Jonathan Berry, Don Blank, Erika Braun, Henry Cole, Margaret Conze, Edward Gaulrapp, Roger Golden, Marshall Greer, Lisa Groves, Frederik Hviid, Ruth Jones, Jeanne Lappin, Tobi Limke, Leslie Livingston, Don Messer, Jay Platt, DiannUustal, and Susan Williams.

    So who won the meet? Germantown once again outclassed everyone else by collecting 916 points. The Montgomery Ancient Mariners were second with 542 points followed by the District of Columbia Aquatics Club with 346 points.

    Kudos to nine-years-in-a-row Meet Director, Cathy Gainor, and, Entries Chair, Jeff Roddin, for putting together a great meet.

    Tom Denes is a member of the Montgomery Ancient Mariners and the author of The Waterproof Coach.


    Linda, Don, Jen

    Jen & Holly





    Linda, Chris, Bill

    Germantown swimmer & Jim Miller


    Colonial 1776 & Garden State




    Cathy & Jeff


    Ali & Mollie

    Steve & Bill

    Friend, FXCM, ANCM



    Holly & daughter

    Terrapin 1650 Meet 4/19/13

    Jeff & officials

    Jim & Stephanie

    Deb, Carolyn, Allyson

    Maryland, Nancy Brown

    Kim's family and friends

    UNAT, Matt & Kevin

    Greg, ANCM

    Charlie, Susan, Betty

    Tom, Greg

    Hope & Jim

    Jack Conger

    Quest Masters

    Meghan & niece



    Bermuda International Masters Swim Meet

    The Bermuda National Sports Centre are opening their new Aquatics Centre and brand new 50 meter competition pool in May 2013. In September we will be hosting our 1st Annual Bermuda International Masters Swim Meet starting on Friday September 20th - Sunday September 22nd 2013.

    The pool is a 50 meter outdoor pool with electronic timing. The meet will consist of 25 meter events with the competitive events being held within the deep tank. Warm ups and cool downs will be available in the shallow training tank. The entry fee is $75 per athlete payable to the National Sports Centre. Payment can be made on line with VISA/Mastercard (as of June 1st). The contact for the event would be myself: Amy Fox and can be contacted via email at afox@nsc.cm.

    We are trying to attract international swimmers, especially from Canada and the US. Is it possible to please have this event posted on your site/shared with your masters club? For any other information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

    Are You FLOG'ing Yet?
    by Lisa Wolf

    In the January newsletter, I wrote about USMS's Go The Distance Program, sponsored by Nike and I hope that some of you have started tracking your progress. In case you still have the newsletter in your 'read when I have some free time' file, here is a recap of the key information you need to get started:

    You can register through your FLOG in the My USMS section of the website. Your FLOG allows you to track all your fitness activities - such as running, biking, weight training, and yoga - while participating in Nike GTD. Track your weekly, monthly and annual totals online. Once you've entered Nike GTD, your results are automatically included in the daily summary reports, and your milestone awards are sent directly to you.

    Click here for more detailed information regarding the program: http://www.usms.org/fitness/content/gothedistance

    The other cool thing is that you can actually track your swimming progress against all the other FLOG participants. You can even look by age group/zone or club. Interestingly, as of April 7th our LMSC has 131 Swimmers participating with a total of 7,871.37 yards with an average of 60.09 miles per swimmer. Fairfax Masters is in the lead with 20 swimmers and Ancient Mariners is in 2nd with 16 swimmers racking up the yardage.

    And yes, I am FLOG'ing myself. My yardage is not as stellar as I had hoped due to work and coaching commitments since January. However I am seeing that despite more time ON deck coaching than being wet, I am still consistently doing yoga, spinning and my run/walk routine. Not as discouraging as I thought!

    So, I hereby challenge you to log on and set up your FLOG. We have 131 folks participating- let's see if we can make it 200 by the next newsletter!

    Happy swimming,
    Lisa Wolf
    Fitness Chair – Potomac Valley

    Top Ten Records
    by Chris Stevenson

    On March 13, the Top 10 lists for the 2012 SCM season were finalized and posted on the USMS website. I use that data to update the Colonies Zone Records for SCM.

    Just as a reminder, there are two sets of zone records: championship records which can only be set at Zone Championship meets but can be held by any USMS member, and zone records which can be set at any meet but can only be held by members of an LMSC in our zone. Both sets of records are posted here:


    The zone records are updated 3X a year after the TT list for each season is finalized. The SCM file will be posted on the Colonies Zone site. I have also listed in two formats (PDF, Excel) the 48 new SCM records set in 2012; they are sorted by LMSC and last name for your convenience. Please advertise/congratulate on your website or newsletters as you see fit.

    As always, if you spot any errors please let me know. The algorithm I use to update the records may have a bug, and obviously I only consider times that make the TT so there could be omissions or other mistakes.

    Chris Stevenson
    Top 10 Recorder and Webmaster, Virginia LMSC
    Chair, USMS Records and Tabulation

    Sprint Classic Meet
    by Cheryl Ward

    The Patriot Masters Sprint Classic will be held October 27 at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Check our website for details: http://www.patriotmasters.org/

    Cheryl Ward, Meet Director

    Potomac Power Junkies Finish Manhattan Marathon Swim
    by Michele Walters

    We had a fantastic time swimming around Manhattan. The swim was definitely a lot harder than expected, but it was fun to see a different side of Manhattan from the water.

    We called ourselves the Potomac Power Junkies since each of us have done the Potomac swim. The team was John Royer, Garret Sern, James Wagner and Michele Walters. We picked the name since we all love the Potomac swim.

    We got first place in a time of 08:08:58.00!! We were the second team in overall. The first team was a catch-em style whereas we were a traditional, 4-person relay.

    PVLMSC Meeting Minutes - March 16, 2013


    PVLMSC Meeting Minutes - July 21, 2013


    From the Chair - 7/24/13

    by Jeff Strahota

    Greetings all,
    A few notes from the board meeting this past weekend.

    1 - Hosting Meets. The Potomac Valley LMSC is expanding our assistance to teams hosting meets in the LMSC. Currently, we will pay your expenses for using an online entry system (Club Assistant), will make you whole if your meet operates at a deficit and will help front you pool rental costs if you need to make a down payment to reserve pool time. Going forward, we will now split the cost of the Hy-Tek Meet Manager Software - covering half of the cost of either the full version for teams who don't currently have it or half of the cost of annual license renewal. Please reach out to either myself (PVChair@usms.org) or our Treasurer Tim Timmons (PVTreasurer@usms.org) for more information.

    2 - 2014 Nationals. As many of you know, 2014 Summer National meet will be held at the University of Maryland next summer. The idea has been proposed to form a Regional Club made up of Potomac Valley swimmers from multiple clubs (some may call this a Super-Team).

    By definition, a Regional Club is a club made out of multiple workout groups who practice separately, compete locally as separate teams, but swim at Nationals as a single entity. This would mean that we could make relays at Nationals with members from ANCM, DCAC, GMUP and ALEX, as an example. Many LMSCs are set up this same way so that their few members can compete together at Nationals (New England, North Carolina), and this particular one-year-only concept is often implemented by LMSCs when Nationals is close by (Nebraska did so last year with Summer Nationals in Omaha).

    If we are going to set this up, each team will have to opt in. We will be discussing this at our Annual Meeting this fall, Sunday October 27 after the Sprint Classic meet. At that time, we will be soliciting team feedback, make a decision about it, and we would ask that team reps be prepared to say at that meeting whether their team is IN or OUT. Please discuss with your team officers and teammates, and please don't hesitate to reach out to me (PVChair@usms.org ) if you have any questions.

    Happy Laps! -jeff



    Lifeguard Instruction

    Hello everyone,
    I am a lifeguard instructor. If anyone wants to take a class please email me and let me know. It would only be $90.
    All the best,
    Malka malkao@hotmail.com

    Lifeguard, CPR & Aquatics Certification

    PVLMSC Masters,
    My YMCA offers Life Guard, CPR, and other aquatics certifications on a fairly regularly basis. (I know other YMCAs in the National Capital region do as well.) Please share with any of your swimmers who might be interested. Many thanks. Best,
    Peter Lee Peter.Lee@treasury.gov
    Head Coach, NCYM

    Used wetsuit wanted

    If you are selling a wetsuit (which would fit a male 5'8" 140 lb.), please email cherylw46@yahoo.com

    Medley Swim Beads

    Looking for a way to plan your swimming workout and count your laps? I'm looking for local swimmers of all ages and abilities who may be interested in trying out my new product.

    Please review my website http://www.MedleySwimBeads.com and let me know if you would like to "demo" the swim beads for a few weeks - I need your feedback and suggestions! (If you love it, you may purchase a set at a substantial discount, if not, simply return it to me, postage paid). Discover a simple way to count, a smart way to swim! Contact Renee Kotz at: IMSwimming@live.com

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