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The Swimmer's Ear

September 1998

Newsletter of the Potomac Valley Masters Swimming Committee



From the Chairman


I hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer of swimming. Hopefully you got some outdoor swimming in and maybe tried an open water swim or two. Potomac Valley Masters swimmers have taken part in a variety of pool and open water events this summer - locally, nationally, and around the world. We congratulate them on their efforts.

Potomac Valley Masters Swimming has a new Treasurer, CJ Hall. I would like to thank CJ for taking on this position, as well as thank Rob Whitters for his service as Treasurer over the past few years. We all appreciate the volunteer efforts of swimmers on the Potomac Valley Masters Swimming Committee.

The final Potomac Valley meeting of the year will be held on Sunday, October 18, 1998. This meeting is the final chance of the year for representation by a member of each team in order to avoid the team dues renewal penalty for next year. This rule was put into effect not to penalize teams, but to increase involvement in the Potomac Valley organization. We hope that teams, and individuals, will view it as it was meant and become more involved in Masters swimming.

Happy Swimming.

Debbie Morrin

Chairman, USMS


1997 Short Course Meters Potomac Valley Awards


The Potomac Valley Swimmers of the Year for the short course meters season, as determined by USMS Top Ten performances, were Robert Butcher (Terrapin Masters) and Barbara Zaremski (D.C. Masters). Completing the top five for women were Penny Bates, Denise Kirwan and Joann Leilich (tie), and Jeri Ramsbottom. Marshall Greer and Jeffrey Roddin (tie), Russell Kominski, and Jason Crist and Clay Britt (tie).


1998 Terrapin Masters 800/1500 Meet


It finally has happened. The new natatorium at the University of Maryland is open and the 17th Annual Terrapin Masters 800/1500 Meet was held there to the awe of 38 swimmers. The pool was very fast as was demonstrated by a WORLD RECORD being broken by Roger Franks (70-74 age group) in the 1500. The new pool must have inspired everyone, because in addition to the world record, nine swimmers set new meet records as follows: 800: Carole Kammel (25-29), Barbara Hill (35-39), Bridget Vache (40-44), Joann Leilich (55-59), Emad Elshafei (30-34), Gary Price (35-39), Alfonso Hinton (80-84). 1500: Paul Fetters (40-44), Roger Franks (70-74).

Congratulations to all participants and our new record holders. The new pool is truly one of the finest new swimming facilities in the country. Be sure to watch the newsletter for the entry for the 1650 meet this winter to see it for yourself.



It's Goal Time Again!

By: CJ Lockman Hall, M.A.


The pre-season is an opportune time to set goals. Goals are the flashlights for your athletic journey: they illuminate your path and guide your way. Here are a few goal guidelines:

State your goal in positive, specific terms. "I aim to do a 2:17 in 200 IM by March."

What choices will you make to reach your goal?

What intervals and repeat times will you start out with this season? How often will you choose your least-favorite stroke during a choice set, knowing it will help you reach your I.M. goal? Can an extra practice take precedence over happy-hour every other Friday?! Some choices will be adjusted during the season as you get in shape, etc.

Map out your step-by-step plan. It is easiest to start with a general plan and work down to the details. Brainstorm for the pieces that make up your big picture goal and then decide how to fit these pieces together. If your breaststroke is yelling for attention, make good use of choice sets. If you decide some muscle would be a beneficial addition, schedule weight training into your workout plan. Do your starts look like slow motion? Practice starts once or twice per week instead of the night before the meet! If you tend to mentally fall apart behind the starting block, make it your mission to learn to stay focused, confident, relaxed.

Review your goal every day, especially before you go to practice. Post your goal - everywhere you can! - and look at it frequently. Picture yourself, often, in the process of achieving your goal. Make it a part of you. The more familiar you become with feeling like a 2:17 200 I.M.er, the better chance you have of transforming yourself into just that!

You will find Montgomery Ancient Mariner CJ Lockman Hall working on her stroke sets this fall. For more tips on goals, request a free issue of the Positive Performer from micandcj@erols.com or send your mailing address to 1610 Forbes St., Rockville, MD 20851.


Potomac Valley Meeting Minutes


By: Cheryl Wagner


Chair Report:

1) Joann Leilich, Rob Whitters, Jeff Roddin and Debbie Morrin will attend the USMS Convention on Sept 30 - Oct 4 in Cincinnatti, as Potomac Valley voting delegates. Dave Diehl and Lynn Hazlewood will go as at-large delegates.


Treasurer’s Report:

1) C J Hall is our new treasurer. Her address is: 1610 Forbes Street, Rockville, Maryland 20851. Her email address is: micandcj@erols.com .

2) There is $21,600 in savings, and $1,275 in checking.

3) All LMSCs are required to pay $50 towards convention travel expenses for their zone representatives. Our representative is Lynn Hazlewood.

4) Rob Whitters is leaving his position as Potomac Valley Treasurer to move to Kansas. His new address is: 8512 W. 117th Street, Overland Park, KS 66210. His new phone number is (913) 696-0521. His email address remains: robwhiters@sprintmail.com.


Registrar’s Report:

1) As of June 26, there were 1,368 members in Potomac Valley. This time, last year, there were 1,322. The total number of team members for each Potomac Valley team can be seen at: http://www.usms.org/potomacvalley.htm

2) Registration and transfer forms can also be

found on our website at:



Sanctions Report:

1) Margot has determined that it is not necessary to require a meet evaluation committee on the meet evaluation form.

2) Please remember to report your meet results in the proper format. For example, list results by age group; not by event.

3) Margot reported that the Lox and Bagel Meet, the first meet for JCCNV, went very well.

4) Tom Denes volunteered to serve as meet evaluator for the DCRP Meet on July 19.

5) Dave Diehl volunteered to serve as meet evaluator for the D.C. Masters Meet on Aug 2.


Top Ten Report:

1) Joann Leilich would like first and last names spelled out on the meet results.

2) She also asked that meet results be sent directly to her instead of to the national Top Ten Chair.


New Business:

1) Jeff Roddin noted that the next Potomac Valley meeting on October 18, is the last chance for teams to attend at least one annual meeting and avoid a fine.

2) The next meeting will be held on October 18, 12:00 PM, at Jeff Roddin’s house.


  • - Take the capitol beltway to Georgia Avenue (Route 97)

    - Exit north (toward Wheaton).

    - After about 3 miles, bear right on Layhill Road (Route 182).

    - Layhill Road is just after the intersection with Randolph Road.

    - After about 1 mile, turn right on Middlebridge Drive.

    - Turn left on Coachlamp Lane.

    - The house is 13548 Coachlamp Lane (on left) and phone is 301-603-0528.

  • Terrapin News

    By: Cheryl Wagner


    Terrapin Masters began practicing in the brand-new University of Maryland Campus Rec facility on March 2, 1998. The facility features 2 indoor pools, 50 meter and 25 yard, and an outdoor 25 yard pool. Terrapins have 6 practices per week: Mon, Wed, & Thu at 6PM, Tue & Thu at 6:15AM, and Sat at 8AM. Dues are $40/month for unlimited practices. For more info, call Cheryl Wagner at (202) 387-2361 (email: cherylw@crosslink.net) or check our website: http://www.crosslink.net/~cherylw.

    Terrapin coach, Jane West, was the first woman to complete the Chesapeake Bay Swim on June 14, 1998 in a time of 1 hour 31 minutes 52 seconds.

    Terrapin Bob Lazzaro battled 8 foot waves and seasickness to complete a relay swim across the English Channel on July 31, 1998 in 10 hours 24 minutes. The remaining team members included 3 Virginia Masters swimmers: John Post, Shirley Loftus, and John Shrum, and John Shrum’s children: Mo, 19, and Joe, 16. Each member swam for an hour at a time and was carefully watched by a Channel Swimming Association observer riding on Reg Brickell’s fishing trawler, the team’s cross-channel transportation. Shirley Loftus began the swim at 5:00AM, as the sun rose. The final swimmer, who landed on French soil, was John Shrum who kissed the beach and asked several French beach-goers, "Ou est France?" He then collected some French souvenir pebbles in a tennis-ball can and proceeded to the trawler for the 23.69-mile ride back to Shakespeare Beach in Dover, England. The water temperature on the day of the swim was 57 - 59 degrees and swimmers were only allowed to wear 1 bathing suit, goggles, and 1 bathing cap, subject to inspection by the Channel Swimming observer.



    Board Meeting Attendance


    The following teams have not been represented at either of the first two PVLMSC board meetings: Bowie Aquatic Club, Burke Masters, Chinquapin Masters, National Capital YMCA, National Naval Medical Center, NRL Recreation Club, Team Gold, Capitol Sea Devils, Tri-Masters. The PVLMSC by-laws require attendance to at least one board meeting each year, or face a fee penalty at time of club renewal. The third and final board meeting of 1998 will be October 18th at noon at Jeff Roddin's house. Directions are printed elsewhere in this newsletter. Since we are a non-profit organization we would appreciate your participation much more than penalty fee revenue.


    Germantown Masters Will Add Dry Land Conditioning To Fall Workouts


    David Martin, owner of Performance Health and Fitness and former Assistant Strength Coach for the U.S. Bobsled Team, is bringing and exciting new program to Germantown Masters this fall -- dry land conditioning. This program is designed for all levels and ages, and will enhance overall fitness levels and swimming performance by providing proper flexibility and strength training techniques, injury prevention, and sports nutrition information. The dry land conditioning will take place before or after three of the team's six weekly swimming workouts, right on the pool deck. Swimmers who register for at least one swimming workout per week can attend as many dry land conditioning sessions as desired.


    Germantown Masters workouts are open to all USMS-registered swimmers living or working in upper Montgomery County. Our fall session runs from September 20 through December 19th, with a week off at Thanksgiving. The cost runs from $112-222 for the three-month session, depending upon how often you swim. There are 6 swimming workouts a week to choose from, and three dry land conditioning sessions. Here is the schedule: Sundays - dry land 6:30-7:00, swimming 7-8:00 p.m.; Tuesdays - swimming 8-9:00 p.m.; Wednesdays - dry land 7:30-8:00, swimming 8-9:00 p.m.; Thursdays - swimming 6:30-7:30 a.m.; Fridays swimming 7-8:00 p.m.; Saturdays - swimming 8:00-9:30 a.m., dry land 9:30-10:00 a.m.


    If you have children who swim, some of the masters workouts take place during, or immediately after, the First Stroke Swim Club's kids' workouts. For registration forms or more information about the masters workouts, contact Mark Walters (301- 540-1591 or watersmrk@aol.com), or head coach Mark Ward (301-916-7905). Mark Ward can also provide information about First Stroke Swim Club for your kids. For additional information about dry land conditioning, contact David Martin at (301) 527-1686.


    New Locations for 1999 Maryland Swim for Life


    In 1999 two events will take place on the eastern shore of Maryland.


    On Saturday, June 19, 1999 there will be 1 and 3 mile swims on the Tred Avon River at Bellevue in Talbot County. Next year’s school student poster project will take place in Talbot County schools and all entries will be exhibited at the Bellevue Store.


    On Saturday, July 10, 1999 there will be 1, 2, and 4 mile swims on the Chester River outside of Chestertown at Rolph’s Wharf in Queen Anne’s County.


    Efforts will be made to locate and arrange for camping and discounted lodging for people attending either or both of next year’s events. Again there will be live music, a commemorative t-shirt, more prizes, and plenty of free food and beverages. For more information about the 1999 swims, contact Joe Stewart at 410-243-4418.



    Get Stroke Tips from Olympian Jeff Rouse


    Nike Champions clinic is cosponsored by Nike, USMS, the NJ LMSC and Rutgers College Recreation. Olympian Jeff Rouse will conduct the clinic at the Rutgers University Werblin Center pool in New Brunswick, NJ on September 19 from 1-5 pm. For more information, contact Andrea Scholz, 587 Avon Lane, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663, (201) 794-9418 or (973) 331-3585, scholza@towers.com.


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